Written by Flagg

22 Sep 2013


I have posted this on a number of sites such as znights and booksie before. I f you have read it before, please ignore!

Chapter 1

In my teen years, I dated the girl that lived across the street from us.

In my eyes, Samantha was a seventeen year old goddess, with long, dark curly hair and the cutest little face. She had a large built for a girl - taller and heavier than me, with curves in all the right places. Because of her build, she also had a fantastic pair of breasts - by far the biggest of all the other girls attending school with us in the small rural town.

During the summer before we started dating, I always tried my utmost to get invited by Sam to come over for a swim in their pool. The reason of course, so that I could stare out of the corner of my eyes at her massive breasts while she was parading around in her swimsuit ... Although I did not realize it, she was all too aware of what was going on in my dirty little mind, and using it to her full advantage!

It was during one of these swimming sessions that she began to tease me with the fact that she has long been aware of the fact that I was only there to stare at her breasts. We had just gotten out of the pool, and were sitting on the edge in the hot sun. Samantha got up and picked up her towel. Because of the size thereof, her breasts hung low and swung around inside her swimsuit as she moved around. When she bent down to throw the towel beside me, her right breast slipped up in her swimsuit, exposing her entire nipple.

Samantha pretended not to realize this immediately, and just continued with opening her towel and positioning it on the paving around the pool. I, of course, just sat there dazed, staring at her beautiful pink nipple, standing stiff from the cold pool water. As she was lying down on the towel, she re-inserted her breast into her swimsuit with a big smile on her face. ‘If that bulge is going to get any bigger, you pants are going to rip!’ With a crimson face, I immediately placed my hands over my rock hard erection. ‘You know, I’ve been noticing for a while now that you can’t keep your eyes off my tits. Did you enjoy the show?’

I only realised then that she had deliberately exposed her nipple to me. I was speechless at first. Thereafter, the harder I tried to deny that my only reason for coming over was to stare at her breasts, the harder she laughed.

Sam was lying on her towel before me, supporting herself on her elbows. This, of course, only further emphasized her massive cleavage, making it nearly impossible for me to keep my eyes focused on her face. ‘Okay, okay, I admit! I have these uncontrollable fantasies about your body while seeing you in your swimsuit... There, it’s out, happy now?’ ‘Should I also assume that you fantasize about me without any clothes on?’ Sam asked. ‘Yes… I am struggling to think of anything else!’ I replied. Sam laughed: ‘Okay, here’s the deal – I may just consider fulfilling you fantasy, but it’s not going to be that easy… I want some contribution from your side as well.’

I did not immediately comprehend what she meant. ‘Okaaay… So what will be expected of me, lovely lady?’ ‘Time for promises first. You are not to share ANYTHING that happens here with anyone else, okay. Now promise!’ Sam made me promise on my (still living) mother’s grave before she continued: ‘I’ve never had a boyfriend, you know. The furthest I had gone with any guy is some heavy petting – he kissed me for a while…touched my breasts…and, of course, tried to get his hands inside my jeans. I did not allow him, though. And you?’

This one was a bit difficult for me. It’s not as if I‘ve had a lot of experience, but I did not want to scare Sam off. In the end, I decided to be honest: ‘I’ve had my finger inside Nina…’ Samantha stared at me for awhile: ‘Inside… Jake, you pervert!!! And you kiss and tell! And here I thought she was such a prude. You have to tell me, how did it feel?’ ‘Oh, come on Sam’ I replied ‘you obviously know that a whole lot better that I do, I mean…’ ‘Not that, you idiot’ she replied ‘of course I know how it feels in there. What I meant was, did you enjoy it?’ ‘Well, it only happened once, and she had her pants on so it was a bit difficult to move my hand around, if you know what I mean…But yes, it was the most amazing feeling ever – so soft … and wet. No, not wet exactly. It’s difficult to describe…’ ‘Don’t worry, I know. And, did she touch you?’ Sam asked. ‘Only through my jeans. I had to hold her hand and rub it over my…you know.’

‘I’ve never touched it, not even through a guy’s pants…’ Sam told me shyly. ‘I’ve often wondered how a man looks, you know, when…stiff?’ The horny little bastard that I was, replied immediately of course: ‘You can look at mine, I really don’t mind, you can even rub it a little if you want to!’ Sam blushed: ‘That, Jakey boy, may be taking it a bit too fast.’ Whispering in my ear, she continued: ‘But, I wouldn’t mind another glimpse of that bulge in your pants…’ As I moved closer to her, I stretched my hands over the bulge in my pants so that the outline of the head and shaft of my cock was clearly visible. Samantha couldn’t stop staring. Up until then, her only conception of the male anatomy was that gleaned from the information contained in her biology textbook. ‘My God, that thing is big … It looks like my wrist…’

‘So, Samantha, was that the 'contribution' that you required from my side?’ She did not answer me, but merely turned on her side, removed her arm from the strap of her swimsuit and lifted her whole right breast from the cup before getting back on her elbows. It was only then that I really formed an idea of how big and beautiful her breasts really were. I could not stop staring at that nearly translucent milky white breast with blue veins traversing it, capped with the most beautiful puffy pink nipple hanging freely to her towel. Her nipple must have been the size of a tennis ball, the whole of which stood up from the rest of her breast (so different from the others that I have seen).

Sam, on the other hand just kept talking as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening: ‘Why do most guys love big breasts? I can’t understand it. I would rather have small firm tits like all of my friends. These monsters just keep bouncing all over the place.’ At that point I was really unable to comment - something that Samantha apparently found very amusing.

When I finally leaned over in an attempt to sneak our first kiss (and also to touch her beautifully exposed breast), Samantha responded immediately by also rising to meet the kiss. The result, however, was that she accidentally placed her hand on my erection, giving her such a fright that she immediately pulled away laughing. She sat up and slipped her bare breast back into her swimsuit.

Although we stole a couple of further kisses that day, nothing else happened. Back home, I was so horny that I nearly disengaged my cock from my body. The result, however, since then Samantha and I were pretty much inseparable.