21 Dec 2017


This is a work of fiction, not to be confused with my diaries. Some of the characters and some of the incidents are based on real people or events, or composite people or events.

Any direct resemblance to any real person is however pure coincidence.

Having said that, ‘’Janet Nienaber’’ and ‘’Dave Robinson’’ will know who they are, if they read this though! And yes Dave, Janet was fucking your boss as well as fucking you!!


Bekkers Foods was well known in the food industry as a dynamic, go-getter sort of supplier, capable of delivering on difficult order with the minimum fuss, on time and in price.

This was due in part at least to the relatively young, enthusiastic and competent staff, and in part to its CEO David Bekker, a 49 year old graduate with extensive experience both in South Africa and abroad.

An ex-provincial rugby player, David was tall, rugged and well-built, with closely cropped dark hair and a craggy, manly face. He led his team with vision and drive, and was liked by all. Married with 2 small children, he was the envy of all the single women in the company.

It was December 2017, and the business would close for the Christmas break, but not before the traditional office Christmas party, which everyone was looking forward to.

The main office block had a conference center attached to it, with several break-away rooms, and it was here that the main conference room had been transformed into a Roman banquet theme, with fake pillars, fountains and low couches instead of chairs, and low tables in front of each set of couches. White ceiling drapes and gold tables-clothes completed the picture, with a DJ station incongruously at one end, and a bar at the other.

At 4 pm most of the staff was preparing to leave. Some would go home to change if they lived close-by; others had brought a change of clothes along to work and would change in the bathrooms before going across to the conference center.

In the Marketing department, Lexi Adams, secretary to the Marketing Director Mr. D Robinson, was excitedly packing away her files, and tidying her desk, when her boss called her into his office.

Annoyed at the prospect of more work at this time of the day, she knocked and went in.

‘’Lexi, take a seat. I want to dictate short letter to Biggams Canning. You can type it on Monday.’’

Indicating one of the two couches alongside the coffee table where he met with clients, Mr. Robinson sat on the one couch and Lexi sat on the other, notebook and pen in hand.

Dave Robinson was a Welshman, 55 years old with grey hair, a receding chin and small piggy eyes. His interest in the women in the company was well-known, as was his tendency to drink heavily at any opportunity.

He was married to Sarah, a woman 2 years older than him, who kept him on a short leash (or so she thought) and spent most of her free time in one or other church group.

When he had started at Bekkers Foods some 8 months ago, Mr. Robinson had always sat behind his desk when dictating letters, until one day when the IT staff was working on his computer and he and Lexi had to sit on the couches facing each other because he couldn’t sit behind the desk while the technicians worked.

Robinson noticed, not for the first time, that Lexi, a happy and attractive 20-year-old from Kimberley, generally wore fairly short skirts or dresses. She was petite, slim with long brown hair and an engaging, open face, full lips and brown eyes. She had a nice figure, even if her breasts seemed to be small, but she was nevertheless a pleasant sight each morning when Robinson arrived at work.

Sitting opposite her on the couches that day for the first time, Robinson noticed that because she was so petite, she sat very far back on the couch, and when she crossed and uncrossed her legs as she took dictation, he got a very nice occasional glimpse of white panties as the short skirt rode up.

From then on Robinson took to always dictating letter sitting on the couch, and was rewarded by the sight of Lex’s tiny and sheer panties in a variety of colors.

Lexi had soon worked out why she was now asked to sit on the couch to take dictation- she was a bright girl, worldly-wise, and she had noticed Robinsons eyes on her crotch each time she moved. Not that she minded- he was a sweet old man, and if it gave him a thrill to see her panties, well, what was the harm in that? So, she moved a bit more slowly when she crossed her legs, and let the skirt go higher that she need to, thus affording Robinson a prolonged look at her pussy-mound covered in the thinnest of fabrics.

Today, Lexi had been to lunch with a few of the guys from the Finance Department, and had had two glasses of dry white wine and two shooters, so she was feeling a bit tipsy and a bit reckless, but she hoped it didn’t show as Robinson started the dictation.

The short letter done, he chatted to her for a moment, asking about her plans for the Christmas break. She leaned forward as she put her notebook down on the table, and as she looked up she noticed his eyes on her cleavage. Her white blouse had fallen forward, and her pert, small breasts may have been visible to him, a she didn’t have a bra on because of the lunch- she liked it when her nipples hardened and the guys looked at them.

Robinson looked away quickly as she straightened, but she looked at him, and he returned her gaze she pulled the blouse down, making her erect nipples stand out. He glanced down, saw them, and then looked at her.

She stroked her breasts with her hands, looking Robinson in the eye, pulling on her nipples as she did so. He licked hi lips, his eyes fastened on her nipples.

Without breaking eye contact, she lowered her hands and uncrossed her legs, her knees primly together. Slowly she pulled the hem of her skirt up, higher and higher, until her crotch was showing. She has on a pair of tiny white panties, and as her mound came into view he dropped his gaze to her pussy, staring, his mouth slightly open.

