Written by claire0579

13 Jul 2015

Sitting on a couch with me behind you, both of us naked, I star to lightly touch your shoulders and neck, move my hands up around you ears and over your closed eyes. Gently massaging the eyelids and then moving back to your ears and down the side of your arms, very lightly over that area inside you elbow that makes you quiver with sensitivity. Then down your arms to your hands, gently sliding my fingers between yours. Back up your arms, under your arms. I’m tickling your armpits. Now I’m moving down your sides to your hips and over your belly. Oops! I touched him, but couldn’t make out how big he is…..?

From your belly up to your chest and back under your arms, up over your chest to touch your neck and throat ever so lightly. Slowly slide my hand down until I’m just above your cock. Slowly around onto the inner thighs and slide both hands down as far as I can reach, slowly back up sliding my fingers between your balls and your thighs. I know you are hard by this stage so I slip my legs around you stand up and push you back onto the couch. I kneel in front of you and gently pick up your cock by sliding my thumb and index finger around the shaft, just below the head. I then slide my hands down, supporting your cock so that it stands up straight. Very slowly I lower my mouth onto your cock and begin a slow sliding journey down the heard, over the bump and a little down the shaft. Back up again with some pressure when I get to the bump and over, doing this a couple of time should start you jerking involuntarily with pleasure. This up and down will continue while I start to gently tickle your balls and sliding my finger over the perineum until your balls begin to rise and you start to shake and tremble and finally cum in my mouth. I swallow (love it) and you are done for the meantime. Maybe you can cum again later?!?