17 Nov 2017

Sometimes I'm inspired to write. I'm not sure if this is more for me or the audience I wrote it for. Either way I thought I'd share...maybe someone else will end up as horny as I am and we can suffer together!

She dressed slowly, her skin still damp from the shower. She was alone in the house, preparing for this evening that she knew so very little about. She slid on the lace panties first, the lace cupping her smoothly shaved pussy as she adjusted the elastic to sit just right. Next was the bra, another black lacey thing that did nothing to hide her hard nipples.

She drew the short kimono around her, tying the belt around her waist. Her hair was left to curl, tumbling down her back. She applied her makeup, subtle yet alluring, applying the red lipstick as per her instructions. She checked the time, not much remained before the deadline that she had been given. She quickly spritzed some perfume on her wrists, dabbing it between her breasts, then touching her wrists to each inner thigh to spread that seductive scent to each of these spots on her body.

Her preparations complete, she moved to the lounge, where the furniture had been moved aside, leaving an expanse of the thick pile carpet open. As per her instructions, she knelt in the middle of the carpet facing the door, her head lowered.

She waited, keeping track of the time in her head and knowing that the time she had been given had definitely passed. She waited, in suspense, her mind awhirl with thoughts, calculations, trying to figure out what the night would hold. Her breath was already speeding up with nerves and excitement and a little bit of fear of the unknown, when she heard footsteps approach the door. Making sure to follow her instructions precisely, she kept her head down, kneeling with her feet tucked under her and her hands resting on each thigh. She heard each noise with exquisite detail, the key in the door, the door handle opening and two sets of footsteps entering the room. She recognized her husband’s shoes as he stepped into view, then even that small visual luxury was removed as he tied a blindfold over her eyes.

She heard his breath in her ear as he leaned down to secure the blindfold, she could smell his cologne, so familiar to her. Yet there had been two sets of footsteps entering the room…

Her other senses were heightened with the blindfold covering her eyes. She could sense her husband behind her, and the other person in the room moving in front of her. As this person knelt in front of her, she sensed that this other person was a man. Maybe it was a masculine scent that she picked up, maybe it was something in the way he moved, the way he occupied space with that confident way that men move through the world. She found her thoughts racing, trying to picture what this man would look like, what he would do to her, what they would do with her. He touched her hands, covering hers with his. Her heart sped up, she could feel a quiet strength in those hands, yet there was a calmness to the interaction, a sure move from someone who knew what to do and what he wanted.

His hands slid up her arms to the elbows, before moving to the belt on the kimono around her waist. He tugged it free and she could feel the silk of the kimono slide over her breasts, her thighs as it fell open. She could feel the cooler air on her chest, on her stomach and she could picture this stranger looking at her body, dressed in black lace that left so little to the imagination. Her husband behind her placed his hands on her shoulders, sliding the silk kimono off each shoulder, then her arms before removing it from her entirely. Her arms fell slack at her side, the skin on her upper arms prickling in the cooler air. Her husband leaned in close to her, she could feel his breath on her shoulder, then his hands on her arms. He pulled her arms back, then looped the belt of the kimono around her wrists. Keeping some slack between them, he tied the belt around first one wrist, then the other, her arms restrained but not uncomfortably hiked behind her back.

Restrained and on her knees, she was at the mercy of these two men, one that she knew so intimately and one a complete stranger to her. The stranger took her face in his hands and began kissing her, his lips against hers, his tongue questing into her mouth. She responded to him, pushing up onto her knees to match him, feeling her husband behind her, his body pressed against her, his hot mouth on her neck. The stranger moved closer and she was sandwiched between these two hot male bodies, pressing against her, her hands restrained from allowing her to touch and explore the bodies that were so tantalizingly close.

Kneeling yet upright, her body was exposed to the increasingly excited touch of both men. Their hands roved over her skin, their lips touched kisses down both sides of her neck, her shoulders and her chest. She felt strange fingers slide under the top lacey edge of her bra cup, the finger tracing molten trails of fire across her sensitized breasts, teasingly far from her nipple. As her yearning grew almost unbearable, he slid both hands inside the lace and popped both breasts out of the bra, pinching her nipples between thumb and forefinger on both sides in unison. Her body arched forward as he did this, her head thrown back in ecstasy at this ramping up of sensation. She felt her husband undo the clasp of her bra, then the clips that held the straps on. The stranger pulled the cups off her chest, setting her breasts completely free, before lowering his hot mouth to her left nipple. She arched again, and her breath caught in her throat as she felt her husband take her right nipple in his mouth. They both sucked on her nipples and she felt a drawing into her loins, a spike of fire that shot through her as she grew more excited.

