Written by just_me_male

25 Nov 2012

The mood was set for an evening alone - no kids - we hired some dvd's, some romance and of course some comedy. Hubby phoned earlier to say he might be late, all is forgiven in due time.

I heard a knock on the door and thought strangely who might knock this time of night...."it's Owen" i heard over the knock. Owen is one of Chris's best mates, my husband Chris, still strangely I open the door and give Owen a welcome kiss. " Is Chris in yet" Owen asked, I just mentioned that he was caught up at work, Owen walked up to the fridge, as he always knew Chris had beers. "what are you waiting for Owen" I asked him politely yet frustrated.

Owen was athletic build, some women might say handsome to me he was more of a brother 'laughing at the thought', I don't even know why I was thinking that.

"I had a bet with him for tonight" Owen replied, I started to wonder what bet it might be as their was no sports on this lovely Friday night. The thought past me that it might be work related, sales is some times difficult, I brushed the idea aside.

I asked in a low tone "what bet Owen". Owen looked at me in a way I have never seen, or shall I rather say noticed, I liked that look. I mentioned his name this time a decibel or two louder "Owen!", once again he just smiled, cracking his beer. As he opened his beer, I saw his muscular forearms, noticed that they are well cut, each muscle in his huge hands flexing. I blinked away - like he didn"t see me - blushing as innocently as I could. "Tiffany would you mind if I wait for Chris in the den?" Owen asked me, still politely yet inviting him into our world without Chris not being here. I found it odd, but then again Owen was odd - sales director at a huge inner city firm, he had the smile and actually the shoulders too." Mmm what am I thinking or is it really the first time I am noticing him - it could be waiting, warming up for Chris to come home".

Sitting in my office i couldn't believe I made that bet with Owen, who could believe I couldn't get that sale - a huge contract for our mining company.

I lost fair and square and now Owen is sitting in my house, if he even had the balls to go. "Uhm, I wonder what he might be thinking or doing".

I have never been jealous, whoever flirted with my wife,Tiffany, I took it as a compliment - who wouldn't. Tiffany was gorgeous not tall 5'4, small feet, nice perky breast B-cup, and the best was her clean waxed weekly wetness or as I call it the honey pot.

I got aroused at the thought of her sucking, licking Owen's balls - my mind wandered off. I shaken of the cobwebs startled by my blackberry going of - a sms from Owen" Hi mate, at your house. I helped me to a lager from your fridge. Tiffany looking damn hot!! cheers c ya later"

My heart skipped a beat, "REALLY" I said out loud. My mind and my thoughts went to a hurricane yet my erection gave me other ideas.......

As I pulled in to the drive way I saw the the den's lighjts on. "My sanctuary" I blurted out. I remembered what I had as toys, I switched on my tab. Locked in on the home security -nice feature though - as I entered the code, I asked myself thrice if I really want to see or know? "bastard" I called myself. Pressed enter.

"Tiffany" I heard Owen's voice. I asked "what do you want" and yet intrigued, this man sitting on my husband's couch. "No he wouldn"t" I thought by myself. He answered "would you like to join me? I got a dvd for us". "Us" I thought by myself, what did he mean? As I answered myself - not thinking of the lust I had in anticipation of Chris coming home - he wouldn't dare.

Chris was strong, years of sport and still competing in certain tri-athlons, would be a good boxing match I chuckled at myself.

As I pressed the enter button a screen popped up, I can see Owen on my couch, "my goddamn couch" I shouted in the car. I saw Tiffany disappearing into the shadows, coming into view a gulp escaped my lips as she is wearing her sexy black nighty. Not to short yet appropriate for company. Utter shock! I was still glued to the screen.

My head had these fantasies a few times but never thought it might happen, we as a couple did discuss our fantasies and top of the list was, as you guessed, mmf three some. We never eloped into reality with our fantasies, yet here I am sitting in my leather seat, driver side, rubbing my crotch...........

"Tiffany?, have u ever seen Dall-does-her?" I mentioned I have seen it, and if I am not mistaken M-net is showing the remake of it. Loud laughter burst out of Owen "not JR Ewing, but JR Swinging" he said in between the laughter. I looked at him gave him a crooked smile and just said never.

Owen pressed play, the movie started with a couple of girls on horses - naked - some oils in the back ground.

The ceiling fan was blowing strong, I could feel my shoulder band was slipping of, as I put it back into position Owen's hand reached out and stopped me................

My heart skipped a beat "bastard, he is going to do it" Chris muttered to himself. Yet he is zooming in, or was it his voyeur streak coming through now. He forgot the sensual side of Tiffany a long time ago he thought by himself. After the twins they did not do it as often as he would have liked, but then again Tiffany also didn't like the dry days or even weeks sometimes. She had her trusty toys yet is was not flesh. He on the other hand had his hand.

Chris caught himself unzipping his pants, he could feel his penis - strong, hard - ....................