Written by sagau

14 May 2012

It was not that the road was bad, just that it was winding. In fact it had been winding up the mountain for the last 20 kilometres. Brad was driving an old, dark green Land Rover. It looked old, but it was in peak mechanical condition. He kept it that way for his forays into the wild. He liked being in the wild because he liked the fresh air, the freedom, the lack of people and most of all he liked to be naked.

He was naked now, a 20 year old with not a care in the world. He regularly went to the gym, but not to get a body bulging with muscle but rather to keep his body from being too cute. He had once heard an older man describe him as cute because at that time his slim, beautiful frame had been too like a girl's. So he started going to the gym to get it a bit firmer. His hair was blowing in the wind as the Landie had no roof over the cab and he was out in the fresh air in fact as well as in spirit. The same guy had commented on his blue eyes and fair hair, but that he was not about to change.

He was on university vacation and had decided to visit a place he had read about. Another student had been distributing pamphlets describing a hideaway in the mountains for students who lacked large cash reserves, and, boy, did he lack cash! The pamphleteer had been handing out to guys only, so Brad assumed that the place was a little rough, but he figured he could enjoy that especially as the description of the place repeated several times that the address was remote and rural. He had 'phoned the number given and the call was answered by a guy who gave him the directions in a quiet, almost monotonous voice. He also asked some fairly personal questions about Brad's parents and whether he had siblings. His parents had died some years ago and he had no siblings. His aunt paid for his education and he had a bursary which gave some spending money. He only saw his aunt once a year to confirm that he had passed the latest exams and confirm his attendance for the next year.

Now he was finding out just how remote and rural. He had not seen a car for at least an hour and even then traffic had been sparse. There was no sign of any buildings on this stretch of road either although there were fields which held crops, so there were people not too far away.

Now he reached what seemed to be the top of a crest of a small mountain and the road ran a little straight for a while. He stopped and got out to look at the stunning view across the valley below. There, he could see houses now, a little village which was in a hollow hidden from him before by a fold in the hills. Just a few houses and a large maize store and some barn like structures. They were about 10 kilometres away on a road, which was parallel to the one he was on and also seemed to wander into the hills.

A little wind blew up a ruffled his hair and he thought he heard a voice. He looked around but there was no-one in sight. Then he noticed that he had a hard on. His cock had become erect. 'Never had this in the wilds' he thought. Oh yeah, he had sometimes played with himself as he was driving along and got an erection. Sometimes he had cum for fun, but most times he just drove along with his cock waving in the wind until it cooled down. He had had boy and girl friends for a couple of years and had been penetrated and fucked So he often reminisced about these experiences as he drove and masturbated. But he had not touched himself this time.

He abandoned his viewing, started the car and set off again. His prick just stayed up. He wasn't getting worried as he often had a hard cock, it was just strange that it started unbidden and seemed to be staying up without any trouble. 'Why would I complain about that' he said to himself and got on with driving. He soon ate up the kilometres and realised that he would soon reach his destination. So he stopped and put on a T-shirt, board shorts and a pair of sneakers. He had trouble getting his cock into his shorts as the hard on persisted. Then as he climbed into the cab again, the erection subsided. Wierd!

Rounding the next corner he saw a sign, which indicated a turning to 'Fiducia', the place he was to stay. He turned into the road, which passed through a narrow fissure in the hill beside the road. As the vehicle emerged from the gap he saw a group of four buildings ahead. They all had thatched roofs but there the rustic look ended. The effect was glass and steel with the walls painted a light cream. Cleanliness and light was the impression he got.

There was a sign which read 'Reception' so he followed that to one of the buildings. He parked and went in through the door. He was in a light and airy room with just one item of furniture, a large light oak counter with a door behind it and a passage leading off beside it. There was no-one there. He went up to the counter and saw a folded note with his name in large letters written on the outside.

He picked it up, unfolded it and read 'Good afternoon Brad. I have to be away for a while but please make yourself at home. You are booked into suite 11 which is straight down the passage and on the left. The key is in the door. Dinner will be on the patio by the pool at 7 p.m. by which time I shall have returned. Please feel free to look around the estate until then. You are the only guest at the moment.'

