Written by KrazyLover

25 Sep 2014

Slowly my tongue trace the lines of your body, feeling your skin react to my touch. Goosebumps break out all over your amazing curves and you moan softly as I touch your most sensitive parts. My tongue just softly brushing your pussy before moving on, up to your navel. I run little circles around it, teasing you relentlessly.

I hear your breath starting to speed up, getting heavier. Up and up I go, planting kisses as I go, around your perfectly formed breasts. Licking around your nipples but not touching them, suddenly I suck one of them deep into my mouth making you scream softly. Then I suck the other one, my hand now kneading the breast I have just abandoned. Your chest raises and drops as your breath races, I can feel your body heat radiating from you.

With intent I kiss downwards, over your stomach, I bury my face between your legs and suck your clit hard for a second. You grab my head, pushing me deeper, but I pull back and kiss your hard on the lips so you can taste your own wetness. I softly pinch your clit, making you moan into my mouth. I slip one finger deep into you, still kissing you deeply, our tongues playing deep in your mouth. I fingerfuck your wet pussy, deep and slow. One finger, then two. I feel your gspot under my fingers and massage it making you arch your back, still moaning into my mouth. Suddenly I feel your pussy contract as you orgasm on my hand. Your cum soaking my fingers, slowly I pull then out and lick them clean. I taste your sweet orgasm and see you coming down from the heights of ecstasy.

I wait for you to come back to me before I open your legs wide so your swollen clit is standing at attention begging me to suck it. I run my stiff tongue through your pussy, all the way from your tight little ass to your erect clit. Time and time again I taste your sweet juices, coating my face. My tongue tracing your lips as I bring you back towards another climax.

You grab my hair, pull me towards your mouth and with two quick words you order me "Fuck me!" I lift your legs over my shoulders and with one quick movement sink my swollen erect cock all the way into you, making you exhale every little bit of air in your lungs. I wait for you to suck your lungs full of air again before I start with a steady pace, stroke after stroke going deep into you. "Harder!!" you scream and I oblige by slamming my cock hard and deep into you, time after time making you scream as my balls slap against your butthole. We cum in one big explosion, togther. My cum spilling deep inside you pussy, filling you up. You let out a deep constant growl as you cum with me, feeling every squirt from my cock painting you sweet wet juicy pussy. Slowly our breathing recovers, my cock slowly extracting itself from the folds of your lovechannel.