Written by TheLibrarian

10 Aug 2014

The waiter slipped the black envelope over to Riley where she sat at the bar, a delicate finger tracing the outline of her glass. Glancing around she laid her hand on the envelope, her fingers lightly brushing the waiters’. With a slight nod he turned away and went about his business. Sliding a manicured digit into the envelope flap, tearing it open, Riley took a shaky breath while gnawing on her bottom lip. Her heart pounding so much, it felt like a stampede was making their way across her lungs, the bar suddenly spinning and the air stuffy. Turning her back on the patrons behind her she glanced down at the card she held in her hand. “Room 423”

It was less than a month ago that Riley stood looking at herself in the mirror and decided to venture into the dark unknown world of sensual pleasures. Having always been a closet case, and being slightly padded, Riley always felt somewhat like an ugly duckling, and although the curves were in all the right places and her features resembled that of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind she did have the habit of putting herself down, especially when her husband had the habit of comparing her to when she was still 22 and constantly reminded her of how good she looked back in the day. It was while looking at her naked slightly out of shape self, where she realised that if she did not try everything at least once, she’ll die an old lady with a bunch of cats and grandkids and nothing else to reminisce about. And here she was, at the edge of the unknown, and a probationary member of an exclusive adult RPG club that took things a step further than online gaming. In order to become a fully-fledged member, she now faced the biggest challenge of her life and the instructions were clear - Red Dress, High Heels, No Panties and Confidence.

Riley knew that someone from the club was observing, she could feel the unseen eyes burn into her back as she looked down at the key card in her hand. She reached for the glass in front of her and took the last sip, before slipping off the bar stool. Her demeanor revealing a confident, strong woman irrespective of the nervousness she felt inwardly, which was suppressed by the lascivious carnal part of her psyche. If this was the true nature of a Gemini, it explains why Riley felt as if there was an epic battle of wills going on inside her mind - Good verses Bad, darkness verses light.

Tilting her chin defiantly she set one foot in front of another as she made her way out the bar straight to the elevator, as the steel doors closed, sealing her off from the lobby it was as if all doubt and insecurities was left outside the elevator door. She felt sexy and in control of herself, one last glance at herself in the mirrored walls surrounding her, she raised an eloquent brow and her lips curved into a wicked smile. The ping of the elevator signalling her arrival to the 4th floor brought her out of her mental reverie and with her head held high, she stepped into the corridor, turned right and made her way to ROOM 423.

As instructed she knocked 3 times before slipping the key card into the slot, the lock clicked and the door opened a fraction. She took one last breath, rolled her shoulders and then slowly pushed the door open and stepped into the dimply lit room. Utter silence met her before she felt a light kiss on the back of her neck.

“Don’t turn around” The male voice instructed, before a blind fold was tied firmly around Riley’s eyes. Riley wanted nothing more than to speak but this too was against the rules. No talking, until requested to talk. She sighed softly as she felt the stranger’s hands sliding down the length of her arms, his nose skimming along the curve of her neck.

“Use the senses you have left. Touch, Sound, Smell and taste.” With this, she felt and heard the zip on her dress slowly sliding down, followed by the warm brush of his finger tracing a single vertical line down her spine.

Riley could feel the liquid heat pool between her legs, clean shaven and no panties resulted in her wetness coating her thighs. Still in her heels, she felt the dress drop to the floor.

“You’re beautiful woman Riley, but not very obedient, you were not supposed to wear any underwear.” The stranger said as he unfastened her bra. Riley could not respond to the statement, although she really wanted to so much explain to him that she is to self-conscious of her large breasts and the fact that they need all the support they can get.

Suddenly the heat of the stranger was gone and Riley was left standing with the dress around her feet, now completely naked apart from the stilettos she was wearing. The slight sounds around her the only sign of life, she tried her utmost to make sense of where the stranger was and what he was doing. Her mouth had suddenly gone dry and she could feel an uncontrolled tremble staring at her knees and running up her legs. The room temperature had dropped, which only meant that her stranger had turned the air-con on cold. The cool air assaulted her skin causing her nipples to tighten even more, instinctively she wrapped her arms around her waist.