She slid one hand onto her panties, and rubbed over her mound, her finger tracing a line along her slit making a camel-toe in the fabric.

She stood, walked to the door and locked it. Turning to face him, she smiled, and lifted her skirt to her waist. His eyes were riveted on her slim hips and prominent mound encased in the sheer white fabric.

Her skirt still around her waist she walked to him, stood in front of him, and, taking his hand, placed it on her pussy, rubbing it up and down. He stroked her pussy as though afraid to touch her, so she pulled the fabric aside, revealing her smooth shaved pussy and slit. He gently touched her slit, marveling at the tight puffy lips, so different from his wife’s hairy, hanging pussy lips and fat tummy.

Lexi had no intention of fucking him, but was happy to give him a little Christmas present.

She knelt in front of him, unbuttoned her blouse so that her tiny pointy breasts with their brown nipples were available to him, and undid his belt. Unzipping his pants, she pulled his underpants down and took out his semi-hard, cock, the dense grey pubic hair making it look even smaller than it actually was.

She massaged his uncut cock until it grew to a reasonable size, and then opened her mouth and began to suck him, her tongue flicking at the head, her hands in his underpants holding his hairy balls.

He leaned forward and touched her erect nipples, his hand entirely covering her small boobs.

She sucked and sucked, now and then stopping to masturbate him with her hand, looking at him and smiling.

He started to jerk and moan, and she realized that he was going to cum. Looking around she couldn’t see any tissues, and if he just squirted like that it would go all over her and his pants, so she mentally shrugged her shoulders, said to him ‘’you can cum in my mouth’’ and put her mouth back on his cock.

A few more sucks and she felt the first small squirt on her tongue, followed by a few more squirts of hot cum. She was expecting more, but he seemed to be done, so she took her mouth off his cock, holding the cum in it, went to the bathroom leading off his office, and spat the cum out into the toilet, wiping her mouth with toilet paper and rinsing it at the tap at the basin.

She buttoned up her blouse, pulled her skirt straight, and went back into the office. Robinson had zipped up his pants and was sitting there, his face red, whether from exertion or embarrassment she didn’t know.

She picked up her notebook, leaned over and gave him a kiss on his check, said ‘’merry Christmas’’, unlocked the door and went back to her desk to finish tidying up.

She left before he came out of the office, and, taking her bag with her party clothes, went to the Ladies bathroom to change for the nights festivities.

Robinson sat on the couch for a minute, unable to believe what had just happened. He was amazed that she had decided to suck him so suddenly. And he enjoyed the fact that he came in her mouth. He had only ever been with one woman who did that, and she also worked at Bekkers foods. His wife would not even give him a blow-job, saying ‘’only whores do that- its unnatural’, and the image of Lexi’s trim slit and tiny firm boobs was engraved on his memory forever.


Maureen Blignaut was a matronly woman of 55, short and very ‘’rounded’’, with very big breasts and very fat thighs. Her blonde hair (from a bottle of course!) was worn in a mass of curls framing her pretty plump face. Always laughing, always friendly, she was the one everyone in the Credit dept. turned to for a hug and a word of advice when things went wrong in their life. Not just because she was their supervisor, but because it was like ‘’going home to Mom’’ to cry on Maureen’s shoulder.

Married for 25 years to a machine parts sales manager from Brakpan, she ran a model home – her children grown and out of the house, with just her cats to keep her company when her husband was away on his frequent business trips around the country.

So her staff (and her husband) would have been very surprised to find out that Maureen had a secret life- two secret lives in fact.

While missionary sex once a month with her husband was all very well and good, Maureen wanted more. So she became a member at Club Paris, a discreet swinger club in Honeydew. Every Wednesday afternoon, and some Friday night, she would drive to the club, discard her clothes in a locker, and with a towel wrapped around her ample body would go to the bar to meet friends and fuck-buddies. She was totally uninhibited in the club- she had been known to bend over at the bar within minutes of arriving and accept the first man who she fancied to fuck her hard in her fleshy cunt. Or drop to her knees in front of an attractive woman, pull her towel aside and proceed to eat the woman’s cunt until she came.

She loved nothing more than to lie in the orgy room with a bunch of random guys and let them fuck her in every hole while she came and came in floods of juice until the mattress was soaked with her juices, their cum, and at times their urine if they wanted to piss on her. Guys came and went for an hour or more, and she accepted each new arrival with enthusiasm, sucking and fucking each one. She would swallow their cum at times, allow them to cum on her cunt and in her arsehole, and to cum in her face and hair if they wanted to.

Once, on a holiday to Cape Town, her husband went to play golf. Maureen had watched a video of the public swinger sex at Cap D’agde and Maspalomas, and was keen to see if it would work in South Africa. Packing a beach bag, she drove to Sandy Bay, the renowned nudist beach near LLandudno in the Cape.

After a long hot walk through the bushes, she came to the beach. There were maybe 50 people on the beach, some in groups, or pairs or alone. Most were men, but there were a few women also.

Maureen positioned herself under a low tree at the back of the beach, took off her clothes and lay down. With her sunglasses on, she could see without it being obvious.

