Written by trymeonce

30 May 2011

I have always fantasised about opening a swingers club called the dark room. The club will be by invitation only with members been allowed to submit new members. The club will have the normal bar and socialising area were people can meet and chat and have a drink. Attached to the public area will a dark room connected via two change rooms where everyone will get undressed and dress into gowns that are all the same. The change rooms will also have showers and changing cubicles. From the cubicles there will be light tight double doors that will give access to a pitch dark room. In the cubicles people will strip out of their gowns and enter the room naked. The room will be fully climate controlled with dark light lighting in alcoves around the room. The music will be loud and people will be encouraged to feel their way around the room. The dark will allow everyone to loose their inhibitions about how they look. People or couples will be able to feel and make contact with like people and then move to alcoves that are softy lit were condoms, towels and other items will be available in baskets for use. People will be able to dim the dark light to what ever degree they want in the alcoves. The room will be in use for 3 hours at a time with every one leaving within the 3 hours when the room will be cleaned and prepared for the next cession.