Written by artsmart

18 Jul 2016

India. I’d decided to travel the great continent in search of something more illuminating than what I could muster up here. I packed a small rucksack of basics, bought the air ticket, got the necessary inoculations and arrived at midnight in Mumbai.

My story cuts a fair slice from my life and that is told in my travel memoirs, but for the more tasty sexy part of it, that journey also had something in store for me, if not only at the end of my time there.

It was sweltering hot when I got to Goa. Most people had headed north for cooler pastures. I came here because it was low season and the beaches would be empty. I booked myself into a b&b, hired a bicycle and went out every day on travelling excursions.

On one such excursion, I’d seen a sign saying Vagator beach and taken a right turn off the main road, heading to where I did not know yet. Arriving at the beach, it was one of those romantic tropical palm beaches. I locked my bicycle up to a coconut palm and slid down the path and onto the beach. It was a beaut of a place. All I needed now was a hot bikini babe with an ass to die for while we strolled hand in hand sharing coconut milk. I laughed at my imagination because there was no one around at all. I headed down the beach as any adventurer would do. It was a hot day. I could see the Monsoon building up on the horizon. It was that time of the year.

The sun was baking down, so I took to some shade of a few coconut palms. I must’ve dozed off a bit because I did not see the two ladies walking past me. I only saw them when I woke up, because they’d spread their towels out between where I sat higher up and the languid lapping of the sea on these golden shores.

The two babes, were gorgeous. One was a brunette and was deliciously athletic while the other was a cherry blonde. They were sitting, having taken only their shirts off, their backs olive golden brown, with their backs to me. I tried to make out what language they spoke but could not catch the sound as the sea breeze broke the words up too much. Never the less, I’d been blessed with these two beauties in my vision. But more than that, I felt a distinct movement down in my pants as my manhood sensed what my eyes drank in front of me. Had they sensed this too, because Cherry blonde turned around and looked right at me. She waved and Brunette giggled and saluted me. Cool, they know I’m ogling them. I played along and hugged my spot in the shade. They sat and slid out of their skirts and then proceeded to put sun oil onto their skin. They helped each other and performed some very sexy moves I must say. I was beginning to wonder if they wanted me to join in, but I waited instead.

After this they lay back on their towels and prostrated their luscious curves to the sun god. It was time to do some scouting. So I scaled that coconut palm like a pro, reached the crown and wrenched some coconuts free. The sound of them hitting the sand below, got the ladies attention alright. What was he doing up there?. Coconuts guys! It was time to share a little feast. I slithered down, thankful that my host back at my b&b had taught me how to climb these things.

Damn they were both hot. My coconut intro was about to reap a harvest in more ways than one. Our greetings were in hand signals and I figured they were Spanish. Two sisters on a short holiday. Oh boy, someone up there had heard me when I came onto this beach. Fortunately I did the MacGyver and had a penknife handy. We cracked the nut and shared the milk. They invited me to sit with them. We couldn’t say much because of the language but the older sister, Cherry Blonde,Helena, could speak some English, while younger athletic brunette sister, Paola, could not say more than hello. Yet, it was Paola who kept on coming close to me and stirring my embers. She had the body without the face, while Helena had the face without the bod. Yeah, two sisters they were on these distant shores of India, Goa. This was getting interesting.

It was time for a quick dip as temps were probably hitting 48 degrees Celsius no jokes. I was sweating like a pig and using extreme concentration to keep my manhood from raising his head too much. Myself and Paola made the first move. Her butt was what I followed into those warm waters that day. Her back to me and my back to Helena on the beach, my manhood took advantage and pushed his neck out. I got to the water in time to dunk the bugger before anyone thought I was in the rent a tent business. It was a matter then of splashing Paola from behind, that got her bucking like a filly. The cavorting began. She was on holiday and I figured probably as hard up as I was seeing that everyone had headed north. How fortunate. I came in for the chase and caught her. But she took me by surprise. She was fucking strong and wrestled me down. At one point I felt her hand grab my still swollen cock and yank it to the side. Holy Mackerel! what did she want from me. I slipped my hands around her from behind and held her tight, my cock pushing up against her half naked bum. She felt slippery and cool. Pretending to wiggle out my grip but I could feel she wanted me close. She slid to face me and put her hands onto my chest, pushing me away from her slightly while giggling at my response. Spreading her legs she lifted herself over my hips and straddled me before giving a mighty squeeze that pushed my breath right out. My cock sank into limp mode as she slid down over him while I gagged for air. I fell back in the water gulping salty water and laughing and she dived right onto me again. This time she fucked her hips against mine. My cock rose right up again and took her by surprise as it dug into the flimsy costume covering her pussy. She looked at me with a wildness in her eyes, slid out of my grip and ran back to the shore, splashing like mad on her way there. Wow!. She knew I knew I had to come out and she knew I knew sus would see what I had on me down there.

