Written by wildchildtammy

10 Apr 2015



Mother and daughter Kimberley and Leigh had arrived on-board early that morning, and had just completed unpacking their several cases and valises in the Presidential Suite on the Blue Moon. Kimberley, 43, was a very good looking blonde former Miss Teen Texas runner-up, of average height and tanned, with long legs, big boobs and a stunning smile. Her daughter, Leigh, was 20, also blonde and pretty, but with a slimmer figure.

Kim had been married to Wilbert Humboldt the third, one of the last true self-made oil billionaires, until his death 3 years ago.

Their story is worth telling.

Wilbert and his twin brother Alvin were the only children of wealthy parents, living on a ranch in Galveston, Texas. They were rowdy, loud and wild, and on first name terms with every law enforcement officer in the state. They seemed to have survived college long enough to graduate, until one fateful night after the annual inter-state football game, when they were caught at 1 a.m. with the head cheerleader on the field between the goal-posts, Wilbert with his cock deep in her cunt, and Alvin equally deep in her arse, fucking her for all they were worth. The 20 year old girl, when they were caught, had the good sense to cry rape, and claim that she was a virgin until that very night, and the two boys were expelled the next day.

The local doctor who examined her noted that she had Wilbert’s name tattooed on her inner thigh alongside her cunt, which was strange for a virgin, but that evidence he kept to himself. Wilbert and Alvin’s father had a long chat to the girl’s father over a bottle of bourbon later that day, and no charges were ever pressed, although her father was seen to be driving a brand new Cadillac Eldorado the next week - surely the only worker on the local Ford production line to do so!

Wilbert and Alvin went to work for their father, where Alvin discovered that he liked boys' and girls' bums in equal measure, thus ensuring that he doubled his chances of a good fuck after a hard day’s work and a few drinks at their local bar. When their father died and they inherited the ranch, the boys, then aged 21, grew tired of the hard work needed to run thousands of head of cattle, and allowed an oil prospecting company to drill several test holes, something which their father had forbidden, having in fact chased them off with a shotgun on more than one occasion.

Hole number 5 struck oil, and within 2 years the boys were multimillionaires, with no cattle and a ranch full of oil-rigs. Alvin died when he dived through a bedroom window late one night to escape the unexpected arrival of the husband of his 21 year-old secretary, who had been hired solely for her 38DD tits and willingness to take Alvin’s cock in her arse and then mouth as often as he wanted. Alvin’s departure at speed through the window severed his jugular, and he bled to death in the alley behind the motel room before either the husband or the paramedics could find him.

This left Wilbert in sole ownership of what was now a multi-billion dollar business, so he did what any red-blooded American boy would do - he found a girl to marry, built a huge mansion, and spent his days drinking at the oilman’s hangouts and fucking anything that stood still long enough. Endowed by nature with a huge penis, many of those who stood still and got fucked came back for more, and Wilbert was never short of women, from 15 to 70, to fuck whenever the urge took him, which was about twice a day at times.

Eventually his wife died, he grew old, and grew lonely.

Now aged 70, he was drinking with his buddies one night when a senior Exec in his oil company arrived with a stunning 21 year old blonde on his arm, her tiny dress showing a magnificent pair of breasts, a very pert bum and a mouth Wilbert could imagine his cock inside of. When the exec went to get a drink, Wilbert went over to her.

“Nice tits” he said.’” I bet you also give a great blow-job.”

“My boyfriend is a very rich and powerful person here” she said, not knowing who Wilbert was, “you should be careful what you say to me”.

Wilbert looked at her. When the exec boyfriend came back, he saw Wilbert, his boss’s boss, talking to his date.

Without preamble, Wilbert said to him, "I don’t like your work. You’re fired. Clear your desk by 10am tomorrow.” The stunned exec walked away, and Wilbert turned to the girl. “So much for power. Come home with me, and I’ll show you wealth.” She did, and Kimberley and Wilbert were married a month later.

Kimberly had been an average high-school student, and a promising model. Aged 21 she entered and was elected runner-up in the Miss Texas competition.

Of average height, but blessed with very big and very firm boobs, she had a beautiful smile and a willing mouth that she used to great effect on the cock of any guy who seemed able to help her with her career (or with her University work for that matter, getting straight B+’s in her major subjects by the simple expedient of giving her teachers a blow-job before and after each exam, and giving the dean the fuck of his life before graduation - cunt, anal and ending by swallowing his cum).

