28 Mar 2016

I have been summoned to the Principal's office - ostensibly for tea to discuss some important matter. I have never met the Principal - we have only chatted online - but something tells me that she - like me - may have an ulterior motive since l have no child at her school and it is school holidays! But l have accepted her invite because I have decided l want to fuck her right there on her desk.

So today is the day that l have tea with the Principal!

I arrive at the school - it is deserted except for one car in the parking lot - a car parked in the Principal's spot. I park next to her car and quickly make my way to the front door. On reaching it I find it locked so l knock on the glass.

Then l see her for the first time as she comes walking to the door. She is about the same height as me - maybe a little shorter and a little more petite. She is dressed just as l had imagined a Principal would - she has glasses perched on the tip of her nose, she is wearing a white cotton blouse with long sleeves and is buttoned up all the way - although it stretches a little tightly over what seems like nice rounded c-cup tits - and a long black skirt. As she walks towards me I notice her erect nipples poking through the cotton of her blouse. That and the sight of her black strappy shoes with high heels the only indication that she has more on her mind than tea!

She unlocks the door and opens it for me. As l enter l brush past her and it sends a tingle directly to my already throbbing cock. I know this is going to be fun. She closes the door behind me and l hear the lock click as she locks it again. She turns towards me and demurely sticks out her hand in a prim and proper greeting.

"Hi Mike, l'm Christine. Nice to meet you"

As l take her hand l feel her tremble slightly and that it is a little moist from nerves!

"Likewise ma'am" l reply, "thanks for the invite."

As l speak l look directly into her eyes and move in towards her, invading her personal space. I don't let go of her hand and feel it tight around mine as l lean in and kiss her softly on the lips - all the while looking directly into her eyes. As our lips touch her eyes close and a little moan escapes her lips. I slip my tongue slowly between her lips and with my other hand stroke her cheek. She tremble and moans again.

I break off the kiss and say "Now what about that tea you offered me?"

She opens her eyes and stammers slightly "Oh yes - tea! - pplease cccome with me!"

She turn and l follow. We enter her office - the office with PRINCIPAL marked in gold on the door. As we enter she again locks the door behind us. The office is tastefully and professionally decorated. It has a large desk with a large comfortable leather chair for her to sit behind it. There are two leather upright chairs for guests or children being reprimanded. There is a bookcase with many books, and certificates cover the wall. There is also a table with tea cups, milk sugar and a plate of cookies.

She offers me a seat as she goes over to make the tea. As she stands with her back to me l realise how nervous she is. I go and stand behind her. As she does her thing with the tea l softly stroke her bum. I lean in, move her hair to one side and kiss her neck softly. As l kiss her neck she throws her head back and moans again. I nibble on her earlobe as my hand moves around to cup her full round breast. I feel she is wearing a bra of soft white lace. As l tweak her erect nipple l feel her push her bum back towards me and l know she can feel my throbbing erect cock against her thigh. I give her nipple one last tweak then go sit down again so she can make the tea.

When she has done making the tea and served me, she goes to sit behind her desk. We sit sipping our tea not saying a word. I notice her cheeks are flushed and her nipples have remained erect. When we are done with tea she takes away the cups. When she is done l tell her to come to me. I remain seated and she stands in front of me.

I can see she is nervous and excited at the same time. As she stands l tell her to unbutton her blouse. She hesitantly begins at the top until they are all undone. Then I tell her to take it off. Her nerves are now jangling and she closes her eyes as she again complies. She is now standing in front of me in her bra. Her round breasts still encased in the soft white cotton and lace of her bra. But her nipples are pink and hard and straining against the lace. I lean forward, undo the button and zip on the side of her skirt and it falls in a puddle around her ankles. Her eyes remain tightly shut and her arms at her side. But now she is only in her white lacy underwear.

I lean forward again and start to stroke her pussy through her panties. A little moan escapes her lips. Her legs part slightly and l feel the wetness seeping through the cotton of her panty. I move her panty to the side and softly begin to stoke the outer lips of her pussy that is hot, wet and swollen with lust. She spreads her legs a little more and my fingers slip into the wetness of her cunt. With her eyes still closed l finger fuck her slowly feeling how she thrusts her hips forward forcing my fingers deeper into the tightness of her pussy. With my other had l free her tits from the confines of her bra. I look up at her and notice she has opened her eyes and is looking down at me with lust in her eyes. She licks her lips and smiles as her hand comes up to cup her breast. As she starts to play with her nipples a little smirk is visible and her eyes close again. She starts thrusting harder meeting my upward thrust of my fingers with a forward thrust of her hips. Soon l am finger fucking her harder and faster as she moans and gyrates. Suddenly l feel her pussy muscles tighten and she goes rigid. Then she lets out a low growl and screams:

"Oh fuck Mike I am cummmingggg!!!"

As the orgasms wash over her, without missing a stroke l stand and push her backwards onto her desk. She lies flat on her back, legs spread, feet flat on the desk. As her orgasm begins to subside, I pull my fingers out, quickly remove her panties then replace my fingers with my tongue. I suck on her swollen labia while slowly slipping my finger into her arse. At first she tenses and begs me no but soon she gives in to the pleasure. As l spread her pussy with the fingers of my other hand, her clit pops out from its protective hood. I flick at it with the tip of my tongue. The sensation drives her wild and she grinds her pussy into my face. I suck on her clit and continue to finger her arse while at the same time slipping my thumb into her pussy. Very soon l feel her begin to shudder again and orgasm after orgasms wracks her body. Her cum gushes out drenching my beard but l lap it all up.

Once again as they subside l stand, slip my shoes off and quickly remove my jeans freeing my rock-hard throbbing cock. She slides off her desk onto her knees between my legs. Her one hand cups my balls while with the other she pulls the foreskin back to expose the swollen bulbous head of my cock. She leans in and licks off the pre-cum that has oozed out of the tip. Then in one gulp she devours my cock. She sucks hard and drags her teeth along the shaft of my throbbing cock. She may not have much experience in doing this but she is a natural and very soon l realise she is blowing me to the point of losing control.

But this day will not end with me cumming down her throat. That we will reserve for next time. Now l need to fuck her hard and feel her hot wet pussy squeeze my cock as l offload my hot sticky cum deep inside her. So l pull my cock from her mouth and push her forward onto her hands and knees. I move around to the back and quickly slide my cock into her from behind and fuck her doggy style. I grip her by the hips and pound into her cunt hard and fast. She moaned and shouts for me to fuck her harder. I feel her pussy tighten again as she begins to cum. Her tightness is exacerbated by my cock that is begining to swell as l too approach orgasm. I quickly turn her onto her back, grip her by the ankles and hold them high in the air as l continue to fuck her pulsating pussy. As she again screams that l must fuck her harder and that she is cumming, I feel my cock swell and suddenly I scream out

"Oh fuck l am cumming! Fuck fuck FUCKKKK!!"

My hot sticky cum explodes deep within her pussy and we cum together. I collapse in a heap onto the carpet next to her. She cuddles into my arm and takes hold of my now flaccid cock stroking it softly and feeling the wetness of our mutual orgasmic fluids.

The Principal has been fucked in her office, on her desk, on the floor. The office will never be just an office again. From now on she will always remember - when she talks to her teachers, parents or pupils - how it became a place where her fantasies of fucking began to be fulfilled!

She props herself up on her elbow and says:

"So, would you like some more tea?"