17 Feb 2019

It was lunchtime. You had been traveling for a few hours now and this ride in the courtesy car from the hotel was the last leg of a trip you had been looking forward to for weeks. Unlike most travelers, you had not been uncomfortable on the too small commuter jet you had arrived on a little while ago, and were still in good spirits. You absentmindedly crossed you bare legs, your fair white skin sparkling with the sunshine through the window, and you freshly shaved pussy gliding against your panties. You ran your fingers through your long blonde hair that always set off the sparkle in your blue eyes just right. You watched out the window as the hotel came into view. You didn’t know quite where you were, but you enjoyed traveling and you knew “I” would take good care of you here. The “I” was a great friend.

You and I had been seeing one another on and off for several months, and while we both had other commitments, we seemed to always find time for one another, and the sexual meetings had evolved over the months into something that balanced precariously on the line between friendship and love. The fact that we both were fine walking that line only made things easier. You smiled at the thought of me, a small sigh escaping your lips. The car finally arrived at the hotel and you made your way into the foyer. You approached the front desk, but there was no one to be seen. You took out your cell and called the front desk. The phone inches away on the desktop began to ring and a young black girl hurriedly appeared around the corner. You smiled at her and motioned to let her get the phone first. You hung up the cell and told the girl not to bother, that it was you on the phone. The girl laughed and apologized, you asked her for the keycard I had left for you, and then with it headed for the elevators. When you got to room 406 you put the keycard in the door and opened up to a very well appointed two room suite. You thought to yourself how nice for me that while I was training in Cape Town, the company had chosen to put me up in such pleasant accommodations. And how nice for you too.

You sat down on the edge of the bed, smiling as you ran through some of our recent conversations in your head. We hadn’t seen one another in a few months and as of late our conversations had often turned to our ideas about exploring a dominant/submissive relationship but we had never explored those interests together. You had your doubts about me playing the dominant, as I had always been very quiet and sweet with you. And I had never considered that the fiercely independent you, would enjoy being submissive. But there was interest on both our parts, and this weekend was slated to be an interesting exploration. We had 3 days and 3 nights ahead, the uninterrupted time together a novelty in itself. I was busy now, but would let your know when I was on the way. You turned and noticed a note propped against the pillows at the head of the bed, and flopped onto your stomach to read it.

It said, “I’m glad you are here. See you soon”

You smiled and reached for your cell, texted me a “Hi Honey I’m home,” followed by an “I’m going to find some lunch.”

You didn’t expect a response because after all I was busy, but you were pretty sure my mind was not on work. You walked to the patio restaurant overlooking the bay, ate a quick lunch, picked up a few necessities from the small shop in the hotel lobby that you hadn’t wanted to bother getting through airport security, and headed back to the suite.

While walking to the elevator your cell vibrated in your pocket and you read a text from me that said “Where are you?”

You texted back that you were on your way back from lunch, and I responded saying I would be there in about 30 minutes. Then to your surprise, I said I expected you to be lying on the bed in only your panties waiting for me.

You felt an almost immediate dampening of those very panties. Not only because of the anticipation of being with me after all this time, but because of the demanding tone of the text.

“Let the games begin,” you thought as you continued walking.

Later when I opened the door to the room, you were indeed right where he had told you to be, laying sideways on the bed on your back with your head by the edge, in only a pair of black lace panties. I smiled down at you and you smiled back, seeing me after all this time was such a nice moment. I bent and kissed you lightly on the lips, then stood over you and removed all my clothing. The sight of me so close and with it having been so long sent your mind racing and you felt your clit twitch involuntarily. My brown eyes sparkled with a mischief you had found so enticing ever since you had first met me. I always looked at you with such intense want in my eyes that it sent your head spinning. Your eyes couldn’t help but wander to my cock - after all it was right there above your head. I wasn’t very well endowed but thick and hard, and you smiled at the idea of licking and sucking my cock. Oral sex was one of your absolute favorite pastimes, and you had always been told you were very good at it.

I smiled at you and said “Don’t move”.

Then, to your surprise and admittedly, disappointment, I turned from you and headed into the bathroom closing the door behind me. You heard the water of the shower begin to run and realized that the game had indeed begun. You decided to behave, for the moment, and laid right where I had left you, but I hadn’t said anything about what you could do while lying there.

Your left hand wandered down under the waistband of your panties, your fingers lazily caressing your clit, while your right hand cupped one beautiful c-cup breast gently, running one finger over your nipple. You closed your eyes and continued to pleasure yourself, slowly, not wanting to get there without me. You heard the water turn off, and opened your eyes when you heard the door open. I walked back to the bed, taking slow steps as I watched you touching yourself. When I got close I gently took both your hands in mine, bent slightly and licked the fingers you had been using to tease your pussy, and then placed both your hands close to my legs above your head, your fingers gripping the edge of the mattress.

I bent very close to you, kissed your nose and said quietly, “ I SAID do not to move.”

I began to slowly stroke my cock with one hand and cup my balls with the other, directly over your face, the tip only inches from your mouth. You could see precum glistening on the head, and you so badly wanted to lick it.

You started to move your hands to touch me, but I looked down at you without smiling and said, “Sue honey, if we are going to do this you have to listen and behave. Place your hands back on the bed and DON’T move. That’s the third time I have told you, next time I have to repeat myself there will be punishment. Now be a good girl and do as you are told.”

You were a bit taken aback, this was a side of me you had not seen before, and the word punishment from my mouth both excited and scared you. You placed your hands obediently back on the edge of the bed and tried not to squirm as I began stroking my cock faster, right over your face, watching your eyes as I did so. You could tell by my body language that I was close to cumming, and you got excited by the possibility that I was going to cum all over your face and chest. But just then, I climbed on the bed on my knees, placing one on either side of your head, effectively pinning your arms above your body. I placed the tip of my cock to your lips and you willingly opened your mouth. I leaned over you, guiding my throbbing cock slowly in, not stopping until it had completely disappeared into your mouth.

You gagged slightly, but I told you to relax as I gripped one of your breasts in each hand and began to fuck your mouth. Slowly at first so you could relax, then faster as we both realized I was about to cum. I squeezed your breasts tightly and you registered the slight pain, but were distracted by my cock sliding in and out of your mouth, almost down your throat. I came hard, squirting hot cum down your throat in spurts that seemed to never end. You swallowed every drop, and I slowly withdrew from your mouth, pinching your nipples once before I let go of your breasts and climbed off the bed. I stood looking at your lying there and thought about how beautiful you looked and how lucky I was to have you. But I wouldn’t tell you so because that, I thought, was not very dominant. I had been planning this very scenario in my head for weeks, but no amount of forethought could have prepared me for the phenomenal reality.

I watched you lick your swollen red lips, then bent to kiss your and said, “Good girl. Good girls get rewarded.”

I guided you up to the head of the bed, leaning you against the pillows and took off your panties, spreading your legs and raising your knees as I did so. You smiled, thinking you knew exactly what your reward would be.

After looking at your pussy for what seemed like a forever, I smiled at your and said, “Touch yourself again sweetheart.”

You were surprised yet again, but did as you were told, and found your pussy to be dripping from excitement. You leaned your head back and closed your eyes, but in an instant felt your hair grabbed behind your head and your eyes immediately came open as I forced your head back up and said, “No. Look at me while you touch yourself. I want to watch your eyes.”

You did as you were told and after a few minutes, I took your hand and placed two of your fingers in your pussy, and then used my fingers to tease your clit and pussy lips.

Finally, still staring into your eyes, I said, “Tell me what you want, Sue.”

This was new too, and you didn’t answer at first. Usually when you wanted something you took it, or at least put yourself in a position to get it. Not pleased with your silence, I pulled my hand away from your pussy, and cupped your chin in my hand. You squirmed a bit, desperately wanting me to rub your pussy again.

“Sue,” I said quietly, “make no mistake, even when it is you receiving the pleasure, it is because I am letting you. I asked you a question and from now on you will answer questions with no hesitation, understood?”

Without missing another beat you whispered, “Yes sir.”

In your head your mind was reeling. Sir, had you really just called me sir? Where the hell did that come from?

“Good girl. Now let me ask you again,” I enticed, beginning to rub your clit again, “What do you want?”

“I want you to lick me until I cum,” you blurted out breathlessly.

“How badly?” I asked, smiling at you.

“Please Mike please!!!” you begged.