It was after fucking her modelling agent one day in the car park that he suggested that she could make a lot more money in modelling by taking her clothes off and showing the world her boobs and cunt, as that was all that guys wanted to see anyway. Kim thought about this for a while, and then agreed to give it a try.

The agent arranged a photo-shoot, and Kim was on her way to fame and fortune. Or so she thought. In fact, all she was on her way to was an endless series of sleaze-ball photographers and agents who could not wait to finish the shoot to get to fuck her. Her willingness to accept any size cock or object in any hole made her very popular, both as a model and as a fuck.

It was after she refused one agent, just because she was tired and her pussy was sore from the previous night where the guys had wanted her to fuck a large soda-bottle, that she realised where the real money was. Misunderstanding her rejection, he offered her a thousand dollars for a fuck - this was much more than she made taking her clothes off for photos, and since she ended up fucking the guys to get the next job anyway, she figured that if she combined the two and got paid for taking her clothes off AND fucking, she could make a lot more money. Kim started fucking for money, often letting guys make movies of the night, and she was soon able to buy an Aztec-gold Corvette and a nice house in the suburbs. She was not yet 22.

As was inevitable for a girl with a predilection for cocks, she realised, just after her 22nd birthday that her periods were late, and just before her 23rd birthday Leigh-Emma was born.

Kim was a good, if eccentric mother, but she was not going to let a baby spoil her life. She took young Leigh along with her wherever she went, and parked her in an office or a camper-van at photo-shoots while she took her clothes off for the camera, or with friends when she went on “a date” as she called her prostitution clients.

Leigh was a beautiful child, 3 years old when Kim met Wilbert. Wilbert welcomed Leigh into his home, and the child grew into a stunning young girl, blonde like her mom, but slim with long legs.

By her 20th birthday, Leigh was a stunner, slim, taller than Kim, with nice boobs. She had fucked her first guy the year before, (the older, married brother of her boyfriend,) and came home all excited to tell Kim, who promptly put her on the pill. Mother and daughter were 23 years apart, and more like sisters than parent and child.

Wilbert knew from the outset that he could never satisfy Kim’s sexual needs, and they came to an arrangement - Kim could fuck other guys, but only if she brought them home so Wilbert could watch through a secret one-way mirror, or if she took a movie of her fucking to show him later. Kim was happy with this, and remained true to her word, bringing a succession of guys home to fuck, and making movies when she fucked them at a hotel or at their home, using a hidden camera Wilbert had built into her handbag.

He was particularly delighted when she brought him a movie of her entertaining 5 truckers in a motel one night, in a 10-hour gang-bang of anal, oral, dp, cunt, and ending with her gorgeous face covered in 5 lots of cum.

One night, while Kim was out with a guy she had picked up in a bar, fucking him in his marital bed, and Wilbert was at home watching the movie of her and the 5 truckers and wanking, he had a heart attack and died. Kim came home to find him dead in front of the TV, naked, his hand on his oiled and soft cock, dried cum on his tummy, the movie freeze-framed on her face covered in cum. She was sad he had died, but happy that he had gone to his maker happy and hard.

She inherited well over a billion dollars, sold the ranch, bought a penthouse in New York, and set off with Leigh to see the world, fuck guys, and have a good time.

This then was the mother and daughter who moved into the Presidential Suite on the MV Blue Moon.

Kim and Leigh, being so close in age, had very quickly arrived at the understanding that they were both very attractive to guys of all ages, and that a lot of fun could be had by sharing whoever they got to fuck. The women would regularly share guys, and sometimes even fucked the guy together - as Leigh said, she had the most intimate acquaintance possible with her mother’s cunt and boobs, so why should she not play with them if she wanted.

Kim had put on a little weight over the years, but was far from plump - if anything, the extra weight had increased her boobs to a 36C, her tummy a little rounded, and her ass a little plumper. She was still a stunning woman, the wet-dream fantasy of guys and their sons at her local gym where she worked out in a tiny high-leg leotard and little else every day.

Leigh was taller than Kim, with smaller, size 34B boobs, with large puffy nipples, a flat tummy and a very cute, tight bum. Both shaved their cunts totally, as Kim had taught Leigh to do.