At first, nothing happened. Some guys walked past her, glanced at her, and kept walking. She looked at their long cocks swinging, and got horny.

Almost without thinking, she stated to touch her pussy, stroking her fingers along her lips. Immediately, a guy approached her. Standing some was away, he began to fondle his cock, letting it grow.

She opened her legs, and slid a finger into her wet cunt. The man came closer, still masturbating. Standing next to her, she saw his cock rigid now, thick and long, the veins prominent along the shaft, tipped with a large circumcised head. She drove two fingers deep into her cunt, feeling very aroused on the hot beach, with the stranger’s cock close to her in public. She reached out her hand, and he knelt beside her. Grasping it, she jerked him rapidly. He moved still closer, and she turned her head so that she could suck him. He reached between her legs, moved her hand aside, and began to finger her with two, then three fingers. She tasted pre-cum, took his cock out of her mouth and jerked him a few times until he began to shoot his load all over her huge white breasts, long streams of cum coating both breasts and her big brown nipples.

She hadn’t noticed that she had an audience. Standing around her were 3 other men, all erect and masturbating as they watched her suck and jerk the stranger.

She did the same to each guy in turn, not bothering to wipe their cum off her, until the last of the three had cum, by which time she was covered in cum from her face to her cunt, and he cunt was swollen and raw from so many guys fingers and indeed almost whole hands inside her. Her towel was soaked with her juices, so she used a small facecloth to wipe the huge amount of cum off her, packed her bags and was at home reading ‘’Sarie’’ by the time her ever-loving husband got back from golf.

Maureen’s second secret life started by accident. She was at home, reading, one Saturday afternoon- her husband away watching cricket with his friends.

She noticed that there were weeds growing in a pot plant on the stoep, and went to the store room around the back of the house to get a small weeding fork. As she opened the door, she surprised Eric, her gardener, getting changed. Eric, a tall very well built Black man, 25 years old, had been working for them for a year, once a week coming to mow, weed and clean the garden. He was a Law graduate student at Wits, and to earn pocket money he cleaned pools and tended to gardens. Very well spoken and good looking, he was a hit with every one of his clients.

Eric was getting ready to go home that afternoon, and was naked except for his sandals as he changed out of his overalls into his street clothes.

Maureen stammered an apology as she realized that he was in the store –room, and closed the door in embarrassment, but not before her brain registered the longest, thickest cock she had ever seen, hanging between Eric’s muscular thighs.

Lust overcame embarrassment. She opened the door, went in, and closed the door. Eric was still naked- his hands in front of his private parts as he froze when she came back in.

Maureen reached behind her, unzipped her summer dress and let it fall to the floor. Braless- her huge soft white breasts swinging, she stepped out of her small thong, lost in the fat of her tummy and thighs.

Standing naked in front of him, she pressed her body against him, cuddling him, smelling his sweat and masculine odor. She felt for his cock, and stroked it as it rose, bigger and bigger. She was amazed that it didn’t seem to stop growing! Eventually he was full erect. She had both her hands wrapped ,one on top of another, around his cock, and still there was lots below her lower hand and above her upper hand.

She began to jerk him, watching the head emerge from the foreskin, veined and huge.

He moved now for the first time, feeling between her legs for her cunt. She was already soaked, her cunt slippery with juices running down her plump thighs.

Eric thrust three fingers in a little wedge into her gaping cunt, his thumb mashing her aroused and prominent clit.

She could not wait- turning; she held onto a shelf and presented her arse to Eric. He pulled her bum-cheeks apart, and groped hard between her legs from the back. Positioning his huge member at the entrance to her cunt, he shoved his cock in, driving deep into her in one thrust. Maureen let out a shriek, and then thrust back at him as he drove the giant pole in and out in a blur of movement.

She came almost at once, but he didn’t stop. Minutes later she came again, and now he gripped her rolls of fat at her hips, pulling her to him as he slammed into her. She felt hot jets of cum shoot deep in her cunt, more and more, without end. Just when she though he was done, he shot a few more squirts in her, then withdrew his pole and stood up. She turned to face him- cum and juices streaming down her cunt, onto her thighs and down to her knees. His cock was still huge and rigid as she stood against him, her white skin contrasting with his black cock.

She patted him on his bum.

‘’see you next week, Eric’’ she said, and, picking up her dress and panties, left the shed, and dove into the pool, a stream of cum trailing her as she paddled to the deep end.

Of course, she couldn’t fuck Eric every time that he was there, as sometimes her husband was at home, but she managed to fuck him at least one a month.

‘’Mom’’ Maureen was alone in her department-she had given all her young clerks time off to go and get dolled up for the big night, nod she was just finishing up some last-minute work when Hendrik, a young man from the maintenance section came in, looking for a tool he had left somewhere.

Hendrik, or Henk as he was known, had always liked Maureen. Although she was the same age as his mother, he found her very attractive and sexual. He had a thing for big women- his wife, Alta, was as round as she was tall, and he loved it like that- her full boobs, fat tummy and plump pussy were a delight to him, and he couldn’t imagine fucking one of those rake-thin models one saw in magazines.