I opted to take a long swim instead, willing Willy to calm down… which is what he did thank fully.

Nothing else happened the rest of the day except that Paola continued to flirt with me while keeping her distance. Probably because of Helena, I would never know.

As the sun got closer to the horizon, we both made moves to part company. They were staying at a hotel down the road and I still had some 10km to cycle back to my b&b before it got too dark. It was a great day and we parted as friends.

A week later it was time to say goodbye to India and head north to Mumbai for my flight out.

That day was the day the Monsoon hit the coast and the billionth baby was born in India. The rain pelted down and the worst floods in thirty years was experienced across the western coast.

The train was not as slow as my journey ten days earlier from the north. But given that it was a faster train, everybody wanted to be on it. I had booked myself into an overnight birth but on getting to it had found it full of sweaty bodies jam packed next to each other. There would be no sleeping here. I resorted to standing in the corridor for the twelve hour overnight journey. It wasn’t long before I saw my Spanish lady friends also fighting their way through the throngs. I signalled to them but they did not see me as they dived into their cabin. I immediately made my way over to them, finding the door locked. Fortunately, Paola had to open the door for some unknown reason and found me standing outside. I was welcomed like a family member. Inside their cabin it was humid and warm. The smell of left over body sweat from previous occupants was already mixed with their delicious womanly scent. There was only two of them in this four berth cabin. And I was welcome to join them. I hauled my bag onto the top bunk above Helena as the one above Paola was full of their luggage. One particular suit case lay open on the floor. It was full of crumpled up panties. These ladies were stocked up on underwear. Paola saw me ogling their panty case and giggle, picked up a skimpy little see thru number and tossed it onto me. I side stepped and caught it before it landed. “You like?”, she nodded and pointed. “Hmm, yes,” I nodded with a wry smile. She winked and said, “Helena”. I couldn’t hold my blush. Things were getting hot in there. “Very sexy, my seester”, said Paola. “Ah, you speaka some English good”, I said. Paola looked away and Helena winked at me. “And you”, I pointed to Paola, “which one is yours?”. “aaah ah ah ah”, she said, “no, no” and she looked at Helena while they both giggled.

Between the three of us we shared some food we had saved for the trip because there was no way to get to the dining cart with so many people on board. Stomachs full and some local bear shared, we mad preparations for the night. I didn’t want to change my clothes in front of these ladies so I hoisted myself onto my bunk and change there. They turned the light off and did their change.

The moon light outside slipped through the half shuttered window of the train. The sway of the carriages and bumping over the tracks made the light dance about the cabin. In a sort of strobe effect I could see moonlight dancing off Helena as she removed her silky dress. Her stomach was slightly plump and she was wearing a white sexy lace V-front thong that was pulled well up and over her sexy hips. OMG I thought this woman looks like a sex Goddess. Her thighs were well formed and then as her dress came off, her boobs fell down one after the other, rolling from side to side as the carriage bumped along in the night. She had no bra on and her nipples were round and rosy. She turned around and I saw her back, her spine travelling down into that delightful thong, her butt cheeks pushing out on either side. If I could get my hands around those, I thought. My cock responded immediately. Easy there mister, I thought. Down!…sit boy.

Helena bent to the side and climbed onto her bunk bed below me. I could smell her perfume. She was the married one of the two, and was on time out because hubby had eloped with his secretary. So she and sis had headed to India for some sun and maybe sex too. But the shores had been empty by the time they had arrived. So they said.

Next was Paola. The moon did good work on her too. Her athletic erotic exoticism got my full attention, and I think she knew I was looking because she stripped out of her panties, pretending to stumble in the process and having to do a pose that gave her assets my full attention. Then choosing a pair from her suitcase until she found what she wanted a Brazilian panty. They had fine taste these ladies and I wished I could taste their taste too.

Paola was ready for bed and mounted her bunk. Then I heard a soft husky whisper coming from Helena, “gooda nighta Arta”. “Oh good night my fair lady”, I responded. and she “why a you a say a thees?” and me , “because you so beautiful Signora”. That did it. She sighed and stretched forward looking up at me from below, her cherry blonde hair cascading down. Green flashing eyes. “oh Signor, plees to meet you,” she whispered as she stretched her hand up to me in a greeting. I took her hand, feeling its softness. Her fingers met mine and she gently squeezed them. I responded by bringing my lips over the top of her hand and lightly brushing them across it, picking up her delicate scent in the process.