After unpacking their cases, Kim and Leigh went to explore the ship. Kim wore a bikini with a red top - the dark brown nipples of her huge breasts only just covered, and a bikini bottom in white, her slit and lips very visible, framed by the elastic of the sides. Over this, she had a sarong wrapped around her, and gold high-heel sandals on her feet.

Leigh had a black one-piece costume on, with a very low v-cut front showing a lot of her boobs, and very high-cut legs. The back of the one piece was a mesh, cut all the way down to her bum, the cleft of her bum just visible at the end of the plunge. She had on a white blouse and shorts over this, and was barefoot.

The women went up to the pool deck, where Leigh went to get a Coke while Kim wandered off. Leigh had been standing at the pool-bar for only a minute, when an older man, with a floral shirt and lots of gold jewellery came up to chat to her. He introduced himself and made small-talk, while leering down her blouse. Leigh was a friendly girl, and chatted to him - she was not interested in getting to know him better, but felt that if he got a thrill out of looking at her boobs, why not? So she leaned forward as she got ice, letting him feast his eyes on her cleavage, until an older woman arrived, made some comment about Leigh looking like the guy's granddaughter, and then left. The guy was pissed off, but just then Kim arrived, so Leigh left the older guy to her mom, and went to see what else there was to see on the ship.

Kim chatted to the guy. He seemed nice, and paid her a lot of compliments. She had had a few glasses of wine, and was feeling horny, the sun beating down on her back, the smell of the sea air and suntan oil arousing her. Don, as he introduced himself to her, was a wealthy businessman from the East Coast. He did not speak of a wife, and Kim did not ask. After a while, she decided that a quickie was what she felt like - she took his hands in hers and suggested that they take a stroll down to her cabin to “get her cigarettes”.

They took the stairs down one flight, and went to the stern of the ship to her presidential suite. Don was very impressed - this girl was clearly loaded. While he looked out of the huge windows of the suite balcony, Kim went into the bedroom to “get her cigarettes”. He heard her call him, and he opened the bedroom door.

Kim was standing at the foot of the bed, stark naked - her huge boobs firm, nipples aroused and hard, her shaven cunt-slit slightly open. Don’s cock went rigid.

“Come here and lie down" she said, pointing at the bed.

Don did not need a second invitation. He stripped off his shorts and shirt, and lay flat on the bed, his cock hard and throbbing. Kim put a small bag next to him, and climbed on top of him, her arse at his face, facing his cock. She lowered her cunt to just above his face, reached into the bag and took out a princess plug. Putting some cream on the plug, she gave it to him.

“You know where this goes?" she asked.

"Sure", he said.

She took out a huge, black dildo, slightly curved with a ribbed head.

“So put them in, and let’s play. After I have cum, you can cum”, she said, bending forward and taking his cock in her mouth.

Don took the princess plug and slid it into her anus, easing it in until the bulge was in and only the base remained. She gasped as the plug filled her puckered hole, stretching it wide. He took the enormous dildo, wondering whether it would all fit into her cunt.

With his hands he stroked her cunt - it was wet and slick already, and he inserted the giant head slowly. She thrust back, forcing it in harder. He obliged, wriggling it in further and further, until most of its 20cm length was deep in her. She stayed still for a moment, savouring the feeling of both her holes being filled to their maximum.

She had discovered this feeling one night when she was picked up by a police officer for driving drunk. He had offered to drop the charges in return for a fuck, to which she readily agreed - he was after all quite cute. He took her back to the police station, where, to her surprise, he put her in a cell with a very large black man. When the policeman went off duty later that night, he came to the cell.

The large black man undid his pants and took out the biggest cock she had ever seen. Spitting on it, he stroked it a few times till it grew to its full huge size, and then pushed her onto the bed. Without a word he positioned his cock at her cunt, and then rammed it in with one movement. She screamed, but he ignored her, and started fucking her as hard as he could. After a minute, he rolled onto his back, his cock pinned in her. Whimpering, she rolled over with him, lying on top of him. The cop dropped his jeans, wiped his hands along her cunt and wet his cock with her juice, and pushed his cock into her bum-hole. Once he was in, they both fucked her for an hour, changing places, but never with just one cock, giving her an hour-long DP gangbang. Once the pain subsided, she found she enjoyed the feeling of two cocks hammering at her, and she now came most easily like that.

