04 Jan 2017

This is more a work of fiction than a normal diary. I have written it in the first person, as it is based on a real event some years ago. The event and the people are real, but certain details are not. (I leave it to you to work out which part is real and which is fiction! If you can work out which part is fiction and tell me, I will write a custom-made story for you if you wish!).

This story is written at the request of a member here who wanted a story of interracial sex and "flashing".

If you want me to write a story for you, mail me. Maybe you will be lucky!

Sanet is a good friend of mine from school. She moved to Johannesburg a few years before I started living here, and is married with two children. She is a striking, rather than attractive, woman, my age, 34, tall, with dark hair and a voluptuous body.

Her husband is a very successful Advocate at the Johannesburg Bar, and she has not worked since marrying him - staying at home first to create a nice home, then to have and look after the children. What she has done however is to become an expert on Spa’s in Johannesburg - not because she is lazy, but because she loves them, writes about them for various magazines, and thus gets invited all the time to visit new Spa’s, try out new treatments and so on.

So it was that she phoned me one Monday morning to ask whether I would like to join her at a new Spa north of the city, in the Magaliesberg area. I had just returned from a yacht charter, and agreed readily - it was just what I needed after two weeks of being on call to a group of very demanding guests on a new 55m motor yacht in the Med, based in Civitavecchia, Port of Rome.

We arranged that she would collect me on the Friday morning at 9, and we would stay at the Spa till Sunday, sampling their various treatments, the food, the rooms and so on. At 9 on the dot she arrived in her new red Mustang convertible, and as it was a mild morning we drove with the top down to the Spa, an hour away.

(Incidentally, if you want to get a guy’s attention, when he phones, as Simon did soon after we left, tell him that you are sitting topless in Malibongwe Drive!)

We arrived at the big wrought iron gates to be greeted by a guard in typical tourist-safari dress - khaki shirt and long shorts, Pith helmet, dark brown leather belt, long socks and velskoene. Just what we all wear every day, right? Ask any German tourist!

Once he had found us on his list, he opened for us and we drove up the long gravel drive to the main reception area. We were greeted with warmth by the Hotel manager and given the keys to our chalet, a short drive away.

The chalet proved to be beautiful - tranquil, not too rustic, with décor in pinks and greens, and very luxurious. There were two bedrooms, both identical, with large double beds and superior bedding - it felt like 800 thread-count Egyptian cotton.

A huge bowl of fruit was in the lounge and a bottle of Pongraz in a silver bucket of ice on the table with two glasses, as well as a fully-stocked mini-bar, of course.

The little veranda with its bougainvillea in full bloom covering it overlooked a valley, and all I could hear as I sat in the soft stoep-chair were the cicadas and birds, as the African bush heated up in the late-morning sun.

I had a cup of Earl Grey tea while Sanet sampled the Pongraz, and we looked at our schedule for the next two days.

First on the agenda was a full-body hot-stone massage, then a light lunch, then a session in the indoor hydrotherapy pool followed by a facial, then an hour or so at the outdoor pool to chill with a sundowner, before dinner on the terrace overlooking the river. (Yes, it’s a tough life, but somebody’s got to do it! At least there was no colonic irrigation planned!)

There didn’t seem to be many guests that weekend, and I only saw three other cars, but there may have been more elsewhere.

The massage and the hydrotherapy and the facial were great - the therapists are all fully qualified with 2 year diplomas, not just locals who have been shown how to apply oil, so I felt very relaxed and good by the time I got to the outdoor pool, to wait for Sanet.

I went past the chalet after the hydrotherapy to get my bikini and wrap, and found a lounger in the shade at the small rock-pool. I put down the towel I got from the pool attendant, reclined the lounger, lay back and closed my eyes. I had half fallen asleep when I heard some voices of people arriving at the pool. I didn’t look up until I heard Sanet talk to me as she moved her lounger next to mine.

I turned to look at her, and we chatted as I looked to see who else had arrived at the pool. At the far end of the pool were two couples, my sort of age I guessed - a blonde, petite woman and an older man, and a very pretty tall Black woman in a striking gold bikini with a stunning Black man. He was really something to see - tall, over 1.85 m, very well-built - muscular but not extreme, well defined pecs and abs, with model good-looks. As they talked to each other I could hear that they were not South African - the Black couple seemed to have a French accent, while the White couple sounded American. They seemed to have arrived earlier, as they were talking about a game-drive they had done the day before.

Sanet and I talked a bit about the day, while she made notes for her professional blog, then we lay back and chilled as the sun set and the day cooled down.

I heard the two men saying goodbye to the women - it sounded like the women were going to a restaurant elsewhere with friends and the guys were staying behind. When I looked up, the women had gone, and the two men were sitting alone.

