Written by wildchildtammy

20 Mar 2015





Don and Amanda arrived at the cruise ship “Blue Moon” at 10h00. Don had, as usual, had a few drinks before leaving their hotel, and was, also as usual, being belligerent and nasty to anyone he felt was beneath him, which included most of humanity, according to Amanda. They exited the taxi while Don argued with the driver about a shorter route Don was sure he should have taken, while Amanda looked at the ship in awe. They had sailed on plenty of cruise ships in the 25 years of their marriage, but this ship was something special.

Sleek, angular and modern, it was the latest design to come out of the Livranos shipyards, and was the ultimate in ocean-going luxury. With only 150 guests in 150 balcony-suites, and 250 staff to see to the every whim of her pampered and very wealthy guests, there was not a ship to compare to her in the Mediterranean. The ship gleamed white and gold in the morning sun, the stainless steel balustrades and fittings polished to perfection, the teak edging giving off a warm and welcoming ambience.

As Don finished his argument with the taxi-driver in a torrent of abuse, matched only by the taxi-driver's waved finger as he drove off, two porters in white pants and t-shirts with white and gold peaked caps came running down the gangplank. They bowed to Don and Amanda and took their suitcases from them.

"Sir, Madame, the Chief Cabin Steward will show you to your suite - please to follow us.”

Don muttered something about "Madame” being the right title for Amanda, and they followed the two porters up the gangplank. Amanda watched the two young men with interest, their tight white pants showing a pair of nice firm buns and their t-shirts revealing well developed shoulders and arms. At the top of the gangplank the Chief Cabin Steward stood waiting.

"Mr and Mrs Laughlin” he said. "Welcome on board the Blue Moon. I am Chief Cabin Steward Silvio Delgado, at your service. Did you have a good flight to our lovely city?”

"Long and tiring, and the food in First Class was like pig-swill” said Don, before Amanda could answer. "Let’s cut the chit-chat, and show us to our suite - and it had better be good, for the price we are paying. I want a suite no lower than deck 3, near the centre of this heap so I don’t get sea-sick when you manage to find some swells.”

Silvio looked at Don with barely concealed distaste. “Sir will find that you and Mrs Laughlin have been allocated a superior suite on deck 2, exactly in the centre of our lovely ship. Please do follow me.”

Without another word he turned on his heel and disappeared down the wide corridor, his footsteps silent on the 2-inch thick Persian carpet, the soft lighting from the crystal chandeliers in the entrance lobby reflecting on his gold epaulettes.

The suite was extravagantly luxurious - huge windows looking onto a large balcony, an enormous king-size bed, lounge, dining area, marble and gold bathroom with shower and bath, office area and a 60” flat-screen.

Don looked around without expression, then went onto the balcony and lit up a Romeo y Juiletta churchill cigar.

“Mandy, how about you get me a scotch!” he called, ogling the pretty teenager on the balcony a few suites along.

Amanda whispered ”fuck off” under her breath and pretended not to hear, as she unpacked her toiletries in the bathroom, making sure to conceal the packs of condoms under her creams. After all, at her age she sure as hell did not need condoms for birth control, but she did need them for the fucking she intended to find on the cruise! Amanda was 45, a natural red-head, petite with very nice surgically–enhanced boobs, now a 36C, a fairly trim tummy (after 2 kids, who could be as flat as a teen anyway?) and the trimmest bum, the envy of all the girls (and some of the boys) in her gym class.

She had met Don when she was 19, dancing in a “cabaret” show in Las Vegas. Well, that’s what it was called anyway. In reality, where she had started was a real cabaret, on a proper stage with a proper band. But she was neither tall enough nor a good-enough dancer, so over 3 years she drifted down via 3rd rate shows to this, basically a pick-up joint several streets back from the main drag, where middle-age men perved at naked girls their daughter's age gyrating on a tiny make-shift stage, sticking 10-dollar bills into their g string until the g string came off, then leaning forward to get a closer look at the dancer's gaping cunt and bum for a few minutes until she left the stage.

Amanda had danced there for 6 months, graduating from just dancing, to doing lap-dances behind a curtain, where she rubbed her naked cunt against the guys' hard-ons under their pants while the guys tried to get her to allow them to feel her cunt (which she did on occasion), and then to blow-jobs ($50 for a BJ, $100 to cum in her mouth).

Don had been a regular, free with his tips, and always the $100 blow-job, until one day he had said:

“this is bullshit. Here is $500, lie down and let’s fuck!”

She did, and the rest as they say is history. He fucked her every night for a week, then suggested that she leave the club and stay in an apartment he had nearby, as his “exclusive fuck” as he put it. (Don was not strong on romance!) He paid her an allowance, and as long as she was available to fuck whenever he felt like it, she could do what she wanted the rest of the time except not fuck other guys. (Don said nothing about other girls, so Amanda, who was, unknown to Don, bi, found a cute 18 year-old waitress and they fucked each other silly when Don was not around.)

