Written by Tinks

09 Jun 2013

Here is a story for today, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it...

Hidden Surprises...

Peter was watching telly in the lounge, he was home a day early from his business trip and couldnt wait to surprise his girlfriend with his raging hard-on. He heard noises outside the door and went, buck naked, to the door to stand there with his hands on his hips to surprise his wench as she opened the door. Only problem was, she didnt seem to be alone!

Quickly glancing to the security camera screen beside the door he suddenly realised that Jane had brought someone home, another girl, and they were obviously tipsy because she was struggling with the lock. Peter didnt know what to do, he heard the door bolting open so he turned and dashed for the bedroom, he didnt really want to be seen naked by some strange woman that his girlfriend had dragged home for some unknown reason. He could hazard a guess but didnt want to get ahead of himself.

Flicking off the TV as he dashed into the bedroom he cursed himself for not being a bit more forward thinking and actually telling Jane that hed be home early. He was about to go grab some pants in the dark when the bedroom door burst open and two giggling ladies basically fell through the entrance whilst kissing madly.

Peter retreated back into the en-suite bathroom and quietly closed the door as those two ladies were oblivious to anyone else being there. The bathroom door was partially smoked glass with some clear glass around it. Peter sat on the floor so he could have a look-see what was going on inside the bedroom. His raging cock had flagged completely when he fled the scene at the front door a few seconds earlier but what he saw happening in the bedroom made his cock shoot up again.

Jane was a lights on type of girl and really enjoyed seeing what she was playing with, tonight was no different. Peter knew Jane was unashamedly bi-sexual and he allowed her that freedom without question. He understood that it was just part of her physical make up didnt begrudge her that at all. However, she did usually give him a heads up on when she was planning on playing. He knew she was going out tonight but didnt realise it was a sex date. Perhaps it was just a spur of the moment thing.

Studying these two luscious ladies through the door, where he was shrouded with darkness and looking on into the soft bedside lamp light, he had to admire the beauty of these two different extremes. Jane was beautifully soft and curvaceous and she was also strong; she had strong legs from cycling and ample cleavage to accentuate her waist. Her DD breasts were capped by the longest, thickest nipples he had ever seen. They were dark and dusky and currently very hard. Her clean shaven pussy glistened in the light, she was extremely wet. Her long dark hair cascaded down her back as she moved around the room with her arms tightly wound around her lovers neck now that all her clothing had been discarded.

Her lovers clothes had also been lost in the process. Jane was mid-30s but didnt really look it, her lover looked older but you could never really tell these days. She was lovely though. Flaming red hair that went down the length of her back, pale skin, she was a good foot taller than Jane however that wasnt too difficult, Jane was rather short. She had long muscular but skinny legs, like a colt, a tiny waist and small but very pert breasts. You could see this lady didnt have children, absolutely no stretch marks anywhere to be seen and her aureole and nipples hadnt darkened like Janes had.

Jane threw herself down on the bed and pulled her lover with her, they were whispering and Peter was frustrated that he couldnt hear anything. It didnt stop him from pulling on his raging hard-on though. His cock was hard enough to break glass at the moment this was a really hot thing to be watching.

The two ladies were kissing passionately, the red head was still above Jane, you could see she was pale and covered in freckles. It struck Peter how cute it actually looked. This lady was straddling his gorgeous girlfriends hips and had her ass in the air. He could see how turned on she was, she had a copper coloured Brazilian strip down her labia but you could see the moisture seeping out. She moved down Janes body, licking and kissing his girlfriend into a frenzy of excitement. Her lover nestled herself between Janes legs and started to lavish her pussy with attention.

Peter couldnt see what was happening but he knew his girlfriend, she was writhing on the bed and groaning loudly. She was obviously having a very good time. Kneeling in front of the glass so he could see as much as possible, he was jerking his cock in time to the red heads arm movements as if it was his cock penetrating his girlfriend who was lying with her legs splayed wide open. Janes lover was finger fucking her fast while she nibbled and sucked on her clit. It was amazing to watch especially considering Jane was tugging and twisting on those long thick nipples of hers.

Suddenly Jane started to orgasm, Peter could spot it a mile away because he had studied it very often, for a long time and knew what was happening. Jane bucked her hips wildly and started screaming almost, she grabbed her lovers head and held it against her clit as she crashed wildly into an orgasm. Her lover had difficulty keeping her mouth latched onto the clit between her lips but did her best to keep up with the lovely lady beneath her.

Gently she slowed down as she felt Janes orgasm work down from its high, she didnt want to overstimulate this lovely lass. Panting slowly, Jane opened her eyes and grabbed her lovers face, dragging her body up against her own and kissed her deeply. Peter was so thoroughly engrossed in this scene he was going to splash his cum all over the glass if he wasnt careful. He stopped tugging on his cock so it could calm down. He was a master of control but he gathered that this date may not be over just yet, his girlfriends lover hadnt cum yet and Jane wouldnt let that go unseen to.

