Written by LickSuck69

01 Aug 2016

After wandering down the gang walk, finally I reached the entrance to the plane, met and greeted at the door way by a sexy looking Air hostess, shown to my seat which was seat number 23C. Luckily it was an Isle seat, which would let me see what ever there was to see.

After the closing of the door, a message came over the intercom system, good evening and welcome to Virgin Atlantic Flight Sexy Sex, which is the Latin for Sixty Six. I am your Captain Ramrod who will man the Cockpit during the flight and the Stewardess is Cindy Cavity who will be available help and serve you all of needs during the flight. On completion of all the drills, The Stewardess took her seat facing me, the plane started to move slowly to the end of the run, the engines started to roar and gathered speed to thrust the plane into the air, on the way we go.

The Stewardess Cindy Cavity left her seat to start serving the meals, coffee and whisky, rushing down the isle with her trolley, bending over all the passenger and squatting to get drinks from the trolley, gave me the chance to see all her assets and neatly shaved cavity, leaving me thinking what will be for desert later on in the evening. After the completion of the meal and sun downer, Cindy collected all the plates, cutlery and glasses, before the Captain, dimmed the lights romantically for all the passenger to sleep except me. Stewardess Cindy took her seat and started flashing for me.

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean and into the dark of the night, all of a sudden over the intercom comes a request for Stewardess Cavity to report to the Captain Ramrod in the cockpit, so deep in his thoughts he forgets to switch off the microphone. On entering the Cockpit, Stewardess Cindy Cavity replies to Captain Ramrod, what must I do for you, while waiting for a reply, from the corner of her eye she catches the sight of the captain's joystick is in the air, tip toeing slowly towards Captain Ramrod, she requests the captain if she could maneuver the joystick for a while, and he replies please please. She grabs the joystick at the ball joint with her hands, slowly moving her warm soft hands to the head, this continues continuously for a lengthy period of the flight, all of a sudden she feels soft fingertips tickle her cavity, which leads her to a loud yell please please thrust your joystick into mouth, without awaiting a reply, she trust the joystick into her mouth causing it to become a massive ramrod, which leads her to request if she could perch on his chair and tickle ramrod with the lips of her cavity, which causes chaos in the cockpit. Suddenly ramrod is thrust into her cavity, with an up and down motion leading to the loud sounds of pleasure moaning, and pleading for more, and the flowing of juices onto the floor.

Sheepishly, Stewardess Cavity, exits the cockpit straightening her blouse's buttons and hair with her hands, to prepare the passengers for the descent and landing of the plane, not knowing she had been heard. On exiting the the plane she stood at the door, thanking the passengers, on reaching the exit she looked at me and said thanks for Flying Virgin Atlantic and hope you had a great Flight, looking her in the eye, I replied not as great as your, hope next time, hope it will be me. Disappearing down the stairs into the streets of Hollywood and out of the land of fantasy.