All went well until one memorable night when Amanda and the waitress were engaged in an intense 69, both with their tongues in each others' cunts, and a dildo in each others' anuses, that Don walked in unexpectedly.

Far from being cross, he was so turned on by what he saw on the lounge floor, her ripped of his pants, turned Amanda onto her tummy, and fucked her anus as hard as he could, pausing only to fuck the waitress in her mouth for a minute, then cumming in Amanda’s bum till the cum leaked out and coated her thighs. The waitress was so turned on, she almost lost the dildo in her cunt, so deep did she thrust it in, and she too came as Don did. That night seemed to have changed Don’s view of Amanda, and he proposed that they get married the next month. They did, and 2 children and 25 years later, they were still married, still physically attracted to each other, although not what one would normally call “in love”. Don frequently hired prostitutes for them to fuck (together), although when Amanda suggested that she hire a male prostitute for them to fuck he hit the roof. So she found guys to fuck on her own, and left it at that.

Don had changed into what Amanda called his “babe-trawling” outfit - Bermuda shorts, a floral shirt open almost to the waist and heavy gold chains - with his tanned complexion she said he looked like a Cuban drug dealer, which he took as a compliment. Finishing his drink, he said he was going to look around the ship, and left the suite. Amanda unpacked the last of her clothes and got undressed.

She found her favourite shorts and blouse - the shorts very short, the blouse very see-through. She put on a lacy support bra to lift and show her impressive boobs, and a tiny white thong, barely covering her ample cunt-bulge and natural red-hair pussy triangle (no genuine red-head ever shaves their cunt completely - it’s their “proof of origin”, as Amanda had told her latest toy-boy last week), and dabbing some perfume between her boobs and thighs, she grabbed her handbag and went to see what was on offer.

On the main pool-deck, she saw Don leaning against the bar, drink in hand, chatting to a girl of around 17 and trying to peer down her blouse without being noticed. Amanda wandered over to them.

"Hi dear” she said, giving Don a big kiss. "‘What a lovely blouse” - (this to the girl.) “Our granddaughter has one just like it, doesn’t she, Don?” she asked sweetly. As Don glared at her, she smiled pleasantly, and moved off towards the bow of the ship.

Amanda passed the enclosed pool, and saw the entrance to the tiny gym next door. Hearing loud music, she went in.

The gym was empty, except for a guy in one corner getting weights off the rack. She stood a minute enjoying the air-conditioned temperature. The man turned, hearing the door close. Amanda caught her breath - he was gorgeous - the proverbial tall dark and handsome! With very short black hair, the build of a professional body-builder, and a stunning rugged face, he was every girl's dream. He had a pair of baggy shorts on, and a very small and tight vest, which showed every muscle on his over-developed torso.

“Good afternoon” he said, his English slightly accented. "Did you want to use the gym? I am Nico, the ship's resident physical fitness trainer. I would be happy to show you around.”

"I had not planned to” said Amanda, "but maybe you could show me some of the equipment anyway”. Amanda was probably as familiar with the standard gym equipment as he was, but what the hell, she thought - having him close was not going to be a hardship.

He took her around the gym, pointing out the various pieces of equipment and exercises which could be done on each. When they had seen everything, he showed her the change rooms, saunas and massage rooms.

“Do you do massages?” Amanda asked him, when they were standing in the elaborate and luxurious massage room, the walls covered with mirrors and drapes.

"‘I do" he said, "But you have to make a booking at the desk.”

"My back is very sore from travelling - maybe you could just loosen it a bit now?” she asked.

"Well, I am not supposed to, but I guess I could make an exception” he said. "‘Why don’t you lie down, and let me see whether I can help. Here, take a bath towel and lie down, I will be back in a minute - I just want to get the massage oil warmed up”.

With that he went out. Amanda took the towel, took off her shorts, blouse and bra. She thought for a second, and then took off her thong as well, lay down on her tummy and put the towel over her.

Nico knocked on the door, and came back in with a bottle of massage oil in a warmer. He put it down, and looked at Amanda.

"I don’t have my therapy uniform on - do you mind if I take off my shirt - I don’t want to get oil on it?” he asked.

Amanda minded like she would have minded winning the lottery.

"Please, go ahead, I don’t mind at all” she said.

He did so, as she gazed at his bulging pecs and flat sex-pack in the mirrors.

Nico lowered the towel to her waist and began to massage her shoulders and neck. He was really good, and she soon started feeling drowsy. He worked his way down her back to where the towel lay across her bottom. When his hands got to the towel, he stopped, moved to her feet, and began to massage her calves and thighs. He got to the top of her thighs, and although his hands were near her pussy, he was very professional and careful not to get too close.

Amanda sensed that he was about to ask her to turn over. He had done both legs, and was just cupping her upper thighs. She reached for the towel, and pulled it off her, leaving her naked and exposed on the plinth. Nico paused, unsure.

