18 Mar 2019

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I was married. He was not my husband. I could feel my ring bite into my finger. That just heightened the excitement. We’d been chatting for a short time. He had described in infinite detail what he wanted to do to my body. He made me feel desired, alive. I’m a fairly attractive woman, but certainly not the type that has men falling for her, buying her drinks, asking for her number. But him….he made me feel like I was the sexiest woman alive. That he couldn’t wait to touch me, taste, fuck me.

We went out for drinks. I had had one or two. The alcohol lowered the few inhibitions I had. We sat chatting, I’m not even sure about what. I kept thinking about the texts he’d sent me leading up to this night. What he would do to me. He kept brushing up against me. Slight things, nothing too overt. A bump of the arm, a hand just above the knee. All fairly innocent. It just drove me wilder. I was so wet I could almost smell myself.

Eventually after what seemed an eternity, he suggested we go back to his place. How I didn’t fuck him right there on the bar I am not sure. I agreed, got into my car and followed him home. When we arrived, he came to my car door. Took my hand and led me down the dimly lit path to his front door. My senses were so heighted and I could feel my heart beating in anticipation of what I was about to do. He opened the door and stepped aside so I could walk in. I took 2 steps in and turned to face him. In seconds he was on me. His mouth found mine and I moaned as his tongue darted in between my lips. He kicked the door shut behind him and pushed me roughly against the wall, pinning my body with his. I could feel how much he wanted me. This was the feeling I craved. This power, this feeling of being the most desired woman to someone. I wrapped my arms around him. I gave myself over to my most primal urges. I dove my tongue into his mouth. His hands were all over my body. They trailed down to my thighs and worked their way up, under my short skirt. I had a g-string on so there was no barrier when his rough hands found my ass. He squeezed, not too gently. It made me gasp and drove me even wilder. I wanted this man in me and he had barely even touched me. He hiked my one leg up, I hooked it around his waist, straining my already soaked pussy. I could barely breathe as he pressed against me. I could feel him twitch. I knew how much he wanted me as well.

He put his hands on my ass cheeks and lifted me, allowing me to wrap both legs around his waist, never breaking our lip lock for a moment. He carried me to the edge of the bed before putting me on my feet. Finally stepping back, he looked me up and down and told me to undress, his voice thick with need. I wanted to savour the moment and strip sensually and slowly, but at the same time I was so desperate to feel his cock in me that I just wanted to rip my clothes off. My trembling hands unbuttoned my shirt slowly, one button at a time. My gaze down at what I am doing. As I reach the bottom I peer up at him. I watch him watch me, knowing he can see my full breasts straining at my lacy black bra, begging to be let free and suckled. I slowly unzip my skirt and let it fall to the ground. I am standing in front of him in nothing but black scraps of lace. “Take it all off,” he growls at me. I reach around and unclasp my bra. It falls to the ground my nipples puckered up and hard as bullets. I turn around and bend forward as I slide my soaked panties down my smooth legs, offering him a view of my ass. I stand and turn back around. He stands motionless for a moment, looking me up and down, silently worshiping my naked body. I can see the sharp intake of breath as his gaze lingers past my clean-shaven pussy. I feel myself go hot and liquid with his gaze alone. “Your turn,” I say to him, my husky voice foreign in the sex-charged room. He isn’t as slow as me. He pulls his t-shirt off in one quick movement and his pants and underwear in another. I see his cock for the first time. Throbbing and fully erect. I know I have done that. I have fuelled his need and God knows I want to satisfy it. We stand, inches apart, just staring at each other. I can barely tear my eyes away from his thick cock. I can already imagine how my pussy will need to stretch to fit him in me.

Then without warning he is on me again. The brush of skin on skin is almost too delicious to bear. I am convinced I may cum right away. He pushes me to the bed and lies on top of me, pressing the length of his body against mine. I strain to feel his cock against my pussy, but he manoeuvres himself so that he is just out of reach. I mewl petulantly, he just laughs at me. He slowly slides his hands down my body, cupping my breasts, taking time to roll each nipple gently till they feel like they are going to explode. I let out a whimper. He bends his head forward and slowly takes my nipple in between his teeth. I feel each tug in my soaked pussy, each tug pushing me closer and closer to the edge. While he laps and suckles the one nipple, he does not let up rolling the other. The slow and steady rhythm is almost too much to bear. I moan softly and arch my breasts up to his mouth begging to be devoured by him. I can feel his smile as he refuses to be rushed. He continues, sucking, pulling, rolling, biting, till eventually I can feel the familiar wave of hotness gathering at the base of my being. I let out a low moan as I feel my juices flow.

