Written by theciderhouse

08 Apr 2014

It is an ordinary day – or at least, at first, that is how it seems. Some gentle rain outside serves as backdrop to the conversations in a coffee shop. Today, there is something inside you that heightens your senses. The gentle touch of your lips on the hot and creamy cappuccino takes your mind on a journey; your dear old friend sitting opposite you appears not to notice that your mind is drifting off. As you glance up you see a young man looking at you and smiling naughtily. He is rather attractive and there is something mysterious and exciting about him. In another life, perhaps, he could be Bruce Wayne. What cloak does he wear at night? You cannot help but smile back at him. Surely it is it not all innocent? You have always trusted your instincts. You glance back. His look is more intense this time as his eyes focus on yours and extract the breathe from your lungs; you exhale, under spell of his confident smile. He raises his one hand as you look at him half-excited, half-inquisitive. He is married. He removes the ring from his finger, smiles at you and raises his eyebrows in expectation.

Your friend is droning on about current affairs, but it is of no consequence to you. Her voice becomes faint as she reads from the paper; your skin is flushing and a tingling sensation is running down your spine. You find yourself in your own little world of passions. But you cannot! it is wrong! You have to stand up, walk to the restroom and wash your face with some cold water-- yes – you can and you will pull yourself together.

You politely excuse yourself from the table and walk towards the restroom, entering a somewhat secluded corridor that leads to the ladies' restroom door. Suddenly, a strong arm grabs yours from behind, and as it pulls you around to face the person behind that expression of force, your eyes look into the young man's eyes. There is a fire burning bright in those eyes. Your heart beats faster. Before you can protest, his lips magnetically move in to kiss you passionately; like fire on ice, his lips and skilful tongue put your reservations at rest. You decidedly want him. Now. But how?

He runs his hands down the sides of your body, breathing in your neck and kissing it. You are scared someone -- especially your friend -- will see you. He gently bites on your ear and whispers: "I want you, you sexy hot Mamma." Lust overcomes you, and you are without reason. You slide your hand down his pants and can feel his cock swelling through his pants. "I want you too, you whisper out to him." His face suddenly becomes serious, spelling intent, as he orders you to the Ladies restroom. As you open the door, you feel his hand grab firmly on your bum. Luckily there is nobody else there. The strong arms behind you direct you to a toilet stall. He moves in close behind you, and as you look back those arms lock the door. 

He kisses you again, and his mouth moves down your neck towards your breasts and nipples as he unties your buttoned blouse and as the arms move upwards, then your bra. Next his hands untie your jeans. He forces them down, knee-length. As he sucks on your breast and nipple, a hand moves down your panties. His fingers are met with a wanting, wet, pussy. He pulls his hand out and licks your pussy juice off his finger. He repeats the exploration of your pussy and this time he lets you lick your wet pussy juice off his finger.

You hastily remove his pants and shake off his underwear. You grab his cock in your hand and feel it growing bigger and stronger in your hand. He kisses you again and with a sudden twist forces you against the door with your bum facing him. You are exposed and at his mercy – your jeans and panties are hanging down to your knees – he has got you now!

Your heart is racing so fast. So much anticipation. He brings his cock closer, playfully swiping it on your bum and between your legs and against your pussy lips -- and then, suddenly, with force, he thrusts his hard cock into you from behind, with rhythm his cock is going in deeper and harder.

A woman enters, and he tells you to be quiet. You breathe heavily and excited. The squishy wetness of your pussy remains audible. You are slightly embarrassed but also turned on by the fact that the other woman in the restroom can hear how your pussy is getting fucked. You feel so naughty, so bad, so ashamed for what you are doing. But it is making it more exciting and driving you wild. "What is your name?", you ask, as he drills deeper and harder into your gushing wet pussy with his hard cock." "Brent", he replies, "and you can tell me your name once I have filled your pussy with hot cum". No sooner did his sentence finish finish than the explosion of hot cum filled you inside.... your legs tremble – but you are ecstatic with pleasure. "Sydney!" "Sydney" you shout ecstatically. "He pulls up his pants, then yours, and places his business card into your pocket. "We'll finish this later, Sydney," he says half jokingly, half promising. And then, he walks off. Speechless you stand in the restroom, deciding to rinse your warm face with some cold water. As you exit, walking back to your table, you feel hot cum dripping out of your pussy and soaking your panties with juices. Finally, you sit down on a wet, but satisfied pussy, dreaming about your next adventure with the mysterious "Brent".