It was still hot, so Sanet and I got into the pool. Sanet looks stunning in a bikini - she is not at all fat, but statuesque, and there is a lot of her to see when she wears a tiny bikini - and she has very big (augmented) breasts. The men were looking at us as we stood to get into the pool, and made some comment about the water being cold. We talked to them a bit as we sat in the pool, then we got out, dried, and sat on our loungers again.

The men also then got into the pool. The Black man had a magnificent figure now that I saw him standing - really a good physique and very good looking.

They got out of the pool and the Black guy went to the little change room, and came back with a towel around his waist, and sat with his friend. After a while, his friend got up and said something to him, and then left.

Sanet wanted to go and wash her hair, so she walked back to the chalet while I stayed to wait for the sun to go down. I lay back and looked up at the trees above me as the light faded slowly.

I heard, rather than saw, the Black guy get up and move closer. When I looked, he had moved to sit on the lounger between where he had been and where I was.

I remarked on his accent and he said that he was from the DRC, where he was a lecturer in Phys Ed at a University, and was here on holiday with the other couple and his sister. So it wasn’t his wife, as I had thought. He was looking at me intently, as I had only my bikini on, and a tiny one at that. It was my silver one, which has small bra-cups which allow a lot of my breast on the sides to be exposed, and a G-string bottom with a very small front, just covering my mound (I can only wear it if I am fully shaved, otherwise it’s too small for even a bikini wax).

He made some comment about the bikini being just right for me, and I laughed.

I could see that he was interested in me, as he must have realised that I was not there with a guy. He made another comment about how the silver colour of the bikini showed off my body to perfection - quite a personal comment I thought, but I didn’t mind - he seemed very nice.

I was lying back on the lounger, chatting to him, when he turned slightly to face me, sitting on his lounger. He still had the towel around his waist, and his legs were now facing me. From where I was lying, I could see under the towel, and I realised with a start that he wasn’t wearing anything under the towel - I could see all the way up, and could see his balls and part of his cock under the towel.

I glanced at him, but he seemed oblivious of that. I had my sunglasses on, so he couldn’t see my eyes, and I looked some more - his balls were big, hanging low, and what I could see of his cock was impressive - I could see a thick shaft, jet-black and long, but I couldn’t see all of it.

He moved again, and now I was sure he was doing it on purpose. As he moved he opened his knees a bit, facing me. I saw his cock now fully - very big, very thick, hanging between his legs, not soft but not yet hard - engorged and enticing with a big circumcised head pointing down. He was looking at me, and I took my sunglasses off, looked at him, and then looked at his cock.

We were still chatting as though neither of us knew what was going on. I watched as his cock grew harder, pushing up on the towel a bit. It really seemed massive - very very thick.

I decided that two can play that game - let's see how long he can sit there and pretend that nothing is happening underneath the towel!

As we chatted, I stretched my arms above my head, letting the bikini top pull, and when I lowered my arms, all except for the centre of my breast was exposed. Still chatting and looking straight at him, I idly let my hand rest on my tummy, sliding it down until I was touching the top of my bikini bottom. I slid one finger onto the bikini and traced a line along my slit, pushing the fabric into it a bit, making a camel-toe.

I was watching him all the time. He kept glancing at my boobs and then my pussy, finding it difficult to focus on talking to me.

His cock was getting harder, and I knew he must be dying to touch it. It was now horizontal, pushing at the towel, lifting it. The whole towel was lifting, and I could see the huge head pointing at me, his balls big and smooth, hanging.

I decided to let things continue. I smiled at him, and looked very obviously at his cock. He looked around to see that there was no-one nearby at the pool, then pulled the towel apart in front.

He cock was magnificent - very thick and very long - blacker than his body, and he was fully shaved. Freed from the towel, his cock started to rise, and he put one hand on it and stroked it. It grew rapidly, standing erect; almost touching his belly button. It was huge, black, and rigid. He stroked it, looking at me, at my eyes. I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock - and he knew it. He undoubtedly also knew that as a South African woman I would have grown up with the taboo of interracial sex - even if it wasn’t illegal, it was still a very rare thing, certainly in women of my age at that time, around 30.

I had in fact never seen a real-life erect Black cock before, only in videos, and then it was always portrayed as Black man with a huge cock penetrating a very blonde pale girl, the blonder, paler and younger the better it seemed.

I still had my hand on my pussy, but now I was getting aroused for real, not just to tease him. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and was sure that very soon it would show on my bikini, where the camel-toe was. I slid a finger under the side of my bikini bottom and touched my slit - I was wet, and my pussy was ready already. I fingered myself lightly watching him stroke his giant cock. I could see that he wanted me, wanted to see and fuck my pussy.

In a sort of trance, I stood, took my towel, walked past him to the change-rooms, and turned to look at him.

He stood, wrapped the towel around his waist, and followed me. I went into the women’s change-room, and waited.