Once Don had both the princess plug and the dildo deep in her, she took his cock in her mouth, and deep-throated him, her lips up against his pubic area, holding it there, running her tongue along it. Taking it further out, she licked the head, poking her tongue into the hole, lapping at the foreskin.

Don thrust the black dildo in and out, feeling for her clit at the same time. He found it, hard and engorged, and tickled it with his fingers as the dildo pounded in her wet and swollen pussy. It did not take long for her to cum - she yelped and shuddered, and wave after wave of orgasm flowed through her - juices streamed out of her cunt over Don's face and chest, but he kept up the dildo-fuck, until she subsided, clenching her cunt around it.

She took his cock out of her mouth, and lifted herself off him, letting him take the dildo out, but leaving the princess plug in her bum.

Turning around, she positioned her dripping cunt above his cock, and lowered herself onto him. Once he was in her, she moved back and forth, grinding her cunt and clit against him, feeling his cock rubbing the walls of her cunt - he was not very big, and this gave best feeling to a guy with a smaller cock, she had found. Don was very aroused and ready to cum. In a few minutes he groaned and gripped her hips, and she felt him cum inside her. She waited until he seemed done, then climbed off him, bent and licked the cum off his dripping cock, and went to the bathroom.

Leigh in the meantime had gone to walk around the ship, and arrived back at the pool-deck to find that her mom had gone, as had the guy with the floral shirt. It was hot, so she took a recliner to the shade of an umbrella, got a drink from the bar, took off her shorts and blouse and lay down. She read a while, and then fell asleep. She awoke to the sound of voices nearby. Opening her eyes, she saw double. She blinked. Still saw double. Lying on loungers near her were two guys, but they looked like clones - tall, good looking, very well built in a lean way, and very black. The identical twins were lying back, chatting in French and looking at her every so often. Their dark skin gleamed with sun-tan oil, and their very brief Speedo's did little to hide their toned and ripped physiques - and what the Speedo’s did hide seemed to be impressive also!

Seeing that she was awake, they greeted her in French, and when she replied in English, they switched to beautifully French-accented English, introducing themselves as Claude and Ivan, the sons of a diplomat, taking a gap year after completing school in England. They were both top-ranked swimmers, which explained their bodies and muscle, 21 years old, and on their first cruise.

Leigh found their accent enticing, and they were funny and polite, not like the guys she knew in the US. While Ivan went to get her another drink, Claude came and sat nearer to her, squatting beside her lounger. His Speedo bulged as he squatted, the outline of his cock and balls clear against the taut fabric. She had a delightful tingling feeling in her pussy as she imagined his cock, rigid and dark, rearing up - she wondered what it would be like to fuck him.

After a few more drinks, a swim and some lunch, the three of them decided to go to the aft deck to play table tennis. Leigh’s mom had not arrived back yet, so she went with the two guys to the table tennis room. On the way they passed Kim and Leigh’s stateroom, and Leigh said that she wanted to get changed out of her wet costume before they played table tennis, so she let them into the suite and went to get changed. The guys sat in the lounge while Leigh went to her bedroom. As she passed her mother’s room she heard groaning and noises from inside, and she suddenly realised that her mom was inside, and having fun with someone by the sounds of it.

Not one to be left out, she debated just letting the boys out and then going to see who her mom had got, but then decided that two could play at that game. Grabbing a bottle of after-sun oil from the bedroom, she went to her bedroom, changed out of her costume into a very short skirt and a tank-top, without any underwear, and went back to the lounge.

“You guys have been lying in the sun very long” she said. “I have some great after-sun oil you should try before we go to the games room. Let me put some on you.”

Claude and Ivan looked at each other, shrugged and agreed.

"Claude, take off you t shirt, I’ll show you how much to put on” said Leigh, pouring some oil into the palm of her hand.

He did so, as did Ivan. Leigh stood behind Claude and rubbed some oil onto his hard and muscular back. Finishing with his back, she told him to turn around. He did so, and she massaged the oil onto his pecs and abdomen, feeling his rock-hard muscles and six-pack, defined and ripped. As her hands got lower, she thought she saw his cock starting to get harder. She let her fingers touch the top of his Speedo as she rubbed the oil in. Then her fingers gently touched over his Speedo, dragging her nails across the top of his now clearly-visible cock-head.

