Written by Desiree_1

07 Jun 2013

The Girl in the Red Dress



Joshua and Madison slipped away from the busy upmarket restaurant in Cape Town and quickly made their way to the elevator selecting the red button that went right down to the basement before slipping on their masks.  The rules of the invitation were clear.  Total anonymity and whoever dared to break them would be forever expelled from their society gatherings.  Tonight’s invitation was engraved with three words black and white on a small business card which would gain them entrance to this exclusive club.

Madison slipped her hand into that of her husband’s barely able to contain her excitement when they finally reached their destination.   On the opposite side of the underground parking area stood a man dressed in an impeccable black suit, arms folded tightly across his chest hiding the broad chest that lay beneath.  His features were stern and unmovable and he had an air of authority about him.  On seeing his new guests approaching he relaxed his stance slightly and held out his hand.  Without uttering a word or making any introductions Joshua handed him the singular black card with the white lettering. 

Madison held her breath; it seemed like a life time as he examined the card before giving them a slight bow and opening the door behind him.  Joshua however was not moved by this cold reception though; years of experience had taught him that the rules were there for a reason and for their protection. 

As they made their way down a dimly lit hall they were greeted by the distinct sound of Bach filtering softly in the air coming from the room that lay ahead of them. 


Their host as expected was waiting for them, dressed in his customary 18th century attire of fitted white pantaloons and short black waist jacket with tails.  A snow white cravat tied flamboyantly at his throat and a black mask that just reached the tip of his nose.

He smiled broadly as they reached him and took both their hands into his saying in his familiar Scottish brogue; ‘I’m so glad you could come’ before leading them into huge open room that seemed to go on forever.

‘I have something extra special planned for you’ he whispered seductively into Madison’s ear, ‘something I am sure both you and your husband will enjoy’

Joshua regarded his host casually pretending not to listen as his wife giggled and kissed their host lightly on his cheek. 

When he finally turned his attention towards Joshua he was serious again.

‘I have kept my guest list for this evening down to twenty I thought it would be more intimate.  However the new initiates number twenty-five.’

‘Do be gentle with them, dear fellow’ he winked at Joshua ‘we would not want to scare these delicate flowers away before they have fully bloomed’.

Joshua nodded accordingly, thinking how hypocritical that sounded from the most notorious sadist in the Cape a man who only used woman for his own pleasure before discarding them.  But he was their host and his gatherings were the best in the Cape.

Their host did not exaggerate when he said that tonight would be special Joshua thought as he glanced around the room.  The room was completed draped in black and white, some areas cordoned off into small rooms for those who wanted some privacy but still giving the rest of the guests a tantalizing view of what was happening behind the transparent fabric.  In the middle of the room was a platform two steps high that had been placed there as a dance floor and to the far end of the room stood a huge bar lined with chairs offering anything your imagination could possibly conjure up. 

‘So what do you think?’ their host broke threw his thoughts as he pointed to a number of young men and women completely dressed in white that lined the chairs near the bar or sat seductively watching the couples dressed in black evening attire.

‘They seem rather young’ Joshua commented speculatively.

‘Young and willing’ their host replied slyly ‘besides you should know I never recruit anyone under the age of twenty one.  Trust me when I say these were more then willing to join our society and are eager to explore the pleasures of the flesh.’

Leaving them he walked over to a young girl near the bar who had obviously caught his fancy throwing over his shoulder as he left, ‘enjoy yourselves little ones’.

Joshua took a look around the room but none of eager faces that turned to him intrigued him enough for him to make a move.  Madison however was excitedly pointing out the ones she found interesting. But when she saw her husband’s face she knew it was pointless.  Instead she took his hand and guided him to the dance floor where a few couples were dancing seductively close to each other.  She knew her husband and understood his tastes he wanted more than just a casual encounter.  His hunger was that of a conquerer.  He wanted someone he could control and not someone who was overly eager to bend to his will.


