Written by Flagg

23 Oct 2013

Chapter 5 – ... Fuck!

Letting go again, Samantha walked to the kitchen and returned a while later with two glasses of chilled wine, sitting down on the coffee table next to me. ‘Okay, I want you to get rid of your clothes right now. Let’s see if I’m good enough to get that impressive cock-head of yours to stand up stiffly!!’ ‘I can assure you that I am as horny as I’ve ever been young lady’ I replied while getting up and starting to strip.

Before taking off my shirt, I took of my jeans, standing in my underpants with Sam admiring the shape and outline of my clearly visible stiff boner. With her sitting on the coffee table before me, I slowly slipped out of my underpants as well. At first, only my cock-head, swollen thick and purple, emerged, followed by my shaft and finally my balls. While studying every detail of my pulsing erection with a grin on her face, Samantha said, ‘I’m delighted to see that these floppy tits and wet pussy is having such a stiffening effect on you!’ Clasping my shaft in both hands, she slowly and rhythmically began stroking it. As the briskness of her yanking increased, I warned her with deepening breath, ‘you better slow down, lovely, or be ready to face an eruption of cum all over the place…’ ‘Definitely too soon…’ she replied while slowing down.

Standing up, but keeping her grip on my shaft, she led me out to the pool. Although the entire pool area was reasonably private, it was very liberating to roam around naked outside. Just for a minute, however, and as we passed the table and chairs on the patio, I had a twitch of guilt at the thought of jerking off on her mother’s face the previous weekend. ‘…I didn’t have any choice – I had to do what was necessary to keep seeing her…’ I told myself, not knowing what was still in store for me at the hands of Mrs Smith.

In this fashion, Sam continued leading me to the deck chairs. Letting go of me, she got down on one while throwing a bottle of baby oil in my direction. ‘Time for you to start working…’ my instructions to rub her down from head to toe. I didn’t require a second invitation, and immediately started off. Of course, I couldn’t help but focus most of my attention on her beautiful breasts. The feeling of her big, smoothly oiled, tits in my hands were indescribable. My hands moved down from her breasts, over her stomach, and I began to work the oil into her legs. Again, however, it wasn’t long before I unconsciously began focusing on her slightly spread upper legs. Moving higher and higher up, I began massaging the oil from the cleft between her legs to her soft, curly pussy hair. Slowly moving down again, parting her legs further while doing so, I started kneading her long, slippery lips between my fingers.

While groaning with pleasure, Sam gasped, ‘o my God…I can’t take much more of this…stop for a minute… o God, that’s amazing… WOW! Just let me catch my breath…’ ‘Okay… that’s better…now, do you remember last time when I said that I would like to… you know… taste you?’ ‘Of course I do’ I replied while, despite her protests, continuing to rhythmically rub more oil over her clit and lips. ‘Does this mean that today will be the day?’ I asked while slowly penetrating her vagina with two well oiled fingers. With a further gasp from her side, I could feel the muscles deep inside Samantha's pussy contracting around my fingers in another orgasm.

Getting up, I straddled Sam lying on the deck chair, with my erection moving closer and closer to her face. My head was already wet with pre-cum when I softly pressed it against her slightly parted lips. While I expected her to flinch, she surprised me by opening her mouth wider, sticking out her tongue and hesitantly licking the clear fluid from my head in long, slow strokes, tasting cum for the first time. Surprising me further, she then tried to take my whole head into her mouth, beginning to gently suck thereon. Slipping my head out of her mouth with a popping sound, she whispered to me, ‘Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that having a man’s thing in my mouth would feel so good…although you are stiff, it feels so soft and smooth…’ She immediately started licking and sucking on my cock-head again, and it wasn’t long before I pulled my cock away from her hungry mouth, wanked my shaft a couple of times, before pumping streams of cum over her breasts. With a naughty twinkle in her eyes, and while taking over the stroking of my cock with her one hand, she started massaging the lines of cum onto her soft tits with her other hand. Lying down beside her, we both just relaxed for a while and tried to cool down.