Without another word, I stretched out on the bed, and began to lick your pussy in earnest, replacing your fingers with mine. Everything running through your head suddenly disappeared, and all that mattered was the feel of my tongue on your clit, the feel of my fingers sliding in and out of your sopping wet hole, and the shaking of your body that always preceded a squirting orgasm. With an almost violent shudder and with your hands grabbing the bedcovers tightly, as your orgasm erupted, your pussy clamping onto my fingers as I continued to drill them in and out of your pussy. You began to squirm, but I wouldn’t let you pull back until the last shudder passed. You slid your head down to a pillow as I lay beside you. You sensed I was waiting for something, and it came to your so easily it surprised you.

“Thank you,” you said between ragged breaths.

“Good girl. You’re welcome,” I said contentedly, only now placing an arm underneath you to curl you into me.

You put your head on my chest and closed your eyes. This is where we both liked to be. We didn’t need any discussion about emotions or boundaries, and had never had one.

Here we were only a few hours into our time together and already our new roles had been established. Both you and I laid quietly close, the sun fading out of the room as afternoon gave way to evening, both catching our breath, minds reeling with possibilities for the rest of the weekend.

You and I lay and talked awhile, relaxing from the incredibly intense oral sex session we had just completed. It was nice to have time to catch up on all the things that were so much better shared in person. No one but we really understood the relationship we had. It was a close friendship, and we had gotten closer in the last couple of months. Some things we didn’t talk about, and it was almost like a silent agreement to avoid certain topics. We avoided talk of the heart for sure. Love was an uncomfortable word for us both, and even if it existed between us, neither one was going to be the one to complicate things by uttering it. And we both knew that admitting if it existed would forever alter the freedom we had right now, and the relationships with others and neither was willing to jeopardize those. Some things were actually sweeter left completely unspoken. It was that strong emotional compromise that let us explore the baser instincts we were experimenting with already this weekend. We eventually got dressed and went to find dinner. The hotel was in a busy area, and there were plenty of places to choose from. We ended up at a steakhouse, where I treated you to a great meal and relaxed conversation. We ate leisurely, basking in one another’s company. We held hands on occasion, a touch of a knee or graze of fingertips on you back letting you know that you were still mine, and making your mind wander back to the dominant side of me you had just met earlier. My mind was wandering too, stealing glances at you as I devised the evening’s upcoming activities. You wanted to be submissive, and I was completely willing to make you that way. We walked back to the hotel mostly in silence, but a very comfortable one filled with unspoken anticipation.

When we got back to the hotel, we got more comfortable, shedding clothing on our way into the bedroom. you lit a few scented candles, while I fiddled with the laptop on the nightstand, finding and playing a porn. We had recently discovered that we enjoyed watching porn together, and it was an excellent background to foreplay. We both lay on our stomachs close to one another, watching and commenting, sometimes humorously, on the movie. I rubbed you back, you shoulders, and you ass in slow lazy movements. Every time my hand touched you ass you tensed a little bit. We had talked about spanking and you had let me know you were interested. How that would play out you had not a clue.

Eventually you rolled me over tentatively and lay close to me, kissing my mouth, my neck and my shoulders. You let your fingertips wander, tracing lazy circles around and then over each of my nipples, kissing each on your way down my chest and over my stomach. You ran you hands over my already stiff cock enjoying finally being able to touch it. It was warm to the touch, and fit in your hands so nicely. You licked the head and raised you eyes to mine submissively looking for approval. I smiled at you, nodded slightly, and put a pillow under my neck so I could watch you. You began sucking and licking my cock in earnest, wanting to please me. My contented little moans let you know you were on the right track. You kneaded my balls gently in one hand while stroking my cock with the other alternating between your mouth and you hand completely enveloping me.

"Good girl, " I murmured, stroking the back of your head.

After a few minutes I pulled you head back to look you in the eye, and said, "Play with my asshole know what I like."

That was something new. Not that you hadn't done it before, but I had never asked for, wait, ordered you to do it. You obediently licked a finger, wetting it well, and slipped the tip into my ass. You moved it very slowly in and out, watching me to gauge my reaction. I stretched my body, pushing closer to you, and you continued putting your finger farther in slowly, licking it and running saliva from the base of my cock to my asshole, making sure it all stayed lubed well.

After a few minutes, I pulled you head up once again and said "Do you want to please me my little sex slave?"

You froze for a minute, the sudden change of dynamics and the term I used shocking you a bit. My tone remained loving, but the power in my words was unmistakable.

"You, remember about answering questions?" I said, suddenly pulling you hair painfully back so you neck arched.

"Yes sir, YES SIR, " you said.

"Yes sir you remember or yes sir you want to please me my beautiful little slut?"

Your thoughts were whirling around at breakneck speed. The words were usually demeaning, definitely dominant, our purpose obvious, but the usual reaction you would have to us didn't apply here. Looking at me as best you could with your hair painfully in my grip.

"Yes sir both, " you said.

I eased up a little on your hair, caressed you cheek with the other hand and said, "Tell me you are my little sex slave and you want to please me."

You repeated the words, and got rewarded with a "good girl" and a smile.

I pointed at the nightstand and murmured, "Then use those." you reached to the nightstand for a small canister of lube and a small purple dildo. After lubing both my asshole and the toy, you pushed it gently into my ass, all the while sucking my hard throbbing cock in and out of your mouth. I was moaning, which in itself was a feather in you cap because I was known for my silence even during sex. When we first began seeing one another, you had had trouble reading my body language and cues to know when I was going to cum. But over the months we had gotten to know one another well, and now you knew when to speed up, when to slow down, and even when to stop. Sometimes you stopped because you knew you wanted me to fuck you, but other times you wanted me to cum in your mouth. You loved the taste of me. It was always a tough decision running through you mind when you were sucking me, and this time was no different. As you played with the dildo with one hand while sucking and licking my cock, you again were trying to decide what you wanted. You should have known better by now.

I was enjoying what was going on for sure. You had only recently begun to play with my ass when we were together, but I had only recently let you know that I liked it. And being able to order you to do this or whatever else I wanted was a huge turn on. One of the things I loved about you, you wanted to please me, and that made me want to please you. I reached down and gently pushed you back off of me, not wanting to cum in your mouth again. You looked up at me, wondering why I had moved you, but you saw the look in my eyes and you thought you knew. I rolled you over onto your stomach, which surprised you. You had your head up and could see the porn, a woman licking another woman’s pussy. Although you were very and completely straight, watching two pretty women together was a turn on for you and I knew it. As your eyes went to the laptop screen, I softly caressed you back and ass, my hands on your skin making you tingle. I ran my fingers underneath you and fingered you pussy, which made you squirm and part you legs a bit. You couldn't help but relax, all but purring like a kitten.

You tried to roll over to give me better access, but my response was to sit on your legs just above your knees, straddling you body with mine, effectively pinning you to the bed in the slightly open legged position you had been in. I ran my hands over your ass cheeks, and as you tried to squirm out from under me again, out of nowhere my hand smacked you left ass cheek. It wasn’t too hard, but surprised you nonetheless, and a small yelp escaped you. You squirmed, and I spanked you again. No harder, but on the other side.

"Be still little one," I whispered.

You let out a small moan, but stopped squirming. I continued to spank you, not overly hard, but enough to get your attention, and you wre surprised by the part of you that didn’t want me to stop. After each smack I would rub your ass cheek before spanking again. You lay obediently still, taking what I was dishing out, knowing with you fair skin that you ass was probably red already. I spanked you for a few more minutes, occasionally running my hands over you quickly warming ass cheeks and under to finger you pussy. You were a little confused. This certainly was a spanking, but it wasn’t punishment, and you liked it dammit. You wanted me to fuck you, and considered asking, opening you mouth but then closing it again, thinking that was way less submissive then I wanted, and you really were trying to play you part here. So you put your head down and closed you eyes, concentrating on my hands on you, jumping and crying out a little bit with each spank. I smacked you ass repeatedly and more rhythmically, watching your ass cheeks get redder and redder at my hand and enjoying

feeling how wet you pussy was getting.

"Do you like to be spanked, you?" I asked and you hesitated again.

Part of you did like it, but what was the correct answer here? You ass had to be bright red, and it was stinging more with each smack, which I continued to deliver even as I spoke.

When you didn't answer, I paused for a moment, leaned down and said "Sue, that’s the third time you haven't answered quickly. You will need punished for that, slut."

With that I sat back up, squeezed you with my thighs to hold you still, and all at once you felt something all together different on your ass. It was light, and smooth, and caressed you skin. Curious, you raised you head to look behind you, and got only a quick glimpse before I pushed you head back down roughly, and you felt the black leather flogger you now knew I had smack you ass...hard. You yelped loudly, the pain of it hitting you already tender skin coupled with the shock that I had actually hurt you.

"Count us out loud" I ordered.

"One?" you said.

"No, one SIR, " I corrected, smacking you hard again.

