07 Jan 2016

Loosely based on true events, if there is interest,let me know your feedback.

It was during the December holidays and I had been invited over to my Aunt Rachel's to stay over for a week or so. They had stayed about 3 hour's away which meant I did not get to see them often,mainly at reunions and holidays such as this one.

The house was on a beautiful holding with lush green rolling hills for kms,which meant no immediate neighbours. The closest neighbours were about a 4 km drive away. The drive there was a short one,ipod in my ears,music cranked up and thinking about my next couple of weeks with my Aunt and her family. It had been close to a year since we had last seen them and I was eager to see how my cousin Jade was getting along and hear stories from her.Jade had just got back from her travels according to my mom.She and I had been close growing up and with just 2 years separating us it was more of a brother - sister relationship since we both were only children.

Jade was always a looker even growing up,and when she matured she was blessed with a full 34 D cup which almost always looked as if it was too big for her top.Her jet black hair ,short and spiky the last time I saw her,and she always wore a crop top exposing her bellybutton ring she got when she was 16,I remember that cause we snuck off one day to the tattoo parlour using the money our parents had given us to watch a movie.

Her mom,my dad's sister Rachel,looked like she gave the guys a run for there money in her day.She didn't drink or smoke and ran every 2nd day,did pilates twice a week. She was clearly still firm the last time I saw her and she was defying Gravity in her boob area. 2 things I didn't know which were her exact age and the size of her boobs. If I had to guesstimate I'd say early 40s and judging from Jade,maybe a 32 C  ,but I couldn't be sure as she was always in a sport bra.

Next thing I knew we were pulling up to aunt Rachel's driveway, I knew this cause the road changed from road to gravel. The house looked exactly the same since the last time I saw it,I also noticed Uncle Patrick's car wasn't in the driveway, must have been a work.iPod off,my dad pulled to a stop. I got out and smelt the fresh air ,and felt a surge rush into my lungs. Crisp and clean  ,just how I liked it.

The car pulling up must have alerted my Aunt of our arrival as she was walking down the steps to greet us.She looked like she hadn't aged a day,her hair tied up in a  pony,a long floral summer dress and beach sandals. She hugged my parents and made chit chat about the drive. " was there any traffic ?  Are you guys tired ? " blah blah. I was pretty thirsty and reminded of this when my Aunt offered us some lemonade made from lemons on the holding. I smacked my lips in anticipation. My Aunt finally gave me a tight hug and could feel her soft boobs against my chest, the embrace was a short one but she did whisper into my ear " It's  so good to have you with us".

Aunt Rachel ushered us into to the house with my bags in tow ,and having a seat in the lounge while she poured the lemonade. She was clearly expecting visitors as the place looked so neat and tidy and not a visible speck of dust anywhere. While I looked around,I asked my Aunt quizzically " hey,where is Jade ? " pretty bleak that my cousin wasn't around to see me. My Aunt told me Jade had gone down to the dam earlier to catch a tan have a swim and she would be back shortly.

With the niceties over my parent's decided to hit he road again before it got dark. Once I bade farewell to my parents,my dad called me aside and casually  slipped me "some walking around money" as he liked to call it .One last view of my parents rear view mirror and  a trail of dust. They were off. My Aunt shooshed me into the house and marched me up the stairs to the guest bedroom giving me an eyeful as she took each step,no jiggle no bounce just taut. Was she even wearing any underwear  ? I couldn't tell because I couldn't see any panty lines, as my cock began to strain against my underwear.

There it was my room. The smell of freshly laundered sheets emanated as I sat down tossing my bed onto the floor.

My aunts room as she told me was opposite mine,and next to mine was my cousin Jades. My Aunt promptly told me to make myself comfortable and to freshen up while she fixed up something to eat for when Jade returned. Eager to rub one out,I waited to hear until my Aunt was down the stairs before I fished out my now hard tool and got to work.

As a guy ,nerves kick in when rubbing one  out in new places,is it to loud ? Can anybody hear me ? To quell this feeling, I noticed Jades room was open and went inside. Nothing much had changed in her room with the exception of the once famous  Boy Band poster now taken down replaced by a collage of pictures taken from her travels. Ever so slowly I decided to check her drawers for some stimulus,I heard my Aunt singing and busying herself in the kitchen so I was safe.

Draw by draw I opened ever so slightly till I found what I was looking for. Bingo. The lingerie. Sets of red and blue lacy bra and thong caught my fancy. Balling up the thongs and pressing them to my nose one hand on my cock,pumping away,I sniff deeply. Nothing. Fresh. Smelt like fabric softner ,I craved something else.

Then I spotted the laundry hamper

in  the corner of the room,hoping to find a prize. I scurried through the pile,t shirts, dress , oddly matched socks,and  a pair of soiled panties. ...