Written by Cloud_and_Tifa

04 Apr 2013

Hi !

Lol, I just found this. Started writing when I was 16 years old.

This book is about teenagers, 17 .. 18.. I was the same age when I wrote this:

Still so innocent ...


She hesitated in a shaking voice “perhaps I am something else,

Max nevertheless smiled, bringing his eyebrows together “It looked pretty real to me” Lireal felt her lips twitch in a half-smile. “So I guess we should go inside” He smiled grimly “Max…wait” Lireal pulled him closer,”

Max lifted an eyebrow “Have you ever been so in love with some one that you wane just scream thinking about that person? When you… can’t help but think of that person everyday, you can’t decide what daydream, just dream of that person” Lireal sat close to Max, her face was near his, as he could feel her soft gentle breath, she looked at him with those icy blue eyes. Max felt an uncomfortable silence fell between them “God she knows, idiocy!”

He thought Lireal allowed herself a grim smile. Anxiety ran through his voice “Lily sometimes I feel you can read my mind, like you’re in my head” “But have you Max? Have you ever wanted a person so bad, that you would go to hell and back for one kiss?” Lireal continued to stare unblinkingly at Max “I have yes” His mouth was bit dry, this was it, finally after all these years, the waiting was over, and he is going to kiss the girl of his dreams, his first kiss. Just as he leaned in, to kiss her perfect shaped lips, she said “I feel that energy, but I don’t know where it comes from. It’s like clear words in my head” Max stopped just in time, god wouldn’t he made a fool out of himself, if he hadn’t.

Heat suffused Max as blood rushed to his face, like hot tallow melting through him. He took a deep breath to let his embarrassment drain away. Lireal knew exactly what Max was about to do. She grinned and blushed, a strange exciting feelings of butterflies rushed through her stomach.

She stood up, leaving Max on the bed starring at her. She walked to the door, and locked it, turned around to see the surprise expression on Maxines face. She gazed at him with the same intensity with which he gazed at her. She slowly walked forward, and leaned toward him. His heart quickened, as he smelled her perfume, which was rice and musky, with a hint of exotic spice.

She held his head in her arms, as she played with his hair, standing extremely close to Max. Max closed his eyes, and folded his sexy arms around her waist His nervousness disappeared too, swallowed in the tide of the moment. She looked down at him, and pushed him backwards slowly, she starred at his lips, she could feel his dick getting hard immediately as she sat on him, finally she kissed his lips, playing with his tongue, the feeling was magical, Max was so conscious of Lireal’s presence, of the whisper of her cloths over her skin, of the soft pale exposure of her neck, and of her eyelashes that curled like black petals wet with rain. She never thought Max would taste so good, his tongue was still cold, and from the ice he was sucking earlier.

Max felt a curtain of hairbrush his face along with lips like rose petals. She could feel her self getting turned on. Steeling herself with a breath, she winked lazily He swooped her over, as he was now lying on top of her, she could still feel his hard, pushing against her. He kissed good, kissed her in her neck, while touching her breast with his one hand, and holding her hand above her head with the other, fingers intertwining, Lireal could feel great passion and love flowing from his inside, he was so hot to her, soft to the touch.

She whispered to him “I’ll have to go soon” Max grunted an acknowledgement without looking in her eyes, he continued kissing her neck, Running his hands through her hair, smelling her scent and feeling her soft skin against his. He could think of nothing else but fucking her there and then. His hand moved slowly underneath her T-shirt, and underneath her bra, Lireal thought this is going a bit to fast, but she just couldn’t stop, it felt right, she was horny as hell anyway. She started breathing harder, nibbling his ear as he tried to loosen her pants. She paused for breath, and said...