Written by juts_me_male

26 Nov 2012

Staring at the screen, I could feel myself finding me in the familiar position where earlier I had an absolute gorgeous cum shot.

Owen is holding Tiffany a tad closer even looks he is holding her stronger, Tiffany's head is still nestled on his shoulders. Owen takes a deep sip of his beer, I can see he his mumbling something but i ain't a lip reader, jokingly I thought he said may I kiss you? Caught myself laughing from my belly.

Owen turned to Tiffany, she blushed, first time she noticed his deep blue eyes "amazing" Tiffany thought. Owen asked " would you mind if I turn up the volume?' I thought that is a strange question, as these kinda movies is for visual impact. I got this idea in my head to ask him why he wants to turn it on "Owen why would you like it louder?" His answer even surprised me "'cause it is a turn on for me, I enjoy the verbal interaction". I just sat there, taking in his words, there might have been a sound escaping my lips as Owen looked at me, devilish, "did he enjoy that specific sound?". My mind is twirling with thoughts, naughty sexual thoughts. I thought I might delft a bit deeper into this man, what makes him tick, what makes him hard?

Chris still sitting in the car, watching with some concentration, waiting for what might happen. "Shall i go in my own house, how will I handle it? Will I be shocked that my lovely wife will cheat on me? Is this cheating? Is this a real friend?" Chris had a million questions going through his mind yet he still had no answer - hoping for an answer from above but that too never came." I might sms Tiffany" Chris said to himself, is that intruding, what will she respond? anger shocked?

As the thought crossed his mind he saw a glimpse on the screen - Tiffany relaxed shoulders, no tension, turning to Owen. They are talking and it looks interesting. Her nightie's strip came down again, this time she didn't make move to pull it back up. "Gorgeous" Chris said, staring at the screen. If that shoulder strap slips, Owen will see her whole breast. Tiny yet generous length nipples, succulent to suck and kiss. Chris once again unzipped, half hard he pulled his cock closer to the tab. "If only she could see how she turns me on."

"Owen" I said "what is so amazing about the noise a women makes when she gets fucked?" Owen non hesitant "she gives the man a compliment or stating verbally what she enjoys, it is important to listen not just for yes or no. Wouldn't you agree Tiff?" as he asked me the question he touched my thigh, some sweaty yet excited palm of another man just touched me. It excited me, could be that I haven't been touched this way in a while "no it couldn't be." I leaned in closer to him, just wetting his lips with mine, as I pulled back I bit lightly on my bottom lip.

What have i just done?

Chris seeing his wife lean into another man, was shocked, but his penis came erect and became so engorged with blood that it almost bursts. He took his swollen cock in hand and stared at his tab, pulling his cock with his left hand, sliding up down his shaft, over his head - still sensitive from his previous masturbation. His heart rate became faster, his breathing became faster, his whole soul was fixated on the screen. He placed his tab on the passenger side, stroking his balls with his right hand, still not missing a beat with his left.

Owen, taken aback, enjoyed the soft touch of lips meeting. "I did't expect that Tiff" Well what did you expect Owen, me here next to you, you holding me tight, and especially watching this dvd? Or what have you been planning?" Owen staring down my nightie, eyes fixated on my b-cupped breasts - not much cleavage - "just this exactly!" Owen pulled into me, I wanted to stop as our tongues met, he was passionate, I could feel his chest heaving. i opened my mouth inviting his tongue in, my arms folding around his neck. Wanting him more, he starts kissing me more needing, our mouths opening in rhythm tongues dancing the forbidden dance. I slid my left hand down his chest, I can feel his heart beat increasing. My thoughts going down to his penis "what size is he, doe he know how to use it, what would it taste like?"

Chris almost missed a beat, started masturbating more vicious still sensitive, increasing the experience for him. he couldn't believe his eyes neither his excitement. In some crazy way their fantasy became a reality.

Tiffany's hand wanted to go to Owen's trousers, she held her hand closer to his chest. Owen pulled away and just looked at her, her hair all shuffled, her face in disbelief - smiled and gave a cheesy wink.

She grabbed him at the back of his head, pulling him deeply into her. Her hand stealing one of his, leading him down her neck, past her collar bone - placed it on top of her nightie - Owen can feel her hardened nipple of her right breast. Her breasts still felt tight, takes him back to his varsity days. He squeezes around her breast, feeling her roundness, her flesh beneath the nightie. She lets out a soft moan, enjoyable moan, hoping to excite him.

Chris shoots his load all over the tab "dammit" this time not a easy clean. It felt more intense than the previous came. He still looks at the screen, sees his wife lifting her arm over her head, enjoying the attention her breast is receiving. He smiled, looked at himself in his rear view mirror, and nodded - he found what he will enjoy for a long time still to come. Reality of it was he enjoyed his wife being pleasured by a man, a friend, a work partner his best man at his wedding. He started to doubt his wife's intentions, did she always like him? would she have done this at the restaurant we frequently visited with Owen and his flavour of the month? What did she think whenever Owen came for a swim? "NO NO NO !!!!" he thought by himself, "I am not the jealous type!" She only deserves what her heart desires and currently it is Owen, dipping himself into her making her moan, the sounds that he enjoys that makes him go wild with lust.

Owen gently slides his hand down Tiffany's side of her breast, giving her that tingling feeling, going down her side. He is moving over shapely stomach "she had twins? unbelievable???" He placed his thumb in her naval, gently touching the sides. Tiffany let out a load moan, which was unexpected, she never had this feeling before. Owen removes his finger, slips his thumb in his mouth and wets it. With his wet thumb he draws a line from her chin, down her chest, back to her naval. "He couldn't go any slower" Tiffany thought by herself yet she is starting to grinding her pelvic, slowly yet for him to notice.

Owen thinking to himself what a lucky man Chris was, having this sensual being at his side. The thought crossed his mind to stop - he does enjoy the teasing aspect of foreplay - and by the looks of it so does Tiff. His wet thumb tracing the line from her naval to her pelvic bone, feeling her grinding underneath his hand. Have I done something wrong or right is she asking me to move or to stop? "Listen to yourself" Owen mentioned " listen to her non verbal communications Owen". He slides his thumb down her pelvic bone over her nighties, he found the spot, she is wet, engorged. "Is she turned on?"

Tiffany wanting his thumb to play over clit, still undecided of what to next, pushes him up. She looks Owen in his deep blue eyes, which she became accustomed to. 'anything wrong Tiff" Owen asked her politely. "No' Tiffany responded. Her hands slid down his chest, opening his shirt buttons, she reaches his belt. He grabbed her hands "are you sure?"

Chris still glued to his tab, decides to get a closer look. He slips out of his car, grabs his keys and moves along like a trained navy seal. "Kitchen window or try the den's window?" he wondered.

Tiffany slowly releases his belt buckle "yes I am, why are you not?" He does not respond, he moves his hands back to his sides and just nods, smile his own smile. Tiffany's hands has their own mind, she unbuckles his belt. Slowly start to pull down his trousers. He reveal a huge bulge in his briefs. She is taken back "how could I have never noticed this manly bulge in his swim trunks?" She slides both hands over his bulge, she comes closer with her face, taking in the aroma of this man in front of her.