Written by just_me_male

26 Nov 2012

As I was sitting in the car, my hand stroking my shaft gently - no urgency yet - saw the screen.

Owen was getting more touchy yet Tiffany had made no move to deny or incline any involvement. "Tiffany" Owen asked "would you mind if I hold you for a bit whilst we watching the movie?" My answer even surprised me when I answered "yes of course you may." Baffled by my own answer, I crept under Owen's arm, I must admit his smell was strong unbelievably manly. I started to enjoy watching the movie with this man, which I knew most of my married life.

The movie was still playing - interesting scene, naked women and men in all kinda positions - I noticed something moving in the drive way, didn't give it a second glance or even a thought again.

"Chris" I heard myself muttered still hand on my cock, moving faster up and down my shaft - precum glistening the top of my head. My eyes catches the tab still playing the live feed from the cameras in the den. My wife all snugly under another man's arm - my mind teasing my cock - I got this funny feeling in my stomach."Wonder how far she will go" I ask myself over and over - still stroking my shaft, my balls tensing as I can feel my ejaculation building....

Tiffany felt her own hand moving down Owen's chest, caressing it in a way which only she had with her previous lovers and now her husband. She felt turned on by this man, she nestled her head on his shoulder still caressing his chest. "Is everything ok Tiffany?" Owen asked her softly almost whispering into her left ear. "Yes thank you Owen, would you like to have another a beer? I am going to get a glass of wine..." "That would be nice thank you" Owen responded. As I was walking to the kitchen my mind started to respond to the thought of what was happening, my nipples hardened and bulged my front of the black nightie. I giggled like a little school girl. Peering through the kitchen window still in my own thoughts I saw Chris's car, light bright inside his car. I almost swallowed my tongue, "what would Chris think if he just walked in on us?" Peering closer I can see his busy with something in his lap, as my eyes caught a glimpse of his dick in his hand I was utterly shocked? "Why would he in the car!? He knew we had plans for tonight? Was it for lasting longer?"

I was about to cum when I saw the movement from the kitchen over looking the drive way "Did she or they even see me? Did they see what I was doing?" The idea of them or her seeing me got me over the edge and I came on my white shirt, some landed on my tie - a easy clean I thought. My wanking session was beautiful, not just coming but the idea of them on the couch...........

Tiffany wasn't sure what she thought about Chris's car in the drive way, she carried on pouring her glass of red wine, took a huge gulp and topped up again. She opened Owen's beer and thought that she might have to ask him leave "shouldn't have opened this beer for him" she wondered aloud.

She strolled back into the den, both hands holding a drink, she looked straight into the television screen - a women riding a man and a man by her side cock in her mouth - she got this quick tingling down her spine. "I have never done that" as she walked in and startled Owen - deep in concentration, fixated on the screen.

Chris took his tie off and threw it on the back seat, grabbed a tissue from the box in his glove compartment and wiped his shirt of, licking the tissue he tasted himself - almost in awe he actually liked the taste.

Tiffany handed Owen his beer, and placed herself down next to him on the same spot as earlier. Taking a sip from her wine she turned to Owen, still fixated on the screen, "I think Chris might be in the drive way in his car Owen, what if he walks in?" Owen turned to her and just stared at her, lifting up his arm and placed his hand on her thigh. He placed more pressure, just for two seconds. In a way it calmed her and almost forgot about her husband in the drive way. She lied her head down again on his shoulder, he leaned over and placed a gentle soft lip kiss on her cheek. "And that was for?" Owen smiled and said "relax Tiff, he would say hello once he walks in and we could pretend we just watching the movie". Both stared at the screen and burst out laughing - not the most appropriate movie they could have chosen to watch.

Chris sat in the car, closing his zip up, staring now directly on the tab's screen. "They drinking, seems they are having fun?" He questioned himself again over the bet - how could he not be the man that should have won. "I wonder what Owen is planning" waiting for an answer but none came. Giving a weary smile, Chris kept on watching the screen.