Written by swinginpmb

05 Jul 2014

A Erotic story I wrote:

Having been blown away from the first moment I saw you online, your beauty & incredible consumes me permanently. So taken by everything about you I cannot avoid wanting to buy us tickets to Cape Town, and are ecstatic that you agree. The anticipation of meeting you drives me crazy (as it would), and on the day the two hour flight from Durban feels like ten! Walking through the arrivals you are the only face I can see amongst the whole crowd as you are in person even more incredible than the images that have driven me crazy for weeks. Nervously we greet and hug, and I sense that you too are a little relieved/pleasantly surprised that we are finally in the same space.

 Having booked a place for the evening that is fitting for a woman like you, we head off to the accommodation which is a small but beautiful place. The room is fantastic, sea facing balcony and the entire room decorated in white.  A four post bed large enough for six.  We relax out on the balcony for a while, enjoying the cool champagne that was ordered beforehand, before taking off to an evening  at a nearby open air restaurant. The ocean breeze I imagine running through that amazing thick long hair of yours, your incredibly beautiful face lit up by the candle type lanterns all over the deck. We sit close on the corner of the table, and chat, laugh about all we have spoken about online. The beautiful soft music is enough to keep our conversation private. Slowly relaxing into one another complementing and becoming all the more affectionate throughout the evening. You feel, smell & look more beautiful than I ever imagined. It’s now late into the evening and we are the only people left there. We are dancing slowly to the music and the champagne, music and atmosphere finally taking its toll and we brush cheeks with intention to slip into long gentle kissing. Filled with butterflies and excitement, we agree that it’s time to move on back to the accommodation!

Entering the door, slightly tipsy all inhibitions have disappeared and we lock into kissing again, however the gentle has been replaced by desire and intent. Only seconds pass before we are tugging at and removing shirts, desperate to finally feel our bodies un-separated by distance and clothing. We move toward the bed post Grabbing each other in tight, to get and feel this brand new contact, the feel of breasts in that sexy black bra hard up against my chest, the smell of passion surrounding us sends me on a path of exploration kissing my way across your cheek and down onto your neck, your amazing hips in the grip of my hands, down your neck and onto your chest, your head tilting backward as i kiss and smell your body, tracing the outline of your bra and into your cleavage. Your hands reaching behind to undo the strap, to loosen and allow my intentions of exploring and seeing your amazing breasts fully in person for the first time. Kissing around and teasing your shape for a while before circling in and focusing my lips, tongue & teeth on pleasing your nipple as you reach above and gab the post behind you exposing your beast to me fully. Undoing you pants and slipping them off your hips before undoing mine, we let them slip off and step out of them, whilst I stand up to kiss you again and feel your hands reach down and behind my back, pulling me in you can feel me and how excited I am to be pressing against you. My hands running over the top edges of your underwear admiring your amazing feminine form, before i prompt you to move sideways and slowly lie back on the bed! Taking a moment to look at you, your beautiful face, amazing hair against the white linen before sending my lips down on the path of your neck and over nipple. Stopping to kiss the underside of your breasts as I circle them with my hands, and continue to kiss my way down over your stomach, pausing in your belly button for a short while. Your hands now join mine and hold them in a grip around your breasts as I continue down to the edge of your underwear! Amazing to be here in this way with you after only being able to imagine it, taking in every moment, tracing the edge of your panties with my lips and tongue down over the inside of your leg and up few times. Spending more and more time on the edge of you, trying my best to drive you absolutely crazy, waiting for your hands to come down and onto my head, before kissing pecking at you through underwear, pressing my tongue through I can already taste you! You reach in and pull the panties aside whilst raising your legs, allowing me to get my tongue as far south as possible, almost low enough to actually rim you before gently and slowly sliding my way up gently enough to start so as not to open you, but to feel, smell and taste the surface of your lips.  Again sneaking a look up across your amazing body, amazed by being here. My intentions to taste and drive you to orgasm increase and my tongue starts to drive and feel its way a little deeper with each stroke. You then reach and start to separate your lips to expose both your clit and depths to me, I become more intensive with this as I sense you want this attention more aggressively. Grabbing you around the legs now as I sense that I have found how, where and how fast you want me. Focusing all intention now on driving you into orgasm, waiting to feel your body twist with pleasure, at which point I stop moving and press my tongue against you only in attempt to make the climax last as long as possible. On the sign that you have relaxed from it I immediately move upward to kiss you, let you taste where I have been and enjoyed every second. Kissing passionately for a short while letting you recover before standing up and removing my underwear. My cock now so hard it hurts, still amazed by you every second. I urge you forward to the edge of the bed and raise your legs, leaning over you I hold my cock and use it as a sex toy again rubbing your pussy, sliding through and separating your lips with the head only, rubbing your clit, and slowly dipping into you a little more each time I go downward. Looks so amazing from my point of view, and I can still taste you! I then start to enter you, slowly forcing in and retrieving, watching you expressions for signs of enjoyment, going a little deeper every time, the indescribable  feeling of being surrounded by you wet, warm pussy is mind blowing! I cannot wait any longer, your body is taking over mine and the feeling of entering and exiting you is way to controlling for me to remain patient anymore! I drive in as deep as I can, and the sight of you biting your lip sends me into hard deep rhythm of pounding at you, the sound of bodies clashing, the ecstasy of sensations and the smell of sex fills the room as we look to please and take all that we can from each other. The moments are too great to explore any other position or play this time, the sounds we are making get closer together, our bodies in tune and ignorant of any fatigue  as we collide and grab each other. Desperately I hold on waiting for a sign form you that the time is right to let go and fill you with my orgasm, the final act is emphatic as every muscle in my body contracts into you hoping to make you realise just how much I have wanted this with you and you alone! Collapsing and rolling over next to you, silent and blown away, the only thing I can possibly do to show you how incredible it all is, is to lie with squeeze and kiss you in a way that it replaces any need for words!!