"Two sir, " you practically shouted immediately.

I continued, pausing between each lash, just so you wouldn't expect it. You continued to count, "Three sir, four sir, " until you voice was breaking and you was starting to tear up with "ten sir."

I stopped then, placing the flogger close to your head so you could see it. I caressed you ass with my hand softly, running my palm over the raised welts the flogger had made. You lay still and tried not to sniffle. You were confused by your reaction to the first real punishment you had ever received at you dom's hands. You ass really hurt, but at the same time you pussy was wet enough that it had made a sizeable wet spot on the sheet under you.

I studied you right there in front of me, I liked the submissive position of your body this way, running my fingers over you pussy and feeling you wetness, and it turned me on to know you were my for the taking. I wanted to take you right now. The only question was which hole I wanted. I had access to you pussy and you asshole this way, and I loved the feel of being inside both. I reached for the lube, rubbing a small amount on you pussy, you asshole, and my cock. You felt the cold lube on you warmed ass cheeks and raised you head, turning it to look to see what I was doing. That action was responded to quickly, with I wrapping one hand in your hair and pulling you head back so you were again facing forward. I tugged you by your hair up into a position on all fours, and your body tensed, you neck arched back by my hand in your hair.

You felt my cock rub against you pussy lips, slowly, and you moaned “Please fuck me, Mike.”

I pulled you upright onto your knees against me, continuing to pull you hair as I got very close to your ear and whispered, “I will fuck you when I am ready and how I want to, and you will be a good girl and take it. I am completely willing to punish you again, and can be very creative with it. You do not call the shots here, I do. Understood?”

You missed a beat answering, and before you could say anything, I leaned back, pushing the back of your head forcing you back on all fours and spanked you squarely in the middle of both already marked ass cheeks, hard enough that you cried out.

“Yes Mike, Ok” you forced out, but you tone was one of defiance, because you were feeling that last spank was intended for punishment, and it had only taken you an extra second to answer.

“Wrong answer, ” I said patiently from behind you, spanking you again hard enough to make you yelp.

“Ok, yes sir, ” you said hurriedly, not wanting another smack like the last one. Another spank did not come, and you felt the tip of my cock once again touch you, but this time it was teasing between you ass cheeks.

“You know, ” I said in an almost conversational tone as I continued to rub my cock in you crack and placed a fingertip against you asshole, “I could stick my cock in your tight little asshole right now and fuck you hard and you would let me, wouldn’t you slave?”

“Yes sir, ” you answered immediately, but the uncertainty in your voice was apparent. We had had anal sex in the past, and while you knew it hurt at first, once my thick cock was all the way in you tight asshole it pleasured you. You pussy was dripping wetness onto the sheets below you however, and you really wanted me in there, making you cum hard and cum fast. But I was right, it was my choice to make, you were mine to use, and you did not doubt I would. You felt my fingers tighten slightly in your hair, as I placed my other hand squarely on the small of you back and with the decision made, pushed my cock into you pussy. You moaned despite yourself, surprised I hadn’t gone for anal, the feel of my throbbing hard rod inside of your pussy excruciatingly good. I began to pump slowly in and out of you, the feel of that combined with the slight tug of your hair and the pressure of my hand on you back threatening to send you over the edge quickly. I moaned too at the feel of being inside you, seeing my cock pumping in and out of you pussy, glistening with both lube, my precum, and yours, all framed by the red welts all across your ass. I continued to fuck your pussy, watching my cock repeatedly disappear between you pussy lips and enjoying the site of you reddened ass cheeks as well.

When you started to push back against me in a somewhat frenzied manner, you also adjusted you balance of weight slightly and slipped one of your hands up to reach under and play with you clit. All at once I stopped moving, my cock buried all the way in you pussy. You froze, realizing you hadn’t asked, or been told to touch herself. You waited, seconds seeming to tick by slow as hell, to see my reaction. My hand that had been on the small of you back slid slowly over one sore ass cheek and you tensed, readying herself for the smack that was sure to come…instead feeling me withdraw my cock completely from you. You didn’t move, afraid of what was to come.

After what seemed like forever, you felt the lube once again being dripped into you crack and rubbed on you asshole. You made a sound, but went silent when I spoke.

“Now I think my little slut has forgotten who is in charge here. Tsk Tsk…Punishment number two.”

You knew better by now than to speak or move, but still moved when you felt something hard and unyielding pushing on you asshole.

“Be still sweetheart, punishment is necessary.”

You felt the tears well up in your eyes as I pushed, what you knew to be a much bigger dildo than the earlier used toy, deep into you asshole. It felt entirely different from my cock, which even when hard bent and gave a little bit. This dildo was hard and unyielding, and felt positively massive in size. It hurt…a lot…and the tears came easily, falling onto the bed below you.

“Relax my sassy little slut, and it won’t hurt as much,” I cooed, all the while pushing steadily until the toy was lodged firmly in your ass.

“It does hurt, I, please please please take it out, ” you begged.

I didn’t respond, once again wrapping my hand firmly in your hair, this time pushing you head and breasts down to touch the bed. In this position you felt completely vulnerable, you ass raised high and filled to the point you felt it was going to tear. You tensed more when you once again felt the head of my cock slowly entering you pussy. I paused just long enough to caress you ass for a moment, my hand running lightly over the base of the dildo and pressing it briefly. Then my cock was buried totally inside you, my body pressing the dildo firmly every time I thrust deeper into your soaked pussy.

I used the hand still in your hair to pull you face up slightly and said, “Does it still hurt you?”

“No sir, ” you said, with your voice shaking just enough that we both knew it did.

“Don’t lie to me slave,” I warned

With that you replied, “I’m sorry, yes sir it hurts. Please take it out.”

“No,” I responded, “punishment is my way of showing you how to please me, which is what we both want, right?”

“Yes sir, ” you stammered.

I loosened my grip in your hair and you lay you head on the bed, gripping the blanket in both of you hands, trying to relax, stop the tears, and accept both the cock and dildo deep inside you. I pumped my cock in and out of your pussy firmly, putting pressure on the dildo with every thrust and as you relaxed, the feeling of the dildo in your ass and my cock in you pussy began to push you towards orgasm again.

Feeling you wetness increase on my cock I growled, “Do not dare cum until I say so, little cunt, or punishment will be had.”

You responded by gripping the blanket tighter, biting you lip, you whole focus on preventing

you own orgasm. After a few minutes of my constant pounding, and your intense but almost losing battle to control you body, you was relieved to hear me say,

“Good girl, now you may play with your clit, slave, and lets cum together.”

You quickly snaked a hand under your body, you fingers finding you wet clit and massaging it rapidly. Just as the waves of you orgasm began, I shot a large load of cum into you pussy, the fluids from both our orgasms mixing and spilling onto the blanket in what seemed like bucketfuls. When the waves of ecstasy finally began to subside, I withdrew my cock from your pussy, enjoying the sight of my cum mixed with your glistening on its tip. I then sat back and slowly removed the dildo from your ass. You didn’t so much as flinch, reveling in the contractions still rolling through you. I crawled in front of you, raising you chin and placing my cock where you could lick it clean, and lick it you did. The taste of my cum and you own mixing deliciously on your tongue.

We both collapsed to the sheets, my body resting comfortably just to the side of yours, my leg over the back of you thighs as you stretched out on your stomach catching you breath. After a minute we both rolled onto our backs and lay side by side, heads resting on the pillows, the only sound the laptop humming as the movie we had both forgotten about silently ran its credits over the screen and the monitor darkened. The room was now illuminated only by the one candle still burning, its scent overwhelmed by the scent of sex in the room.

Eventually we crawled under the covers, both on our sides, your naked body backed up against mine and my one arm wrapped around you possessively and holding you tight. I could feel the involuntary shaking your body was still having, and the heat from your bruised ass warm on my cock even now.

“Good girl, ” I whispered in your ear, smiling softly and kissing you cheek, “Now go to sleep.”

“Yes sir, ” you mumbled automatically, you eyes already drifting closed, a soft smile curling the corner of your lips as well.