Scooting over to the side of the bed, Jane pulled her lover down next to her and they lay in each others arms, kissing and caressing each others bodies. Leaning up on her elbow Jane lent down and suckled on her lovers nipples. They were beautiful. Small and pale but with the sucking they actually puffed out, like a teenagers aureole that was just starting to develop. Jane was mesmerised, she loved puffies. Nibbling and sucking on them she lavished attention on the nipples whilst using her very dextrous hands to explore her flame-haired lovers slit.

Peter could see the slick moisture coating Janes fingers as she manipulated her lovers entrance. She was obviously exploring the inner folds to find the g-spot, the cervix and other items of pleasure for her lover. Peter couldnt see very well with her hand in the way but it looked like the red head had quite a stretched out hole. He had to bite his lip so he didnt groan when he saw Jane start to insert more than just two or three fingers inside the flaming pussy.

Jane slowly started to push her entire hand inside her lovers pussy, the lovers head was thrown back and her eyes closed in ecstasy as Jane lavishly sucked and bit on her nipples while fisting her slowly. Peter just grabbed his cock and clutched it, squeezing it hard he didnt want to stroke it because he would cum quickly. He stared in fascination as the not entirely tiny hand of his girlfriend started disappearing inside the flame-haired lovers pussy but past her wrist and partially up her arm.

It was obvious that Jane was having a phenomenal time, she was horny again and far from sated because she was humping her pussy against her lovers knee. Peter knew this move she had done it him before. The memory of her as she rubbed her slit against his shin was enough to make him tremble and his cock twitch again as he remembered what her slick labia and pulsing clit had felt like.

The freckled lover was having a fabulous time, it was obvious. She was throwing herself around the bed and all over Janes fist and arm with great enthusiasm but Jane sensed that she wasnt quite getting enough. She gently disengaged her arm from her panting lover and walked over to the toy closet. This was their special closet where all their special play things resided. They had quite a collection and added to it frequently. Peter couldnt wait to see what she was going to be pulling out of there.

He was not terribly surprised when she came back sporting their giant strap-on. This had been bought purely as a joke, they could barely wedge the tip of its head between Janes very tight pussy lips and Peter used it more as a threat to her ass when she was naughty than anything else. But now it looked like it might have been a very wise purchase. He grinned to himself when he saw the lovers eyes widen, he wasnt sure if it was fear or excitement. This particular toy was impressive in length and girth. It was easily as long as and wide as Janes forearm.

Jane splayed her lovers legs wide apart and ran the tip of the strap-on through the flame haired cunt lips to lubricate the rubber shaft a bit. There was plenty lubrication to go around, the red head was literally wetting the bed with her juices from all the excitement. Peter moved again slightly so he could get the best possible view through the tiny slit of clear glass.

Aiming the rubber cock directly into her lovers slit Jane pushed in with one long deep thrust of her hips. Her lover screamed. It was not a scream of pain though this was a scream of pure pleasure. She obviously wasnt used to be completely filled up. Her back was arched and she grabbed her nipples and feverishly started tugging at them. Peter was very surprised to see the entire length and width of that thing so easily accommodated inside this red heads pussy. He couldnt believe that any pussy was so loose that it could take that thing!

This did not bother Jane in the least apparently, pulling up her lovers legs and throwing them over her shoulder, she started to ream the red head with long, slow and very deep penetrations. She knew how to fuck, that was one thing Peter had to give his girlfriend. Whether she was giving or receiving anyone who had the pleasure of being with her, would enjoy it immensely.

The red head started going wild. Jane obviously knew that a massive orgasm was on its way. Peter was rubbing the glans of his cock with some spit lubricated fingers as he watched with fascination what was unfolding in front of him. Leveraging herself further above her lover, Jane started thrusting with maximum penetration obviously aiming for the g-spot and cervix in her manic movements. She was incredibly turned on, her nipples were painfully aching and her slit was oozing fluids too.

Thats when the red head started to cum. It was quite plainly obvious to Peter because this girl was a squirter; he didnt know who was more surprised, him or Jane. The look of initial surprise on her face was quickly overtaken by an immense picture of lust. Jane adored squirters and would go to great lengths to find female playmates that did squirt. The fact that this one did, and she didnt know, was obviously just an added advantage. Jane continued her enthusiastic thrusting into her squirting lover, caressing just the right spots until the screaming, and squirting, slowed and then stopped as her lover just lay there panting wildly.

Jane was exceptionally horny. She unstrapped the rubber dong from her waist leaving it embedded in her lover and turned towards the bathroom. Peter just wasnt quick enough to leap up and hide, his legs were almost numb from kneeling the entire time. She whipped open the door, grinned at him and said Hello Lover Only then did Peter realise she knew hed been there the entire time.

Grabbing him by his face Jane lustily kissed him and pulled him upright, his large cock trapped between them. She dragged him towards the bed, the red head had shifted to the side, strap-on still embedded in her soaked pussy. Jane threw Peter down onto the bed next to the red head and straddled his lap, trapping his cock against her very hot and wet pussy.

