Written by Chris

08 Apr 2018

We both lay next to each other spooning, her boob in my hand, under her sleeping dress. I start by taking her hair out of her neck. Then I start kissing her in her neck. She turns to kiss me back, and I get on top of her. We kiss slowly. I take of her dress and kiss her on her collarbone moving up to her ear, kissing her in her ear as well, then I whisper in her ear: “Do you trust me?” She grabs my head and kiss me back on my ear knowing how it turns me on, answering: “Always”.

I get off of her getting my tie. I tell her to lift up her head, and I wrap the tie around her head, so that she can’t see a thing. I run to the kitchen and get the ice bucket, where the wine was in earlier. I put it next to the bed, as I get on top of her once again. Kissing her once again on her mouth slowly. I grab an ice peace, and put it into my mouth, and then I start by rubbing the ice in her neck, moving to her collarbone. Slowly down her chest to her nipple. The ice piece is melted I take another one, putting it into my mouth and I start by drawing circles around her nipple making the circles smaller.

She gives a soft moan as I reach her nipple.

Then I move down to her stomach to her belly button, her hand obviously in my hair. She still has her g-sting on, so to help her get use to temperature, I first put my moth with the ice in on her G-string on her clit, rubbing it a while, she moans again.

I rip the G-string down and push the piece of ice between her pussy lips she moans and pulls my hair. Then I start by rubbing the piece of ice between her lips slowly, keeping it a while longer at her clit, and making sideway movements. I know she is enjoying it because I can hear her, me feeling satisfied just to hear her. When the ice got melted I start using by tongue, and liking her whole pussy wet, I blow air into her and she gasp with pleasure, pulling my head up, turning me on my back and starts to ride me.

It was wonderful.

Please let me know what you think of this storie, by leaving a comment? This is the first one I have written