He yanks my legs apart and dives into my cunt with his wicked tongue as I cum. This only serves to intensify the feeling and I cum over and over for what seems an eternity. He slurps up all my juices, he laps me up with strong slow steady tongue licks all the way up my slit ending with a flick on my engorged clit. Eventually I come down with a shudder and try and sit up. He pushes me back down. He moves his face to mine and I get to taste my saltiness on his tongue briefly, before he goes back down for more. This time he blows gently on my pussy and without warning slides two thick fingers into my hot slit. There is no resistance, I am slick with need. I buck my hips to meet the rhythm his fingers are creating. Just as I am thinking I cannot stand it anymore, he bites on my throbbing clit gently, sending me back over the abyss. I fill his mouth a second time with my juices, I can feel his fingers slipping in it as I gush. I am panting like a dog on heat. I feel wanton. I feel alive. I feel invincible. All I want is this man’s cock in me.

I make him lie down, tell him not to touch as I slowly trail my tongue down his body. I get to the base of his shaft and skirt around it, taking each sac into my mouth. Probing each one with my tongue as it is trapped in my mouth. I then move up his shaft….my saliva leaving a slippery trail. I flick my tongue ever so slowly over the tip of his throbbing, engorged penis. He lifts his hips trying to slip his cock into my mouth but I am quicker. I look up at him and order him not to move. I stare at him for an instant, the dark look of lust in his eyes is all I need. I slide his cock into my hungry mouth. I feel his balls hit my chin and still I try push further. I slide all the way off him slowly and back all the way to the back of my throat, over and over and over…I taste beads of saltiness and he strains to hold on the edge of reason. With one hand I cup his balls as I suck hard on the tip of his cock. I suck hard wanting every drop of him in me.

He flips me over and under him so suddenly. He’s on top of me, his cock mere millimetres away from the entrance to my cunt. He’s just staring at me. I start to beg. Softly I tell him how much I want to feel his cock slide into me, how I want him to fill me up, how I want to explode around him. I try and buck my hips up to him. Eventually he slides just the tip into me. I groan loudly from the pleasure. He slides into me slowly, I can feel myself stretch to accommodate his thick, throbbing member. He pushes himself all the way into me. Then he starts the slow and steady rhythm. I wrap my legs around his waist wanting every part of this man in me. I beg him to fuck me harder and deeper. He builds up the rhythm till he is fucking me with the speed of a 16 year old. I feel my muscles contract and I hang on as I let out a scream. This only spurs him on and he fucks me harder and faster, pounding my bruised pussy. As my muscles relax, he slows and slides out of me. He moves so that his cock is at my mouth. I lick him clean, lapping up all my juice off him. This just turns me on again. I turn him onto his back and climb onto him. I slowly lift myself up and down his shaft, twisting and turning my hips as I do. He grabs for my tits and pulls them down to him mouth sucking on my nipples hard. I keep fucking him, my pussy begging for him. I build up my rhythm till I cum for him, arching my back and pushing my tits out.

Then he flips me over and lifts my hips so I am on my knees, my ass up. I tell him I can’t anymore. He tells me he is going to fuck me senseless. He tells me I have no say over the matter. He tells me my cunt is his. The boldness just excites me and I feel a warm rush. He roughly pushes into me. I can feel every inch of him as he stretches me. This time it is all about him. He punishes my bruised pussy lips, slamming into me over and over again. It is all I can do to grip the sheets and hold on. The force of him ramming into me making my tits bounce so hard they hurt. By now I am surprised I haven’t woken the neighbours as I am moaning so loudly. I scream at him to fuck me. He grips my hips so hard I know I am going to have bruises. He rams himself into me so deep I can barely breathe. I hear him cry out and feel him shoot his hot load into my cunt filling me up. He keeps cumming, I can feel it drip down my leg as he shudders, flopping down onto my back, his weight crushing me. He rolls off me and looks at me. I smile sultrily at him as my fingers find my cunt slick with our mixed juices. His eyes open wider in shock as he watches me play with myself, rubbing his cum all along my slit. It doesn’t take long as I feel myself build up and explode one last time. I fall back exhausted. My body spent.

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