It was signed 'Fiducia'. Surely that wasn't his name. And it was a bit ridiculous that a guest should not be welcomed. What about the staff? Could they not have welcomed him? What if he had a whole lot of bags to carry?

Brad was really annoyed and thought about leaving. But it had taken him some time to get here and he could do with a drink and something to eat. If he wandered around he would find these and then he could decide if he would stay. He went out to get his bag from the Landie and carried it down the passage to room 11. Right enough there was a key in the door so he went in. The room was large with a kingsize bed and a dressing table in one area, a table beside the bed. In another area there was a shower and toilet and in other area there were some lounge chairs around a small table. A small desk and chair in another area completed the ensemble. The fittings were all of oak and new, very modern and of the highest quality. There were no divisions between the various sections, but the way the furniture had been placed made each area seem defined for it's specific purpose. There was a telephone, TV with DVD and a computer on the desk. Brad was stunned. He quickly got out the paper he had received to confirm the booking and the amount he had to pay. He was right. When he had made the booking he had thought the room rate was very little, but had assumed that the accommodation was aimed at students and therefore probably basic and uncomfortable as usual. This was something else. He was obviously expected so this must be the right place, but he had better confirm the room rate before he went much further with his stay. Ten days at some huge daily rental would use up his annual allowance for the uni. His parents had died some years ago and his aunt, whom he rarely saw would be unlikely to come up with cash for a luxury stay in the mountains. Then he saw a notice on the back of the door. He went up and read that the room rate was what he had been told, the times of meals and the fact that there was a fridge and a bar in the room from which he could obtain refreshments for free. He could see the bar now in an alcove of it's own. He went over and found it well stocked with cool drinks, health bars and dried fruit. As soon as his brain registered that there was free food he pulled the door open and grabbed a coke and a health bar and began to eat.

Then he heard the sound of vehicles pulling up. He went out to the reception area expecting to meet Fiducia or some other staff. But instead there were two vehicles in the car park and getting out of them were two students from the uni whom he recognised. He did not know them well, but had seen them around the campus from time to time. Both were young, 18 he would guess, both had fine features, one blond, nordic looking, and the other dark with brooding Latino looks. Both guys were only wearing shorts and sandals. They were taking bags out of their vehicles and seemed to introducing themselves so obviously they had come separately.

Brad went to the door to meet them.

'Hi, I'm Brad' he announced as soon as they entered.

'Hallo, Jean-Luc' said the blond, 'You can call me Jean. I booked in last week.' Brad realised that Jean thought he was the receptionist, so he quickly explained that he, also, was a guest and that there was no-one from the resort in attendance. The other guy introduced himself as Paolo. Brad explained about the note and the room and the free food. While he was talking, Paolo had walked across to the reception desk and found two notes addressed to each boy. Brad was sure that there had only been one note when he had arrived, but must have overlooked the others in his confusion at finding no resort staff available.

The boys picked up their bags and followed Brad down the passage to the rooms. Both the newcomers gasped when they saw the luxury of the rooms as they had expected much the same basic accommodation as had Brad. Their rooms were on either side of Brad's.

They both grabbed refreshments and joined Brad in his room. 'I guess we should look around' said Brad 'There is no-one here but us so we have the run of the place. A good time to find out what facilities the resort has for us.'

'Yes' Paulo replied 'I hope they have a pool. Are there any other guests?'

'I haven't seen anyone else around,' said Brad.

'Great, let's go.'

They went down the passage away from the reception and past several other rooms until they came to a large lounge area. From that room there were several rooms leading off; one a dining area with half a dozen tables, a kitchen off that which was well fitted out. Then off the lounge in another direction there was a snooker room, a TV room, a small gym with some strange fittings, a sort of sling hanging from the roof with a leather piece rather like a hammock. There were two shining metal mesh pieces suspended from the walls and other strange looking paraphernalia. Off the gym was a sliding glass door to the outside.

They went through onto a deck with a stunning view across a valley. There was a pool which was fed by a waterfall which seemed to come from beside the hotel, flow through the pool and then over the far side and down the mountain.

