Written by Redrose_1

03 May 2015

We are sitting around a fire with 3 other couples. All laughing and having a good time.

Your hands on my thigh I feel you move my dress up a bit so you could feel the warmth of my skin. I glance at you and see you are in the mood so I stop your hand before it moves to my inner thigh. You smile and lean over and tell me to play along with you and see where it leads. I chuckle and open my legs slightly. I peep at the other couples, the men are all eyes but the women are been coy and pretend not to notice. Within seconds I notice a few bulges in the mens shorts.

You slide your fingers into my now dripping pussy and tease my clit, without warning I gush. You smile and climb out of your stool. You kneel down infront of me and take my legs and wrap them on either sides of my camping chair. I feel a bit exposed as a cool breeze gently brushes over my wet pussy exciting me more. You turn to our friends and tell them to join in and have some fun we are secluded and no chance of anyone observing us.

I feel your tongue flickering over my clit and start sucking her, I have goose pimples. I start moaning loudly. I turn to see if the others have decided to join us, the men are stroking themselves but the woman are playing it cool, I see excitement in their eyes but they are holding back. One man gets up and starts to slide his wifes panties off she's protesting half heartedly and he's not taking no for a answer. I smile and return my attention to you.

You slide 3 fingers into my cunt and start fingering me, it feels is fucking good and I tell you to fist me, you gently slide your hand into me, make me gasp out aloud, slowly you start fucking me with your fist, slowly increasing the tempo, we are both so wrapped up in our own excitement we don't notice the other couples had moved over and were observing us. You stop and pull you hand from inside my cunt and as you do so I squirt against your chest. I hear the men moan and know this has excited them. You proceed to fist me.

By now the men are beyond excited and the women are also and they start to play. One couple are enjoying doggy style, her dress is lifted onto her bum and he's pounding her deep and hard. Another is giving her husband a BJ, we can hear him moaning softly. The last couple are on the lawn, she is riding him hard. His hands on her waist helping her.

Your eyes are glazed over from lust and excitement and you turn me over onto my hands and knees, I smile know what's going to happen. You lift my dress up, I feel you sliding your throbbing cock into my wet pussy you pound her deep and hard as you pull my hair and lean forward and tell me you are going to fuck me like a whore. I feel my boobs swaying with each deep thrust and tell you to go for it, I was your dirty whore. I feel you pull out of me and I try to stop you, you tell me to behave or suffer the consequences. I beg you not to stop. I feel you then thrust your cock into my arse making me scream loud. After a few thrusts you fuck me deep and hard. We are both enjoying ourselves. Your hands on my hips pulling me close to you allowing deep penetration. I open my eyes to see one friend make his way to us. He asks if he may join us, you mutter something that sounds like a yes. He brings his cock to me and I start to suck it. His wife comes over and slides under me I feel something warm and wet probing my pussy and realise she's licking and tongue fucking me I moan allowed and stop sucking his cock but for a split second and he pushes me down and forcing his cock deep into my throat. This makes me gush and I hear she's lapping it up.

I feel her tongue probing and licking me, its exciting me so much I can't stop myself from gushing, I can feel it running down my inner thighs. I feel your cock fucking me deep and hard like we both enjoy, can hear your breathing start to deepen and know you are close. I such his cock harder as I start to finger her pussy, slowing with 2 fingers but start finger fucking her deeper with 3 fingers, thrusting deep inside her warm wet cunt, I can hear and feel she's enjoying it. Her body is withering underneath me. I sense she's close so I finger her harder as I start to deep throat her husband. He cums within seconds of deep throat, he pushes his cock deeper into my mouth as I swallow feverishly. I feel you thrust deeper into me telling me I am your fucking whore, I feel you starting to shoot your load into me with deep thrusts. I climax at the same time, can feel my cunt throbbing and gushing. I stop sucking his cock clean and start to lick her pussy as I do so I can feel her cunt constricting as she's cums, I lick her clean. We slowly untangle ourselves and fall onto the lawn in a heap. All exhausted and satisfied