Written by MatureMale

13 Jul 2014

I was in Pretoria, for a post-grad study school at the university, and booked into a really lovely BnB for a week. Around the second or third day i noticed a stunning young lady at breakfast, dressed in a smart business suit. You kept very much to yourself and so I respected your space. But you are gorgeous. A girl next door kind of face, but a slim figure with firm breasts. Perfect. I would sneak a glance at you any time i could. You really are lovely. And clearly at least 15 years younger than me, so I was not about to make a fool of myself. Your room was on the first floor, just like mine and two doors away. (so near yet so far away)

One afternoon, I arrived back at the BnB at my usual time of 4pm and as i got to the top of the stairs i see a small briefcase outside the door to this mystery woman's room. I pick up the briefcase and knock gently, the door opens slightly (it had not been fully closed clearly) i step in, briefcase in hand hoping that finally we would get to speak. I hear the shower, and I make my way to the bathroom entrance hoping to sneak a glimpse of this exquisite woman. You had just stepped into the shower.

I see you in the shower. I am mesmerised by the sight of your naked body within the clear glass enclosure. You look soo good!

You set the water so that its nice n warm, and let it run over your skin, with your eyes closed. I can see you just let it ease your stresses away. The calm visible on your face. You take your time, turning round slowly.Just letting your body slowly warm up. You let it run over your whole body, focusing on one area at a time. You let it wet your face, as you face into the shower.

Stepping back a little, you let it warm your neck and your shoulders, then you turn for your upper back.

You step a little forward, and let the water stream onto your bum. You spread the cheeks a little with both hands and let the water run into the crease, its so sensitive there.

You take the time to feel it, enjoying each sensation.

You turn slowly around, and let the water run over your breasts, each one in turn.

You feel the soft drumming of the water on the breast as it slowly swells,watching each nipple enlarge, observing it, seeing it becoming erect.

Youre fascinated, but you dont touch, you just look. You feel yourself becoming wet at the sight of your own erect nipples, but still you dont touch them. You just gently squeeze the breast, letting the nipples get hard, red, erect, throbbing with desire.

You step back a little, letting the water run over your tummy. Slowly you let it pulse over your firm tummy, small rivers running between your thighs, and down your legs. You spread your legs a bit, letting the water find its way.

Now you take the sponge, and lather it up real good with the dove soap. You let the sponge glide lightly, ever so lightly over your neck, barely touching the skin. The sponge caresses every soft n sensual curve of your neck. You run it lightly over the shoulders, very lightly, and over the breasts, light as a butterfly.

The sponge just barely touching the nipples.

You let it linger a while over the nipples, just barely touching them. Soft gentle swipes of the sponge, just over the tips of the nipples. You watch as they become harder, firm, red, throbbing,, aching for more.

You run the sponge over the whole breast, ever so lightly. Its so firm now, heaving.

You cup the breast in you hand, lifting it a little. I watch intently, as you run the sponge through the soft crease below the breast. The skin is so soft there. You shiver with delight as you just gently brush it with the sponge. You lather up the sponge again, the sponge white with soap. Again, you run it lightly over the tips of the nipples, no pressure, just slow and gentle touch, the sponge touching just the tip of your nipple.

Slowly you apply more pressure, enjoying the change in sensation. You move the sponge only slowly. Deliberate slow sweeping action, slowly over the breasts. You run the sponge delicately over the tummy, in slow circles, very lightly over the tummy. Just enjoying the feeling. The exquisite slow sensation sweeping over your body.

Youre in no hurry, ever so slowly exploring,feeling the sponge gliding over each and every curve, down to your thigh.

You pass it slowly down the front of your thigh, and slowly down to your ankle. You linger a little on the ankle, running the sponge lightly over the soft skin, and then slowly up the back of the leg. You explore the back of the knee just a bit longer. You feel the sponge gliding over the soft skin there, and it makes your back arch, the sensation exquisite.