You woke up early, after sleeping curled securely in my arms most of the night. You was enjoying today uninterrupted time together, and hated how when you looked forward to something so much, the tables turned so suddenly and one had to start counting down to when it was over instead of when it was to begin. It wasn’t that you didn’t WANT to go home, you loved your family and life, and knew that I loved my everyday as well. But we both agreed that our time together was something special, and we were quite bonded. You woke up knowing full well that today was day 2 of 3, and tomorrow evening it was back to the airport, onto a plane, and away from me. I still had a week of flight testing to endure after you left, then I would be boarding a plane home as well. Unfortunately home for us both was still an hour away from one another, but we had been making it work for months and we were confidently sure we could continue to do so. You smiled quietly as you glanced over at me, still sleeping soundly. In the past, you had woken me many times gently in the wee hours, rubbing your hands across my back, my chest, eventually over my ass and my thighs, massaging and kissing, never touching my cock. You knew all too well that after only a few minutes, I would wake, stretch, and reach for you. We would kiss and caress, then I would get up and head for the bathroom. When I returned I would touch you everywhere, and almost always your impatience would get the better of you and you would climb over me, sliding your now wet pussy slowly down over my hard cock, riding me slowly, grinding your thighs into me, all the while looking me in the eye, your long blonde hair falling softly over one shoulder and tickling my chest. I would fondle your tits, pinch your nipples, and keep my eyes locked on yours. You would make yourself cum all over my hard cock, then I would usually flip you on your back, often playfully, and fuck your hard until I came as well. Only then would we get up and think about the rest of the day. Mornings like that were far better than the few quickies we sometimes resorted to just to see one another. We loved waking up together, and as of late had been spoiled by doing just that…and often.

Waking up today particular morning, you were a little confused. Waking me the way you usually did seemed too aggressive for your newly submissive role. Stretching as softly as possible, you considered your other options. You COULD curl up and go back to sleep and wait on me to set the tone for the day when I awoke. You COULD get up and shower, dress, and play a little online while I woke up on my own. Hmm, you could see through the mostly closed windows that it was a gray morning, the kind when everyone woke up and thought, “what a nice day for staying in bed.” In today’s case it was especially tempting. The choice made, you curled yourself back up to me intending to fall asleep, but just as you closed your eyes, your back to my chest, you felt my hand slowly run over your side and stomach and wander over your smooth shaven pussy mound almost nonchalantly. Then I used my hand to softly part your thighs from behind, get between us and touch your pussy more. You tried to roll over to face me, but felt my other arm snake under your and press you to me possessively. Not knowing what I wanted, you relaxed in my grip. You could feel my hardened cock against your ass, pressed firmly against the bruises you could feel but hadn’t yet seen. I continued to caress your pussy, my fingers parting your lips and teasing your hole ever so slightly. I so loved to touch you, wake up with you close and available. My life is full, not lacking in love, or lust, or friends, or activity. But being with you was my chance to slow down, decompress, and relieve sometimes months worth of stress. We fit so well together, dominant/submissive roles or not, and I had gotten very used to having you in my life. I knew too that the clock was ticking, and that this hotel room, and this bed, were going to feel empty once you left tomorrow afternoon. You felt me kiss your neck, and relaxed even more.

With my fingers becoming slick as your pussy got wetter and wetter, I whispered in your ear, “Good morning my beautiful little obedient one. Whatever shall I do with you today?”

You didn’t answer right away, and I growled quietly in your ear, “Answer me Sue,” but my fingers remained gentle inside you.

You thought carefully and responded, “Anything you want, sir.”

“Good girl, ” I responded, and you could hear the smile in my voice.

My fingers began stroking your clit more rhythmically, and you began making little moaning noises. I kissed your ear, your cheek, your neck, using my other hand to knead first one of your breasts and then the other, pinching your nipples between my fingertips hard enough to make you wince just a little. As your clit swelled in response to my attentions, you began to squirm, but I held your naked body tightly against me and continued to stroke all over your pussy and thighs. After getting your pussy sopping wet, I placed one finger against your opening and teased it open easily. I then inserted one finger into the hole, drilling it slowly in and out, making you sigh and part your legs more than you already had. I used one finger, then two, then three, drilling them slow at first and then faster in and out, in and out. You realized you were getting dangerously close to orgasm, and I could tell you was almost there too.

I again whispered in your ear, my breath warm on your earlobe, “My slut knows by now you has to ask to cum, right?”

“Yes sir,” you replied automatically, followed quickly with, “please me may I cum all over your fingers?”

“Please WHO?” I responded, my fingers pausing momentarily, and you quickly amended your plea, your breath coming faster and more frenzied.

“PLEASE SIR may I please cum all over your fingers?” you begged.

“Yes you may, cunt, quickly, NOW.”

My fingers began drilling in and out of your hard and fast again, and you didn’t need to be told a second time, your muscles began contracting and you let out a loud cry as your orgasm rocked through you, coating my fingers with your sweet juices. I continued finger fucking your pussy…holding you tightly against me with my hand wrapped firmly around your left breast, your nipple pinched firmly between my fingers. I didn’t stop until your contractions subsided, slowly pulling my fingers out and releasing your nipple, but still holding you tightly. You remained oh so willingly in my grip, surprised when I traced my wet fingers up over your mound, your belly, and your breasts, bringing my fingers all the way up to your lips.

“Taste how sweet you are, slave, and lick my fingers clean.”

You hesitated, and I again pinched your nipple, hard, and growled more loudly than previously, “Do it now.”

You licked my fingers, hesitantly at first, then with increasing concentration, until I removed them from your mouth and licked them once myself. I kissed your cheek as I squeezed your nipple one last time, then rolled away from you and got out of bed. You rolled over on your back to face me, covers pushed aside and your nakedness slightly red from the lingering excitement of your orgasm, and smiled when you saw me smiling down at you.

I stuck out my hand and said, “Come my slave, let’s get you cleaned up.”

You took my hand and went willingly to the shower behind me, waiting patiently while I started the water and adjusted the temperature. You glanced in the mirror on our way past, seeing for the first time the redness and bruising from our adventures the night before marking up your ass.

I turned and saw you looking, reached around, ran a hand over your ass gently and said, “Beautiful sweetheart.”

The shower was large, plenty of room for two, especially with you on your knees at my feet, which is where you ended up immediately after we had soaped each other up and rinsed each other off lovingly. I hadn’t spoken, just guided you to your knees, knowing you would know what to do from there. You took my erect cock into your hand and then your mouth, enjoying the feel of the warm water running down your back and over your ass as you sucked me. I braced myself against the shower wall with one hand, wrapping the other hand possessively in your tousled wet hair, guiding your head gently to take me deeper. You gagged a little bit on my swollen member, but that seemed to excite me more, my hips beginning to thrust closer every time you sucked me in. You felt me getting harder in your mouth, and knew I was close to cumming. You sucked eagerly, encouraging me with your mouth and lips and tongue to go over the edge. Oh how you loved the taste of my cum running down your throat! But just as you thought I could hold back no longer, I pulled you up by your hair, and spun you around. I ran both my hands up your sides and down your arms, simultaneously placing both your hands on the shower wall directly under the shower head. I then grabbed your hips, forcing you to stick your ass out towards me while parting your legs to keep your balance. I again wrapped your hair in one hand and pulled your head back, arching your back almost painfully, at the same time the swollen tip of my cock forced its way into you wet slit, seeking your cunt. You gasped as I slammed my cock all the way into your pussy, the combination of my cock inside you, my hand tangled painfully in your hair, and the warm water running a constant stream over your shoulders, down your back, and over your ass almost overwhelming. I fucked you hard, making your grunt despite your efforts to remain quiet.

I spoke as I slammed into your, growling out phrases like “My slave’s pussy likes to be fucked hard, doesn’t it?”

You didn’t answer this time, thinking you weren’t supposed to. This time you were right. You held your position as best you could as I continued to slam into you, placing my hands on your hips and grinding into your with every thrust. The sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin filled the bathroom, only serving to excite us both more. As my movements became more frenzied, you realized you were going to cum again.

You spoke up immediately, “May I cum again sir?” I responded in a breathless voice.

“Only if you cum WITH me bitch, not a minute sooner, or later.”

“Yes sir,” you practically screamed, tensing to hold back your orgasm to time it with my. I continued to pound your pussy from behind, digging my fingertips into your hips with my firm grip. All at once you felt me thrust into your hard and my hot cum began to fill your pussy. You squeezed your eyes tightly closed and began to orgasm too, crying out in unison with me as your contractions rocked along with mine. As our orgasms subsided, I relaxed my grip on your hips and withdrew my cock slowly, your hands sliding off the shower wall. We rinsed under the now cooler water before getting out, You obediently letting me towel off first myself and then you, lovingly wrapping you up in the fluffy white hotel towel, and nudging your towards the bed. You sat on the edge of the bed, beginning to brush your wet hair with the hairbrush you had grabbed from the vanity. You watched me put on a pair of boxer shorts, and then was pleasantly surprised when I came to sit behind your, taking the hairbrush from you and continuing to brush the tangles out of your hair. This was an instance where it was ever so easy for you to submit, you LOVED when someone else brushed your hair. With each stroke of the brush, I ran a hand over your long hair, smoothing them out with gentle care. When I was done, you took the brush from me and went to put it back on the vanity, but froze when I said, “No my little slave, put it on the nightstand. We might need it later.” I was smiling, and you were both a little fearful and a little turned on by what I intended to do with that hairbrush, but you followed directions obediently, placing the brush near the lamp with its smooth oval shaped head on the wood.

