Written by Thehollies

12 Feb 2013

The black ribbon and the statue

As you walked up the steps of the mansion you glanced to the right into the garden. You’re not sure what made you look, but there was a large statue of a naked woman. Her ample breasts and voluptuous bottom glistening in the perfect lighting of the manicured garden as water gently caresses her surface. She casts a shadow to the rear which you couldn’t help thinking would hide two people quite easily.

That mischievous thought was still on your mind as you walked into the large living room alive with many different conversations and mood setting jazz in the back ground. Immediately you are introduced to people. So many how can you ever remember their names. Never mind your husband will lead you to friends and then you can settle down and get in the mood.

As you walk across the room to join a couple that you know your eye is caught by a stranger near the kitchen, he is chatting in a friendly way to a group of people. You eyes lock together across the room. He is tall with a friendly, open face but his eyes are dark. He looks vaguely familiar but you can’t quite place him. I t seems like forever that the invisible strand joins you eventually snapped by the waiter asking you if you would like something to drink. You join the couple who you know and you start to relax, but you can’t help glancing over every now and then to observe the stranger. He is wearing jeans which fit him very well, a black t shirt and a blue sports coat. His back is to you now and he is chatting to another group it seems as though he knows every body.

After awhile you excuse yourself to go to the ladies and make your way through the house to the luxurious bathroom. Afterwards standing in front of the large mirror checking your hair and face you re surprised that you are a little aroused; moisture is beginning to beginning to seep between your legs and your nipples are becoming a little firmer. You look up and out of nowhere the stranger is standing behind you and he is staring into your eyes through the mirror. Panic and fear rise up from deep inside you but you are frozen, the energy in his eyes relentlessly locking them on yours. It’s as if his soul has exited his body through his eyes and entered yours. Those two entities now physically entwined oblivious to their respective hosts. Before you know it his hand reaches up over your shoulder gently caressing your neck, moving and tracing the contours of your face. He watches and you watch in the mirror almost like two independent observers. Some how his other hand is under your blouse gently cupping your breast seeking out you nipple which, by now has gone from a bit stiff to rock hard as his fingers find it and gently squeeze. The next feeling is of cold metal against your nipple, panic rises again this time softened by pure animal lust. No words have been spoken but the dialogue is immense

The feeling of cold steel is a special clamp consisting of 2 rings joined together and spring loaded. When pressed they open up exposing tiny serrations he presses it and slips the device over your nipple

When he lets go the spring forces the rings together and the serrations clamp down on the tender flesh. The nerve endings in your nipple respond and it grows even more swollen. It seems as though the sensation is rising and rising and you absently wonder where it will end

His other hand rests against your cheek as he moves your neck to the side and kisses you. His lips exploring franticly, teeth nibbling your lips and his tongue probing. Your breath mixing. Yours getting sucked deep inside him as you gasp and the sensation floods your body.

As quickly and as unexpectedly as he was there, he is gone. You are left gazing into your own eyes wondering why you aren’t screaming and ripping the infernal device off as waves of delicious agony wash over you entire body

Inexplicably a calm seems to come over you as you leave the bathroom and return to the party, The clamp is still firmly attached to your body and the sensations are changing constantly as you walk and move.

You are in a room full of people but you imagine yourself lying naked on a cold slab as hot flaming tendrils caress your whole body. He is now standing about 2 metres from you , strangers again, and the events of a few minutes ago ignored except for the many fingers of sensation massaging your whole body

His jacket opens slightly as he moves just enough for you to see his distorted nipple forcing the fabric of his t shirt out. You realize that he has the same device clamped on his body and that the sensations that are feeling, he is too.

The exquisite agony joins the two of you as one. It’s almost like sharing an intense, ongoing orgasm with a stranger while you are both fully clothed in a room full of people.

The wetness between your legs is warm and comforting. You look across at him and his eyes move to the window, you can see the garden and the statue. Without any words being said you know that he wants you to join him in the shadow of the voluptuous lady.

You excuse yourself and slip outside unnoticed. He is waiting for you, his eyes drag you closer to him and before you know it he is kissing you urgently ,nibbling, his tongue exploring the inside of your mouth as well as your face You surrender completely .His hand is inside your blouse and you cry out softly as he presses the clamp and releases the pressure. The blood gushes back into the space that it was excluded from bringing with it a whole new feeling of more, and different agony.

He kisses you deeply and gives you a naughty smile. You gather your thoughts and rejoin the party, just in time to see a commotion at the door. The host and hostess are standing there in serious conversation with a policeman you walk over to find out what the problem is . The policeman is questioning them about a fugitive wanted for a host of crimes who was believed to be seen at this party . Last seen wearing a black T shirt and blue blazer .Lots of the people at the party remember him but no one knows who he was, or who invited him.

You look out the window just in time to see movement behind the statue and the garden gate swinging shut .A smile crosses your face.

Later as your husband is driving home, you put your hand in your pocket, it closes around something soft. It’s a piece of black ribbon about 30 cm long. how did that get there? With one hand you play with the ribbon and the other gently touches your nipple, which you know will be deliciously sensitive for a few days. You suspect that it is not the last time that you will see the handsome stranger with the dark eyes and the naughty smile