Written by Flagg

28 Sep 2013

Chapter 2 – Exposure

The following Monday during recess at school, I whispered in Sam's ear about how I masturbated while fantasizing about her baring her breast to me on Saturday next to the pool. ‘Do you really do that to yourself?’ she asked with a shocked expression on her face. I couldn’t help laughing, ‘at least three or four times a day!’ I replied. ‘Don’t you ever play with yourself?’ With a crimson face, Sam replied ‘of course not, you pervert! I’ll never do that to myself. How could you even think it…? Wow, four times a day? Have you done it today yet?’ ‘I just did – in the bathroom – also while imagining your tits,’ I replied. ‘Ahh, you must really like them, them?’ Samantha said with a smile on her face.

The rest of the week we continued to tease each other every opportunity that we got. The sexual tension that was building between us was starting to get intolerable. By Friday morning, when Sam asked if I would be coming over for a swim the next day, we both realized that we would not be able to keep our hands off each other.

Unfortunately her parents home, so we could not do much more than steal the occasional quick kiss. The worst of it was that we both realized that we would have to wait a whole week before being alone together again (weekday visits were frowned upon back then). However, I still could not keep my eyes off her sexy body as she played around in the pool - especially in light of the new swimsuit she was wearing.

Samantha also made no secret of how she was openly staring at the unmistakable bulge every time I ‘accidentally’ climbed out of the pool in such a manner that my wet pants moulded over my erection. Obviously, I had to be very careful for her parents not notice this through one of the windows! We also used every opportunity to, once again ‘accidentally’, bump against each other while playing in the pool. Several times, I rubbed my stiff cock against her buttocks and thighs while supposedly trying to take the beach ball we were playing with from her. I could see that this had exactly the same effect on her as on me.

Later, while sitting on the edge of the pool with my back to their house, Samantha swam over to me and whispered: ‘I would really like to see more of that … thing … that you keep rubbing against my legs. I promise to properly compensate you if you can manage it?’ With a huge grin on my face, I started rubbing over my erection so that the outline thereof was clearly visible to Sam as she lay drifting on the beach ball in the water right in front of me. ‘No, I want to see even more… if you know what I mean...’ Very slowly, so as not to be noticeable from inside the house, I opened the zip of my pants, and started slipping my erect cock into her view. By now, I was already so worked up that the veins stood out on my shaft, with my red head fat and swollen. Samantha almost had a heart attack, it being the first erection that she has ever seen.

What made it worse was that, at that point with my stiff cock standing to full attention out of the zip of my pants, her mother came out of the door behind me and started talking to her about going to the shops later on… Knowing that she could only see my back, I remained calm, and did not do anything about my exposed erection right in front of Sam’s face. I even looked over my shoulder, and with a smile said hello to Sam’s mom. Fortunately, it appeared as if she did not suspect anything – who knows…

When her mom went back inside, Sam stared down at my cock a final time. Again whispering, she said: ‘Put that thing back IMMEDIATELY…’ Laughingly, I just ignored her. ‘I like the sun on it. Why don’t you go fetch the suntan lotion and rub some on before I get sunburn…’ Sam was becoming desperate, ‘DO IT NOW…please put it back before my mother comes out again! God, she’ll ground me for life…’ Knowing that I’ve had my fun at her expense, I slowly started slipping my cock back into my pants, obviously continuing in the joking fashion of pretending to struggle to fit it back in as a result its size. I also couldn’t help but notice that Sam kept her eyes firmly fixed thereon until I eventually had my cock head tucked back in and closed my zip.

After a while, Samantha got out of the pool and came and sat down on the edge next to me. ‘That must have been both the prettiest and ugliest thing that I have ever seen…’ she exclaimed. Again, I could not help but laugh. I took her hand and, placing it on my cock straining against my pants, could feel her fingers folding around my shaft. The feeling was enough to push me over the edge and start cumming. Obviously Sam did not yet realise what was happening, and innocently asked: ‘Why is it jerking around so much now?’ When I told her what was happening, she immediately pulled her hand away and jumped back in.

I also dived in, with the chilly water feeling refreshingly pleasant on my cock while washing my cum away. I couldn’t help but drift around with a huge smile on my face. Sam just scolded me: ‘It’s not necessary to like a cat that had just gotten cream. Because of that stunt, I may just keep your reward from you - you could have warned me, you know…’ ‘ Come on, that’s not fair!’ I replied. I was hoping that she would bare her huge breasts for me again, or even just flash one of her beautiful pink nipples.

She totally surprised me, however. When we finally got out of the pool again, she quickly pulled me in behind a wall next to the pool, out of sight of the house. Taking my hand, she slipped it inside her swimsuit next to her leg, with my fingers on her soft pussy hair. As she stood there smiling up at me, she said; ‘Hurry up you idiot! Are you just going to keep your hand on my pussy hair? I thought you’ve fingered Nina before?’ I needed no further encouragement! Slowly rubbing downwards over her hair, my fingers started exploring her full pussy lips, before I slipped a finger deep into her. Sam closed her eyes and groaned with pleasure. Her low moans just intensified as I continued pumping my finger in and out of her wet, slippery vagina with ever increasing speed.

It was not long, however, before she pulled my finger out of her, turned her back on me, and with trembling legs, walked back to the pool.