A glance at the clock and the window revealed that you and I had most certainly missed breakfast, both surprised by the clock and the sudden breakthrough of sunshine approaching the noon hour. We dressed in no rush, both checking texts and emails as we did so. I took your hand and led you from the hotel room to the elevator. On the ride to the ground floor, I pulled you close, running a hand possessively over your ass cheeks as I kissed you long and hard. The elevator door opened unexpectedly on the second floor, and we giggled softly at the disapproving look given to us by the elderly couple that boarded on that floor. me, You and the elderly couple all stood facing the doors, women in front and men behind, and I took the opportunity to reach up under your shirt and fondle your right tit. You moaned helplessly, and the elderly woman turned just in time to see me pulling my hand out from under. The woman snickered as they exited the elevator, and you and I glided past them, giggling despite ourselves. I took you to a small Italian bistro for lunch, then surprised you with a leisurely stroll around the harbour, where we spent the afternoon wandering between the boats and yachts, chatting easily about today, that, and the other. Several times I whispered something in your ear about what I might do to your later, using the usually derogatory terms You had become newly accustomed to, but to anyone glancing our way, it looked like nothing more than sweet mumblings between lovers. The afternoon passed wonderfully, enjoying one another’s company.

Later, we went back to the hotel and took my rental car to a nearby restaurant for dinner. After a wonderful meal and quiet ride, and energized still from the fresh air outing of the afternoon, we walked hand in hand through the parking garage towards the inner door of the hotel and the elevator. Suddenly, I backed you up against the retaining wall on the side of the parking garage facing the busy street. My movements weren’t exactly playful, and you were taken off guard. The retaining wall was only waist high, and I forced your ass up against the rough concrete, kissing your almost fiercely. The parking garage was well lit, and there were people still walking on the street only one level below. I began to raise your skirt with one hand…fumbling with my button and zipper with the other.

You put your hands on mine saying quietly, “No Mike, stop. There are too many people around.”

I persisted, and you continued to fight it. You tried to get me to stop, telling me to please take you inside. You kept glancing around, afraid someone would drive through the parking garage and see, or people one level down on the street would look up.

I got my mouth very close to your ear, my hand holding your pussy tightly and said, “ I KNOW you didn’t just tell me no, MY slut.”

You stammered then, “I did, but…"

I didn’t let your finish, putting a hand gently over your mouth as I continued to push myself against you. “You,” I stated, “you are my slave and I am your master. If I want to take you right now, it is my choice, and my right, not yours. Do you understand?”

“Yes, but..” you began but I cut your off again.

“No buts, you do not get to tell me no.”

“But Mike, not here, please, it’s so public. No.”

I stopped touching your and backed up a foot, letting go of your skirt and my zipper in the process. I looked at you long and hard, then turned and walked away from your towards the door. You hurried to catch up, but I paid your no attention. You followed me into the elevator, your hands on me as soon as the doors closed. I however pushed you away gently, stone cold silent. You backed up, confused for sure. Didn’t you just offer exactly what I had wanted? We continued to the room in silence, you a half step behind me the whole way.

After we were in the room and the door was locked, you again attempted to sidle up to me seductively, but I backed away.

Then I said quietly in the darkness of the small living room, “Go get undressed, freshen up, and return here to me. Do not turn the lights on and do not speak.”

You hesitated only an instant, and then headed into the bedroom and on to the bathroom. You took your time undressing, wondering what I had planned. When you returned to the living room, you stood uncertainly in the middle of the room, naked, in front of me sitting in a small but heavy looking Victorian occasional chair facing your. I didn’t speak for what seemed like a long time, and you got more and more nervous. Finally I stood up and came close to you, and ran my hands teasingly over your body, starting at your neck and progressing down over your shoulders, breasts, hips and ass. You shivered a bit, but didn’t say a word. I didn’t speak either, eventually taking you by your hand and leading your over to the chair I had just vacated. Instead of guiding you to sit however, I leaned you gently over the arm of the chair so your ass was fully exposed to me. The room was dark, a small filtering of light coming in from between the curtains, and a bit cold you realized, as you began to shiver slightly again. Leaving you in that submissive pose, I walked away into the bedroom. You heard me use bathroom, a few drawers open and close, and then felt more than saw me re-enter the room and stand behind your, now naked as well. I

t seemed an eternity before I spoke, and when I did I said almost conversationally, “Slave, you disobeyed your master. You pushed me away and told me no. Both things that are not acceptable. I even repeated the rule, gave you a second chance to react, and you still disobeyed. You know what comes from disobedience don’t you, slave?”

You raised your head slightly and replied quietly, “Punishment. But I….”

I cut your off again, “No buts, no excuses. You will learn that I will have you whenever, and wherever, and however I choose.”

I circled around to the other side of the chair, grabbing your hands as I produced a length of rope. I skilfully bound each of your wrists to the legs of the chair below you, effectively binding you in position bent over both arms of the heavy chair and rendering you effectively helpless. You opened your mouth to speak, I had never tied you up before, and I knew restraint was one of the things you were somewhat afraid of. But you bit your lip and remained silent, afraid of upsetting your “master” anymore. With you bound to the chair, I stepped back around to stand behind you. You could feel my eyes on you, and it seemed an eternity before anything happened. You felt so helpless, and exposed, the wetness between your legs indicating it turned your on at the same time it scared you. You felt my hand on your left ass cheek, first a caress and then a hard smack. You jumped a bit, but took the spank in silence. I repeated a similar spank on your right ass cheek, further reddening the marks from the night before. You tensed, but held your position, thinking that if punishment was to be a spanking, that you could handle. I smacked your ass several times with my hand. Then there was a pause before you felt leather being dragged softly across the skin of your lower back. You knew right away that I had my belt in hand, and you instinctively tried to move, tugging on the ropes binding your wrists. I paused only briefly, watching you wriggle helplessly, before snapping the belt across both of your ass cheeks at once, not incredibly hard, but enough to demand proper attention for sure, and the resounding thunk of the belt meeting skin made You cry out. I hit you with the belt rhythmically over and over again in the same spot, pausing between each swat to rub your ass cheeks.

You couldn’t help but cry out and squirm, but I paused and said softly, “Be still cunt, or it will miss your ass, and your back and thighs will be sorry.”

You took the whipping as best you could, but as it progressed tears welled up in your eyes, and you couldn’t help but cry out. After a few minutes, you heard me drop the belt to the floor, and froze, both anticipating and dreading what might be next. I circled around and stood in front of you, using my hand to raise your chin to put your eye level with my hard cock. I used my fingers to wipe the tears from your cheeks gently, my eyes never leaving yours. My cock was rock hard and right in front of you, and you thought you knew what I wanted, but when you stretched to take my cock in your mouth, I pulled you back by your hair and said evenly,

“My turn to say no my disobedient cunt. You watch.”

With that I proceeded to stroke my cock right in front of your face, your mouth only inches from the precum oozing from the hole at the head. You wanted to lick it desperately, and I knew it, but I continued to stroke it myself, holding your head by your hair and making sure your face remained only inches from my cock. I masturbated slowly at first, alternately stroking my cock and massaging my balls. Then I stroked harder and faster, beginning to breathe heavily, and you knew I was going to cum. Your pussy was wet and dripping, wanting my cum , my cock, me. You at least wanted to touch yourself, but being tied made that impossible. All you could do was move your legs, trying desperately to create friction for your pussy. I pointed the head of my cock right at your face, moaned loudly, and shot a huge load of cum all over your features. You sputtered a little but otherwise remained silent.

I looked down at you, my cum dripping down your cheeks and off your chin, and said sternly, “I am the one who makes decisions here. I am the master and you are MY slave. You do what I want, when I want, wherever and however I want. You will be obedient from today point on. Do you understand?”

You looked up at me from your subservient position tied to the chair and said very quietly,

“Yes sir.”

With that I released your hair, quietly unbound you, and pointed at the bathroom for your to go wash up. You headed that way slowly, your ass cheeks burning. You avoided looking in the mirror, quite honestly a little afraid of how your ass looked at this point. You stayed in the bathroom a little bit longer than you really needed to, feeling somewhat ashamed and embarrassed, but also so incredibly in need of an orgasm. When you came out, I told you to go to the couch and lay down. You saw I had put a pillow and blanket there for you. After using the bathroom myself, I stretched out in the bed alone. You could see me from the couch and in the darkness you debated asking me if you could join me, but decided against it. If I wanted you there I would invite your.