He was in the department often enough to know that Maureen had taken quite a liking to him also, and when he was there he made a point of standing across from where she was if she was at one of her clerk’s desk, because when she leaned over her blouse or top invariably lowered enough for him to see her huge white breasts barely encased in an equally huge bra- he got a hard-on every time!

Today was no exception, and, it being a very hot day, her blouse was thin with a deep v showing a generous amount of cleavage, her bra visible every time she bent forward at all.

They chatted a while, Henk sipping from a coke buddy-bottle. Maureen said that there was a tap leaking in the ladies bathroom down the hall, so he followed her to it. She went in to make sure it was empty, then motioned him to come in. She locked the door so that no one would come in and get a fright to see a man in their loo.

Henk tightened the tap, and as he rose Maureen was standing right next to him. He inadvertently touched her breast as he stood. He apologized, blushing.

‘’don’t apologize’ she said quietly.

She took his hand and put it under her blouse on her bra. He felt her enormous soft breasts, and slid his hand under the taut fabric, feeling for her nipple.

She pushed him away, unbuttoned her blouse and took it off, then undid her bra and put it next to the blouse on the basin counter-top. Henk stared in wonder at her breasts- huge, soft, white, with giant brown areola, the nipples erect and puckered. He bent to suck on first one, then the other.

As he did so, Maureen unzipped her skirt and let it fall, she leaned back against the basin counter, enjoying the young mans attention to her nipples.

He put his hand on her tummy, and slid it down, feeling for the pussy. Lifting her tummy, a bit, he touched her soft mound, hairless and wet. She moaned as he touched her, and he slid a finger into her, feeling it getting lost in the soft folds of her sex.

She put her arms behind her, and with surprising agility lifted herself onto the counter so that she was sitting, facing him. He stood between her thighs, and pulled her tiny panties to one side. She lifted her bum, and helped him slide them off.

Naked, white and plump, she was the epitome of womanhood to Henk. He put his mouth at her cunt and, opening her lips with his fingers, began to eat her, his tongue probing deep into her moist folds of flesh. She leaned back on her arms, her eyes closed. She got more and more aroused, but knew that, unless he had a huge cock, he was not going to satisfy her.

Spying the now-empty Coke Buddy-bottle in his overalls pocket, she sat up, reached for it and took it out of his pocket.

Mistaking her intent, he said ‘’it’s empty, sorry’’

She smiled, handed him the bottle and placed the neck of the bottle at the entrance to her cunt.

He grinned, and started to slide the bottle in and out. She pushed the back of his hand, forcing more and more of the bottle into her gaping wet cunt.

Henk was amazed at how much she could take- by now he only just had a hand-hold on the base of the bottle, the rest was thrusting in and out of Maureen’s cunt making a slurping, sucking noise with each thrust.

Suddenly she clenched her thighs, the bottle locked deep inside her, and, grabbing his hand forced the bottle in and out of her vice-like locked thighs. He did as she showed, and was rewarded by Maureen giving a long shuddering groan, then her body jerked and quivered as she exploded with a deep orgasm, wave after wave as the bottle fucked her.

When she subsided, Henk slowly withdrew the bottle. A river of juice flowed out of Maureen’s cunt, running in a stream to the floor, soaking the area under her bum.

Henk was delighted- he had never seen anything so erotic as this big woman consumed with a massive orgasm. His cock was rigid, and he desperately wanted to fuck her.

But she had other plans. Maureen knew that after the bottle, or any big dildo, a man’s cock was not going to satisfy her unless it was gigantic.

Hopping off the counter, she wiped the pool of her juice with a paper towel, and patted it for him to sit there.

He stripped off his overalls, and was about to climb up when she pulled on his boxers and pulled them down also.

His nice-size uncut cock stood to attention like a soldier, and she masturbated him for a moment, before again patting the counter.

Henk hopped up, and Maureen stood between his legs, leaned over and took his cock in her mouth. She deep -throated him, and he felt the tip of his cock tough the back of her throat. Moving her head back and forth, she began to suck his cock like he had never been sucked before. His whole cock went into her mouth, and he felt her tongue circling the head, licking while sucking, and then sliding it out with her lips tight around the shaft. It felt like fucking a virgin’s cunt, he thought, tight and wet, but better.

With her hands she fondled his balls, tight against his body as he got closer and closer to a climax.

When he was at the point of shooting, he pushed gently on her head to get his cock out before he came, but she pushed his hand away, and, pulling him towards her face, sucked even harder.

Henk came with a groan, his load of cum squirting into her mouth and she kept sucking. Eventually her mouth was full of cum, and he was spent. She took her mouth off his cock, smiled at him and swallowed the huge load of cum in one gulp, licking her lips once her mouth was empty.

Henk was thrilled- his sexy fat woman was just as he had pictured her, and more.

They got dressed and after checking that no-one was in the passage they left the bathroom.