He looked at her, mouth slightly open. Without saying anything, she drew her hand across his Speedo, and up and down his cock, fondling his balls lightly as she did so. He reached to her, seeing her large puffy nipples standing out under her tank top, and tweaked at them gently. When she did not object, he lifted her tank-top off her, exposing her stunning firm boobs, the nipples dark pink, hard and fully puffed out.

She loosened the draw-string of his Speedo, and lowered it. His big and very hard black cock sprang out, veined, shaved. She grasped it in her oiled hands and massaged it from its head to his balls, her white skin a stark contrast against his black oiled cock. Leigh kneeled in front of him, taking his cock in both hands and massaging it, stroking it. She cupped his balls in one hand, feeling between his legs up to his hole and back. Then she opened her mouth and put the head in, running her tongue around it.

Taking it back out of her mouth, she stood up. Stepping out of her skirt, she stood in front of the two boys nude, her magnificent body on display for their eyes. Ivan had taken his cock out of his Speedo, and was masturbating slowly while watching her and Claude. He walked around to behind her while she still faced Claude, and pressed his rigid cock against her bum, rubbing it in her bum-crack, and putting his hand between her legs. Her cunt was wet, and his fingers slid easily along her hairless slit, parting the lips.

Claude took her hand, and led her to the back of the couch. Turning her so that she faced the back of the couch, he bent her over it and stood behind her. Now he put his hands between her legs, and she felt his long fingers drive immediately into her cunt, all the way up, opening her wide.

He grasped her bum cheeks, and parted her legs, positioning his cock against her cunt. Slowly he entered her, the large head spreading her wet lips, easing into her. She opened her legs more, and he drove his cock all the way in, filling her cunt.

Ivan had now taken off his Speedo, and came around the other side of the couch, facing her. He kneeled on the couch, his cock at her face. She opened her mouth and took him all in, deep-throating him for a second before starting to suck and mouth him intensely.

Claude was thrusting harder now, driving his cock all the way into her with each stroke, his balls slamming against her bum. His cock was long and curved and she felt the head rubbing hard against the wall of her cunt with each stroke, hitting her g-spot.

Ivan held her head and started face-fucking her, pounding her mouth with his cock, as deep as she would take it, her lips getting almost bruised by each entry. She tasted pre-cum on him, and gripped his cock with her lips and tongue as hard as she dared.

Claude reached between her legs as he fucked, and groped for her clit. Finding it, he rubbed it with his fingers as his cock rammed her. She arched her back and thrust hard, the feeling of orgasm starting. Closing her legs slightly, she squeezed his cock as he drove into her, and a huge orgasm came, her legs trembling, her back arched, her nails digging into Ivan’s back. She could not moan because of Ivan’s cock in her mouth, but she grunted and shook her head, giving him an even more intense feeling.

Just as she finished her climax, Claude groaned loudly, thrust very hard twice more, and then she felt long hot squirts of cum in her cunt, again and again and again, as he unloaded himself into her endlessly.

Eventually he slowed and stopped. As soon as Ivan saw that his twin was done, he withdrew his cock from her mouth, went around to where his brother had been and rammed his wet and rock-hard cock into her swollen and dripping hole. He slammed it in her, not waiting for her to be ready. After only a few thrusts, the breath getting knocked out of her with the force of each push, he reached around her, grabbed her boobs and puffy nipples and squeezed them, just as he came in her, filling her, the cum of his brother mixing with his, now running out of her cunt down her thighs, her pussy full to overflowing with semen and juice.

He took out his cock, spent, and sat on the floor. Claude stood next to her. His cock starting to go soft. He dipped his fingers deep into her sensitive and sore cunt, opening it to its maximum, three fingers in her. He took his fingers out, and then put them at her mouth. She opened her mouth, sucking the fingers, tasting their cum and her juices, licking his hand clean.

She rested a while over the couch, more cum and juices running out of her, while the two boys sat on the easy chairs, nude, their black skin glistening with sweat. Exhausted and happy, she went to the bathroom to clean her cunt, when she heard the toilet in her mother's bathroom flush.

Without knocking, she went into her mother’s bedroom. Her mom was just coming out of the toilet. On the bed was the older guy Leigh had met at the pool deck earlier - naked, sweaty and with a semi-hard cock. On the bed next to him was her mom’s huge black dildo.

She looked at the black dildo, and smiled at her mom. "Have I got a surprise for you next door," she said. "No need for a black dildo, I have the real thing for you!”