Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

26 Aug 2016

I’m not enormously proud of this story but to be honest I still think fondly back to it sometimes. While I’ve not mentioned it to anyone in my actual life, I suspect some of you might get a kick from hearing it. It’s entirely true, and the hottest sexual experience I can remember, to date. I was 21 and just months away from the final days of university. I’d turned up to a party hosted by a close friend, Charlotte, and her boyfriend. Charlotte was short, red-haired, and there’d been a strange chemistry between us that hadn’t really ever gone anywhere. She was usually extremely shy and self-deprecating but I’d noticed that when she drank, this insane sexualised personality came out and she became very forward. She occasionally made what I thought may’ve been flirty comments, but I usually batted these away shyly. Anyway, I wasn’t much of a fan of her boyfriend but I’m not such a dick I’d try to come between them; no pun intended. There had been plenty of times however when I’d imagined how it would feel to be inside her.

The party went the way they usually do at university and by around 1 in the morning everyone was wicked drunk, including myself and Charlotte. Most of the guests went home and her and I kept drinking whisky. Her boyfriend had passed out in his room. We talked about nothing much until she finally mentioned what a dick her boyfriend had been recently: berating her, putting her down, etc. I wasn't particularly sexually experienced back then, but I could tell from the tone of the conversation that this was heading in some unexpected direction. The rest of the guests left, more or less, or went into other rooms until it was just her and I in the living room. The house was silent. She was being what even I could tell was flirty now, telling me how she hadn’t been fucked properly in some time. Her boyfriend was too afraid to come in her, apparently.

“But I’ll tell you a secret,” she said. “No one’s ever done it before, but I’ve always wondered how it would feel in me.” As she spoke I could smell her breath. It was sweet and kind of musty. I found I was suddenly extremely hard and my heart sped up. Her lips were wet and her tongue kept poking out and licking from one side to the other. More unpleasant stories about her boyfriend began to come out, how she’d caught him suggestively messaging other girls and so on, then getting extremely aggressive when she brought it up. There were vague accusations of him possibly cheating on her also. By that point it was clear enough he was a total dick. My conscience felt clean.She was wearing fairly tight shorts and I imagined putting my hand up them, probing how wet her pussy was, putting a finger inside, tasting it. Was she pushing her tits out on purpose? It seemed like it.

Several more glasses of whisky down and in the middle of another unfortunate story about her boyfriend, I kissed her. She tasted like sex and her tongue was in my mouth in seconds. I hadn’t planned this in the slightest but now I could feel my balls filling up with cum already.She slid her shorts and panties off right there on the sofa. We didn’t fuck around. One hand down to her crotch and sure enough she was wet as rain. There was a little hair there too. I played with her clit, pushing our tongues together, then put the finger in my mouth. She tasted sweet.I was just about to go down on her when she began pulling my trousers and boxers off. I was so hard it almost hurt, not something I’d really experienced before. “Should I...” I said, meaning to get a condom.“No,” she said and opened her legs wide and guided me into her snatch.

Normally I try to be considerate and not just push straight into a girl but she bucked her hips and her pussy enveloped me. It was so tight it was painful, her walls clamping down on me, almost burning hot. She wrapped her legs around my back and began gyrating. I hadn’t for a second imagined this side of her existed. I could feel my dick trying to explode already.I noticed the living room door wasn’t even closed. Her boyfriend, or anyone else for that matter, could walk in at any moment. She followed my gaze and turned my head back to her and bit my lip. Again, that hot musty breath, heavier and heavier. She started moaning, not making any great effort to cover it up. I sensed mentioning it wouldn’t make her stop. I wouldn’t advise what happened next to anyone, it was stupid and completely irresponsible. But it is without question the hottest episode of my entire sexual life.

I could smell her pussy. It was primal. She was bucking even harder, now keeping her eyes locked right on mine. She grabbed my head and put it right against hers and stared even harder. I felt my dick begin to tense. “Charlotte...I’m close...” Her eyes opened wide and she furrowed her brow and forced me even deeper into her. I couldn’t help it: “Are you on the pill?” She only shook her head and grabbed my back and pulled me into her again and again. Her pussy was like a vice around my cock, trying to suck the cum out. “No seriously,” I said. “I’m close and-” “Just do it,” she said. “Just fucking come in me.” She drove her tongue into my mouth, then again, almost shouting: “Just fucking come in me. Give me your load.”Reason, logic, consequences. It all went right out of the window. That was all I could take, the smell of her pussy, of her breath, her pale tits bouncing back and forth, her tongue in my mouth again.

In a last effort not to do something stupid I stopped moving but she only bounced her hips up to meet mine, clinging onto my ass. I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her, my balls deflating, her pussy contracting. She moaned right into my ear, pulling me in deeper, wrapping her legs even tighter around mine. Another few spurts followed, as deep as I could manage. I saw stars. Then black. Her pussy spasmed for a few seconds, then calmed down. Soon my cum began trickling out of her. She put a finger down to her snatch, then tasted me and licked her lips. We laid there a while not too sure what to say. I tried to delay getting up, knowing there’d be a considerable puddle of DNA on the sofa, but with her boyfriend only ten or so feet away we soon got dressed. We both left university a few months later and went our separate ways, no mention of pregnancy or anything to that effect. And we never spoke of it again, to be honest, never even mentioned it when we were alone. But occasionally, when it’s just the right evening, I think back to that night and wish I could do that to her one more time.