Maureen grinned at Henk as she went back to her office- ‘’NOW I am ready to party’’ she said, and wiggled her big hips as she went into her office.


Down the corridor, Robinson had ended his reverie about Lexi, and was about to leave to go to the party.

There was a knock on the door, and Janet Nienaber entered the office. Janet was the Marketing Manager, appointed a year ago by Robinson. A voluptuous 30-year-old brunette with great breasts, a bit plump but a stunning sexy face and long legs she was often the object of many young man’s fantasy fuck.

After she was appointed, their relationship was, at first, quite business-like. But there soon develop an undercurrent of flirtatious behavior, remarks and innuendos, from both of them.

One evening, after entertaining a supplier in the company pub, Robinson and Janet went to her office to put away some papers. They had both had quite a lot to drink, and as Janet stood from putting the papers in the desk drawer, Robinson was standing right behind her. Almost instinctively he took her by her shoulder, pulled her towards him, and kissed her. After a moments pause she returned the kiss, hugging him to her full breasts.

He was delighted to be of interest to a woman some 25 year younger than him, only a year older that his daughter.

That was the end of that for the night, but both of them were thinking about how and where to continue this.

It became the norm for them to hold each other and kiss whenever they were alone, even if it was for a few seconds in an office or in the car.

Soon however the kissing progressed to touching- he her breasts over her top, her his cock over his pants, and they both knew that, in the right circumstances, they would fuck.

She was married with a small child, and he was also married, so neither of their homes seemed suitable, and he wasn’t confident enough to suggest booking a hotel room- neither of them had actually discussed where this was going.

The opportunity to fuck presented itself at a company conference at an hotel in Stellenbosch a month or so later.

After the usual meeting to review the year, and the quite festive dinner and some dancing afterwards, most of the staff went to their rooms. Robinson walked with Janet to the lift, and as they got out on their floor, he said:

‘how about a nightcap? I have a nice bottle of Nachtmusiek in my room’’

‘’sure ‘’ she said, ‘But my shoes are killing me. Get the bottle and come to my room so I can get out of these shoes at least’’

He did so, and a few minutes later, after putting on some more deodorant and brushing his teeth, he knocked quietly on her door.

She opened the door, wearing just a very short negligee. And just Janet underneath. Her large boobs with their dark brown nipples were clearly visible, and, looking down, he could just make out her pussy.

Suffice to say that the drinking of the Nachtmusiek took place much later.

She closed the door, and peeled off the nighty, standing in front of him stark naked, her big stubby nipples erect, her triangle of dark pussy hair hiding her lips.

He wasted no time in getting out of his clothes, and they spent the next hour happily fucking in a variety of positions, until she made him cum inside her cunt, after she had (pretended) to cum also. Around 4 am Robinson crept back to his room, showered, and was downstairs greeting the staff by 8.

Back at the office, he wondered where they would fuck again- the conference was only once a year.

Janet solved that problem about a week later. At half past five, when everyone had gone home, she came to his office, closed the door and locked it, unzipped and stepped out of her dress (she wasn’t wearing a bra or panties) and lay flat on her back on the carpet saying ‘’come on, what are you waiting for?’’

He wasn’t waiting, and that became their routine- once or twice a week she would come to his office and they would fuck- lying on the carpet, standing with her bent over the desk, and sitting with him on his chair and her on his lap impaled on his modest size cock.

When it came to increase time, she made sure that she gave him the fuck of his life every time, writhing a moaning about how big his cock was, how it filled her, how she came again and again etc.- although in reality she had not cum once with him, and his cock was, if anything smaller than most. The result was most pleasing to her- she got an 18% pay rise where the company average was 7 % that year.

She was angling for an upgraded company car, so she upped her game. She would suck him more than fuck him. One day, driving back from a visit to a client in Blouberg Strand, she suggested that they buy a bottle of white wine, find a nice spot to park, and enjoy a sundowner drink on the beach.

They did so, and found a secluded spot, where he laid out two towels, and they sat and had their wine. She had been playing with his cock in the car on the drive, as she always did, and he was already very horny sitting next to him, she unnipped his pants and took his cock out. Lying on his lap she took him in her mouth and began to suck him, pulling lightly on his balls as she did so. In a short time, he was ready to cum, and wanted to move so that he could squirt on the sand next to him, but she kept him in her mouth. Taking his cock out her mouth for a moment she said ‘’you can cum in my mouth, like this’’ and resumed sucking him. He pumped in her mouth for a while, and then she tasted the hot salty taste of his cum filling her mouth. He didn’t cum much, and was soon done. She slid his cock out of her mouth, looked up at him and swallowed the small mouthful.

He was riveted by this- staring at her, his legs trembling a bit. He had never, in his life, cum in a girl’s mouth, let alone have her swallow it- he had only seen it in movies and pictures, and now this gorgeous young subordinate had sucked him, and swallowed his cum willingly.

She knew that she had him hooked- and a few times after that did the same instead of fucking him, in their sessions on the floor of his office

That erotic experience, once or twice a week, got her a nice new BMW 3 series!

