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28 Apr 2015

The Dream


6 minute read

You are drifting in and out of's been a restless night with little sleep... your busy mind wondering about the woman you saw walking on the beach... She barely noticed you sitting on the rocks - too deeply engrossed in her own thoughts... You spent another half an hour on the beach before heading back to your cottage... Going up the steps to the cottage balcony, you looked back to see her still standing there...staring out at the sea... the wind whipping at her thin sundress, etching her body shape into your mind...her breasts straining at the thin material, her nipples hard from the cold breeze pushing the material against them... Obviously she's not wearing anything under the dress... You did not have much of an appetite getting back to your beach cottage - just a quick and light meal before you headed off to bed, reading your favourite magazine. But it is hard to focus, your mind drifting back to mystery beach lady - who is she, and why is she alone on the beach... You must have drifted off as the breeze from the open sliding door caressed your body, cooling it down from the sweltering heat of the late afternoon. The wooden floor softly creaks as SHE steps inside through the open balcony door. She looks down at your sleeping body, taking in the glorious shape of a ripped back, the bedsheet barely covering your hard buttocks... Her eyes burn with desire...imagining what it is like to wake up every part of the body lying on the bed. She takes in the image... softly sipping at the steaming hot coffee in her hand... She sneaks over to the fridge, softly opens it.... Mmmm.... ice cream. She takes it out, puts it on the bedside table. She gently pulls back the covers, slowly....sensually....revealing a very sexy, masculine body etched in the darkness...taking in every detail of the toned muscles as more and more of it is revealed as the sheet slides off your body. She feels the muscles in her pussy tighten, the pleasure coursing through her body.... Her hands gently caresses the body before her...touching u'r feet, then running her fingers along u'r legs...gently exploring u'r sex organ...mmmm....its semi-erect, as if u'r not sleeping but awaiting the caresses...the hands discover more...slowly moving u'r torso, feeling u'r chest and the beating of u'r heart - slowly, rhythmically. Your body stirs in your sleep....she smiles.... Getting onto the bed, straddling your sleepy body... You must be feeling the heat of another body in the vicinity, as you starts stretching out your body lazily...turning to lie on your back. Your male organ waking from its semi-erect state. She bends down, softly kisses your nipples before allowing her tongue to trace your body down to where your sex organ is.... Just too tempted to explore its glorious anatomy.... She takes another sip from the hot coffee.... feel the coffee sliding hot down her throat... then she bends over to slide her mouth over our cock... she hears you gasp at the sudden heat of her mouth you.... she releases your cock, takes another big mouthful of coffee, before bending over your cock again and allowing the intense heat of the coffee in her mouth to arouse you even more.... You opens your eyes, still feeling sleepy... "Mmmm...a nice dream of beach lady visiting me... A dream or reality...?" you murmur.... She slowly lets your cock slide in and out of her mouth. Her tongue playing with the tip, circling it, exploring it. Feeling its hardness growing by the minute... Then your hands find her large, full breasts, cupping them. Massaging them, the nipples hardening between your thumb and forefinger... She sighs with pleasure as she feels the first orgasm starting to come on... She bends over to the open tub of ice cream... scoops up a big dollop of it with her finger and put it into her mouth... It is cold in her mouth... it barely has time to start melting before she bends over again and closes her mouth over your cock. you gasp at the sharp contrast of the coldness after the hot coffee.... The ice cream starts melting - she opens her mouth a little and you feels the ice cream melt on your cock before running down the shaft, pass your balls... She scoops another big mouthful of ice cream, and having it in her mouth, she covers your sex organ again with her mouth.... The coldness now drives you wild... the tip starts throbbing as the ice cream melts and again runs down your shaft, cold rivulets of ice cream coursing down... She releases the cock tip and starts licking the ice cream off the shaft. Allowing her tongue to explore your rock hard cock, licking off the ice cream - slowly, sensually... Then she reaches the base of your organ, and takes your balls into her mouth - one by one, slowly licking them clean too... By now you are moaning with intense pleasure as her hands keep on caressing the shaft, and playing with the hard tip at the top... You try to pull her closer, now wanting her to lower herself onto your hard and ready cock. She bends over you.... gives you a long, slow, lingering kiss on the mouth... her tongue exploring just a little bit of your mouth. Then tracing the contours of your body back to your chest, and down back to your cock. She pushes her breasts together, and allow your hard cock to now slide in between them - she sighs with pleasure as your cocks moves in and out between her breasts. Her mouth receives your cock every time it pushes through towards her, and she licks the pre-cum droplets off the tip as it readies itself for orgasmic pleasure. Then she straddles you... and allow you to slowly enter her... Her back arching with pleasure as you enters into her deeper and deeper... she slowly allows you to enter her fully and she rides you slowly and sensually, feeling every bit of you inside her. Her pussy contracts in orgasmic pleasure... She slowly withdraws.... and gets off you... see your cock glistening with her juices.... she slowly retreats back out of the room through the sliding doors... You get up, rush to the door, looks outside... You don't see her - she's gone... Must've been a dream.... You look back towards the see a tub of melting ice cream on the bedside table...

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