Written by Secret_Fire

03 Nov 2014

...Okay, so first off, I write quite a bit of erotic fiction. Some of it is taboo, like the Cassandra series, which I will post the first part of to see how it is received. Some of it is more meh, like this. Short and sweet! Enjoy. ^^,

Starlight sat on the worn leather chair, smiling wickedly as she spreads her legs. "A man just had his way with me; I am still full of his cum. I can feel it inside me, feel the salty sting against tender flesh. Listen close, Amy... You are to clean me. Every last slippery drop. This is your new existence. You can fight me, but you won't win. You want this, as much as I do..."

Nodding dumbly, Amy crawled toward Starlight, body moving provocatively. Her loins aching with the need for release, aching with wet excitement. Little did she know how that release would change her. The buildup will drive her to heights of perversion; the release will leave her feeling sick, twisted. Make her wish for more from life.

Keeping her hands on the floor, her warm tongue brushed hesitantly against the flesh of Starlight's left thigh as she moved closer, the scent of sex filling her mind. She ran her tongue in wet circles around Starlight's clit, gagging slightly at the taste of the unknown man as she began to lick clean his stains upon her flesh.

Impatiently, Starlight twisted her fingers through Amy's soft tresses, forcing her mouth over her pussy. "It isn't a game, nor is it the time to dawdle. Please me, woman!" She growled, voice thick with need.

Small tears of humiliation watered in Amy's eyes as cum surged into her mouth, no longer retching at the salty-musk taste. Pushing her tongue deeper into Starlight, questing to please her, to avoid anger and recrimination. One can always sink lower than here, she reasoned.

Starlight writhed roughly on her seat; her own juices are starting to flow after the brutal dry fucking she received at the hands of a stranger in a backstreet bar, the angry welts on her flesh speaking of depths of pain and pleasure.

Grinding Amy's soft tongue into her clit, forcing her face high up between her legs, she moaned as she clenched, orgasming and pushing out the last of the cum into Amy's warm, waiting mouth.

Gasping in relief, she pulled Amy up, meeting her eyes with a predatory glare as she gestured imperiously to the man watching quietly from the shadowed corner. Watching lust crowd into Amy's eyes, she spoke quietly to the pair. "Amy... Silas. Fuck."

Still on her knees, Amy glanced at the stranger, eyes settling on the growing bulge in his thin pants as he walked forward, hand absently rubbing himself as he reached for her, fingers spreading her lips, playfully running along her tongue, before pulling out his large, thick throbbing cock, slapping the head against her lips.

She kissed reflexively, precum drooling from the head as she took it into her mouth, tongue running down the fever hot skin, gasping as he pushed in, cock touching the back of her throat before leaning backwards, leaving her gasping for breath.

He repositioned her on the floor roughly, lifting her hips to meet his hard member before slipping it into her dripping pussy, grinding into her with lustful force.

Following a beat set by Starlight's hand drumming silently on the armrest, he reamed into her, hand knotted into her hair, pulling her back onto his member. Amy began moving with his rhythm, driving him to the edge, urging him to cum inside her with breathy moans, begging for him to fill her with his seed.

With a violent surge, he came inside her, cum dripping out from around his phallus buried deep in her pussy. Breathing deeply, he leaned over her, pinning her to the floor with his cock, smiling at the grunt of satisfaction from Amy's tired mouth.