After a few minutes of silence, I quietly murmured, “Punishment is not about pain, it is about control. And when you are punished, it is punishment for me too. I think now you will understand your role. Now go to sleep.”

A few seconds later I added, “And absolutely do not masturbate. You will not cum tonight.”

“Yes sir,” you answered dejectedly, your voice shaking just a bit.

You felt like crying, it had been such a strange night. You wiped a tear or two away, convincing herself there was no reason for them. It was all part of the “game” and everything was fine. The “game” however had gone farther tonight than you had thought it would, and you had some mixed feelings about it for sure. Who knew you could be so punished, and so turned on, all at the same time? You so wanted to touch yourself and briefly considered trying to masturbate quietly under the blanket, but I had effectively made you obedient, at least for tonight, and I had said no. You did fall asleep, more from pure exhaustion than anything

else. But just a few hours later, you woke to feel my hand stroking your hair off your forehead, and opened your eyes to find me sitting on the floor next to the couch. I leaned up and kissed you, both gently and insistently, and when you tried to speak, I put a finger to your lips and held out my other hand.

You took it, and I led you past the chair, rope still hanging from its feet, to the bed, where I curled you up into your regular spot in my arms and whispered,

“Goodnight little one.”

You remained quiet, just snuggled your back as much as you could up against my chest, not entirely oblivious to the tender soreness of your ass, and fell back asleep, content that you had played your role well, as had I, and tomorrow would be another day of adventure. Because of course we were still PLAYING at today, right?

You slept the remainder of the night curled up securely in my arms. You woke up first, and wriggled out quietly from underneath me, where you had ended up. Today was our last day together you thought with a pang of sadness. The plane home left this evening, and you had no choice but to be on it. I went back to work tomorrow. Our respective lives would continue, and we would go back to squeezing in time for one another however we could. You and I never knew when we would see each other again – days or even weeks sometimes went by between visits when it couldn’t be helped. During those times, sexting, internet chatting, and the occasional webcam kept them close. It was rare for even a day to go by without some sort of contact between us, and when it did, things that entire day just felt off. But you were always secure in our relationship, never doubted it was forever, and always hoped I knew the same. We didn’t need to SAY love to know it was very real and very present.

As you moved, your muscles immediately announced their protest following the long positioning for punishment last night. You quickly noticed the tenderness of both your ass cheeks and ran your hands over them curiously. You could feel the slightly raised welts still there from my whipping you with my belt the night before. Strange that it had been punishment, but admittedly still a total turn on. I certainly had a handle on my dominant role! You on the other hand were struggling. The entire dynamics of our relationship had changed so drastically in such a short span of time. All of the sudden you had become MINE…not that you hadn’t been before truth be known, but now it was out in the open and very dominantly real. Your mind immediately flooded with memories of the night before, your saying no to sex in the parking garage, my rebuff in the elevator, the chair, the rope, and …oh God the facial. You had never known you ere capable of not only taking that, but liking it. In all the months you had known me I, you never saw even a glimpse of this sort of control from me. You hadn’t uttered a word of protest the entire evening, and taken your punishment well. A safe word had never even occurred to you, although knowing in the back of your mind that it was in place lent you a bit more security. The dominant I you were meeting this weekend intrigued you, but the submissive you that you found in yourself really surprised you. As part of your punishment for yesterday’s oppositional behaviour, I hadn’t allowed you to cum…at all… all night. Truth be known public sex still scared you, but you now knew that next time I propositioned you would comply anyway, to avoid punishment. Honestly, you had been incredibly turned on by my attempt to fuck you up against the second level retaining wall of the parking garage last night, but you had let reality sneak in and interfere. You would not make that same mistake again. Knowing of course that the real punishment hadn’t been the bondage, the facial, the spanking, or even the lack of orgasm. The real punishment had been the silent disapproval from a man you cared for, and the lonely half a night alone on the couch. Your pussy twitched in response to the memories, and you suddenly had an overwhelming need to masturbate.

Even though the whole dominant/submissive thing was still new to you, you knew full well that masturbating without permission had to be a very bad thing to do. Of course, who knew if we would still be in those roles when I woke up, it seemed it was my call to make. Even so, your mind reasoned, I was sound asleep. I wouldn’t catch your. You could do it in the other room on the couch, quietly, the same couch where I had sent you to sleep alone as the last part of your punishment. You looked over your shoulder at me sleeping and smiled at the memory of waking in the middle of the night to me taking your gently back to bed with me, to your spot. You needed release so badly, you were sure I would understand… and shame on me anyway for not letting your cum last night. It was my fault really you thought defiantly. With that disobedient bit of resolve, you climbed carefully out of the bed, padding quietly with bare feet over to the couch.

You sat in one corner of the paisley furniture, putting one leg on the couch with your, knee up against the back cushion, and the other stretched out to rest on the nearby coffee table. You had slept naked, as I preferred, so clothing was not an issue. You slowly began running your hands over your tits, squeezing your rounded, already erect nipples, noticing a bit of tenderness and not quite remembering how they got that way. Your tits and nipples weren’t normally overly sensitive, and while you enjoyed them being touched and fondled, it wasn’t usually a turn on in and of itself. But now the tenderness caused your to look down, noticing for the first time that both of your nipples were slightly bruised. You ran a finger over each bruise, exploring with curiosity the new sensitivity they afforded you there. You sighed quietly as your hands roamed over both tits, alternately cupping them underneath and rubbing a thumb over each blue tinged nipple. Eventually one hand stole its way casually down your stomach and between your thighs, stopping to massage your clit briefly before dipping two of your fingers into your pussy, only to find it already wet and sensitive. You almost sighed aloud, but stopped yourself. You swirled your fingers around in the wetness leisurely, stealing a glance through the doorway of the bedroom to see me still sleeping before tilting your head back onto the couch, closing your eyes, and revelling in the feel of your hands on your own body. Masturbating always felt good, but this time in particular, the awesome need for release, coupled with the knowledge that doing it was disobedient, was making the whole process hotter, and wetter, and most likely quicker than usual. You had really wanted to do this last night, but had succeeded in being obedient when I had told you that you couldn’t cum. Exhaustion from the night of punishment helped, but damn it had still been hard. Now you just couldn’t possibly wait any longer. With your eyes still tightly closed, you began to squeeze your right breast with your hand, your finger and thumb trapping your nipple tightly. You started drilling your fingers in and out of your now sopping wet pussy with more pressure and less control, while using your adjoining thumb to pat your clit. Your reddened and sore ass sunk deeper into the couch cushion as you wriggling became more evident. Sensory overload was quickly becoming a reality, and the release you would have begged, yes begged for last night if I had let your speak, was literally only seconds away. You bit your lower lip, a telltale sign that you were about to cum. You had always done that, but had never noticed until I teasingly pointed it out to you once. Oh shit…you. You had completely forgotten about me. Too late to stop at this point, your eyes flew open just as your orgasm overtook you. And there was I…standing naked, about two feet away, watching your with no expression at all on my face. Too far gone to prevent it, your body convulsed with your orgasm, your fingers getting soaked with your cum, and squeezed by the convulsions of your pussy. You were helpless to stop the release of your body, and your eyes met mine only briefly before you looked away blushing. As the reaction slowed, you slid your fingers out of your pussy and eased the grip you had on your tit, pulling your leg that was on the table simultaneously up next to the other. You sat very still in the corner of the couch, staring at your raised knees, both arms wrapped around them, afraid to again make eye contact with me. The quiet seemed to stretch on forever, you sitting on the couch in a very submissive position, and me staring at you, naked, now with a semi hard cock casually in my hand.

Finally I walked over and sat next to you on the couch, my now fully erect cock in full view. I used my feet to push the coffee table away from the couch as far as I could, then reached over and took one of your hands off of your knee. First I licked each of your fingers in turn, tasting the juices your orgasm had just provided. Then I massaged your fingers with mine, brought your hand to my lips again, and kissed it sweetly. You chanced a look at me, and I smiled at you, and for a moment you relaxed, thinking I understood, began putting your legs down to wriggle closer to me…I just had to know that I had left you no choice. But then I pulled your hand roughly and in what seemed like one motion guided you to your knees on the floor by my feet.

“Stay,” I said evenly.

