Written by Candyliciousb

22 Mar 2018

“I am gonna cum so Hard!” It what he said…

The dark promise excited me. Sweat misted my skin. I became so wet and hot that I slide smoothly down the length of his big hard cock until I nearly sheathed him. A breathless cry escaped me before I ‘d taken him to the root. He was so deep I could hardly stand it, forcing me to shift from side to side, trying to ease the unexpected bite of discomfort but my body didn’t seem to care that he was too big. It was rippling around him, squeezing, trembling on the verge of orgasm. Dee cursed and gripped my hip with his free hand, urging me to lean backwards as his chest heaved with frantic breath. The position altered my descent and I opened my legs more, accepting all of Him. Immediately his body temperature rose, his torso radiating sultry heat through his T-shirt. Sweat dotted his upper lip.

Leaning forward, I slid my tongue along his sculptured curve, collecting the saltiness with the lower murmur of delight . His hips churned impatiently. I lifted carefully, sliding up a few inches before he stopped me with the ferocious grasp on my hips and he yanked me back to his cock. “Fuck yourself to my cock” he ordered , with an authoritative bite that sent lust pulsating through me. I started fucking myself into his cock again, feeling an oddly luscious soreness as he push just past my limits. I was so fucking wild for him, my lips pressed to his in a crushing kiss, my fingers gripping his sweat damp hair. I kissed him as I rocked my hips, riding the maddening circling of his thumb, feeling the orgasm with every slide of his thick long white cocking my melting core. I lost my mind, primitive instinct taking over until my body was completely in charge. I could focus on nothing but the driving edge to fuck, the ferocious need to ride his white cock until the tension burst and set me free of this grinding hunger.

“It’s so good, “ I sobbed, lost in him. “ You feel…. Aaaah Fuck Christ… it’s too fucking good.”

Using both hands Dee commanded my rhythm, tilting me into an angle had the big crown of his cock rubbing the tender, aching spot inside me. As I tightened and shiver, I realized I was going to cum from that, just from he expert thrust of his beautiful hard cock inside me. “Aaahh Dee” …. He captured me by the nape as the orgasm exploded through me, starting with the ecstatic spasms of my core and radiating outward until I was trembling all over. He watched em fall apart, holding my gaze when I would’ve closed my eyes. Possessed by his stare, I moaned and came harder than I ever had. My body jerking with every pulse of pleasure.

“Fuck, Fuck, Grrrrrr oh shit…” He growled, pounding his hips up at me, yanking my hips down to meet his punishing lunges. He hit the end of me with every deep thrust, battering into me. I could feel him growing harder and thicker. I watched him avidly, needing to see it when he went over the edge for me. His eyes were wild with needs, losing their focus as his control frayed, His cute face ravaged by the brutal race to climax. “Fuck Candy.” He came with an animal sound feral ecstasy, a snarling release that riveted me with its ferocity. He shook as the orgasm tore into him. He came inside me feeling up the condom. It was beautiful.

They drove me back to my place and asked them to drop me by my parking bay. I exited the car and move to the driver side. I opened the door, urging the friend to move so I can be between his leg. I unzipped his pants.. Gosh he was so hard, pre cum leaking none stop. He tried to stop me but I had none of it .. I rubbed his cock, giving him a hand job.. he moaned and grip my arm tighter. I lower my mouth into his slit and swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock, he cried out and in that minute I buried my face into his groin, taking him deep to the back of my mouth. I knew it wasn’t gonna be long as he cried and shout he was coming. I took him out pumped his cock till all his juices were in my face. And I said thank you and let the out of my complex..

Hmmmm after writing this I got so wet and just need an appointment with my B.O.B ( battery operated boyfriend) lol..... enjoy!!!!!