“I did not say you can move” He was standing right in front of her! Riley dropped her hands to her side instantly; instead she curled her hands into tight fists. She had to get a hold of herself, now was not the time to turn and run. The cascade of emotions running through her was like an unannounced hurricane tugging her in all directions at the same time.

A warm hand encased her wrist and she immediately felt compelled to tug free but resisted.

“Keep your shoes on” His order clear as he lead her by her hand further into the room.

“Mind the table” He said as he cupped her shoulders with both his hands turning her until she felt the bed behind her thighs, but yet he would not allow her to sit. Not being able to see anything Riley struggled to make sense of what was happening. The uncertainty was slowly killing her, but at the same time exciting her. What is he going to do? She wondered as she heard a click, like that of a brief case opening. She remembered that she stipulated ‘Mild Bondage’ on her application form, surely that would not involve pain? Once again fear reared its ugly head and all Riley wanted to do was rip the blind fold off and put a stop to this foolish charade. What is she thinking? She has a family; she’s completely lost her mind. What if she never made it out of this alive!? As if sensing her fear, the stranger traced a finger down the side of her face to under her chin lifting her head and pressing his lips softly against hers.

“You don’t have to be scared, we’re both here for a bit of fun, I have my fantasies and you have yours, let us explore it together today.” Whatever it was, her stranger’s raspy deep voice had the ability to make all her fears evaporate. “Today is about fulfilling fantasies, ones we both share.” With the words still echoing in her mind, Riley felt a tight rough rope being wrapped it around her waist. Her stranger then brought the rope around to her front where he tied it with a hitch knot, he made a square knot several inches down and pulled the rope between her legs snugly. He made sure the ropes weren't twisted or that they weren't pinching, put the knot would torment her clit every time she moved. He brought the rope up and over the waist rope, tying it off with another knot before separating the two strands of rope and bringing the around her hips to the front. The single ropes looped around the vertical one and pulled them open to form a diamond shape on her front, tightening the crotch rope and then swept to the back to repeat the process again before being tied off. He then took another length of rope and released the ones that were holding her. She whimpered as he wrapped the rope around first around one breast, then the other, tightening it to appoint where she was sure it was restricting some blood flow, but it felt so good, she could barely stand it. The slightest movement resulted in the rope rubbing against her already sensitive clit.

“Set your feet apart” Her stranger instructed, and obediently she parted her legs.

Suddenly she could feel his breath right on her pussy, as soaked as she was; his hot breath was causing her to gush even more. Her own breathing hissed in her ears as she felt the rope being tugged, pulling tight against her clit. She felt him push her back unto the bed while his hand was splayed over her ass and her breath hitched as the ropes around her breasts tightened causing her already DD cup size to bulge.

“Beautiful, absolutely beautiful” He whispered as he lowered himself down to come to a still on top of her, taking one taut tip between his teeth, biting only lightly. His hand slid down between them and he split the rope so that her clit was pinched and protruding between the twisted pieces of rope. As he slide a fingertip over the protruding nub, Riley let out a moan. She was about to cum, and her stranger hadn’t even done much. Her euphoric state of mind was taking her to heights far above the Plato of her imaginative world.

“Looks to me like you haven’t been touched like this before, you’ve drenched the rope. Maybe we should have you on display; it’s shameful to keep such a sight from the rest of the world”

Panic ripped through Riley at her stranger’s words and she instantly tried to cover herself up.

“Oh no sweetheart, don’t worry, no one will even know your name or face” Still blind folded, Riley felt her stranger move, and then she felt a soft velvety sack being pulled over her head.

“Now take it easy. You can breathe fine, and I assure you if there’s any distress your safe word is Venus. Nod if you’re ready”

Riley contemplated what was about to happen, questions, doubt, conflict all raced through her being as she weighed up her options. She could trust her stranger or run. Hesitantly she nodded.

“Good girl, now I’m going to tie your ankles to the bed posts. You won’t be able to close your legs. Just lay back and enjoy what you’re about to experience” As he spoke his breath trailed down her naked body, and then he pressed his lips against her mound and his lips lingered, only briefly before the bed dipped once and sprung up lightly elevating her again. She held her breath, tried to tune in to the sounds around her, her hearing the only sense she could rely on for the moment, there was a single knock, a click and then a rustling sound.

