Written by Blaster

22 Jun 2016

Tabby was a hard working single 28 year old mom and she was employed by one of the biggest mining company's in SA. Tabby was the PA for two of the company's low life managers. Ali and Rob. Ali was a tall 40 year old indian man and Rod was a 62 year old white male. Ail and Rob have been working together in the company for a long time and the two of them were very good friends. The department they where running was situated in the more quiet side of the campus and very little people would pass through there.

Tabby was a divorced mom and a very hard worker. As the single live go's, Tabby was struggling to keep up with all the bills. One part of Tabby's function was to take care of the office when Ali and Rod where not there. Sy had access to things like the cash box and a number of other office goods. Tabby always dressed respected and was at her best professional behavior.

One day Tabby got to work late because she didn't have enough money for petrol. As she walked into the office she noticed that Rod was waiting at her deck. " Good afternoon Tabby " Rod said.... Tabby just smiled and apologized trying to explain to him what had happend. Before she could explain, Rod interrupt her and say" I don't whant to hear your storys !!!! If it happens again you are going to be in big trouble, do you understand me!!!!

Tabby was shocked and afraid at the same time. Rob turned around and walked away. Tabby sat down and remember that Ali and Rod was going out to see customers and will not be back for the rest of the day. As the day passed Tabby was already worried about how she was going to get to work in time the nextday. So she looked at the cash box on her table. She opens it and removed R300 out of the box. They will never know she thought to her self, they never check it anyway.

The next Tabby walked in to the office 25min before starting time. To her surprise Ali and Rod was already there, so she puts down her bags, sits down and stars working. Rob is in Ali's office and the two of them are having a conversation. Tabby can hear the two of them saying things like " Look! There, I have been waiting for this day for a long time..

The following moment Ali calls Tabby into the office. Tabby entry's the office when Ali asks her to sit down. Behind her Rob closses the door and he also takes a seat next to her. The two men look at each other and starts smiling.

Tabby!!! Ali says,look at this video for me and tell me what is wrong with it. Ali turned his laptop around and to Tabby's horror it is a camera show her table and how she is taking money form the cash box.

Ali stands up and walk around the table, stopping in front of Tabby.He bends over and ask Tabby, do you know in what big trouble you are in little girl??

Tabby looks up to Ali with tears in her eyes. Rob turns to Tabby and say," you know what we are going to do now Tabby?we have to phone the police...