Written by BigBadSexyWolf1980

22 Aug 2016

It was the end of a long week for me and my wife. We hadn't seen each very much; she had just started a new job that works the opposite schedule as mine. Finally, we had gotten some time off together and we were determined to make it special. It was a night that we had planned on having sex anyway but what happened made it pretty memorable.

We began our session by making out. She knows exactly how I like it when she kisses me and gets me in the mood; she knows to be slutty with her kisses but not overly slutty. She loves to bite my lip and will sometimes stick her tongue in my mouth, but then will lean back and let me take control like I sometimes want to do. Before long, I could feel my hard cock straining from behind my boxers so I slid them down and took it out. I had just shaved all my public hair off the day before and I could tell that she appreciated it, because she couldn't stop running her hands across my smooth skin and low hung balls.

She then got down on her knees and began to slowly take my cock into her mouth. She licked the underside of my cock, going up and down my shaft and could feel every little twitch from my hardening cock. She loved to worship my cock and tell me how much she loved the taste of it in her mouth. She also made sure to pay attention to my soft and smooth ball sack, taking it into her mouth and running her tongue all over them, which I loved very much. After tugging on my balls with her mouth, she put my cock back in her mouth and tried with great fervor to stick it as far down her throat as possible. She made the gagging sound even though she wasn't gagging, because she knew how much it turned me on. She got almost all of the way down and then took a big gulp, which made my cock feel amazing.

After a few more miniatures of devouring my cock, I slowly slid my hand across her pussy, which was already dripping wet. I wanted to make sure her pussy was soaking by the time I put my cock in, so I told her to lay down and I got down by her little clit and gave it a good tongue thrashing. She loved it as her hipped bucked wild with every lick and nibble that I gave her down there. I pulled her clit into my mouth and ran my tongue over it slowly at first, which she cried out in pure joy from, and then faster and faster to more and higher pitched screams. She was really getting into what I was doing to her pussy that I was giving her and I could tell that she was ready for my cock.

I slowly positioned my cock over her warm and soaked pussy, when she pulled me in for a kiss and told me to stop. I backed off, confused as to what she had planned for me. She got up and told me that tonight we were going to try something new. She began to pull on a pair of booty shorts and a loose fitting shirt and told me to put something on really quick. After getting dressed, she led me by the hand out of the door in our bedroom and out onto the balcony. We live in a third floor apartment building, and our balcony faces right out onto the parking lot. She pulled me up behind her and she whispered in my ear to pull down her shorts and stick my cock in. That was all the encouragement I needed as I took my cock out and pulled down her pants and slowly slid my cock in. It was a bit awkward at first, but slowly, I found my rhythm, and before I knew it, we were fucking out on the balcony overlooking the parking lot. She was whispering in my ear that she was loving it and that it was so naughty and dirty to be out here fucking me.

After doing it from behind she pulled up a chair and faced it away from the parking lot and told me to sit. I sat down and suddenly, so did she as she sat all the way down on my cock in one swift motion. She began to bounce up and down on my cock and was letting me feel up her tits as they swayed in my face. She was so turned on by this that she was trying very hard not to moan in sheer joy and she rocked back and forth on my cock. It was also very hard for me not to moan in joy as my cock went even deeper than I thought was possible. Suddenly, I could feel my balls beginning to tense up and I knew that I was going to blow my load soon. I told her that I was going to cum and she told me that she could feel my cock getting bigger and harder. She didn't stop riding and almost screamed as I held on as long as I could before I pushed her all the way down and shot a giant load right into her warm and pulsing pussy. She did finally let out a big yelp but I don't think anybody heard us as shot after shot of warm cum went straight into her pussy

We made out some more as my cock slowly began to shrink back to its normal size and I slid out of her pussy, along with a mixture of my cum and her juices. It got all over my pants that I was wearing and she looked at me and laughed as she helped me out of my chair and back into the bedroom. We slept soundly through the night after our exciting romp out on the balcony.