“Gentlemen, this is Roxanne, you know the rules of the game. Touch, Taste, Look”

He didn’t use her real name, Riley noted among other things, there were more than one man in the room, the fear and intense excitement thrown into one, was like potent drug that consumed her sense of normality rendered moral boundaries non-existent.

The attendees were silent at first, with an occasional ‘Fuck’ or ‘Gorgeous’ being uttered in hushed tones, Riley tried her best to tune in on her stranger’s voice which to her dismay had gone silent. Riley felt the bed dip to her left, as an eager hand cupped her left bulging breast, tweaking her nipple between a calloused forefinger and thumb, on her right she felt a movement then someone’s mouth covering her left right nipple and she let out a moan. Unable to move her arms with them being bound to her sides with the rope; she was left at the mercies of strange men. Arching her back Riley craved even more, her mind accosted with nothing of mental images. The two men savored her breasts each one taking turns to nip and tweak her now sensitive nipples, when she felt another dip in the bed between her legs. PENETRATION ON CONSENT ONLY – she recalled ticking that box when she signed up for this, but now she’s bound and these men can do whatever they wanted. Panic fought its way through Riley’s mind, she was on the brink to cry out her safe word when she felt a hot mouth cover her mound and someone’s tongue sliding along the ropes and over her clit.

“Fuck!” She uttered as another man started biting her toes. Suddenly hands and mouths were all over her. Someone tonguing her pussy, others playing with her breasts, it was unbelievable how erotic this all became. The man eating out her pussy, moved away, and within seconds another mouth covered her, this time someone with facial hair. His moustache and beard grazed her pussy lips, and it drove her insane. She could feel her juices leaking down between her ass cheeks. As this one moved away the next one delved into her, and then the next, each taking turns to tongue fuck her clit still pinched between the ropes.

“I need to fuck her” One man said


Her stranger was here after all, was he participating or watching?

“Come on man, she’s a whore look at her she wants it” Came another voice.

“I said no. It’s not what was agreed on” Her stranger was also her saviour so it seemed.

“Fuck this, she’s a hole for the taken man, she wouldn’t even talk if we fucked her because then she’d have to own up” the first man spoke again.

Riley felt the bed dip between her legs, and the rope violently being tug, one or two cheers resounded, and Riley realised at this point that she was about to get fucked. This was not the agreement, she thought. User your safe word, her conscious whispered. Riley was in a state of panic and shock her safe word failed her. Tugging at the constraints that kept her legs spread apart, she started to wriggle.

“No, please!” She called out, but as she did, she felt the man drive his finger deep into her pussy, she could feel is knuckles as he started to pump his thick rough digit in and out of her. Although her mind fought the sensations of her body, her body was responding the complete opposite, her body welcomed it. Now she knew why the fuck a women’s NO sometimes seems like a YES. Even with her ankles bound she managed to dig her heals into the mattress as the man slipped a second finger into her. He must have large hands, she gathered as she felt him stretch her open while his thumb banged against his clit.

“I’m going to fuck you sweetheart and no-one’s going to stop me” His tone was malevolent, and it brought Riley to her senses almost instantly.

“VENUS!” she cried out as the climax hit her at the same time causing her body to shake, her head to spin and her thighs involuntarily fighting to close around the man’s hand.

“Fuck it slut, you have no chance. I need to fuck you!” He said again this time she felt him move over her, but in an instant he was pulled off her.

“That’s the end of the show gentlemen, you can all move to The Cellar, where you can get your share of enjoyment.” Her stranger her savior, his voice was calm yet authoritative. Riley sunk back into the mattress, her body strangely enough still yearning, but in her mind alarm bells still sounding.

The room had grown quiet before she felt the constraints at her ankles being loosened.

“You behaved very well, I’m impressed” Her stranger said in a husky tone, while he loosened the ropes.

“Can I take the bag off?” Riley asked, her lips felt parched and the humidity while that gathered in the bag covering her face had left her anxious.