The outbuildings were over to the left, slightly set back from the main building. They went over to see what they were. The first was a garage for vehicles, but there was only one vehicle there, but it was a strange contraption, a small carriage with one passenger seat and two poles leading off it toward the front with two harnesses at the end. Each harness looked too small for a horse but as it was laid on the floor the guys could not make out what it could be for. There was a series of hooks to one side with other weird apparel including what looked like horse tails.

The boys were now getting quite spooked, and worried that there were so many strange things on this resort. They hurried to the next building and found it to be a barn. There was a small pile of fresh hay, quite green, and a stall which seemed, again, too small for horses. There was a large blanket a large pallet and a long pillow in the stall.

The last building was a storeroom which held a mountain of equipment including climbing gear, a canoe, some parasailing gear, and other items which they had never seen before.

'I'm outta here' mumbled Jean, 'This is all too weird for me.'

'Yeah, same' said Paolo.

The boys practically ran out of the shed towards the pool and sliding door of the main building, but stopped short. The clear sunny day and beautiful view had disappeared and a heavy mist had descended. But the mist was dry, not wet as one would expect, and the temperature was still warm. They could not see an arms length in front of them.

Brad, who had experienced a calm during the whole tour, now felt an aura of peace come over him. A gentle breeze came up and enveloped the three. In the breeze, almost a deep sighing of wind, there was a voice. It sounded like a mantra, a moaning, repeated again and again. The boys could not seem to breathe, their minds clearing of panic and being replaced by a sleepy calm. They could not move forward but felt their limbs relaxing and they slowly sat on the lawn upon which they had been standing. The world focussed onto that voice. The buildings, their predicament, their fears, everything was fading into that voice. It was slowing, the mantra dying into a long, drawn out deeper and deeper single note. Then silence.

All three were rooted to the spot. They were wide awake. Well, sort of. They knew what was happening around them, but had no power to influence it. They could remember what had gone before, but it did not seem to matter. But they felt confined, terribly restricted. Removing their shorts and sandals would be better. Naked, they sat on the grass waiting. They slowly returned to normal, chatting to each other as if nothing had happened, happy to be sitting next to each other naked. Brad realised that his cock was hard, poking up against his abdomen. He looked at the others. They also had a hard-on, young straight cocks, Jean uncut, long and lean like his body; Paolo thick, cut and long like his stocky well toned body. They adjusted their positions, stretching out their legs so that the cocks were not confined against their stomachs.

Now, when the voice came it was not a strange monotone but a clear spoken monologue.

'Welcome to Fiducia. You are the second group to undergo a period of adjustment. I have sent out a call for adventurous spirits from tertiary educational establishments to come here and be further educated. But here you will not experience the mundane desks and lectures. Here you will cross the boundary from sanity to esoteric, from the ordinary daily drudge to excitement and experience. You will begin to orgasm at will, but only after feeling the ultimate in foreplay. Then, if you qualify to return to the world you left today you will be trained enough to bring others into this experience.

You will hear me but not see me until I wish it. Even when you see me you will see what I wish you to see.

Let me explain. You are hypnotised. Not simple hypnotism, you understand since I do not have the time to waste on people who do not wish to submit or have resistance to this training. I have taken complete control of your minds so that you will feel calm, pain, horror, and violence, but will be powerless to avoid these things. You will do exactly as commanded although you may not wish so to do.

There is no safety net. I have had one group before you and one member of the group could not cope with the strenuous curriculum, and died during one of the exercises. You will remember the questions I asked when you made your booking. I have investigated your backgrounds more thoroughly since then and none of you will be missed for some time, if at all.

You are mine to do with as I please and, believe me you will obey. The rooms you left your clothes in will remain unvisited until I release you to return to the world. You will be naked throughout the training unless you are required to wear items, which I will select for you. You will eat and drink when commanded, and only what I permit you to eat and drink.

You may talk to each other freely. The fear you will convey to each other will enhance your experience.

You may attempt to escape if you wish. The vehicles in which you arrived have been rendered useless, and you will have noticed that we are in nowhere land. The small village you saw on your way is mine and you will get no help there. Again, any attempt to escape will enhance your experience, since you will not succeed and the punishment will fit the crime. You will also be punished for any damage you may inflict on each other or on my property.

When you move you will trot like a well trained show horse. No walking or running is permitted.