With both men now in front of her, they each held her upper arm, steering her to sit sideways, then stretch her legs out in front of her. Pulling a cushion behind her head, they helped her to the floor before gently pushing her legs apart. She could feel how hot and how wet her pussy was in her lacey thong, as her husband knelt above her head and the stranger ran his hands up her inner thighs. Spread out like a buffet before them, she reveled in their attentions. Again she felt a strange finger slide under the lace of her thong, rubbing across her smooth mound. Another finger joined it, sliding outwards towards her hips, then hooking the elastic and sliding her panties down to her thighs. She felt strong hands on her calves and the stranger lifted her legs up and together until they were high in the air. He gripped the thong again and pulled it up and off her legs before spreading her legs wide in a straddle. In the meantime, her husband was continuing where they previously left off, flicking one nipple between his teeth while doing the same with his index finger to the other. Knowing her buttons, knowing what drove her crazy, he worked her hard, bringing her higher and higher.

There was just one element left out of this trifecta of pleasure and that was abruptly solved as the stranger brought his eager mouth to her clit. Sucking her already swollen clit into his mouth, he started flicking it back and forth with his tongue even as he slide two fingers inside her wet pussy. She could feel her orgasm start to build as each of her pleasure buttons was being stimulated. It built and built, her cries becoming ever more ragged. And then the stranger started moving his fingers past each other, like the scissor kick of a swimmer and she was lost. Her body arched up and she cried out in orgasm, every muscle as taut as a bowstring as she clamped down on his fingers and rode out their frenzied action. For a brief moment, time fractured and she felt as though she would never breath again, at such a high of sensation that even her unfettered senses stopped working. And then the world repaired itself, flew back together, time returned and she shuddered as she lay there, these two men thankfully still as she rode out the aftershocks of her orgasm.

As her senses returned, she sensed movement around her. She felt someone stand over her and another untie her hand and guide it to a hard cock. She recognized the feel of her husband’s cock in her hand and deduced that the stranger was the one now lowering himself to his knees straddling her chest. She stroked her husband and rubbed her thumb over the precum that made the head of his cock slick in under her stroking. The stranger took her other hand and guided it to his own cock. She stifled a gasp at the feel of it. It was big, thick in her hand. With a hard cock in each hand, her excitement started to grow again.

Movement again. With no vision to see, each development surprised her. She felt her husband withdraw and the stranger move his hips forward. His cock was pressing against her lips and another pillow propped her up to a height with his hips. Still grasping his shaft, she pressed her lips together, making him work to slide into her hot mouth. She took him in, deeper and deeper; there was so much of him to take in! Opening her throat fully, she felt the head of his cock slide past her tonsils into her throat, and she heard a satisfying groan from this well-endowed stranger. Her attention focused on this sightless task, she once again wasn’t ready for her husband’s touch. His fingers spread her pussy open and he rubbed his cock against her clit, up and down and again before sliding into her eager pussy. He pushed into her and she braced herself with both hands, her mouth full of cock. Their movements began to synchronise as they thrust in and out of her, building a rhythm that was taking her higher and higher, back to orgasm. She opened herself to that thrusting rhythm, pushing back and swallowing the strangers cock as they rode her closer and closer, faster and faster. Until she could hold back no longer. Past the cock filling her mouth she cried out, her mouth going slack as all her focus narrowed to her pussy as it clamped down on her husband’s cock. She knew him so well, she could feel him holding control as he felt perfectly still inside of her, riding out her waves of orgasm as they clamped his cock. And then he slowly pulled out, his cock still hard as he took away her favourite sex toy. At the same time, the stranger removed his cock from her mouth, leaving her feeling quite empty and unfulfilled. But again she heard movement and gentle hands guided her to turn over onto her hands and knees. Hands gripped her shoulders and her hips and she knew that there was still more to come.

Her husband took his cock, covered in her own juices and rubbed it against her lips. She licked up those juices, reveling in the taste of her pleasure on him. He slid his cock into her mouth as the stranger slide his cock into her pussy! This was even more intense, the size of him filling her waiting pussy and she sucked hard on her husband’s cock in pleasure. Like rewatching your favourite movie, these two men built up a rhythm once more, thrusting into her body and watching her squirm as they drove her towards another orgasm. This time she held nothing back, swallowing all of her husband’s cock again and again as she thrust her hips back at the stranger, riding the rhythm, pushing both men towards their own climax. And climax they did, first the stranger as he thrust deep into her pussy, then her husband shooting his load into her waiting mouth as her own orgasm sent her over the top. She held them there for a moment, hungrily swallowing her husband’s hot cum as her pussy squeezed the stranger’s cock. At last she let them go and her husband removed the blindfold. She squinted her eyes against the light as her eyes drank in the two naked men that she had experienced in every other way but visually