Written by Flagg

10 Oct 2013

Chapter 4 – Ready... steady…

Some weeks later, Samantha told me one Friday afternoon that she will be home alone the following day. With a naughty twinkle in her eyes, she said that I should be there as early as possible so we could make the most of the day available to us...

Just after nine the next morning I knocked on their door, my heart racing with anticipation for the steamy session that I was expecting. Sam didn’t take her time to open, still dressed in a bath robe. Grabbing me by the shoulder, she pulled me inside, slammed the door and immediately started kissing me. As we embraced she whispered in my ear that her intention is to live out one of the fantasies that she had been having for the last couple of months. Stepping away from me, she began to untie her robe, ‘my wish is to spend the entire day without any clothes on...and I am going to force you to do it with me!’ With that, she slowly opened her robe and let it fall to the ground, revealing her sexy body covered only in a revealing black bra and g-string.

With a grin she continues, ‘that’s not all…I am also going to force you to help me achieve as many orgasms as is humanly possible…I hope you are “up” for it?’ While she was telling me this, she was busy slipping the cords of her g-string from her ass cheeks and down her legs. ‘I haven’t been completely honest with you…I do play with myself… I think I’ve become addicted to orgasms…I have to finger myself at least once a day.’ By now, Sam was running her fingers through her exposed pussy hair. ‘What do you say?’ With a huge grin on my face I just shook my head affirmatively. ‘Well, you can start by getting me out of this bra…it feels so restrictive…’ I immediately complied by unhooking the clips on her bra straps, and pulling it from her round, heavy breasts.

By now, with my cock already as hard as a cricket bat, I started to take my shirt off. Sam, however, immediately stopped me, ‘not so fast young man… for now you are still going to keep all of that on. I find it terribly arousing to know that my naked body makes you extremely horny, but that you can’t do anything to relieve yourself. Sooo, for now I am not going to allow you to touch yourself!’

With that, she turned around and walked down the hall. I couldn’t help but notice how her breasts gently swayed from side to side with every step she took. I followed her into the living room, and watched her lie down on her side on a big couch. Sitting down next to the couch on the coffee table, I continued to stare as she started to caress her tits, gently rubbing and pinching her puffy pink nipples. ‘Would you like to suck on these stiff, thick nipples mister?’ she asked. When I tried to lean over, she laughed again and pushed me away. Sam turned on her back, spread her legs wide open, and again started running her fingers through her soft pussy hair before moving further down to her prominent pussy lips. While slowly rubbing over them, spreading them apart, she started telling me the story of how her best friend, Louise, helped her discover the pleasure that self-pleasing poses.

Sam told me that Louise came to stay over one evening for a pyjama party about a year ago. After watching movies for a while, they decided to go to bed, with Louise sharing her double bed for the night. Lying under the duvet, they continued talking. Because Louise had never had a boyfriend before, she was very curious about how far Sam had gone with the boyfriends that she have had. ‘I admitted that I haven’t really done much except letting a couple of them touch my tits and rub themselves against me… this was long before you came along okay!’ ‘When she asked whether I’ve had an orgasm before, I honestly told her that I haven’t. She then told me that, although she has never kissed a guy, she regularly “fingers” herself. Naturally, I was curious and asked her how she does it. Louise told me that she would show me if I promised not to tell anyone.’ Sam told me that after she promised, Louise pulled down the duvet and took off her pyjama pants. With Sam keenly looking on, Louise spread her legs and started to gently rub herself through her panties. After a while, with her panties clearly wet, Louise asked if Sam wanted to see more. ‘Of course I replied that I did!’ Sam told me that Louise then slipped out of her panties as well. ‘It was the first time that I’ve seen another woman naked up close – what a shock!!! I thought I was a freak – she didn’t have any pussy hair, and apparently no lips either… well that’s not true, she did have lips, but not like mine at all. Her thick meaty lips completely hid her inner parts. Not wanting to sound like an idiot, though, I just kept quiet and continued to watch as her fingers moved in and out between her wet lips.’

While Sam was telling the story, she was lying there with her legs spread, toying with her lips and on an increasingly regular basis slipping a couple of fingers into her own vagina. I couldn’t help but visualize the differences in their pussies – Sam with her hairy cunt and long prominent inner lips as opposed to Louise’s thick shaved outer lips.

Sam continued by telling me that Louise started breathing deeper and deeper, while telling her how good it felt to have a finger deep in her pussy while rhythmically rubbing her clit. ‘I couldn’t keep it in any longer…I had to try for myself. Within seconds, I was out of my pyjamas and panties, and lying next to Louise rubbing my own pussy.’ Smiling at her, Louise then told Sam that she just LOVED her long lips…she said that she had recently walked in on her mom while she was shaving herself in the shower, and couldn’t help but notice that her mom’s lips were just about as long as the handle of the razor she was using. She had to grip them between her fingers and pull them to the one side so as not to accidentally nick herself while shaving. Louise also admitted that it was shortly thereafter that she started shaving her own hair.

‘Wow, I was so relieved! I wasn’t the only one with wings for lips… With that I lay back and started to enjoy the experience, with it only taking a while for my own fingers to be covered in my juices.’ Sam told me that she kept an eye on Louise's hands and tried to copy what she was doing – inserting a finger gently into herself and slowly moving it around while also spreading her lips and teasing her clit. Although she started off slowly, the intensity of the amazing new feelings soon threatened to overwhelm her. Louise must have noticed this, and whispered to her that it was all natural…the best was yet to come…she should start rubbing and fingering herself harder… Not wanting to miss out on the full experience, Sam willingly complied!

Not long after that, and though difficult for her to concentrate at the time, it was quite clear to Sam that Louise was having an orgasm – that was enough to also push her over the edge and enjoy that indescribable feeling for the first time. As she finished telling me the story, two of Sam’s fingers were moving in and out of her dripping wet vagina at an alarming speed. As she lay there with eyes closed and moaning with pleasure, I could see the orgasmic contractions taking hold of her and passing through her body as she curled up with pleasure.

After recuperating for a while, she looked up at me with a smile, ‘now you know my dark secret... did you like the show?’ With that she stood up, leaned over me, and kissed me deeply. Of course, I immediately started stoking her huge freely swinging breasts!