Brad, you are the most experienced of my little trio and so you may take the lead in the fun we are going to have. Let me call you my little corporal. But, of course, any punishment for you will be more severe since you have responsibility and accountability to shoulder.

You will have many questions you want answered, but there is no question time now. Many things will be answered as we proceed by doing rather than talking.

In our first lessons we must learn and understand restraint in matters sexual. So you will have erections for the whole period of instruction, but you will not reach the satisfaction of release until I allow it.


The boys stood. 'Oh shit!' said Jean. They were now terrified. They tried to run, then to move at all. They could not, even though their minds were screaming for them to leave.

Their cocks stood out before them as beacons to follow and even the fear they felt could not make them soften.

The mist had lifted and they could see the view and the buildings. Now everything had a sheen of menace instead of beauty. They searched the horizon for some sign of habitation, even hopelessly for a helicopter or plane to which they could signal. They were able to see but not to react normally. So much for escape if they could not even move!

'Go to the pool'

They trotted to the edge of the swimming pool and waited. 'Swim ten lengths' came the command. They dived in and swam and as they did so they learnt the first lesson. They would do what they were told.

When they emerged, dripping, the voice said 'Paolo, lick Brad dry. Jean-luc, lick Paulo dry. The whole body, penis last.'

They did as they were told. The boys being dried found their desire growing as the tongues got closer to their members. Then as the tongues reached the pulsating bulbs at the end of the cocks, the voice said 'Stop, enough.' 'Oh no!' cried Brad, who was just beginning to feel pre-cum drip from his cock.

The voice laughed. It was not a pleasant laugh. 'No, no, not yet!'

'Go to the gym.'

They trotted to the gym, remembering the devices they had seen. When they were in the middle of the room they stopped. 'Jean-luc, go to the screen in front of you; Paolo to that on the right. Turn around and raise your arms. Brad, you will find clamps on the top and bottom of the screens. Clamp their arms and legs.' Brad did so. The two restrained boys found that they could not move as the clamps tightened as soon as they were applied, and drew the arms and legs apart until they were stretched.

'Brad go to the horse in front of them.' Brad went to the barrel on legs in front of the other two. 'Sit with your back to the others and put your feet in the stirrups and your hands on the handlebars.' Brad did so. As soon as his hands and feet were in position, clamps locked them into place. Then his hands were lowered slowly until he was bent forward and his ass exposed. Now the lump on which his asshole had bumped as he sat started to corkscrew from the seat. It was greasy and rose until it hit the hole. Then it began to force it's way in. Brad had some slight ability to rise and his body took that option as the cock shaped rod rose against him. But the range was too small to allow escape and the inevitable penetration began to happen. Brad screamed as the corkscrew action moved into his hole, without stop, without delay, on and on. The two watchers were transfixed, staring at the action presented before them. Then their clamps became tighter and tighter as the corkscrew penetrated Brad. Without warning, they felt rods prying at their openings and beginning to enter them as well. The cries of the three grew to screams and then to silence as they fainted.

Brad awoke. He could not figure where he was. He was lying on a hard surface and as he moved he felt another body. He sat up. The three guys were lying on the pallet in the barn with the blanket over them. With a lurch in his stomach, Brad remembered the scene before he had fainted. There was no pain in his ass. Why not? Had his mind been programmed to blot out the pain or had they been anaesthetised? The others stirred and sat up. For the first time since their lives had taken a detour they spoke to each other. Trying to keep the noise of their awakening to a minimum they murmured questions without answers to each other. Brad could feel his ever-present erection against the rough surface of the blanket and could see the triangles where the other hard-ons were evident. He could feel the desire growing in his loins. He wanted to fuck them.

'We have to get out of here' said Paolo. 'There has to be a way out.' 'Yes,' said Jean 'look it's dark. Perhaps the Voice has gone to bed and we could try.'

They rose and tip-toed to the door. Outside the door in front of them was a low table with bowls of water and a pile of biscuits and fruit on it. 'Eat,' said the Voice. They realised how hungry they were and without further thought of escape they sat on the grass and ate with their hands. Brad could not get the thought of ramming his cock into the other two out if his mind. Every now and then he saw the others glancing at each other's erection so they seemed to have the same thoughts.

