13 Jul 2016

My Master knows that I have an appetite for nuns. It has to do with the combination of their sweet innocent appearance and the possibility of a hidden lusty whore inside them; a lovely young believer slowly finding her way only to give in to lust.

Today my Master takes me to church, a Catholic church. We do not do this often but he wants to spoil me. There is always a lusty slut that hides inside one of those nuns and today we are going to find her… and have her.

We make our way through the big wooden doors of the church. I wore my pencil skirt today. My Master really loves it when I do. The church is quite empty with only a few people here and there. We take our seats and wait, taking in the sight of this beautiful church that surrounds us. I have always loved the architecture of old churches. It is not long before we hear footsteps. We turn our heads and there they are: the new young inductees to the faith making their way to the front slowly with their heads bowed. Somewhere in this swarm is the one. We focus but none seem to show. I am growing impatient. But then, right before we lose hope, the third nun from last looks up and meets our gaze, her lips parting at the site of us. She knows exactly why we are here; it is not to worship or pray, it is to feast on her. Our gaze stays locked until she passes us. The nun behind her gives her a little shove to remind her where she is and what her purpose is. I cannot help but grin. My Master notices and smiles to himself. ”Let’s have her, shall we?” he says in his soothing, loving voice.

They kneel and start their morning prayer. I focus and imprint on the one that looked at us. Now I will have patience. She cannot help but glance back occasionally to look at us. Lust becomes her. I keep my eyes on her as time ticks away.

They reach the end of their prayer and rise to their feet, except her. She remains on her knees. I see as an older nun whisper something in her ear and she responds. The group make their way out of the church and the older nun follows, leaving only the one I imprinted on. At that time we notice that we are the only three people left in this church. She does not turn around. She just remains on her knees, head bowed. My Master gets up and slowly makes his way to the front of the church. He does not kneel next to the nun, but goes around and stands in front of her. He uses his hand to lift the nun’s face and they stare in to each other’s eyes for a short while, their gaze doing all the communication they need. He lifts the nun to her feet and places both her hands softly on her cheeks. He leans in and kisses her on her lips. The nun gives in and returns the kiss passionately. The sight of them stirs the demon inside me. They do not break their kiss, but my Master’s eyes open and meet mine.

It is time.

I make my down the aisle to meet them. The nun hears my footsteps and wants to break the kiss to turn around, but my Master does not allow it. He keeps her firmly in his grasp. It is only when I am right behind the nun my Master breaks the kiss, but keeps his hands on her face, forcing her not to break eye contact with him. My Master rolls up the nun’s cloak to expose her panty wrapped bottom and with her one hand pushes a finger inside her. A sinister smile appears on my Master’s face. ”She is ready for you” he says. ”She is wet”. I can feel the tension rising. I can smell the nun’s arousal. It fills the church. I unzip my skirt and my shaven snatch appears. My Master still holding the nun’s face, forcing her not to break eye contact.

He whispers to the little whore hidden inside this cloak:

“You listen to me. You do not look away. You do not look at her. You look at me and only me. No matter what you feel, you keep your eyes focused on me. Do you understand?”

The nun nods, breathing loudly.

I place my one hand the hip of the nun. My Master steps back and leans against the podium, unzipping his pants to expose his beautiful throbbing cock to the nun. He starts to rub himself. The nun, wide eyed, focuses on my Master. I bend the nun forward ever so slightly. I look down to her ass and I move her panty to the side, exposing her wet cunt. I position two of my fingers at her opening. I take her hands, fold them behind her back and keep them tight with my right hand. My left rips off her veil and grips a hand full of her hair, pulling it back, exposing her neck. I enter her slowly. A large gasp escapes her mouth. I pull my fingers out, just until the tip of my hand is barely outside and I enter again slowly. I do this a few times, looking down and watching with every slow thrust a layer of her wetness forming around my digits, the sounds of her wet pussy creating music around us. My Master continues to play with himself and the sight of that drives me to fuck harder. I enter her hard and fast, I pull out slowly. I repeat. I repeat. I repeat. She moans at every…single…thrust.

My Master’s mouth opens and he starts breathing loudly. He is about to reach his climax and I feel how this little whore’s pussy pulsates around my fingers. My Masters’s gaze becomes intense and he does not look anywhere else but the nun’s eyes. He finger strokes himself harder and faster. He is about to cum. The nun moaning louder and louder. Me fucking her harder and faster. My Masters’s neck snaps back as he reaches her climax and soils the floors of this church with his seed. The nun begins to scream as she cums around my busy fingers, covering it in wetness and with that I find my release inside her.

I keep the palm of my hand at rest between the lips of this exposed whore. My Master is happy. I am happy. The nun’s innocence destroyed. My Master fixes his suit as I pull out my dripping fingers and zip up my skirt. The nun still standing there, bent over, breathing. My Master once again lifts her face with his hand and whispers:

”Good girl. Now go.”