Now you bring it up the back of the thigh, all the way up. You run the sponge over the bum cheek,lightly. I hold my breath as you run it through the crease at the bottom of the bum, its so nice n soft there, now over to the other side, you run it over the bum, and slide the sponge slowly down the back of the thigh and down to the back of the knee.

Youre moaning, louder now, ohh its so lovely there, just to explore the delicate skin, tease it. Now slowly down the calf, down to the ankle. You run the sponge lightly over the ankle, and the top of the foot, and slowly up the front of the thigh, slowly down the outside of the thigh, just down to the knee, and up the inner thigh. The soft sponge gliding gently as a butterfly up to the crease where the panty sits.

Your body reacts instinctively, and you bend your knees, spreading your legs wider. You run the sponge lightly over the pubic area and down the outer thigh on the other side, lightly, and down to the knee, up the inner thigh, slowly, lightly.

You spread your legs, spread them wide, feet apart, and watch the sponge glide over the inner thighs ever so lightly, you gasp loudly as you feel the tingling inside you as the sponge slowly sweeps over the soft sensitive inner thighs.

You run the sponge lightly over the soft pussy lips, barely touching them, and slowly up your tummy and to your breasts.

You run the sponge over your breasts now, firm strokes, letting the breasts feel the grain of the sponge. You spoil them with the attention, while your fingers explore the fleshy outer lips between your legs.

I watch in delight, totally captivated as you spread the lips, spreading them with your fingers. While the sponge glides over your upper body.

My hand wraps around my throbbing cock, as you run the tip of one finger over your clit just the tip, lightly, a slow circular motion

just teasing the tip,feel it getting hard under the soft tip of your finger. You run the whole length of your finger over it, from the tip of your finger right to the base. Long slow strokes over the clit.

You fingertip teases the opening of your pussy at the end of every stroke.

You run the finger in slightly, just the tip.

You taste it, wetting your finger with your juices, you slide it over your lips, tracing the outline of your mouth.

You lick your wet finger,tasting it. You suck it hard, like youd suck a hard cock. You dont stop with the sponge, the other hand sweeping it all over your upper body as your fingers explore the wetness between your legs.

You spread the lips with your fingers, and run your finger in, slow long lazy strokes, with your thumb pressing down firmly over your clit.

I play with my cock, without even thinking about it. My fingers circling the shaft, a long slow pumping motion.

You squeeze you breasts, toying with the nipples, as the finger of the other hand pleases you pussy, long strokes, slow, youre in no hurry.

Your back arches, but dont force yourself to cum. I watch as you let your body drift. It seems as if youre delaying your climax, delaying it as long as you can. I see you explore your softness inside with your finger, all the while rubbing the clit with your thumb.

Your moans filling my ears as your whole body shivers, but you stop the movement between your legs every time you feeel close to cumming. You dont rush, you delay. Deliberately prolonging it. Just slowly exploring the hot wetness with your finger you stop to taste it again, tasting its hot wetness. Gently you bite on your finger as you suck it. You resume the exploring, your finger making long strokes, your thumb rubbing over the clit.

You pinch it, pinch the clit hard. You roll it between your finger and thumb, running your finger in, faster, harder. Rubbing the clit with your thumb. You dont stop with the thumb, rubbing the clit.

With a yelp of delight, you let yourself go. The waves of your climax washing over you as you rub your clit, harder, faster.

You dont stop, you let yourself cum.

You dont stop, I watch entranced, as you have another one, just letting the orgasms sweep over you, one at a time. You dont let your hands stop, your hand surging through the hot flesh between your legs, as you let yourself go, cumming repeatedly.

It drives me wild watching you cum like that

over and again, uncontrollably.

i luv hearing your cries, seeing you cum, the way your body writhes, yearning for release, and then the release gushing through you, uncontrollably.

I play with my cock without thinking. Turned on beyond control, aroused by your own orgasms.

You look me straight in the eye.

I am stunned.

Caught watching, naked.

My cock in my hand.

You step out the shower, and smile.

"Did you like my show?" you ask, as you kneel to suck my cock. "I have been waiting for you"