Written by Desiree_1

05 Jun 2013




A young woman stood alone in a hotel room and shivered as she gazed at her appearance in the mirror, not recognising the woman who stood before her.  Slowly she ran her hands over her naked flesh until she came to her breast feeling the soft sensation of satin and transparent lace which moulded against her ample breasts.  Squeezing them together she wondered what it would feel like when he held them in his hands.  The thought sent a pleasurable spark down her spine.  Would he be as gentle as he appeared in the chat room?  They were strangers after all and this planned rendezvous was the climax to their passion filled conversations.  Nervously she glanced at the clock on the wall as the long hand slowly ticked passed the two.  He was late maybe he had changed his mind but no, this was his idea.  He had booked the hotel room and had left a key for her at reception.  He would come!  Annoyed with herself or rather her eagerness she picked up a robe and draped in unceremoniously around her naked frame. 

‘Don’t’ a voiced echoed in the room taking her by surprise, the shock clearly visible on her expression.  He must have entered whilst she was looking in the mirror. She froze momentarily as his gaze ran over her taking in every inch of her being then stopping at her lips.  Nervously she bit her upper lip, this childish action made him smile.


‘I take it this is your first time’ he spoke again.  It sounded more like a comment than a question.  When she didn’t reply he turned around to lock the door giving her a moment to compose her self and to ease the sensation that was building in his groin.  She was prettier than he expected and seeing her dressed only in her skimpy black lingerie had nearly taken his breath away.  She was all soft curves and smooth skin.  The temptations to take her right here and now was so overwhelming that it nearly made him erect.  But this had to be a pleasurable experience for both of them and he planned to enjoy every second of it after all they had all night.


Slowly he came to her the smile never leaving his face.  In a panic she moved backwards.  What was she thinking she couldn’t go through with it; meeting strangers in hotel rooms was not something she normally did. 

He was taller than her and his broad shoulders and frame seemed to fill the whole room; there was no escape now she had backed herself against the wall.  Like a trapped animal she waited for him to pounce on her but instead he stopped within a few inches.  Sparkling blue eyes looked at her curiously.  Wordlessly he came nearer until she could feel his breath against her cheek and whispered into her ear.  ‘Just for tonight pretend you are someone else and just let go’

His words were strangely comforting and she did not even flinch when he gently slipped the gown from her shoulders and his lips found the base of her throat.  His lips were warm and moist and sent a tingling feeling down her body as it moved along her neck and found a spot behind her ears.  With trained hands he moved the curtain of long back hair from her face and allowed it to cascade down her back.  Slowly his hands found breasts as he squeezed them together just as she imaged he would while his mouth moved slowly down her neck to where the thin satin strap of her bra caressed her shoulder.  This would not do he thought to himself smiling against her skin as his hands found the clasp between her breasts that held the flimsy piece of fabric together.  He thanked the heavens above when bra fell onto the floor next to the discarded robe and her breasts sprang free as firm and round as he hoped they would be, without another thought he took one nipple into his mouth as his fingers kneed her soft round flesh.  Moving from one breast to the other he worshipped each in turn until her nipples were hard and firm.  One of his hands slipped further down to the juncture between her thighs removing the g-string the only barrier that still remained against his wandering hands.  She was wet just as he had hoped she would be, eagerly she opened her legs giving him access so he could slip a finger between her lips. She was moaning now and wiggling against his hand needing more than he was offering.


She caught her breath as his mouth left her breast and followed a line down her belly until he was kneeling before her on the floor his lips never leaving her body.  With expert hands he took one of her legs and placed it over shoulder opening her up completely to his wandering eyes.  Then she felt it the sweet sensation of pleasure washing over her as his tongue found her core and he entered her as his fingers had done before.  But this was not how it was supposed to be she would not allow any man to have such complete control over her body and her senses.  Almost roughly she pushed him away from her with such force that he landed in a sitting position on the floor and slipped from him to stand seductively next to the bed. 


‘Two can play at this game’ she said coyly bending over the bed with one knee to expose her full round bottom in his direction.