They had finished their food and the sun was glinting over the horizon so it must be sunrise. Had they slept the whole evening and night? Were they being programmed by hypnosis to think it was morning? Had they slept 36 hours and it was now the day after? The Voice interrupted their musing and commanded 'Stand!'

They stood and waited. The sun grew higher and they watched it, just standing. Then, after what seemed an hour, the Voice said 'Go into the barn. Jean-luc and Paolo put on your sandals which are next to the harnesses.' They went in and stood in the middle. 'Brad, take Paulo to the left pole of the carriage and fit him into the harness. Then do the same to Jean-luc.'

Brad did this and found that the harnesses on the poles were made to fit a human, strapping over the shoulders and down the back to strap around the thighs. There was a small bit which fitted into the mouth and led to a rein in the driver's seat. When they were into the harness it was strangely comfortable, made of very soft, strong leather and when they pulled the small carriage, the weight was evenly distributed on the torso and legs. 'Fetch the horse tails from the wall.' Brad went to fetch the tails and found that one end was a large dildo from which the tails flew. 'Out them in the horses.'

Brad went to Jean, and bent him forward. Using the gel which was on the shelf with the tails, he spread it over the dildo and then applied it into Jean's ass. All the time he was doing this he wished it was his cock he was greasing and the member responded with spasms of delight, bouncing as he did the job. He gently forced the dildo into Jean and, although he expected screams, he found that Jean was wriggling to take it deeper and his cock also was throbbing. Brad did the same to Paulo and then stood looking at the amazing sight. Two humans looking just like two beautiful ponies, tails in the air, cocks in the front, harnessed to the little carriage. 'Go and sit in the carriage.' He went to the seat and saw that there was a dildo where he was to perch. He put gel on the dildo and in his ass and gently slid onto the dildo. Just like the other two he found the experience more than pleasant. There was also a horse bit for his mouth, the bit attached to a bar across the back of the carriage which led to a rod with three thin whips above each of the trio. There were reins linking him to the two 'horses'. His hands inserted into thongs on the reins which in turn were fitted to the side of the carriage. His feet fitted into two pedals clamping his ankles which would turn his feet as the carriage moved and he would be able to pedal and assist with the movement of the whole unit. When the carriage slowed or stopped suddenly his head would snap forward and the whips would lash at all three and when they jerked forward the same thing would happen. It would be his job to try to keep the whole thing running smoothly so that they did not feel any stings from the whip.

The barn doors were open and the Voice instructed 'Go on the road you used to enter the property, but when you reach the end of the lane go left along the main road.' Along the main road? Perhaps they would see other people. Perhaps they could be rescued? But the last thought was reluctant to voice itself in Brad's head. He was not sure that he wanted to be rescued. Yesterday, certainly, but today -....

They set off down the road. As they bumped along the dildo in Brad did a dance and nearly drove him wild which made concentrating on driving difficult so that they would occasionally smack a rock and jolt the carriage which brought the whip down on them with a whack. In fits and starts, with muffled cries from the 'horses' each time the whip cracked, they made their way to the tarmac road. As they turned onto it there was a sigh of relief from the horses as the way became smoother and progress speeded up. The road went gently downhill and turned around a corner beside a hill top. As they rounded it the view became clear and they saw that they were going straight toward a small village, the one Brad had seen from the road on his way here eons ago, or so it seemed.

Well, if we are to escape here is the chance, thought Brad. The horses obviously thought the same as their pace increased toward the sanctuary of the town and it's population. As they got closer they saw a group of people gathered by the side of the main road into the village. They were all watching the carriage silently, not moving but the three boys could hear a murmur of voices.

When the little entourage reached the end of the village the people drew their hands from behind their backs and to their horror the boys realised that each person carried a birch rod. When the carriage drew next to them the villagers beat all three with the rods. The horses bolted as fast as they could go through this . By the time they were past the crowd their backs, chests and legs were stinging, but no blood was evident.

'Stop!' shouted the Voice. It was evident from the tone that the exercise had excited the Voice. 'Turn around!'

