Written by biggie4

19 Nov 2013

It would be a random day , a meeting would be setup, a mutual place a mall , a garage , somewhere public , she "being mature". Walking up to me nd saying ur the guy right ??? My reply yes I am excitingly , I start to complement on her beauty , her perfume , her hair , her eyes , she smiles ...........

Her reply ........ Let's leave

As we get into our respective vehiles , she says. Stay on my ass .... You wouldn't wana loose me me now wouldn't you , so I follow her , I'm like keeping up until we reach the front gate , she jumps off , after closing the gate , oh and she is wearing a dress , so I say to her damn I love that dress , her awesome reply , you should see what's under it , it really teases me , makes me want her even more , she invites me into her home slams the door n then ..................

She begins to kiss me ..... She has me against the wall he bite licks teases every part of my upper body , making me really fuckin horny I throw her against the wall as we switch positions , using my tounge in places she would have never imagined , I slide my hand up her dress to my amazement , she had nothing on ....... She moves my hand higher begging me to touch her ...... I sland it lower , she pulls it higher I then aggresively slide in my finger , making her gasp and moan abit , she moves towards a sofa where takes of my pants stroking me slowly n gracefully , I feel really hard and I throb , she then replies with...... I love chocolate , she wraps her glossy. Chere lips around the head of my cock hinting a strong mmmmmmmhhhhhh moan. I begin to stretch her legs apart flapping my tounge agianst her wet shaven pussy she goes deeper down , like really how a guy like it but wait ....... She begins to slurp it all up drafting a vacuum effect , ohh that fucks me up complety , making me dip my tounge deeply into her wet vagina as she jerks forward hitting the head of my tounge toward the back of her mouth ......

I can tel loves it , when she says baby fuk me deep and hard now , her eyes tells. Lustful story ...... I enter her soaking wet. Vagina slowly pushing deeper and then roughly smacking my cock really deep , there's a moan and a jump , she say ur an nimal

With much encouragement I begin to lustfuly and gracefully pentrate and caress her body using my fingers to th movement of her body she loves it she really does ..... U know why

Cause she replies ..... She replies with hold on I need to make a call , she then moves her body as she lies back , like a belly danver sliding herself on my cock , the fone rings there's an answer , she jumps fowards saying now!!! As I pentrate her , supee crazily , she says honey. He fucks me real good , as she moans , she then begins to ask if her would come home to watch , his reply be there in 5 , she thows the handheld away grabbing me by the neck moving her vagina wildly on my cock she screams moans , nd the jerks like really jerking and biting and fuck its there she comes , I then pull out my hard wet cock and she leans foward blowing me with passion she gags , spits and aww I came all over her face , and to make me hard like coyple minutes later ..... She scoops the cum of her face into her mouth and swallows ..... That's part one of my fantasy if you guys would like more drop me replies , comments , and stuff and we would end up creating or improving in part 2 , cheers