He appeared in the doorway, unsure now.

I stood at the door, and held it open. He came in, looking around, and I closed the door. There was a key I had noticed hanging on a hook, presumably so that the staff could lock the change-rooms from the outside at night.

I took the key off the hook, and locked the door.

I stood in front of him, and undid my bikini top, letting it fall to the floor. He stared at my boobs, big and heavy, my nipples hard and erect.

Looking at him, I hooked my thumbs on the sides of my bikini bottom, and pulled it down, stepping out of it. I stood facing him, naked, my pussy lips puffy already.

Reaching for his towel, I undid it, and let it fall. His cock had not softened at all - it was enormous, thickly veined and blacker than his tummy, his big balls the same dark black colour.

I kneeled in front of him on his towel, and took the head of his cock in my mouth, tasting the pool water and his sweat on it. I sucked his cock as far into my mouth as I could, feeling it fill my mouth to the back of my throat, licking my tongue on the sensitive front part where the "v’" of the circumcised head is.

He groaned, and pulled my head closer to him. My head bobbed up and down as I sucked the length of his cock, or as much as I could get in. Taking it out of my mouth for a moment, I wrapped both my hands around it, and masturbated him like that, occasionally spitting on his cock to make it slippery.

I had the huge head in my mouth, and I tasted the pre-cum start. I took it out and let the pre-cum flow over the head and shaft, making it slippery and slick. His cock looked stunning - big, black, glistening with pre-cum and saliva.

I had been sucking him and jerking him for maybe another 5 minutes when he reached for my hands, and lifted me to my feet. He led me to the bench in the middle of the room, and sat me down on it. Kneeling between my spread thighs, he lifted my legs over his shoulders and buried his face in my cunt, his tongue driving deep into my soaking lips. I closed my legs behind his head, forcing him to grind his mouth onto my cunt. He lapped at my lips and my clit, drawing it out of its sheath to stand proud and hard. When his tongue licked at my clit I almost wet myself, it was an ecstasy of almost painful pleasure.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I undid my legs from around his torso, and lowered them.

His cock was throbbing, rigid and huge in front of me.

I stood, and faced the corner where there were two full-length mirrors. Resting my hands on the towel rail in front of the mirrors, I arched my back and presented my cunt to him from the back.

He stood behind be, stroking his cock, and reached between my legs to feel for my cunt. His fingers found my swollen slit and he thrust two fingers deep into me, his knuckles hammering on my pussy lips as he drove the fingers in and out.

I writhed and jerked against his hand - I just wanted to feel that huge black cock in me now.

Pushing my legs apart with his feet, he placed the head of his member against the outer lips of my cunt, and slowly slid it in, deeper and deeper with each stroke.

I felt it fill my cunt, the sides of my cunt tense with the width of his cock, feeling the head go deeper and deeper into me. Then he was in, and I felt his huge balls between my legs.

He started to fuck me now, long powerful strokes, taking his cock almost all the way out each time, then sliding it in until I again felt his balls.

I looked in the mirrors - I could see my cunt and bum, his black cock ramming in and out, contrasting with my pale thighs and pink cunt-lips.

Faster and faster he fucked - the sheer size of his cock meant that I could not hold off orgasm for long. I felt my cunt start to flood, and the orgasm ripped through me in waves, again and again as he kept up the pace. Eventually I couldn’t take it any longer, and as the orgasm stopped I pulled my cunt forward and he took his cock out of me.

He kept me in that position, bent over. Putting one hand on my cunt he felt for my tender and sensitive lips and clit, while at the same time jerking his cock hard and fast. He fingered me deeply, my cunt sensitive and raw.

Then when I had calmed a bit, he slid it back into my swollen cunt, deep and hard the first time. Fucking me rapidly, he gripped my hips and pulled me towards him. In the mirror I saw his dark skin pressed against my pale body, his huge black cock coming all the way out, my pink pussy lips showing as he withdrew it, only to be rammed back in with the next stroke. He was sweating, his body shining and hard, and his breath coming in gasps.

I felt him tense, then ram his cock in several times very fast as I felt his cum shoot up my pussy, deep into me, more and more jets of hot cum in me, till I felt it must start to run back out, there was so much of it.

When he had stopped cumming, he paused, his cock still deep in my cunt. Then he slowly withdrew it for the last time. As he did, my juices and a stream of warm cum drained out of me over his cock and down my thighs.

He slid his cock in between my bum cheeks a few times to wipe off the remaining cum off it, and I stood up. He smiled at me, and pulled me to him in an embrace. I gave his bum a squeeze, picked up my towel and went into the shower.

When I came out, he was gone.

We hadn’t said a word to each other since I stood up at the pool - not a word was spoken in the change-room; there were just the sounds of us fucking. I didn’t see him again, and to this day I don’t know his name, but I will recognise that cock anywhere!