You sat quietly, your sore ass resting on your heels and your hands by your sides, eyes downcast. You had been disobedient again, and you knew it. It surprised you that your eyes began to fill up with tears, but you refused to cry, or to let me see it. I stood up and stepped around your, crossed the room, and removed the rope from the chair legs where it had been abandoned last night. I knelt down behind you, pulling your hands behind you and tying your wrists together, then repeating the process with your ankles, connecting all four loosely together, effectively hog tying you without hurting you. I stood up, looking down on you with satisfaction, then circled back around you, sitting in front of you on the couch with my already hard cock in front of your face. You couldn’t move, and continued to stare down at the floor submissively. You were still on your knees, your ass resting on your heels, your knees parted in front of you. Your tits were still flushed from your most recent indiscretion, your nipples still hard and prominent in front of you. I placed one hand under your chin and forced your head up to make eye contact with me.

You tried to look away, but I held your chin firmly and murmured, “Look me in the eye my disobedient little slut. Do NOT look away.”

You complied as best you could, as I let go of your chin and began rubbing your sore tits with both of my hands, squeezing them hard enough to make you wince as my hands seemed to find exactly where the bruises were. I then sat back on the couch and began stroking my cock and balls with both of my hands. You couldn’t help but lower your gaze to my cock, already glistening with precum on the tip.

“Look at ME Sue,” I growled, and you immediately raised your eyes. I continued to masturbate, staring you in the eye.

“My bad girl thinks it is ok to masturbate without permission, huh?” I said almost conversationally.

“No, I just…” you began, but I put a finger to your lips to silence you.

“And to think I was feeling bad about not letting you cum last night, and I was going to lick you this morning. Tsk tsk, ” I continued, stroking my cock rhythmically.

You didn’t respond, thinking you had dug yourself a deep enough hole. You looked me in the eye, struggling to control the tears, almost silently begging me not to hurt you, as this position of submission was proving increasingly uncomfortable as it was. You couldn’t really move anything but your fingers, toes, and head…and my demand to look me in the eye effectively immobilized your head as well. I had taken care to be sure the ropes weren’t overly tight, but they were snug. You were completely stuck for the first time, and you worked hard to tap down the fear you felt. You trusted me completely, but this was still new and scary, and you began rubbing your thumbs together behind our back, a nervous fidgeting reaction you often couldn’t control even if you weren’t bound.

I moved to the edge of my seat, placed the head of my cock to your lips and commanded, “Open.”

You opened your mouth obediently. I began to pump my cock into your mouth, slowly at first, easing slowly in between your wet glistening lips and over your tongue. You sighed despite yourself, because you did so love my cock in your mouth. You struggled to keep your balance in this new submissive bondage position and maintain eye contact as I pumped rhythmically in and out of your mouth, gently and with marked control. Seeing your wavering, I pulled out of your mouth, stood up, and reversed your position effortlessly, placing your back against the couch and your head back on the cushion.

I stood close over you and commanded, “Look at me Sue. Tell me you are a naughty little slut.”

“I am a naughty little slut,” you said quietly, your eyes wandering. I reached down and tilted your head roughly back into the cushion so you had no choice but to look up at me.

“And naughty little sluts deserve what?” I asked.

“Punishment,” you replied dejectedly.

With that I placed my cock back in your mouth and began to face fuck you in earnest. You being tied up was punishment, the fact that I hadn’t touched your again wet pussy was punishment, but the face fucking was completely new, and rough. You struggled some, trying to keep me from gagging you, but quickly realized that bound in this position and without the use of your hands, you were for the first time completely at my mercy for a blow job. Even as your throat protested some and you wriggled helplessly in your bindings, you still loved my cock in your mouth, and wanted me to cum so you could swallow every drop. Of course I knew you well enough to know that was what you wanted, and I had no intention of appeasing my disobedient little slut. I fucked your mouth hard, looking you in the eyes as my rock hard member slid forcefully in and out from between your beautiful lips. You were doing your best to maintain the eye contact I wanted, but the force with which I was pumping in and out of your mouth was still threatening to gag you, and making you tear up more than you already had been. A few times I did shove my cock in as far as it could go and held it there, and you did gag, but I would then back off and give you a short moment to catch your breath and lick your lips before I resumed face fucking you. When I was finally about to cum, my cock growing ever harder in your mouth, and to your surprise and disappointment, I pulled out.

I immediately flipped you over onto the floor between the couch and coffee table unceremoniously, your face pressed against the carpet, your ass raised up by your knees tucked up somewhat beneath you. Your hair was all in your face, but you wouldn’t have been able to see anything but the legs of the table if your eyes had been uncovered anyway. You felt my fingers part your legs as much as we could be in this position, and tensed involuntarily when I rubbed my cock between your ass cheeks.

I leaned my body over yours, got very close to your face and murmured, “What’s the matter little naughty one? Do you not WANT my cock in that tight asshole?”

“Please don’t, ” you pleaded, afraid of both the lack of lubrication and the bound position.

I leaned back, grabbing a bottle of lube off the shoved aside coffee table, and you felt me rub it between your ass cheeks. Then out of nowhere I spanked you, hard, and you cried out in both pain and surprise. Before you could protest further, you again felt my cock pushing and you tried your best not to tense up, knowing that relaxing would make it easier. My cock slid into your tight asshole in one fluid motion, and you cried out again despite yourself. I wrapped a hand in your hair, pulling your head up off the carpet as I fucked you hard, taking what was my and not worrying about your comfort or enjoyment. My other hand alternated between rubbing your ass cheek and swatting it hard. To you surprise, the combination of my cock filling your ass, my relentless pounding rubbing your clit against your own thighs, the pressure of my hand in your hair, and the spanking all set you on a path to another orgasm. I realized I could tell you were close to cumming again, and so was I. I thrust all the way into you and stopped, my cock filling your asshole and stretching you as much as you could go.

I growled at you from my dominant position above you, “Would my naughty little slut like to cum?”

“Yes sir please? I’ll be a good girl I promise,” you rattled off breathlessly.

“Hmm,” I murmured, still frozen in position, and I smiled when I saw you bite your lip in that incredibly sexy way you had.

“No,” I said in a commanding tone, “you came without me, now I cum without you. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you that you may do so, little cunt.”

You bit your lip almost to bleeding, screwing your eyes shut, and I smiled, knowing how hard it was for you to hold back. I resumed thrusting my cock in and out of your ass, hard, and spanked you as I did so. You had wanted dominant/ submissive this weekend dammit, and in those roles you would learn to do only what I allowed you to do, and I would teach you. Meantime, I knew you were close to cumming, and were using every bit of control you had. Having you bound, helpless, and completely mine turned me on in ways that were new to me. I wanted to explore control with you, mine as well as yours, but I also didn’t want to shame you, or scare you, and certainly didn’t want to really hurt you. I pumped in and out of your tight asshole a few more times, pulled out, and left one hand firmly gripping your ass cheek while I stroked myself with the other. I ran the hand off your ass and under you, running my fingertips lightly over your pussy, which was positively dripping wet. You shuddered at my touch and tried to push your pussy into my hand. The idea that I could do that to you, your beautiful body shaking underneath me, you trying so hard to please me, was what put me over the edge. I moaned loudly as I shot my load all over your ass cheeks, watched it glisten as it ran down off your sides and onto the carpet. I backed away from you, knowing that any touch could quite possibly send you into an orgasm, and you were trying so hard to behave. I stood up straight, leisurely stretching like a cat after a good nap, and patted you lightly on the ass one last time. You heard me pad across the room to the bathroom and heard the shower water start to run. You didn’t know that I stood in the bathroom doorway almost a full minute, enjoying the site of you bound and totally at my mercy. You looked beautiful there on the floor with my cum dripping off of your reddened ass cheeks, your skin flushed and your hair all tousled. You only knew you were stuck where you were, still bound securely. You wanted to be untied, your muscles were screaming for release, and your tits had basically been ground into the carpet, the previously sensitive nipples now feeling as though they were on fire. Your hair was still annoyingly in your face, damp with sweat, and clinging to your cheeks and forehead. You didn’t know that in that moment you looked incredible in your master’s eyes.

I took my time in the shower, knowing that the longer I left you in your place, the more you would understand the punishment. I also knew that without being able to move, your body would abandon the orgasm it had been so close to having, which is also what I wanted. As much as I had enjoyed my little slut this weekend, I wanted Sue back. And I thought you probably wanted Mike back too. I finished up in the shower, towelled off, and headed across the room, humming softly so as not to startle the dozing princess I saw on the floor. I knelt beside you, untying you gently, massaging each place on your skin the rope had touched. You didn’t say anything, barely looked at me, and I didn’t correct you. I knew what I wanted, but I knew you didn’t, so I intended to show you. When the rope was completely off, I helped you up, entwining my hand with yours, and led you to the shower. I started the water for you and told you sweetly to wash up and come back to me. You did as told, spent a while standing under the hot spray of water, washing away the tenderness and mess you had become. You had really enjoyed the weekend, the sexual demands, the dominance, the submission…but now you felt a bit embarrassed by what we had become. It troubled you that as fun as it had been, maybe we wouldn’t be able to go back to just me and you. And how would that play out? With a troubled mind, you got out of the shower, towelled off, and headed back into the bedroom to see what your master had in store for you now.

