14 Jul 2019

It's Sunday and I was dressing for my walk as I normally do...

Instead of going for my walk on the promenade, my friend chose for us to meet at the beginning of newlands forest.

I got at the place we arranged to meet and he and his 2 friends were allready there, he said it's best they come so that we are safe.

We walked for about 10 minutes and I went to lean against a tree to tie my shoelace.

My friend came up from behind and pushed me toward the tree.  He put my hands around the tree and tied them and pulled down my pants

Then spread my legs and tied them too. I felt shivers of excitement because ever since I can remember, this was a fantasy of mine...

He entered my wet horny swollen womenhood with his allready erected cock and started moving slowly inside me, going faster and deeper until he let out a loud gasp.

Next his friend entered me thrusting harder and deeper until he also had let go, with a hard thrust.

The third guy entered me, I gasped because he was really huge, he too moved deep inside me and really moved hard and fast. I never knew I can cum and squirt so many times, as I did.....

I was untied and we sat down for a bit before making our way back to our parked vehicles.