The horses and rider strained to resist the instruction, Paolo particularly was straining so hard the muscles and tendons were sticking out of is legs. But the mind said 'Do it' even as the body was resisting. The carriage slowly but inexorably turned. There was nobody in sight. The villagers had gone! They sagged with relief, muscles and backs relaxing. 'Turn here.' It was a small road, which they had not noticed before and as they entered it they realised that it was going toward a small sports field. They noticed that the crowd were making their way to the field and guess who would be the sport? The horses and rider again tried to resist. Brad even succeeded in pulling the reins to stop the horses for a brief moment, but as the whip descended on his sore shoulders he let go and they lurched forward again. 'Stop!' They stopped in the middle of the field.

The people had formed a circle around the carriage at some distance. They had brought food and drink and began to picnic as they watched the proceedings. As they watched warily, the three noticed that the crowd consisted of young people of both sexes. There were no older people and no children. As they watched the eating, drinking and merriment, rider and horses suddenly realised how thirsty they were. But they also noticed that the crowd were restrained in some way. Although everything seemed normal, the people were almost blank-eyed and there was no shouting, just occasional subdued laughter.

'Brad, dismount.' When he was standing on the ground the Voice said 'Lift the seat and take the dildo tail and insert it in your anus.' He did so. 'There is a headdress with ostrich feathers there. Put it on.' Brad found that it was similar to the bits which the horses had on their heads but was more ornate with the plumes sticking up. 'Now put on the harness which is also there.' It was the same as the other boy's but was not connected to a pole. 'Now disconnect the horses from their poles.' The three stood together all alike except that Brad had the flowing headdress and no sandals. Their erections still stood rampant before them.

'Jean-luc and Paolo, Brad has driven badly and you have suffered the whiplash many times. You may take the whips from the carriage and whip him if you can catch him. Brad, you will run, but only within the circle of people. You have no shoes and the ground is uneven so you will not be as fast as the other two. If any of you get within the reach of the crowd they will catch you and the men will sodomise you and the women will use you erections as they please. You cannot resist them. Go!'

Brad was stunned. It took him a few seconds to recover, and by then the other two had got the whips in their hands. One whistled past his ear and galvanised him into action. He ran from the carriage straight at the crowd. Just in time he veered and ran in a circle to his left. His feet kept encountering sharpness and involuntarily jumped so that his progress was skipping and jumping. As he turned, of course, the other two saw and cut across to intercept. Whack! Paolo had scored with a resounding whiplash across the back of his thighs. The crowd roared it's approval. Crack! Jean smacked his abdomen. 'He is aiming at my cock!' thought Brad. The crowd howled.

He shot away spurred on by the need to escape. He ran straight across the ground toward the crowd on the other side. They stood ready to catch him. Most had stripped naked, the better to get their reward when the boys strayed. They other two were right on his tail and reached out to whip him. They had taken their focus off him and so when he swerved just out of reach of the crowd, the first, Paolo, could not react quickly enough and he ran straight into the waiting arms.

The crowd lifted him up and turned him so that he was lying face down in the air. They held him up but lowered him enough so that a large guy with a huge cock could mount him. As he penetrated Paolo's ass, he screamed, but fortunately the gel helped the member slide in and the man mountain began to fuck him enthusiastically. The crowd was still holding him up and they slid his member into the cunt of a girl who had positioned herself below him. Many hands helped to guide him into her.

The pounding from behind drove him into and out of her as both reached orgasm. Then they left and two others were pushed into their place. Paolo was so scared that he could not reach an orgasm himself. These two came and another two climbed aboard. Now another guy had pushed his cock into Paolo's mouth and was going wild as Paolo tried not to gag and suffocate.

The other two had ground to a halt as they watched horrified. The crowd's attention was on Paolo.

Suddenly the Voice said 'Stop.' They crowd was immediately silent and they passed Paolo along until he reached the clearing. They stood him up. He staggered and fell.

The voice said 'Jean-luc, why are you stopped?' Jean turned, horror still in a rictus on his face, and he ran at Brad with his whip raised. Brad turned and ran away. The crowd resumed their taunting, waiting for their turn with one of the lads. Brad did not know what to do. If he tried that trick again Jean would be raped and if he did not he would be whipped. Paolo had now risen and was pursuing Brad with an enraged look because Brad had led him into the trap. Would the Voice stop the beating after a while or would he let the other two beat him to death for the entertainment of the crowd? Tears wet Brad's cheeks as he ran. It was a no win situation.