(she said to her friend Lee that if she didn’t get the car soon, she was going to start putting on weight from all the cum she was swallowing !)

Her next goal was a promotion to Executive. She knew what she could do to encourage that- he had hinted at never having done anal, and also never having done a FFM fuck. Janet was happy to do both, and she planned to start getting there about two months before the performance reviews where she hopes she could get promoted- especially if she had let him fuck her arsehole the night before!

She was quite willing to be fucked in her arse-as a young teenager, she had wanted to keep her virginity until she was 17, but she was dating the captain of the boy’s school rugby team, and she wanted to keep him also- she knew that the older girls would fuck him, so she had to keep him interested. She found out how to do anal, and between oral and anal that kept him in line and interested.

Her friend Lee was the girl she was planning g to use for a threesome one day.

Although there was a fairly large age gap (Janet was 30 and Lee was 21) they had met at a party and hit it off right away, and became firm friends. Eventually they found out about each other, and now they had no secrets and confided everything with each other.

Lee was quite possibly the most beautiful woman Janet had ever met, she was fond of telling people, and she wasn’t wrong.

Of average height, with thick natural honey-blond hair to juts below her shoulders, Lee was slim almost to a fault, but with nice firm round boobs and tiny pink nipples. Intense blue eyes and long lashes, with a cupid-s-bow mouth and dimples completed the picture of the all-American girl-next-door.

Lee worked as a legal secretary at a prestigious law-firm in town. By day. By night, she moonlighted as one the highest paid ‘’escorts’’ in Cape Town- only available by word of mouth and via a single very discreet booking service, she was hired once or twice a month by very wealthy men (and women) wanting someone really special and stunning.

And Lee had no restrictions on what she would do- if you paid enough, she would do it.

One night at Janet’s house, Janet’s husband Peter (who knew all about Lee and her escort work (and who Janet felt was getting far too interested in Lee’s alternative career!) was probing Lee to find out whether she really would do anything.

So, he tested it with her:

Two guys? -yes.

More than 2 guys? Yes.

A Woman? Yes.

Several women? Yes.but it had never been asked for.

BDSM? Yes, but there must be one of her minders there, and nothing that would leave permanent or long-term scars.

What else? he asked

Lee laughed.

Bukkake parties, DP, gang bangs, couples, lesbian, anal, anal/oral, cum in mouth, swallow cum, swop cum, cum in pussy, arse, over her, in her face, - all ok at a price.

So, this was the girl who Janet was going to use to fulfil her boss’s fantasy of a FFM party. She reckoned that after a night with her and Lee fucking him every which way, he would never forget her and would reward her when the time came.

Janet came up to Robinsons desk, and stood next to him, touching him on the back of his neck.

‘’looking forward to the party?” she asked in her husky voice.

He was still trying to deal with the memory of Lexi’s tight slit, but nodded his head.

Janet took his hand after looking to see that no-one was in the outer office, and put it on her thigh, under her loose skirt. She pulled it upwards until it touched her cunt.

He laughed as his fingers touched her cunt-hair and felt her puffy slit- she wasn’t wearing panties! He tried to inset a finger into her, but she took his hand away.

‘’patience young man!’’ she said, laughed and left his office.

He lifted his fingers to his nose and smelled her warm, musky pussy-smell, and licked them.


The party had been going for an hour. The speeches had been made, toasts drunk, and jokes made, and the staff were starting to unwind.

Some were at the bar getting drinks, some on the dance floor seeking out that special one who had caught their eye during the year, and others just sitting at the various tables chatting over a glass of wine, or a beer or a cooldrink.

Some, like the guys who had been out to lunch, had already had quite a few drinks under their belt, and were feeling very festive. The Roman theme décor was nicely done, with lots of little areas for privacy- probably not intended!

In one corner, four guys were chatting to a large overweight girl. Gail was the life and soul of any party- hyperactive, bubbly, talkative and insecure, she was always willing to try anything, and just wanted o be liked and loved. Not particularly attractive, she was big, as in tall, and overweight- not in the sense that she was obese- she was just very large, with huge thighs, a big round tummy and very big breasts. She had dated a few guys in the company over the years, and was well-liked by all. Any guy taking her on a date, even a first date, could be sure of a good fuck, and she gave a very good blow-job also.

The four guys were teasing her, saying that the boss wanted to fuck her, they had heard him say so. Part of her knew it was a joke, but a small part hoped it might be true.

Lance and Gail made their way out of the main party area, and Lance, and advertising rep, unlocked a store-room with a key he had. Gail didn’t see the look that passed between Lance and the other three guys.

He ushered Gail in, and closed the door.

Gail and Lance had dated for a while, and she liked him a lot. Sitting on a chair in the store-room, Lance took out a little box with white powder, tapped some onto a small mirror he had in his pocket, and offered it to Gail. She put it to her nose and sniffed it up. He poured another line and did the same.

