09 Sep 2018

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As I stood there, I could feel my heart race and the blood rise to my face. I was blushing and everyone could see it.

His kiss was soft and tender. Mesmerizing, to say the very least. Almost hypnotic. I could feel the other couple’s eyes on us as his lips lingered on mine and I moaned softly. I knew what he was asking, I knew what he wanted, and I knew that I craved the exact same.


They have been chatting with the other couple for a while. They seemed nice and like a good match – same interests, similar likes and dislikes, also fairly new and also curious – so setting a date to meet was the obvious next step. The idea of allowing someone else into their little bubble of intimacy both scared and excited her, but the fact that he would be with her all the time helped with the scary part. She knew that he was well aware of her boundaries, that he respected her and that he wanted to protect her.

The crucial first couple of minutes were a breeze. The restaurant was casual and comfortable and so was the conversation. When he let his hand slide up her dress in the restaurant, she knew that he also was at ease. Her smile to him answered his unasked question, and she allowed his fingers to caress her softly under the table’s cover. The couple sitting across from them at the table watched her; knowing exactly what was going on. She did not expect him to stroke her so intimately, she had never imagined that she would be so turned on if he touched her like this in front of others… and she most certainly did not expect that he would slip a finger into her in such a setting. She looked at him, somewhat flabbergasted and flushed, but she did not tell him to stop. He ignored the two sitting opposite them and looked at her intensely; his eyes darkening and sparkling at the same time while his grin broadened and he asked in a deep and husky voice if she was enjoying it.

The lady’s mouth opened slightly and she blushed softly when she realised exactly what was happening and the man sat back in his chair, smiling broadly. Were they uncomfortable? Or was it excitement and a little bit of curiosity?

While continuing to finger her ever so slightly, he pointed to them with his eyes. She knew what he was thinking.

“Would you like to come over to our place for some coffee?” Her voice was shaky and soft, but displayed confidence.


She never let go of his hand as they entered the apartment. It was only after he offered them a seat that she walked over to the kitchen to switch on the kettle. As she walked back into the living room, he was still standing in the centre.

“So… coffee for everyone?” Her voice was bright and bubbly.

No one got a chance to answer, as she felt his hands reach over her middle. He pulled her close to him, cupped her face in his hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. The kiss lingered and his hands lightly brushed down her throat, over her breasts and to her back. He looked at her for a second, before lowering his lips onto hers again. This time, the kiss was intense and sensual and she could feel his hands hungrily stroking all over her body. After a couple of minutes, her lips left his and she grasped for air; looking into his dark eyes.

“I’m sure they won’t mind…?” He looked at their guests where they were comfortably sitting on the couch.

Her eyes left his and she noticed the couple was watching them attentively. The woman was sitting up straight, but her hand was stroking her husband’s thigh while he sat back – relaxed, but his physique gave away his excitement.

“No… please…” The man’s words dried up mid-sentence.

She felt his hand wander up her leg, under her dress. Over the black stockings’ lace edge and up the garter’s elastic bands. He moaned in approval and kissed her even more eagerly when she looked back at him. She knew all too well how much he liked to have her in stockings and lace lingerie.

The side knot that was holding her dress in place came undone without her noticing and she could feel his hands now slowly opening the dress up; exposing her soft white body and black underwear. He lifted the dress off her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor.

For a moment, she forgot about the couple sitting close by. Her heart raced, she could feel her face flush in anticipation and her entire body started to tremble lightly as he took a step back and watched. All of his attention was on her, as was hers on him. And he knew how much she craved him.

He led her to another couch, opposite the one where the couple was sitting, and sat down before pulling her down to sit on his lap. His mouth opened against her throat and she closed her eyes as she felt her skin turned to goose flesh. She loved his mouth on her and she loved being caressed like this.

His hands wandered up her chest and over her lace bra. He could feel how turned on she was and could not resist… his hands slipped underneath the bra to cup her breasts and softly play with her already erect and very sensitive nipples. She moaned and dropped her head back over his shoulder.

As he continued to softly kiss her neck and teased her nipple with his one hand, she could feel his other hand travel lower… lower… lower… over her thighs and then up her inner thighs… over her black lace panties… And she could feel him harden and press against her bum.

“Open your legs… please.” It was a request, asked so politely that she wanted to adhere. As she did, she could feel the cool gush of air on her most private part and realised just how wet she already was. Her body tensed slightly as she became self-conscious and he felt it.

