Written by tripod_guy

17 Jun 2014

Dark, pitch black in fact. Loadshedding inspires me to take a walk. Small towns are the best. So many stars, bright full moon...

Walking down the old gravel road I see someone standing against an ageing sandstone wall. As I walk closer I see it's a woman, she must be new. As I get closer she turns around, facing the wall and bends down. I try not to make it obvious that I'm checking her out. All of a sudden something hits me...

It's a bright pink g-string, soaking wet. "Oops" she says with a naughty grin on her face. "Do you mind giving that back to me?" she asks. "Sure" I instinctively say as I walk closer to her. "Thanks" she stretches out her arm to reach for it. "Uh-uh" I push her hand down, "Open your mouth." She sticks out her tongue, pulling it back into her mouth as I insert the g-string.

"You're wet" I tell her suggestively, "I am" she replies. She turns around, taking the g-string over one foot then the other, she brushes up against me, as she pulls it up I stop her hand. "No" I tell her, stopping her hand just under her bum. She takes my one hand and moves it towards her slit, her back bends upwards.

"I want you. I want you right now." My cold hand rubs over her lips, "no" I tell her teasingly. "Please," she pleads. "No," the puppy dog eyes shimmer from the moonlight. "Now!" I turn her around and lift her onto the wall, my pants already open, I lift her skirt and I put it in, fast. She was caught by surprise and gives off a moan right into my ear, "yes!"

I thrust forward hard and fast, "Uh" she moans. I pull it out slowly, teasingly. I rub my tip over her lips, against her clitoris. "That's mean" she whispers into my ear. I slip it back in and progress to fast forward thrusts, I feel her come, "aaahhh!" I give one more thrust, so hard that she loses her balance, pulling me over the wall as she falls backward.

Through the air I come all over her and fall on the grass beside her. "Do you do this with all the guys that walk passed you?" "No, I just moved into the house across from you. Been eyeing you all weekend!" "Well, I seem to have 'fallen' for you..."