Written by TheLibrarian

06 Aug 2014

The stress of the day had taken its toll as I waited for the elevator, my mind filled with things I needed to get done for tomorrow's meeting was pressing their way into my current train of thought. Oblivious to the gentleman who stood beside me, I looked down at my watch again just as the elevator doors opened, then stepped inside, with him close behind.

The elevator doors closed and no sooner did the stranger move in right behind me only to spin me around to face him. Clasping my wrists in a vice like grip with one of his hands and pinning it against he elevator wall above me he slowly trailed his fingers down my raised arm, his knuckles graze against the swell of my breasts hidden under the woolen coat. But even that was no barrier for the heat I felt at that simple touch. I swallowed nervously as I watched him.

"Are you going to hurt me?" I asked

"No Miss Raven. I’m not going to hurt you, I’m going to make you cum" His eyes were intense and dark, his breath mingled with a hint of mint. His words caused the most unexpected reaction to draw from my body. The heat between my legs was a sheer indication that I was not scared but turned on as hell.

"Make me cum?" I asked in shock.

"Yes" A single word, then he continued his downward descend of his hand. He roughly tugged at the coat, which exposed a thin viscose baby doll dress, I was wearing no bra. My nipples were taut and poking at the flimsy fabric of the dress.

"I see your body is responding positively to the thought of being fucked Miss Raven. This pleases me"

Oh dear god, how did I end up here? I thought as I attempted to free my hands from his grip.

"Nuh uh…if you struggle you could get hurt, sweetheart" I lowered his head and ran his nose up against the side of my neck to my ear then tugged my earlobe, while his other hand ran down over my hip. His fingers clawed at the dress and bunched it up in his fist, raising it to above my hips. He smiled that death defying smile with the small scar on his lip, and then reached up again tugging his tie loose. He moved so quickly and before I knew it he had turned me around and tied my wrists to the hand rail in the elevator. Oh fuck, how can I possibly be in this situation I thought as I looked over my shoulder. His crooked smile spoke chapters of sensuality. He slowly ran his hands down my back and over my ass, raising my dress up.

"I've fantasized about this so many times. It’s amazing what power money holds Miss Raven" He spoke as he leaned over me biting my neck gently.

I let out an involuntary moan as goose flesh broke out over my skin. His hands moved down south. Scraping his fingers up the back of my thighs, causing me to squirm. This was too much, how can I be in this situation. I was soaked, wet. My pussy was aching as if it has never been touched. His hand ventured up between my thighs, he nudges my legs apart with his knuckles and I obediently spread them. Then he runs the tip of one of his fingers over the very damp cotton of my panties, just over the lips teasing but not touching my clit.

"Oh fuck" I gasp, my knees threaten to give in. He slips his one arm around my waist pulling me back, then with the other hand, he tugs my panties to the side.

"You’re so warm and wet Miss Raven" He slowly slides a long calloused finger along my slit, parting my folds; he then adds a second finger. “How does this feel?” he asks in a low raspy voice.

“More” I whisper my cheek pressed against the cold surface of the elevator wall. The tie grazing my wrists, almost achingly making it difficult for me to move. He grunts as I move my hips, and with one unexpected thrust he slips two fingers deep into my core, stretching me open. Leaning over me, he whispers against my ear.

“I’m going to fuck you Miss Raven. I’m going to make you mine. Are you ready?”

I didn't quite think he expected an answer, his actions told me he’ll take even if I did object. I simply nodded. He moved behind me, I glanced over my shoulder and saw him undo his pants, taking out his cock, he gave it two strokes. Oh dear mother of … my eyes widened, and I closed them tightly.

Next I feel the blunt tip of his large member slowly rub against my inner thigh, leaving a wet trail of precum on my skin. He teases my entrance with his cock. My mouth dry, my heart rate going a million miles per second, and my breathing labored. All in anticipation of what’s to come.

“Ready Miss Raven?” He breathes the words, barely waiting for my response he slowly, languidly pushes his cock into me. I bite my lip as I feel him spread me wide. He slowly starts moving, back and forth, back and forth. The push-pull motion making my head spin each time his cock hits my back wall. His pace increases as he grips my hips firmly. One hand sliding up my side under my dress and cupping my breast. He rolls my taut tip between his forefinger and thumb, tugging and pulling as he fucks me harder. Moans resonate from me, accompanied by his own grunts and groans. Each deep thrust sending me closer to my climax. Shoved face up against the Elevator wall, I force my hips back. He goes deeper. His teeth graze my bare shoulder where the coat and the strap of my dress have shifted down loosely over my skin.

“So perfect, so hot Miss Raven” he says in bated breaths. His cock throbs inside of me, I can feel it by the way his length strokes the walls of my pussy, each time his blunt tips hits the bundle of nerves deep inside me, my walls clench and squeeze his member. I’m about to cum and I have never ever felt an impending orgasm with such ferocity. Then suddenly he pressure is gone, he’s pulled out.

Gasping for a breath I nearly moan in desperation, only to feel him nudge the tip of his cock against my ass. Both his hands move to my ass cheeks as he spreads them.

Holy fuck! This I’ve never had. Anal? Can I? My mind goes into overdrive but even before I could protest, he rides his hips forward driving his entire thick length in and past the tight ring of muscles of my ass. I cry out, but I’m soon silenced as one of his hands covers my mouth. I bite into the side of his palm; my eyes shut tightly, my back spasm as I try to fight the excruciating pain that shoots up my spine like an electric current.

“Shhhhh easy baby” he whispers against the nape of my neck.

I take a shaky breath as I try to relax, his hips slowly start to move again, nudging and pushing. The pain is soon replaced by a different kind of pleasure, something I have never experienced before. It doesn't take him long to start picking up the pace again, this time he fucks me relentlessly. Skin slapping against skin. I moan uncontrollably as my body starts to convulse in the wake of my orgasm.

“Ooh fuck! Yes!” I cry out.

His hand came down hard on my bare ass cheek, palming and gripping my flesh, he repeated it again, until he too came. Without warning. Filling me with his sweet warm release.

“Aaah fuck Riley!” He growls as I slumps forward pushing me upright against the wall. For a moment we both pant in silence, bodies flush against each other’s. Me sandwiched between him and the cold elevator door. I smile wickedly as I wiggle my ass against him. He slaps me gently this time then reaches around me to untie my hands. He has a smug smile on his lips. I iron my dress down occasionally look up at him for any reaction.

He hangs his tie loosely over his shoulder then steps forward, pushing the green button, a coy smile playing on his lips, I bend down to pick up my bag draping it over my shoulder.

We both smile as the Elevator doors open into the lobby. James drapes an arm over my shoulders and tenderly kisses my temple.

“We must definitely do this more often” He winks and reaches down to smack my ass.

“Well your wife certainly does like this occasional game you like to Play Mr Raven. We must certainly do it again”