Amanda wriggled her bum, parting her legs. Reaching next to her, she took his hand and put it on her bum between the cheeks. He stroked her bum, looking at her face. She smiled in the mirror to him, and parted her legs a bit more. With one hand on her bum his other hand ran gently up and down her thigh, ever closer to her by-now wet cunt.

He poured some more massage oil into the palm of his hand, and dribbled it into her bum-crack, the warm oil running over her anus, into her cunt. With one finger he traced a line around her anus, tickling the puckered hole, teasing it open. His other hand found her cunt, one finger sliding in the warm oil along her slit, parting the lips slightly. Amanda lifted her bum to push against his hands.

His finger opened her anus, probing. He inserted a finger, bringing an erotic sensation to her, while at the same time sliding a finger deeper into her wet slit. As she pressed against his hands, she reached back to feel for his cock - she was ready, wet and aroused, wanting to be fucked hard and deep.

She gasped as she felt his cock - it was huge, straining against the fabric of his shorts, thrusting up to the waistband. She curled her fingers around it, feeling all the way from the head to his balls - she could not get a sense of exactly how big it was, but it felt massive - long and very, very thick - much bigger than normal.

His finger drove into her bum, opening her, forcing her anus to take his digit. He had 2 fingers in her cunt, as far as he could get them, feeling the walls of her pussy, rubbing her engorged clit.

She could not wait - she rolled onto her back, the warm oil mingling with her pussy-juice between her legs. Without a word, he pulled her towards him on the plinth, so her legs were dangling over the edge. He hooked her knees over his shoulders, standing between her legs, and planted his face over her dripping cunt, licking at the trimmed triangle of red hair. His hands opened her lips wide, and he stuck his tongue into her spread lips, rolling her clit around and then lapping her juices from deep inside her. She bucked and writhed against his face, holding the back of his head and forcing it hard against her. She could not take it any longer, and as his fingers again found her anus, she came with a shriek, her thighs trembling, juices squirting out of her into his open mouth.

He kept up the relentless mouthing of her cunt until the orgasm subsided. Then he lowered her legs, stood back, his face glistening with oil and pussy-juice, and took off his shorts. His giant member sprang out - she stared, almost stunned - he was indeed huge - the circumcised head topping a massive shaft, thick with throbbing veins - easily 20cm long and as thick as a child’s forearm, standing proud from a shaved pubic area. He stood back, letting her look at it, smiling.

She slid off the plinth onto her knees on the floor, and, taking it in both hands, wrapped her mouth around the head and shaft, feeling it fill her mouth, the ridge of the head against her cheeks. She sucked the shaft, rotating her tongue around the head. With her hands she fondled his balls, stroking between his legs until she felt his arse-hole with a finger, which she slid into his bum, hard, all the way up to her knuckle.

He pumped his cock against her mouth, harder, fucking her face - she gagged as the head hit the back of her throat, but he kept fucking, not giving her a second to recover. She desperately wanted to feel that cock inside her - did not want him to cum like that before she had been fucked, so she stood, turned her back to him and bent over the plinth.

He stood behind her, feeling her erect, hard nipples with his hands wrapped around her, pulling on them, tweaking them roughly, and making them sensitive and even more aroused. She felt between her soaking thighs for his cock, and placed it at the entrance to her wide-open cunt. He moved till the head was just inside her, and then in one movement slid it all into her - she groaned, almost crying, as the cock opened her vagina as though she was in child-birth again. She felt it push against the back of her vagina, the outer lips stretched as far as they would go around the thickness.

He withdrew almost entirely, then thrust it all in again, harder now. Then faster, deeper, if that was possible. Faster and faster, his balls now slapping against her cunt with each drive. She was slammed against the plinth, moving it several inches with each pounding. He held her hips with his hands, locking her to him, jerking her backwards to each fuck-stroke.

He started to moan, grunting with each thrust, sweat dripping off him. Suddenly he stopped, his cock deep in her, paused, then fucked with a series of rapid, short strokes, and she felt hot jets of cum shoot deep into her cunt, more and more, in a non-stop stream of orgasm as he emptied himself into her sopping hole. After what seemed an age, he slowed, and then stopped, still in her. She felt the cum leaking backwards, out her cunt, between her legs, mixing with the oil and pussy juices.

He withdrew his cock, still hard but beginning to soften. She turned to face him, bent over and licked the cum and juice off the head of his cock, lapping it off the ridge – his head back, eyes closed, panting after his workout.

Wordlessly, she wiped her legs and body with a towel, put on her underwear, shorts and blouse while he put his shorts on, leaving his naked chest gleaming in the half-light. Standing on tip-toes she kissed him on his chin and mouth, tasting his sweat and desire.

“Where did you say I make bookings for my daily massage?” she asked.

End chapter 2