Written by Candyliciousb

21 Mar 2018

One Friday afternoon I was feeling hot, naughty and slutty from all the porn I had watched that day. I felt bothered between my legs and I knew I had to do something about it, I took my phone scroll through the numbers of my friends and yes I found the one I had been aching for. This time I wanted the different thing not my bed, couch, kitchen counter or balustrades of my stairways. I made the call. At 19:00 I put on my fuck-me black mini skirt, 6inch high heel push in and tight fit white top that shape my body. I had a maroon bra on and yes it was slutty of me I know but I was so feeling like a real one that night. And the rule of the night was no panty and keep my cunt wet the entire time.

20:00 I was ready and waiting for my ride. Dee called me to come by the gate so I locked my place and went to his car. To my surprise he wasn’t alone he had a companion. He got out from the front passenger seat into the back-seat and so I entered the back seat as well. I greeted the guys and they responded. Dee said he needed to be somewhere so we were gonna take a short drive so we can talk.. I wasn’t into talking I needed his cock deep in my pussy . That was the only talking I was going to do with him, in the presence of the stranger as he decided to brought him along. When Dee settled besides me and the door shut and we drove off. I became highly conscious of how good he smelled, I breathed him in, telling myself to relax not to jump him. He took my hand over his and that fueled a fierce lust I already had.

I squirm as he continue touching me and I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I whispered to him that I want his cock deep in me and nothing will stop me from having him. The next moment I was tugged across his lap and his mouth on mine, kissing me fiercely, his hands were sliding all over my body and I moaned, feeling the prod of his hard cock against my hip. I shifted moved to straddle him, shoving my skirt up , with my knees on the either side of his hips, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and deepened the kiss , I licked his mouth , nibble his lower lip and stroking my tongue against his. ….

Dee gripped my waist and pushed me away , He leaned back , his neck arched to look at my face, his chest heaving . He asked “ What are you doing to me?”

I ran my hands down his chest through his golf shirt, feeling the unforgiving hardness of his muscles. My fingers traced the ridges of his abdomen, I wanted him…. I told him “ I am touching you, enjoying the hell out of you, I want you, Dee”

He caught my wrists, stilling my movements. “Later, we are in the middle of town “I didn’t care as only his companion could see us, I wanted him deep in me. I rocked my hips against him, stroking myself wi5 the hard length of his cock. His breath hissed out between his clenched teeth .

“ I need you, Dee,” I said breathlessly , inhaling his scent, which was richer now that he was more aroused . I thought I might be slightly intoxicated just from the enticing smell of his skin. “You drive me crazy “. He released my wrists and cupped my face, his lips pressed hard against mine. I reached for the fly of his jean, freeing the two buttons to access the concealed zipper. He tensed.

“ I need this,” I whispered in his against his lip. “Give it to me, give me this”. He didn’t relax as his friend was there, listening and watching but made no attempt to stop me either. When his cock fell heavily into my palm, he groaned , the sound both pained and erotic. I squeezed him gentle, my touch deliberately tender as I massage his cock, he was so hard like a stone and so hot. I slide both my fists up his meaty length from root to tip., my breath catching when he quivered beneath me . Dee gripped my thighs, his hands sliding up my bare ass, and the other hand found my smooth shaven cunt. “ you cunt is always sweet and smooth” he murmured into my mouth. “ I want to spread you out, lick you till you beg for my cock deep in you”. I told him “ I would beg you now, if you want me to”. I stroke him with one hand as I reach for the condom with the other hand, I ripped it open with my teeth. He pushed his thumb inside me and said “ Candy you are a slut, haven’t even touched you but you already wet like this”.. “I can’t help it, I told him.

He told his friend to keep driving. I sheathed his cock and he asked why I was doing that to him and I told him simply that I want him. Setting my hands on his shoulder for balance, I lifted onto my knees, rising to gain the the height I needed to hover over the crown of Dee’s thick cock. His hands fisted at my hips as I positioned myself on him. He abruptly pushed me violently down his cock and that spurred my desire to a fever pitch. His erection brushed between my legs as he moved to lower his jeans, I whimper so aching and empty . He tensed as I wrapped my fingers around him and positioned my self again.. tucking the wide crest against the saturated folds of my cleft. The scent of our lust was heavy and humid in the air, a seduction mix of pheromones that awakened every cell in my body. My skin was flushed and tingling, my breast heavy and tender.

This was what I wanted the moment I texted him, to posses him, to climb up his magnificent body and take him deep inside my cunt. “God. Candy “ He gasped as I lowered onto him, his hands flexing restlessly on my thighs. I close my, feeling too exposed. “ you are so fucking tight slut” He gasped words were threaded with a hint of delicious agony. I took more of him, letting him slide deeper, I sucked in deep breath, feeling exquisitely stretched. Pressing his palm on my lower belly, he touched my throbbing big clit with the pad of his thumb and began to massage it in slow excruciating soft circles. Everything in my core tightened and clenched, Sucking him deeper. His neck arched, his head pressing hard into the seat back as if he were struggling against the invisible bonds. “Ah , Christ”he bit out, his teeth grinding. “ I am going to come so Hard……

To be continued..