They sat in the semi-darkness, relaxing and letting the buzz take over. Lance pulled out a quart of Jack Daniels and offered it to Gail. She sipped and passed it back. Over the next thirty minutes Lance and Gail got more and more stoned and drunk- or at least Gail did. She didn’t notice that Lance was pouring his part of the Jack Daniels into a plant holder next to him, or that the lines he took were tiny by comparison to the ones he offered to her.

When Gail seemed quite out of it, Lance sat next to her, and began to kiss her, hugging her and caressing her face.

She loved it, and returned his kisses with eagerness, even if she was battling to focus on his face- everything was so blurred and dark.

She heard, rather than saw, Lance pull a mattress from behind a pile of equipment. If she had been more alert she would have wondered why there would be a perfectly good mattress hidden in a disused storeroom, but she wasn’t alert at all. In fact, she was rather sleepy. So, when Lance suggested that they lie down on the mattress it seemed like an excellent idea.

She lay down, and at once sensed him pulling her blouse up. She tried to resist, but when he pulled her bra to one side, freeing her huge pale breasts, and began to suck on her nipples she forgot to object.

She rolled slightly onto her side as he pulled her bra off, and tried to help him as he removed her blouse. She was happy to lie back again, topless, and let him fondle and suck at her boobs- it felt great!

When he unzipped her jeans, she initially tried to push his hand away, but he took her hand and put it on his hard cock. She hadn’t seen him undo his pants, but there his cock was- long and thick as she remembered it, so she instinctively started to massage it while he pulled her jeans down and off her plump white legs.

She had a pair of white panties on, and he slid those off with no resistance from the almost comatose girl.

Her big tummy gleamed white in the dim light, and he glanced down at her shaved cunt, her mound huge and soft, almost hidden beneath her rolls of fat, her slit framed by a pair of puffy and prominent lips.

With her hand still on his cock he touched her slit, opening her lips and sliding a finger into her. She was always wet he recalled- as though ready to fuck as a moment’s notice.

He fingered her gently, arousing her.

Gail dimly sensed the door opening, but could not focus to see what was happening, and besides she was so tired. She lay back and enjoyed the feeling of Lance’s fingers in her slit, his thumb massaging her large clit.

When he pushed her legs apart, she obliged, bending her knees, and gripped his sides as he mounted her, his cock replacing his finger, parting her lips and sliding deep into her. He fucked her for a while, arousing her more and more.

She was confused. She knew Lance was on top of her, his cock in her cunt, but here was another cock pressing on her check. She tried to turn to see what was going on, but as she did so the cock entered her mouth, so she started to suck it while she tried to figure out what was what.

Lance kept fucking her, and she kept sucking the other cock. Lance reached a climax, and jerked his hips hard as she shot his load into her cunt.

Gail felt him get off her, but before she could move, he seemed to be back. Her legs were pushed wide apart and someone’s hands lifted them and held them in the air- by whom she could not work out. Lance (but was it Lance?) on top of her pushed his cock against her cunt. She reached for it, and the knew that it couldn’t be Lance- he was circumcised, and this cock, longer and thicker than Lance, was uncut. The new cock entered her cunt, and she felt it fill her cunt, stretching her lips with its size. The guy on top of her, whoever he was, fucked really well, and she felt that she was going to cum. She cried out, and moved her hips against him. He rammed his cock so hard into her that she shrieked, but the she came, great torrents of juice squirting out of her cunt onto the mattress beneath her.

She felt the cock pull out of her cunt, and the guy crawled along her until he felt his cock against her chin. The cock pushed against her chin, and he was aware of the guys hand moving rapidly up and down his big cock. She giggled as she felt streams of hot cum shoot all over her face and hair, in her eyes and in her mouth. More and more cum landed on her, and she realized that it wasn’t all coming from the guy on top of her- another guy was kneeling next to her head, and his cock was also shooting cum at her face!

Someone held her head up, and the bottle of Jack Daniels parted her lips, and she swallowed a few gulps before lying back again, the taste of the liquor mixing with the taste of cum on her lips.

She was not all that perturbed - she had fucked more than one guy at a time before, and while she couldn’t work out who was doing what, she felt good, sexy and wanted.

A new cock was pushed into her mouth, and she sucked greedily on it- it was much thicker than the previous one, and her mouth was a bit sore from being so wide open. The owner of the cock thrust it in and out of her mouth, so she held her head still while he face-fucked her. Hands were playing with her cunt, fingers and maybe a whole hand deep inside her, fisting her so that her tummy and boobs wobbled like jelly in an earthquake. She came quickly again, the orgasm exploding without warning, and she heard guys laughing.

Lance was back, she knew his aftershave, kissing her, lying next to her. She kissed him back, and now saw three guys standing around her, naked, their cocks hard and pointing at her. Lance put her hand on his cock, and she felt it slippery and lubricated. He went away, and she felt the hands pulling on her legs again, pulling them almost over her head. She heard Lance talking, and felt his hands between her gaping thighs. His finger slid from her cunt, lower, until it touched her arsehole. It probed into her arse, thrusting deep, and she made an effort to relax her arsehole. There was some shuffling of bodies, and she saw a group of guys still standing there, their cocks hard, pointing at her. Lance mounted her with someone holding her legs up in the air.

