Written by Flagg

05 Oct 2013

Chapter 3 – Exploration

The next opportunity for us to get to know each other more intimately was the following Friday evening. Samantha had managed to convince her parents to allow her to come over to our house to watch a movie. I went to fetch her early on during the evening, and we enjoyed watching it while lying on the couch.

Before we walked back across the road to their house, I pulled her into a dark corner outside our house and started kissing her deeply. Leaning with her back against the wall, she pulled me close. We just kept kissing like that, occasionally staring deeply into one another’s eyes. After a while, Sam asked whether there was something wrong with her. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked, surprised. ‘You haven’t even tried to touch my tits once. I thought you liked them?’ she jokingly replied.

Not requiring any further invitation, I immediately leaned in even closer to her and slowly inserted my hands under her t-shirt, stroking over her stomach. When I gently began to stroke her breasts through her bra, she closed her eyes and started rubbing her body against the erection straining against my jeans. Continuing with the deep kissing, I lifted Sam’s t-shirt over her breasts and slipped it over her head.

Fascinated, I couldn’t stop staring at her white lace bra as I continued to slowly massage her huge tits. As a result of their size, she had to wear bras with thick straps and providing sufficient underwire support. Quite unlike her swimsuit which, of course, did not provide nearly the same degree of support, her bra lifted and pushed her breasts forward beautifully (to be honest, though, I still preferred the manner in which her tits hanged freely within the confines of her swimsuit!).

Without success, I tried to push down the cups of her bra so that I could see her nipples. ‘You still have a lot to learn,’ Sam told me with a smile on her face, ‘this pair of tits is far too heavy to get out of a bra like that!’ Sticking her thumb and index finger into the one cup, and pinching her erect nipple between them, she lifted her full right breast into sight. She continued to do the same with her left tit. With both of her tits hanging over her bra like that, Sam continued to rub over her nipples, causing them to stand even more erect.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her, this being the first opportunity that I had to openly worship her tits like this. As I already described, Sam had the most amazing big puffy pink nipples. In contrast, her breasts were snow white, nearly translucent, with dark blue veins traversing them. While gently starting to stroke her left tit, I started kissing and sucking on her right nipple. Sam again groaned with pleasure and leaned back against the wall. Her hands slowly moved down my body, and it was not long before I could feel her grasp my stiff cock through my jeans. Not really knowing what to do, she merely stood there firmly gripping my shaft. To help her along, I placed my hand over hers and started rubbing both up and down. When I stopped licking her erect nipple and started kissing her again, she started to jerk my dick harder and faster. ‘O man, if you don’t want me to cum right now, you should stop that…’ I whispered in her ear whilst softly nibbling it. With a deep sigh, she let go of my cock.

After continuing to kiss for a while, I whispered to her, ‘would you like to feel how my cock feels… you know, not just through my jeans?’ Hesitantly, she looked up to me and nodded her head affirmatively. It seemed, however, as if something was bothering her. ‘What’s wrong?’ I asked. With a slight shyness in her voice, Samantha asked, ‘could I look at it again as well?’ With a laugh, I replied, ‘of course you can! But why would you want to look at the “ugliest thing that you have ever seen” again?’ Frowning, Sam clapped me on my shoulder, ‘I didn’t just say that, you idiot. I also said that it was the most beautiful thing that I have seen… so stop teasing me!’ Kissing her deeply again, I unfastened my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and, together with my underpants, pulled it down to my knees.

With my cock standing stiffly to attention, I took Samantha’s hand and rubbed it slowly against my swollen cock-head. This time, however, she did not require any further instruction and immediately gripped my naked shaft firmly and started jerking it backwards and forwards. With her free hand, she softly rubbed over my swollen head. Feeling the sliminess of the pre-cum on my head, Sam asked, ‘…why is it wet? … did I already make you cum?’ ‘No, not yet,’ I explained, ‘but a little bit of cum always start to leak out when you play with it.’ That was my best attempt of explaining the concept of pre-cum to her. Sam continued to masturbate me, for the first time experiencing the new feel and texture of a naked erect penis in her hands.