“Only the bag, the blindfold stays” He said as he slowly lifted the bag off over her head. She instantly gasped, taking in a big gulp of fresh air.

“Thank…” her thanks was interrupted with a single finger pressed against her lips.

“No one said you can talk. No its time for me to collect my reward” Riley knew exactly what waited, she knew exactly what the original agreement was. For her to live out her fantasy, she had to give herself to a master in return. Would she ever know what he looked like, she wondered as her stranger guided her to the edge of the bed.

“Get on your knees, and reach back to hold your calves”

Riley did as instructed, the blind fold still in place, as she pressed her cheek against the mattress. Her buttocks in the air, she reached alongside to hold her calves. Her stranger once again used rope to tie her hands to her calves. With the bonds tightly secured Riley had no way of freeing herself.

Her stranger subsequently to be known as her Master, provided he chooses to fuck her, pressed kisses along her back and whispered. “Did you like having 8 men take turns to play with you pussy Mrs. Raven?”

“Yes..” Riley responded breathlessly, her body was yearning for what was to come.

“And did you like it when they took turns tasting you? Even though you had no idea who they were?” As he continued to ask these questions, he slipped a finger into her pussy and she gasped.

“I wonder what else we’ll be exploring” He continued as he slowly pumped his finger in and out of her.

“Do you want me to be your master?” He asked as he moved to stand behind her. Riley hesitated, and then attempted a nod, but only silence followed. She could sense her stranger still close to her as his body heat emitted unto her skin. A thousand thoughts raced through Riley’s mind as she waited for his next move. Why had he gone quiet, what was he doing, was he going to choose her?

The contract she signed stated that she would be selected as a candidate for Sin Play, a game instigated by a secret and elite organisation, once selected she would be required to prove her worth by doing as instructed, and taking part in inconspicuous sexual innuendos as commanded by the Master who selected her. Should the Master find a keen liking in her, he would express his agreement to adopt her as his slave by sealing the deal with sex.

Riley waited the sound of the blowing aircon and the clock ticking somewhere in the room blending with her own rugged breathing was the only sounds she could identify. Eventually the silence was broken by a very low buzzing sound.

A vibrator, was the first thing that came to mind, and Riley prepared herself for what was to come, but instead she felt a hand on her ass followed by a sting. Riley yelped and tried to move away.

“Easy there sweetheart, I’m marking my property. This is what you wanted to be, is it not?” Riley stilled, and whimpered a barely audible ‘yes’.

“Owned, yes?” Did I hear you correctly? Her stranger asked.

“Yes” Riley responded, she had already come this far, how could she possibly turn away now? And deep down in herself, she needed this. She wanted to be owned.

Her Master continued with the deft task of tattooing his mark on her pale skin, a single key on her left cheek with his initials hidden in the pattern K.H.

When he was finished he bent down and dragged his tongue along her pussy and up her ass, before moving away.

“I’m going to step out of the room, when I’m gone you are allowed to remove the blind fold. There’s a bag of clothes in the top drawer next to the bed, which you can put on after you’ve cleaned yourself up. Then you are free to go home”

“That’s it?” Riley asked confused. He didn’t fuck her… does that mean that she failed? Disappointment as opposed to relief washed over her.

“I’ll be in touch” Her stranger said as he tugged the ropes loose that held her bondage, then he leaned down and kissed her temple. “You’re mine now, and we’re going to have a lot of fun together”

“But I thought.. aren’t you suppose to … “ Riley stuttered.

“Quiet” He commanded. “Wait for word from me, and me alone. You can refer to me as Mr. K.” And with that he left. Riley scurried off the bed and pulled the mask off her face. For the first time she could see the interior of the room. In the corner next to the dressing table stood a tripod without a camera, it was obvious to her, that this evening’s events were caught on Camera.

On the dressing table was a silver box with a red ribbon, she slowly unwrapped the box, and inside she found note which read.

“15 August, 7pm. Undercover Parking at the **** Shopping Centre, bring the blind fold. Wear Panties. Mr.K”

Riley had arrived home from her pottery class, and went straight to her room. Seated in front of the mirror she looked at herself and smiled. Her next adventure was 5 days away, she could hardly wait.