The tears blinded him for a moment and he did not see to turn. The other two were so close on his heels they ran behind him and the three cannoned into the crowd.

They were grabbed and hoisted up. The crowd was all naked now and the dullness in their eyes was replaced with the madness of passion. Those who could not reach the three boys grabbed those nearest them and entered whatever orifice was available. The smell of sex and semen was driving them wild.

The Voice commanded 'Stop!' but those who were cumming could not stop and their pounding drove others on so the whole seething mass of cocks, cunts and mouths continued writhing until all had cum.

The Voice was furiously shouting 'Stop!' and suddenly there was silence and still.

There was a moment of pure quiet. Then the Voice, who had recovered his control, said 'Go back to the carriage.'

The three boys were passed to the clearing where they stood and tottered to their places. Without orders, willed by the Voice, Brad strapped everyone and himself in and they turned the carriage and set off home: Home: At least safe from the mad hysteria. It had seemed like forever and yet like a minute.

The whips had been lost in the crowd and so the journey passed peacefully. The running of the wheels relaxed the boys and by the time they reached the barn they had stopped shivering. They stopped in the middle of the barn and waited. There was silence for a long time and then the voice said quietly 'Brad, release everyone and go to the pool and swim. Then sleep.'

They swam and washed off the slime of cum which flowed over the edge of the pool into oblivion. Then they climbed wearily out and slept, naked and exhausted, by the side of the pool.

They awoke cold. It was dark. There was silence and it seemed that the ever-present Voice was absent. They sat and talked quietly. Paolo was adamant that they had to escape. He had looked over the edge of the pool while they were swimming and the water plunged 20 feet or so and then flowed off in a gentle slope forming a little river which seemed to go off into the distance. He suggested that they get the canoe and climb down to the gentle running stream and row their way to civilisation. Jean agreed. Brad remembered the warnings. He also had enjoyed the sex that day. He could not explain himself or imagine why, but the smell of sex still sat in his nose and he realised he would have an erection just thinking about it if he did not have the permanent erection anyway. He just wished he could have cum. Something prevented that happening for them although he supposed that this would eventually happen and the orgasm would be monstrous when it came.

He reminded the others about the warnings. But Paolo would have none of it. 'We will be dead - fucked dead - before this madass lets us go. We can leave now, quickly, and be long gone before the mind-fucker knows.'

Jean agreed and they rose to get the canoe. Brad stayed where he was, uncertain. If he stayed he would be on his own to face the music. If he went part of him would miss the action and want to come back to finish it. But perhaps he would die if left here on his own. Certainly if they were caught escaping they would be punished unmercifully. He waited.

He heard the others quietly return and saw them carry the canoe through the pool. They climbed over the wall, Paolo went down the cliff and Jean manoeuvred the canoe down to him. They got it to the even surface of the river and got in. Paolo had an oar and began to row. Jean followed. Brad stood on the wall of the pool watching as they rowed away. Then his breath caught in his throat. The river was lined with the people from early today. Silently they had just appeared all wearing grey cloaks. They began a low hum. It reverberated around the mountainside. The two boys were rowing frantically now. Paolo was frenzied in his efforts. They were just about past the people when the boat caught on a sandbank. The nearest of the people stepped into the water and grabbed the boat. Jean was at the back and they caught his arm. Paolo was still free and he rose and jumped into the river and was carried away by the current. It was too fast for the people to catch him. He submerged and reappeared several times before disappearing behind a bend in the river. The last Brad saw was Paolo look straight at him and give a small wave, and then he was gone.

The boat had capsized and dragged Jean with it. But two large men had him by the arms and they lifted him out of the water and carried him to the shore. There they pinned his arms to his sides, hoisted him up, and like the canoe he had just fallen out of they carried him up the mountain along a path Brad had not seen before and arrived by the pool. They ignored Brad, but stood silently holding Jean and waiting. Brad noticed that they were all men.

Brads erection subsided. He stared at his cock willing it to rise but it would not. The Voice had withdrawn the power. He looked at Jean's cock. It was also soft.