Desiree stood behind the bar and blew out her cheeks this was not what she signed on for.  This was supposed to be a simple bartending gig.  But the people here were just plain weird.  Ladies and gentlemen dressed in black evening attire wearing masks and then there were the skimpily dressed girls in short white dresses and young men in white suits.  A few of them had disappeared behind curtained rooms.  But what happened behind those curtains left little to the imagination.  Ladies were slipping out of their expensive dresses and moaning and groaning while these young men mounted them and their husbands stood watching or men were taking in girls two at a time. This was just too much for her delicate senses to handle.  One couple however had caught her attention.  They seemed far removed from the rest of the crowd and had hardly even glimpsed at what was going on around them.  They only had eyes for each other as they moulded their bodies against each other whilst they moved slowly on the dance floor.  She was standing absentmindedly watching them when she realized that the object of her attention was watching her.  Shyly she quickly looked down and put her mind to business of cleaning the glass in her hand.

A soft voice over the counter brought her mind out of the trance, ‘Two Manhattan cocktails’.

The elegant figure of the woman she had been watching a minute ago was leaning over the counter watching her curiously. 

Desiree quickly mixed the cocktail and poured it in two tall glasses pushing it across the counter trying not to look up but her gaze caught the exquisite white gold pendant that hung around this stunning woman’s neck.  Unable to tear her eyes away she was mesmerised by the tear drop diamond that hung loosely at the end.  It was the prettiest thing she had ever seen. 

Following her gaze Madison asked coyly, ‘Its beautiful isn’t it? It could be yours you know.’  Making Desiree look up quickly in disbelief. 

‘How would you like to earn this?’ Madison said suddenly looking straight at her.

When Desiree did not respond she continued slowly taking the pendant off and swinging it in her hands.  ‘All I ask for is one dance with my husband and me’

Desiree milled it over in her head.  She had never owned anything so expensive and it was just a simple dance right?

‘Just one dance?’ she asked slowly.

Madison smiled sweetly ‘Yes just one dance.’


Joshua waited patiently for his wife to return with their cocktails whilst he ran his eyes over the long line of initiates who had not been claimed by couples yet with a twinge of disappointment.  When he felt his wife’s soft figures circling his arm.

Her sweet innocent face was mischievously turned up to him as she whispered so only he could hear, ‘I have a present for you.’

Behind her a figure stood nervously looking down at her feet her long black hair cascading over her face and forming a fan over her sleeveless red dress.

Something inside him immediately sparked, why had he not noticed her before?

Stepping closer he took a hand which hung loosely at her side and brought it to his lips, pulling her closer to him until she was standing in front of him.

Desiree sucked in her breathe he smelled so nice and standing this close to him sent a shiver up her spine.  When she looked up she found that he was watching her slowly moving his eyes over face, her lips and finally stopping at her cleavage that was barely visible beneath her long hair.  His warm hands tickled skin as he swept her hair from her face and behind her back.  From somewhere behind her the music had started up again and husband and wife was now leading her to the dance floor.  She was fully aware of both their bodies as he took her into his arms and his wife held her from behind moulding her soft body to her back.  The dance was slow and seductive, yet gentle as if they we trying to coax the rigidness out her body.  She closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of warmth that ran over her completely lost in her moment.

