Written by Plugged

22 Sep 2012

I am married to a very sexy and horny lady and my work takes me away from home for long periods at a time. We have a good sex life and have discussed at length the fantasy of the "other" guy fucking my sexy wife.

So this time I return home after a long absence to find my highly aroused wife waiting for me. In fact she is so aroused that the pussy juice is dripping through her drenched knickers. I am immediately curious about this state of arousal. Wifey explains that she went to the shop and there was this tall athletic white guy walking ahead of her in the isle and he was wearing a pair of nylon running shorts. His sexy butt was moving provocatively up and down as he walked. Wifey was very interested. The guy stopped suddenly and turned around and all wifey was aware of was the very prominent bulge of the running shorts covering a large dick. She was so mesmerized by this glorious sight that she ran the trolley straight into this guy's dick. OUCH!

He dropped the packet of flower in his hand breaking it on the edge of the trolley and it covered his shorts in the white flour. Wifey was highly embarrassed and tried to help him clean off the flower but she only managed to give his dick another firm smack. He grabbed her hand telling her to relax while he pressed her hand firmly against his dick which was now growing by the second. He introduced himself as Andy while he had a good look at wifey's ample cleavage. She could feel his dick growing in her hand and it felt so good that she could feel her pussy lips contract. Wifey became aware of the old ladies staring at them and she pulled away and bolted out of the store all the way home where she collapsed on the couch to rub her wet pussy. My arrival interrupted her pleasure.

So, wifey didn't buy the milk and I had to go to the shop. Who should I find but the guy in his running shorts walking up and down the isles as if he is looking for someone. I am watching this when a wicked plan hatches in my sex craved mind. I call wifey and tell her that her story aroused me and that she should be waiting for me in the passage when I return with her naked butt pointed at the front door. It would only take a few seconds for me to get rid of my pants so that I could ram my dick into her wet pussy. This excites her and she agrees.

I then ask the guy if he is Andy. He confirms his name and I ask whether the black girl (wifey) that touched his dick excited him. He is very nervous so I ask him if he would like to fuck this sexy girl. He smiled and I told him to walk with me. I told him that when we walk into my house that sexy black butt would be facing him and he should ram his dick into her wet pussy without any questions while I take the pictures. He liked that idea.

We arrive at my house and I take my time rattling keys at the security gate to warn wifey that I am home. I open the door and wifey is standing in the passage with her naked butt towards the door, legs wide apart and her fingers opening the glistening wet pussy lips. Andy loses his shorts in a second and his 10 inch rock hard dick is standing straight up. He positions himself behind wifey and places the rock hard head between those wet & inviting pussy lips before he rams it into wifeys beautiful pussy with such force that he lifts her off the floor. Wifey screamed "Fuuuuuck that's so good! Fuck me. Fuck me!" My dick is aching as I watch the amazingly erotic sight of a strange dick being rammed into my wife's beautiful wet pussy. Andy continued to ram his dick into wifeys dripping pussy with her moaning with pleasure.

I was filming the action on my phone and I walked around in front of wifey. Her eyes were tightly closed as she savoured this big dick being rammed into her pussy. I said "Fuck her good Andy!" Wifey opened her eyes in shock then she smiled at me and pushed her butt back against Andy so that every bit of his big dick could get into her pussy. Her pussy juice was running down her thighs and she was ready to climax. She let out a scream when I touched her clit and Andy shuddered as he came deep in her cunt. He rammed his dick into her pussy a few more times before pulling out with a long slurping sound. Wifeys pussy was holding on to that big dick. His semen started running down the inside of her shiny wet black thighs and wifey carefully wiped it all over her glistening pussy.

She eventually slid down on to the floor and asked "Who the fuck was that?" Andy had taken his clothes and left quietly. I asked if she enjoyed the fuck and all wifey could do was moan with pleasure. Then she spotted Andy's jocks still on the floor at the front door. The jocks are now hanging behind our bedroom door while wifey waits in anticipation for Andy to collect his belongings. This time wifey wants my big dick AND Andy's dick in her wet pussy at the same time. Mmmmmmmm!