Written by Pam Nerin

03 Apr 2018

I get dressed for our night out knowing that I will be on full display. No one knows us here and I plan on giving a full show.

I am wearing a low cut top that shows off my ample bosoms in the most inviting way. My long, figure hugging skirt with thigh high slit means I have to go pantyless. I slip on those skyscraper heels and glance at myself in the mirror. You look like an absolute slut, I think. Perfect. We agree to meet at the bar and not have anyone there know we're together.

I arrive first and find a quiet corner at the back of the bar. The band is about to play and the bar is filling up quickly. I see you sitting nearby and you give me an approving look.

" You look like a whore. My whore. I love it", you text me. "I want you to sit on the high bar stool and have your skirt to split all the way up."

I do as I am told and it's very hard to keep my modesty covered. I try but every now and then, my shaven cunt flashes fellow bar patrons. The bar is crowded so only a handful of people notice. You notice someone noticing me. He was hot so you know I wouldn't mind being touched by him. You whisper something in his ear and I see him smile and come over. You text that I should go back to the private booth and I oblige. The back booths of the club are a lot roomier, almost like it was made for such activities.

I sit down at the booth and a strange man is underneath the table nibbling away at my clit. I try to keep my composure but the pleasure is overwhelming me.

I receive another text. " would you like to be a fucking whore tonight and get fucked by randoms?". All this pussy action I am getting is making me reckless.

"YES PLEASE" I respond, " I want to be pounded by random cock like the fucking whore that I am"

You lead me outside to the back alley. It's a little scary but I trust you. You come back outside with 3 of the hottest guys and one of their girlfriends.

"There she is guys, a cum slut for you to fuck, give her a good workout." You walk over and remove my skirt, with my revealing top, I may as well be naked. You sit right across from me, giving these strange, but fucking hot men instructions on how to fuck me, while you watched.

The gf of one of the guys, not to be left out decided to get in on the action. She was the first to spread open my legs and give me a good licking before she got her bf who is thoroughly turned on, watching his chick lick me, to take over.

He rub the tip of his cock on my pussy. Slowly at first and then more forceful and without warning he plunges the entire length of his massive cock in me. I gasp as that monster slices through me. You have a smile on your face and you are thoroughly turned on, you don't notice that the gf of the guy currently plugging me has your cock in her mouth and she is giving it a good sucking.

With one hand, you keep her head down on your cock but your eyes are on me.

While my cunt is getting the pounding of its life, another cock is in my face. I open my mouth and I can barely fit it in so I use both my hands and mouth to suck this monstrosity. You notice the size of his cock and think it may be fun to watch your horney little slut get fucked by that monster.

"Fuck her", you tell him and they swap place. After having that cock in my mouth, I am botb excited and afraid of getting my pussy ripped open by that giant cock.

"Make her cum first ", I am pretty close to exploding and I feel the waves of pleasure come over me. As soon as you see me in the throes of ecstasy, you say to the owner of the giant cock. "Fuck her now. Hard. Fuck her until she begs you to stop. And then fuck her even harder"  I gasp as I am fucked mercilessly by the giant cock. You are now pounding away at the slut who was sucking your cock earlier while you watch my pussy being pounded by this strangers cock. The giant cock withdraws from my aching pussy and sprays his load all over me. The sight of this makes you shoot your load all over your sluts back.

You pick up my clothes and carry me to the car. You take me back to our hotel where you run a hot shower and wash off all traces of the evening and then you lay me down and make sweet love to me for the rest of the night.

That was fun. We ticked it off our bucket list. From now on, the only cock I want in my slutty cunt is your big, beautiful cock.