“Do you want this? It is your decision…” His voice was soft and comforting in her ears, drawing her back to the sensuality of the moment. She didn’t answer his question. Or, at least not in words. “Look at them…”

She opened her eyes and saw that the couple who still sat just a few feet away from them was still watching them, but his pants was now unzipped and her hand was softly stroking his visible hardness. His hand was on her back, softly stroking and encouraging her not to stop.

When she felt his cool fingers slip underneath the front of her panties, she grasped. His fingers brushed lightly over her clean shaved lips and when he felt how wet and warm she was, his heart raced. They both wanted this.

The man whispered something in his wife’s ear and she smiled. Looking at us, she spoke in a lowered voice: “Would you mind if I help?”

Her heart raced and she froze. She wanted to experience this so much, but she felt a little unsure. She had never been close to another woman. Not like this. She didn’t even know if she would like it. She never considered herself bisexual, though she has always been curious as to how it would feel to be intimate with a woman. The moment was almost too big… and yes, she thought, she did want to experience this now.

“Please…” It was a mere whisper escaping her mouth.

The woman got up and stepped over to where they were still sitting, sensually taking off her blouse and unzipping her pants, exposing her own sexy figure and red satin lingerie. She knelt down on the soft carpet and spoke with a smile.

“I think these are in the way.”

She could feel the woman’s soft hands pull on the panty’s sides and she closed her legs to allow her to remove it completely. At the same time, she felt how he undid her bra and how it was lowered down her arms. Apart from the garter belt and stockings, she was now completely exposed.

As she turned her face towards him, he kissed her in encouragement, while quickly lifting her legs to spread over either of his knees; spreading her open completely. He kept his hands on her legs and did not allow her lips to leave his mouth.

Suddenly, she felt hands that she wasn’t used to touch her breasts… soft warm fingers rubbing over her nipples… and then felt soft lips, opening ever so warmly over her nipples. She responded by kissing him even more eagerly.

She could feel her own excitement build as her nipples were sucked, one at a time, and the woman stroked her hands down her body… over her stomach… towards her inner thighs. Her heart raced, her breath quickened and she grasped for breath as the woman’s mouth left her breasts while her fingers played. She could feel how the woman’s knowing hands peeled open her lips and how she took her first taste by merely touching her swollen clit with the tip of her tongue.

Trembling, she pulled her mouth from his kiss. “Relax…” His voice was sexy, soft and soothing in her ear, as he encouraged her to allow herself to lie back again and enjoy the moment. She dropped her head back onto his shoulder and closed her eyes. She could feel him look over her, at the sensual moment that was developing right on his lap.

The woman’s tongue flicked and stroked her clit, while her fingers softly played on either side of her inner lips and keeping them open; softly probing down low. Soft moans escaped both women’s mouths every so often.

When she felt a soft finger slip inside her, it almost pushed her over the edge. Her eyes flung open and she moaned loudly.

“You are enjoying this… aren’t you?” His soft voice lulled her back to the sensuality of the moment. “Do you know how sexy this is for me? You are so sexy… Let go… Just enjoy… I want you to enjoy this. Look at her…” He kept on encouraging her, and she once more became so thankful for the fact that he was there with her and that he allowed her to experience this; that he held her and guided her in this experience.

As she looked down, she could see the woman’s tongue glide up over her clit, just before she closed her mouth over her to suck her sensitiveness. Eyes closed. Enjoyment and focus spread over her face. She felt her whole body shake… she was so close… so extremely close to climax.

The man, who at the time was still sitting on the couch, was playing while he looked at the scene in front of him. She looked at him as if she wanted to tell him to come closer and please his wife; thank her on her own behalf for doing what she was doing; but she could not form the words. He did, however understand what her eyes were asking. In a swift move he got up, took off his pants, unbuttoned his shirt and was kneeling behind his wife, eagerly pulling her panties aside and positioning himself against her… His wife looked up and to her and asked with a smile: “Would you like them to take us together while watching each other?”


As she said the word, she felt him lift her off his lap and push down his own pants. Within seconds, she was sitting on his lap and spread open over his knees again, but this time, he was penetrating her. He was wild with eagerness, as was she. He knew she did not want anything soft and sensual at this moment, and he was going to give her exactly what he knew she wanted to beg him for.

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