She retrieved her hand with a light gasp followed by a giggle. Silence descended, accompanied by the clicking sound of the train over its tracks and the swaying carriage under the moonlight as it wound itself through the exotic Indian countryside.

I don’t know what came upon me that night but I took the plunge and whispered out into the darkness…”who of you wants a man next to her tonight?”, I asked. Silence. I heard a cough from Paola, who seemed to be sleeping. Then a hand touched my side. It was Helena’s. I touched it and she curled her fingers into mine. She gave me a little tug signalling me to get onto her bunk with her. Before I went, I slid out of my undies and made sure that my manhood was in resting mode, found a condom in my wallet and then I quickly jumped down and swung myself over Helena and nestled between her and the cool wall of the cabin. “You are a beautiful man, Art”, she said to me. “Ah Signora and you are a beautiful woman”, I said and she silenced me by placing her hand over my mouth. “Seester”, she whispered, “sleeping..not hear us, okay”. Yeah sure, it was not going to be that easy to keep things quiet. No sooner this than her hungry mouth found mine. She tasted like honey, her scent was full of sex and I easily slipped my tongue into her mouth feeling the edges of her teeth as she sucked me into her. Our bodies slid into each other. Her big breasts pushing up against my chest, I slid one hand down along the ridge of her back, feeling her slippery smooth and perspiring coolness against my hand. I found her bum and gave it a hard squeeze. She responded by bringing her leg up and over my thigh. Her panties had been removed by her already and I was glad about that because of the space constrictions on the bunk bed. I groped her buttocks while we feasted on each others tongues. Our saliva mixing an elixir of pleasure. She had pressed her hips against mine and my penis was now riding up her belly and depositing precum onto it in its wake.

I pulled her hips toward me even more and she moaned softly. I wasn’t going to touch her mound…not just yet. Her hand came down over my back. I felt her tracing my shoulders, my spine and then my hips. She left that part and then I felt her on my cocks head. She wanted him. She turned around and guided my hands around the front of her. Her hair was in my mouth and I groped for her tits that were by now aching for some strong male hands. I worked them, kneading them and plucking gently at her nipples until I felt them point outward like two erect studs. She pushed her head back against me and I got my mouth over her neck and sucked hard. She writhed and gasped. “My seester”, she whispered, “she must a not a wake a”. “Dont a worry, Signora”, I said, “all is well”, well I damned well hoped it was.

She spread her hips up ward while I got my condom ready and managed to slip it on just in time before she grasped my cock by the neck and guide me into her abyss. Her pussy was tight but very moist and she had to splay her lips apart with her fingers. I almost lost my erection in the process, but once inside, the feeling exploded all over me. She ate my cock in there and we spooned each other until we dripped with sweet sweat. I could also work her clit from where I was while she moaned and groaned about not waking her seester. This did not stop her enjoying our slippery pleasure though. My finger periodically slipped in and out of her gorged pussy lips until I felt her clit pulsate and vibrate. Then at a certain point, she cried out. That's when I grabbed her nipples and rolled them in my fingers and thrust deep into her, exploding at the same time as a million waves of ecstasy rushed onto her shore. She held onto the side of her bunk, gasping as I rode her deep that hot summers night on a train in the south of India.

Paola woke up of course. Her sister had made sure of that. In a flash she was out of bed. She had one of those 'no doubts me too’ expressions on her face. Her sister fell back against me and groaned, her hand over her face. We were drenched in each other’s sex and sweat, having worked up a helluva heat in there with our erotic antics. But now Paola also wanted her bit and it sounded as if there was a sibling rivalry going on. I got off Helena’s bunk and stood in front of Paola who got down and squatted in front of me. She immediately began working my penis who was responding well to her advances.

But all of a sudden, there was a knock on the cabin door. Paola jumped away from me and peeped through the blind covering it. She yelped with joy. She quickly opened it and in tumbled a scrawny looking guy. Apparently, it turned out, that this guy had had a fling with Paola at their hotel. And here he was, having not found room in his own cabin, he had gone in search of another possibility. Thing is, there was no spare bunk for him here and that worked to everyone's advantage because he pared up with Paola on her bunk and I went back to bed with Helena. That night we rode the Spanish love train, the four of us horned up and rocking to the rhythm of our train as it bounced along on its tracks.