Joshua watched her quietly then stole a glance at his wife who smiled at him with a twinkle in her eyes.  The girl in his arms was completely relaxed her body pressed so close to him sending a pleasurable sensation to his groin but his trained body knew not to respond to this sensation as this would only scare her off.  Instead he steadied himself by watching the vain that pumped in her neck as her head lay back onto his wife’s supporting shoulder. Bending forward he started licking it slowly from the base of her throat right up to the side of her chin.  When she didn’t pull away he grew bolder following the line of her chin with his tongue and kissing the soft skin behind her ears the feel of the hair hanging down her back tickling his nose.  Madison giggled as he wiggled his nose, moving all the hair into her one hand exposing two creamy white shoulders.  Slowly she joined in on the fun as she started to kiss Desiree from behind moving her lips over one shoulder as her husband’s mouth moved over the other.  Her hands found the zip at the back of the little red dress and she slowly guided it down watching in awe as the fabric slipped over her breast.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and two creamy rose tipped moulds immediately sprang free as the fabric slipped around her waist.  Madison watched the desire building in her husbands eyes as she moved her hands over the girls skin capturing two full round breasts in her hands as she held Desiree from behind and offered them to her husband. Her skin smelled of lavender the rosy tip of her breast immediately turning hard as he drew it into his mouth and sucked on it.  He could feel his wife’s tiny fingers kneading the girl’s soft skin next to his face as his tongue moved from one breast to the other finally settling in the valley between her breasts. Damn but she tasted good, her soft smooth skin moulded and rounded under his tongue.  Slowly he drew his wife’s fingers away and motioned for her to move further down while he balanced the girl in one arm while his other hand continued exploring the skin around her breast and further down her stomach. 


Somewhere Desiree was trying to wake herself up from the deep trance she had fallen under.  She was acutely aware of the cool air on her naked skin and the warm wet tongues that were assaulting her from in front and behind.  She needed to snap out of it but her treacherous body was enjoying it too much.  She knew she was still in his arms, she could feel herself being pressed firm against his strong frame.  But what was this? Two small hands were moving up her legs, them still higher up to her thighs and over hips.  Slowly she felt her g-string being removed it slipped like a feather down to the floor below.  Someone was kneeling on the floor kissing the back of her legs exploring her body from below as another was assaulting her senses from above.  With a sudden sense of panic she tried to end the madness and pull away but her arms felt weak and helpless and the strong pressure of the arms circling her waist were impossible to break.

Joshua stilled her body with his arms he couldn’t allow her to leave just yet.  He was just beginning to enjoy himself.  When he felt her relaxing again he moved behind her back and held her as his wife had held her earlier nibbling on her shoulder and neck whilst his hands moulded around her perky breasts thus giving his wife the opportunity to move in front and between her legs.

Madison ran her tongue over the smooth skin of the girl’s thighs, thankful that she was clean and neatly waxed until she reached the juncture between her thighs.  Her smooth white skin parted easily under her enquiring hands revealing a shiny wet, pink slit that quivered as she ran her tongue between its lips.  This was always her favourite part of their games when she could taste their conquests and she could take control of the game.

The girl was tight and her body seemed to envelope her mouth as she moved her tongue in and out, stopping ever so often to suck her soft round core.  She was ready now she smiled as she removed her mouth and started kissing her thighs again. Joshua would be pleased the girl was wet, hot and ready for him.

They resumed their slow seductive dance once again Madison holding Desiree from behind and Joshua pressed firmly against her in front.  Husband and wife were smiling at each as other now as if only they were privy to a secret.

‘She’s ready for you’ Madison told her husband sweetly.

Joshua smiled wickedly back at her as he slipped a hand between Desiree’s thighs and felt for himself. 

‘Told you’ she smiled mischievously as she adjusted Desiree’s dress back over her breasts and zipped her up again as if nothing had happen whilst her husband released his hard erection which had been begging to break free.  With trained hands he moved his fingers over her thigh and lifted one leg around his waist opening her up completely to him as he slipped between her wet warm lips. She bucked slightly letting out a sigh as he slipped in deeper.  Slowly the three bodies moved to the beat of the music.  Only then did Desiree’s eyes finally fly open.  In shock she watched as this big tall man was pressing into her over and over again.  She bit back the scream that came to her lips.  She had allowed this to happen and if she was honest with herself she was enjoying feel of him slipping in and out of her at once shallow and slow then deep and hard; the heat building up in her until she could not contain herself anymore finally giving in to this wild journey he was taking her on. 

Joshua closed his eyes she was tighter than he imagined and the feeling of her wet body slipping over his hard erection was more than he could take drawing her body close against his he drove deep and fast in her until in exploded in one glorious climax.


Picking her up in his arm he carried her weak shivering body to one of the curtained rooms.  So they could continue their games a smiling Madison close behind.