After a while, I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. My rock hard cock was now directly in front of her face, no more than 5 centimetres away. Now it was Sam’s turn to admire and take in every detail of my nakedness while slowly stoking my shaft, with my foreskin behind my head. Inspecting every inch of my stiff cock, from the throbbing veins on my shaft to my oversized swollen red head, Sam commented, ‘wow, look at how long it is…from the pictures I have seen I thought that the front part would be just as big as the back part, but yours must be twice as thick…and why is it angling to the side…is it supposed to do that?’ Again, I couldn’t help but laugh, ‘you are right, my dick has a funny shape. None of my friends have cock-heads as long and thick as mine. And I guess that it must be pointing to the one side because I always jerk off with my right hand.

Continuing to pump my shaft in her fist while watching my foreskin moving back and forth behind my head, I started to breathe deeper. ‘Would you like to see me cum?’ Staring with fascination at my throbbing cock, Samantha replied that she would. Placing my hand over hers while she kept on stroking me, I moved my cock to the side. ‘Why did you do that?’ she asked. ‘It may not be such a good idea for me to cum over your face the first time that you jerk me off!’ I replied. Laughing, she kept staring at my dick as it moved with increasing speed in our hands. The first jet of cum spurted out of my cock and landed next to Sam's knee on the ground, with the second and third jets landing on her jeans. While I gasped for breath, Samantha just kept on pumping my erection. With her other hand, she wiped at the cum on her jeans and rubbed it between her fingers to experience the texture. She appeared to be just as carried away as I was. Pulling her up, we embraced – my slimy, cum covered cock rubbing against her pants and her hanging bare breasts pressing against my t-shirt.

After standing kissing like that for a while, I got my cock back in my pants and started massaging her soft tits again. Not for long, however, as I moved my one hand down over her stomach and started to rub her pussy rhythmically through her jeans. Now it was Sam who started breathing deeper. Without any encouragement from me, she quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled it down over her white ass cheeks. Continuing to rub her cunt, I could feel that her white cotton panties were soaked. Kicking off her jeans completely, Sam also pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. Except for her bra, wedged firmly beneath her low hanging tits, she was completely naked. Pulling me closer again, she took my hand and placed it on her soft curly pussy hair for the second time. Rubbing downwards, I slid my fingers between her prominent dripping wet lips. This time I took my time to explore her pussy in much more detail - from her hair-covered outer lips to her slick, long inner lips to her swollen clit and finally the slit of her vagina. With her head rested on my shoulder, Sam groaned softly.

Penetrating her with my middle finger, I started rotating it deep inside her tight, wet pussy. By this time, Sam was very close to her first orgasm. Her soft tits bounced around freely while she rode my finger harder and faster. She could no longer contain herself. Grabbing me tightly, she bit my neck to hide the cry accompanying the first of the many orgasms that I gave her over the course of the next year. What a wonderful feeling – the muscles of her vagina contracting and trying to suck my finger even deeper into her! By the time I pulled my finger out, my whole hand was covered and slippery with her juices.

I was again just gently rubbing over her lips, when Sam pushed me down to my knees. Smiling down at me, she stood there right in from of me, proceeded to spread her legs wide open while toying with her long inner pussy lips. I had my first unobstructed view of her beautiful pussy, so close to my nose that I could smell her delicious scent. As she continued to tug on her individual lips right in front of my face, I stuck out my tongue and licked them as and when they came into reach. Although I could tell that she was a bit taken aback initially, she soon started to rub her entire pussy against my mouth and tongue when she realised what an amazing sensation it provided. She came again within a matter of seconds, this time covering my entire face with her wetness.

Getting up, I embraced her, and while supporting her in this fashion, helped het to get her tits back in her bra, her jeans on and her t-shirt over her head (her panties were so wet that it just did not make any sense to put them back on…). ‘Next time its’ your turn, you know. You will have to teach me how you like your thick cock-head being licked…’