His cock probed her arsehole, and she felt it push its way into her, making her gasp. He pushed more and more, and then drove his cock in and out of her arse. She felt between her legs to where the wet, sticky mess was around her cunt, and massaged her clit hard as Lance fucked her arse. Just when it was getting sore he gave a short, sharp thrust and came in her arse, his cock deep in her, his cum squirting down her back passage into her. She rubbed her clit one more time and also came, her fat hips jerking up and down as she mashed her hand against her clit.

Lance got off her, and she lay back. She heard, rather than saw, the guys getting dressed and leaving. The room was dark again, and she lay back to rest. She had no idea who or how many guys had fucked her, or where, but she knew that her mouth, cunt and arse had been given a good going over, so she relaxed and went to sleep.


It was getting late, and many of the staff had already left. Derek, the CEO, was still there, sitting at a table with some of his executives, being sociable. It had been a long night, but quite a lot of fun, and he had enjoyed spending some relaxing time with his staff.

He had danced with many of the women, and had, as always, received some subtle (and some not-so-subtle) offers of interest, but had not responded to any. He had noticed that Janet and his Marketing Director Dave Robinson seemed to be getting on very well with each other, and he wondered ,not for the first time, whether there was more to their relationship than just business. While he couldn’t imagine what Janet would see in Dave, he could certainly understand what Dave would see in Janet- she was a hot number, very sexual and provocative, and he had heard more than one comment over the year about her- guys making remarks about what they would like to do to her.

He stood, excused himself from the group, and went to the bathroom.

On his was back, he noticed that the door to one of the break-away rooms was slightly open. Worried that the video equipment inside might be at risk, he was about to close it when he heard a noise inside the room. Curious, he opened the door and looked in. it was dark. The noise seemed to be coming from the rear of the room, where the video projection room was, just off the breakaway room itself.

He walked quietly across the room, and stood at the video projection room door. The noise was definitely coming from inside.

The room had a window through which the video was projected, so he stood on a chair and looked in at the corner of the window.

In the room, he saw Janet- her dress pulled up to her waist, her blouse open and her big boobs hanging out. In front of her was a young man from the Human Resources Department, Allan, naked, on his hands and knees, his face in Janet’s crotch, licking her exposed cunt. Behind Allan was young Henk, crouched over Allan bum, his cock in Allan’s arse, fucking him hard. Allan had one hand on his own cock and was masturbating as Henk arse-fucked him, his cock long and thin and curved.

Derek watched, fascinated. Her knew that Allan was gay, but has no idea that Henk was, and he had no idea that Janet was involved in this sort of bisexual threesome at all.

The sight of her big boobs, open cunt and Allan’s face licking her slit made Derek instantly rock-hard. He touched his cock lightly, feeling the head outside his jocks, tickling it.

Henk withdrew his cock from Allan arse, and Janet immediately turned, bent over, and let Henk drive his cock deep into her cunt from the back. Allan now took his turn behind Henk and pushed his cock into Henk’s arse. The three of them fucked in a little row for a few minutes, until Allan came inside Henk’s arse. He gripped Henk’s arse and drove his cock in hard, then stopped and withdrew it.

Henk in turn withdrew his cock from Janet’s cunt, the three of them got dressed and Derek, afraid of being caught, moved behind the curtains along the side of the room.

Once the two men had left the break-away room, Derek came out from behind the curtain, locked the door and went to the projection room.

As he entered, Janet was putting on some makeup. She spun around when she heard the door open, and stood there, open-mouthed, when she saw Derek

‘’having fun, are we?’’ Derek said with a smile, ‘’and without me?’’

She looked at him, silently.

Then she understood his meaning.

She smiled at him, faced him, and unbuttoned her blouse once again, and took it off. She was not wearing a bra, and her breasts were huge in the dim light, her brown nipples erect.

Still looking at Derek, she stepped out of her skirt and panties. Standing naked in front of him, she touched her slit, sliding a finger into it.

‘’would you like some?’’ she asked with a smile

Derek unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Taking his cock out of his jocks, he said to her ‘’ lie down’’.

She did so. He lifted her legs over his shoulders as he lay on top of her, and in one motion thrust his hard pole into her wet cunt.

She groaned but clutched him closer as he began to fuck her hard, her bum bouncing on the hard floor, their bodies locked together.

Harder and harder he fucked her, her nails digging into his bum, leaving deep red wealds. It only took a moment and she came, burying her face in his shoulder, biting his neck.

He drove even harder as she came, and was rewarded with his own orgasm, his cum shooting deep in her cunt.

The whole thing had only taken five minutes at most, but they were both panting and sweaty from the intensity of it.

They lay there like that for a while, then he kissed her.

‘’merry Christmas’’ he said, pinching her nipples lightly.

‘’merry Christmas ‘’ she replied, fondling his softening, slippery cock.

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to AdminSteve the site owner, the moderators and all my friends here at Swinging Heaven!

LUV to you all.