I was sitting on the side of the bed, the blankets still rumpled from sleep and the curtains still closed. Soft daylight filtered through the window, and I patted the bed beside me, gesturing for you to join me. You sat down next to me, hesitantly, not sure of what to expect. It was our last bit of time together this visit and it was obvious that the idea of going anywhere didn’t appeal to either of us. I retrieved a hairbrush from the nightstand, the one that had been placed there with mysterious intent the previous night. You tensed at the sight of it. Stupid reaction to a damn hairbrush you knew, but after the weekend’s events not entirely unexpected. I began brushing out your hair gently, running my hand over it and across your shoulders as I did so. I wrapped each damp curl in turn around my fingers lazily. You closed your eyes and sighed contentedly. I knew this was one of several ways to relax you, and I really wanted you to calm down. When all the tangles were out of your hair, I put the hairbrush down and turned your face gently towards me. I looked you in the eye for a full minute, my fingertips stroking the side of your face as I did so. While I had enjoyed dominating you the past few days, nothing beat the loving sparkle I could see plainly in your bright blue eyes right now. I watched as your whole posture relaxed, the tension that had been evident in your shoulders until just a few minutes earlier letting go. You couldn’t help but relax under my tender gaze, my hands on you so gentle and sweet. You too had enjoyed submitting to me, but still absolutely craved my loving touch. I leaned into you, kissing you softly on the lips. You placed your hands on either side of mine and kissed me back.

The hunger in both of us was plainly evident. I kissed your lips, your cheek, your ear, then whispered softly, “I like my little slut, but now I just want Sue.”

You smiled as I ran my tongue down your cheek and over your neck to the sensitive spot in the curve of your shoulder.

You shuddered as I kissed you there, snuggling closer to me and returning the favour, flicking my ear with your tongue and whispering back to me with a touch of remaining hesitancy, “I like my sir, but I want Mike too.”

I buried my face in your sweet smelling damp tangle of curls, running my hands gently over both of your breasts, carefully avoiding any real pressure on your bruises. I bent my head and kissed each blue tinged nipple softly, and you leaned back, falling onto the bed with a moan of delight. I kissed slowly down your side, my hands wandering between your thighs in advance of my lips. You arched your back in response to my touch, as I placed myself between your legs, pushing your knees up gently to get better access. I flicked my tongue across you clit, and you moaned despite yourself.

“Oh God yes lick me. Please.” Unlike previously, you subconsciously dropped the “sir” off of your request, knowing this was a pleading motivated by need, not obedience.

I paused to look up at you from my position below you, for a change, smiled and murmured, “YOUR wish is MY command. I love the way you taste baby.”

You couldn't help writhing around as I began to lick you repeatedly, my fingers finding and entering your pussy so gently. The softness of touch, the tone of our voices, and the terms of endearment, all changing the dynamic between us as easily as the flip of a switch. Suddenly we were Mike and Sue again. I continued to run my tongue all over your pussy, my fingers gliding gently in and out of your wet hole, setting an easy rhythm. You alternated between running your fingers over my short hair and neck, and grasping the sheets in your fingers. I knew exactly how to take you to the stars orally, and as I continued spoiling you, all thoughts of dominant and submissive disappeared. You began to wriggle around on the bed, almost involuntarily pushing your pussy against my lips and tongue and fingers. When your body began to shake, both you and I knew you were close to cumming, and I eased back away from you, kissing your inner thighs before sitting back on my heels. You whimpered slightly, but sat up to meet me and kissed me again, the taste of your most private area still on my lips.

As we kissed deeply, you ran your hands over my chest, stopping to circle each nipple slowly and softly. You ran your hands over my stomach, finding my rock hard cock and caressing the head with the tip of your finger as you bit my lower lip softly.

“My turn,” you said, playfully giving me a push backward.

I didn’t fight it, lying back on the bed. I grabbed a pillow to put under my head and when you looked up at me curiously from your kneeling position between my knees.

I smiled at you and replied, “The better to see you with my sweet.”

You lowered your head close to my cock as you ran both hands over the length of me. You looked me in the eye as you licked your fingertip and caressed the head of my throbbing member once again. I loved this you, just the right mix of sweet and aggressive. I wrapped my hands in your hair, gently, just to touch you really, as you lowered your lips and began slowly licking up and down each side of my cock, seeming to explore every vein with your tongue. Holding your hair gently also allowed me to watch you enjoy my cock. You used one hand to cup both of my balls in your hand, kneading them together gently as your warm mouth slid over me. In and out of your mouth my cock slid easily, you using one hand to steady it at the base while still playing with my balls with the other. You would draw back just far enough to make me think you was letting go, only to suck me back in, all the way in, to your hot wet mouth. Each time you backed off a little bit, I could see your saliva glistening on my cock, mixing with the precum I was sure was dripping out of the head by now. You did know how to do this well, and I always craved it from you. You had always loved sucking my cock, and this time was no exception. You absolutely could do it all day if possible. The heat of my cock in your mouth, the weight of my balls in your hand, the wetness between your thighs, and the faint smell of soap mixing with the unmistakable smell of sex all combined to create one of your favourite places to be.

After what seemed like an eternity of sweet teasing to me, you slid your body slowly up on my until you was face to face with me. Skin was touching skin everywhere it possibly could, your impossibly soft breasts pressed against my chest and my hard cock pressing firmly against you pussy mound. I wrapped my arms around you, holding you tightly to me as we kissed again, long and deep and wet. You placed your hands on either side of my head and raised yourself up, reaching between us and placing my cock nearer to your pussy. I arched my back slightly and entered you, slowly, and we both moaned aloud as my cock was completely enveloped deep in you. We remained still for a moment, both savouring the closeness and heat and friction of our bodies so close. You began moving your hips in slow circles, grinding your pussy down on my cock and letting it massage your inner walls. You sighed and buried your head in my shoulder, and I responded by using one hand on the back of your neck holding you close, the other gently massaging one ass cheek, ever mindful of the tenderness from the previous days spankings. You raised onto your knees close to my hips and continued to ride my cock, slow and deep. I writhed under you, raising my hips to meet your every downward push. The perfect fit and perfect rhythm came so naturally when we were together. Your body began to shake, your movements coming quicker and your pussy getting wetter. I only held you tighter against me, savouring the feel of your warmth and wetness surrounding my cock, and the sweet smell of your damp hair as it tickled my neck.

I found your ear with my lips and whispered softly, “I love the way my cock feels inside you baby. Please cum all over me.”

You responded by burying your head closer into my neck and grinding on my cock until with a sound that was part moan and part sigh of relief, I felt your contractions begin as we squeezed my cock repeatedly in the throes of your orgasm.

As your contractions subsided slowly, I gripped you tightly in my arms and rolled with you, placing myself over the top of you without my cock slipping from that glorious wet hole. I smiled down at you so beautifully beneath me, and kissed your nose before rocking back on my heels, pushing your knees up gently and pushing my cock as deeply inside you as it would go. Your orgasm had made everything wet for both of us, and my cock slid easily in and out of your pussy. I fucked you slow and hard and deep, watching your eyes shimmer as your body continued undulating with aftershocks of your orgasm. You reached up and put both hands on my chest, steadying yourself against me as you raised your hips to meet my every thrust. I began to fuck you faster, loving the view of your breasts bouncing with every movement, your fingers splayed over my chest, your eyes meeting mine with a look of ultimate bliss to equal my own. I pushed into you as hard as I could and began cumming, filling your pussy with a load of cum that felt like it would go on forever. You arched your back to keep me deeply within you, savouring the feel of our ultimate closeness. When I was done, I rolled to the side of you, immediately curling your into my side, your head on my shoulder and hand over my heart. I held you close as your fingers traced lazy shapes across my chest. You raised your head and kissed me softly on the lips, me returning your kiss just as sweetly. This was Mike and Sue…just you and I. No roles to play, no proper places, and orders, and punishments. But even here there were rewards, oh my yes. And those rewards were very sweet. This visit was coming to an end, but you and I both knew there would always be another. Because sometimes commitment didn’t need to be spelled out, sometimes it just existed. And at that moment, in that bed, snuggled close in sheets warm from our bodies you and I both knew there was commitment, and friendship, and love. You snuggled up to me, and I held you close. We both ended up dozing off again, but neither could think of a better way to spend our last few hours.