The humming began again and the people in their grey cloaks filed across to stand around the pool. They left a space in the centre and Jean was carried into it. He was turned away from the pool facing a clearing between the buildings where a light began to shine. Very soft and indirect at first it began to become focussed and bright. Brighter and brighter it got until suddenly a person stepped into it. It was a man dressed in a white robe. The humming grew louder. The man in the light was indistinct as his face was in shadow. But Brad could see that he was white haired, tall, and seemed to stand taller and straighter than all those around him. He spoke and the voice was the Voice.

'You disobeyed. You tried to escape. Punishment will be final and complete.'

'Brad, why did you not escape?'

'I don't know. I wanted to reach the end of the training, I guess. I did begin to enjoy the experience and wanted to know where it would lead. I also remembered your warnings.'

'Why did you not call me to inform me of their escape?'

'It all happened too quickly. I watched and then the people came.'

Suddenly Brad felt a surge in his loins and looking down saw that his erection was back. The Voice continued 'Very well. Watch and learn.'

The young men shrugged off their cloaks. They stood naked and erect. The two holding Jean bent him over the exercise horse, which had been placed in front of him. The voice said 'Brad, take him!'

Brad stepped over to Jean, took cream from the boy nearest Jean and covered his cock with it. Then in one jerk he entered Jean. The crowd had moved around the two boys and the humming grew soft and then louder as Brad's movements grew faster. He could not last long since the experiences had blown his mind for so long. He came with a shout and his whole frame shook. Jean shuddered as Brad withdrew from his body.

Then another guy took Brad's place and began to fuck Jean. Each one took his turn as the humming progressed. Some of the guys were playing with each other and two came up to Brad and one began to kiss him while another took his cock in his mouth and began to suck. When he was hard again they pushed him towards Jean and Brad fucked him again.

As Brad came, behind Jean a large X shaped cross arose. It had clamps at each end and was dangling from somewhere above the light. It moved forward to stop in front of Jean. Jean started to scream and the voice said 'Silence!' The scream was cut off but Jean was straining against those who held him, his eyes wide with terror.

The feet of the X came to rest on the ground in front of Jean. The fucking had stopped now and they moved Jean so that he could be backed up to the X and his arms and legs clamped to it. Then the whole thing rose into the air and swung over the pool. It slowly lowered into the pool. All the guys were now gathered around the pool with erect cocks masturbating as the X lowered into the pool and rose again. Jean spluttered and shook his head and the X lowered again. This time it stayed in slightly longer. Then rose again. Jean was wide-eyed and spluttering.

Then the X rose high up and dropped into the water. It rose up again with Jean's terrified face just above the water. He started screaming. 'Silence!' roared the Voice. But Jean just carried on screaming. The X rose right out of the water and came to rest on the grass. The people went forward and released the clamps. Jean collapsed onto the grass. But he had an erection again.

The humming had stopped. Brad looked away from Jean and the people had gone. So had the Voice.

There was silence and darkness. The sun was rising. He looked around and realised that he was in a clearing next to a pool which was fed by a stream flowing down a hill. The pool flowed on down the mountain at whose cliffside he and Jean were standing. There were no buildings. Just three cars, one a Landie, parked nearby and between the cars and the boys were their bags lying on the grass. There was an old barn further away with big old wide doors open and Brad could see an old rusted carriage standing in the middle of the barn. A discarded blanket lay near an old mattress just inside the barn.

Jean was lying rolled into a ball sobbing. He had no erection and neither did Brad.

A helicopter rose over the mountain and landed near the vehicles nearly blowing Brad over. Paolo jumped from the door and ran over to them. He was clothed. He just stared at them and at where the buildings should have been. He ran into the barn and walked out and stood staring at the view, but not seeing it. He touched his cock and shook his head as if to clear it.

Jean stood, crying, grabbed his bag and went to his car. He got in, started the engine and drove off, erratically. Paolo went to the helicopter and started talking to the people inside, gesticulating wildly. They shouted at him and rudely pushed him away and the bird took off.

Paolo took his bag and left. Brad watched them all go. A light breeze blew and he heard a voice in the breeze. His cock grew erect. He turned to look at the view and masturbated until he came.