Written by Samantha

30 Aug 2013

I had not been a member of the site for long, when I saw this young man on cam..... When I say young, he is about 7 years younger than me, but had this completely innocent look about him. We started chatting and then flirting a little. Then I gave him my number, so we chatted on Whatsapp for a couple of days. As he lives and works about 50km away, securing a meeting was proving to be difficult, until one day he replied to a message and said: " I want to meet you today, I am coming through"........... My heart pounded in my chest. As a newbie to this site, I had no idea what to expect.

We met at a public pub, and hit it off right away. He was funny and charming and utterly good looking in person.

When we left he pecked me, on the mouth.... but I kissed him back quite less platonically.....

When I got in my car, I saw him drive off, but it wasn't long before he messaged me again........

A few days later, he said he would buy me coffee. I arrived slightly late due to the morning traffic, but he was there, waiting with the coffee... He got in the car, and about three sips in, he kissed me. This time there was none of the innocence from the previous kiss. It was longing, passionate and had my hormones in a twist before he even kissed my neck.

We had previously discussed getting a hotel room. So I pulled back and said:" Okay, let’s do this" before I could chicken out again.

The walk into the hotel was torturous... I thought everyone would know what we were doing there. Going into the room, closing the door behind us, he had to take a call.... Phew, I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me, breathing deeply.

I came out as he had finished, and he started kissing me again.

I have previously liked foreplay, but like it a little rougher.

He made me think that maybe I got used be treated a little roughly, but actually got turned on by his tenderness and passion. We kissed for quite a long time, he kissed my neck (which turns me crazy with desire).......took my clothes off slowly and continued his exploration of my body.

It was amazing how gentle and erotic it was, exploring downwards....

I am always a little shy with a new lover as I definitely built for comfort not for speed, but this man had me arching my back and moaning in pleasure so much so that I could not even think.

Then he entered me, slowly inch by inch, and I came, just like that. Moaning loudly, holding on to him so tightly.

He continued with this slow, excruciating torture until I squirted all around us both, I could feel my orgasm gushing all over us and on the bed....

Squirting is a very personal thing to me, and I apologized profusely, which he smiled and kissed me.

This slow love-making continued for another 3 hours. I squirted another two times.

It was exquisite and beautiful all at the same time.

We spent time in-between talking and touching............

Oh and one rush to the door when the cleaning staff came in ....which we both found very funny.

It was also in this talking in between time, where we realized the hotel room walls were paper thin. I'm sure we gave the guests a good morning wake up though...........

This man is soft and gentle and has the best manners I have ever come across....

He has since made love to me many times, and I enjoy every part of this experience as much as the last.

He is a very considerate lover, and I enjoy him very much.