Peter, meet Sue, Sue, this is my gorgeous man Peter, say hello the two just awkwardly stared at each other and grinned. Jane smiled at the two of them as she started to rub her hips up and down Peters cock he had to be close to cumming, if he had been watching them the whole time, he would have had quite a show. Jane was also quite certain he had seen the whole thing, having lights on in the house when she didnt leave them on was a dead give-away, as was his luggage lying in the corridor and his ipad on the table.

Leaning down she kissed him again, she so badly wanted that perfect cock inside her pussy. His cock was large, large enough to hit all the right spots; and it did, repeatedly, but not so large that it hurt her, although he had managed to do just that once or twice during some rather enthusiastic love making. He was also a great kisser.

Jane kissed him long and deep, pouring the lust of her body through her mouth and into his, he could feel how hungry she was for him. The fact that his raging cock was about to slip of its own volition into her steaming pussy was just a happy coincidence. Something about their anatomies just worked together to allow for his fat head to just pop into her tight hole, the immense amount of lubrication leaking from her slit helped.

Peter felt as his head popped inside her slit. They both stopped moving at the same time. Slowly Jane disengaged her lips from Peters not moving anything else and stared deeply into his eyes, there was something about staring into each others eyes while they were fucking that made everything else just disappear. Inch by slow inch Jane moved her tight little pussy down Peters raging cock, she bottomed out before she got all of him in but the only time he ever got fully embedded is when he fucked her ass. There wasnt much that didnt make it inside her slit but they both knew about that one last centimetre that just couldnt fit.

As soon as she bottomed out, Jane sat upright and started grinding herself against him. He fitted in such a way that he perfectly bumped and stroked between her g-spot and cervix that could fire off a huge orgasm without even trying hard. Her being so incredibly horny was just going to speed up the process.

Peter stared at her chest and realised that it wasnt sweat dripping off her large breasts and nipples and running down her torso, but rather it was Sues cum, the cum that she had squirted all over his girlfriend. Pulling her down slightly so he could suck on her nipples Peter wanted desperately to taste the girl cum off Janes nipples. It was sweet and musky all at the same time, his cock twitched savagely inside Jane.

This effect what not lost on Jane at all, she arched her back and threw herself wildly around his cock as her orgasm exploded through her body. Screaming she scratched her nails down Peters arms, crying out his name as he felt her tight pussy ripple around his cock and squeeze it as he lay perfectly still allowing her to enjoy herself on him.

Jane collapsed on his chest as her intense orgasm subsided, they could both feel her juices running down his balls and onto the bed that was already soaked with Sues juices. Peter grabbed Jane around the waist and flipped her over into the scissor position. There was something about this particular position that made him cum litres inside this tight little pussy.

Sue was staring raptly at these two beautiful lovers fucking each other. Peter had an amazing body, broad shoulders, trim hips and very strong legs, with a nice manly coating of hair and exceptionally intelligent eyes. One of his hands was holding onto Janes leg that was thrown over his shoulder while he thrust vigorously into her, using his other hand to manipulate a nipple. Jane loved this. She was moaning wildly and grinding herself against his movements. Sue couldnt resist, leaning over she took the other large breast in her hand, as it was closest to her and started sucking on the hard nipple. She was amazed by the way the nipple grew in her mouth, it lengthened and hardened even more. The aureole wrinkled up and made the aching nipple protrude further.

Jane was in a state of lust and arousal that she hadnt know before, she was a very sexual being and loved fucking, men or women, or both as it turned out, her and Peter had a very enthusiastic sex life. Having her mans hard cock pushing all the right things inside her, his hand manipulating one nipple whilst a lovely lady sucked the other was pure heaven. Sue abandoned her nipple though, and holding the strap-on between her legs moved to kneel on the floor behind them so she could watch Peter fuck Jane close up. She was also very bi-sexual and this wasnt something she got to see too often.

Firmly placing the strap-on against the wooden floor, Sue kept the huge phallus inside her and she knelt between Peters thighs and watched him bang his girlfriends tight pussy with this thick cock. She knew she had what she called a fucked out pussy which is why most guys fucked her ass so it was very cool to watch him ploughing and stretching this little pussy with every grunted thrust. Moving her hips slightly so that the strap-on caressed her g-spot, she leaned forward and started to tongue Peters balls on his out stroke.

Peter was a bit shocked, he didnt expect that, he assumed she was just going to watch close-up, not actually touch him, he didnt know if she was bi or lesbian, he was not going to complain though. Feeling a soft warm tongue against his wrinkled nuts as he fucked Jane was actually very pleasant, so pleasant in fact, that it was going to make him cum sooner. Bending slightly forward to make his nuts more accessible he started to take longer, harder thrusts into Jane.

Sue noticed his movement and saw his tight sphincter open up before her between his sexy ass cheeks. She didnt even consider how he might react but she grabbed his ass, pulling the cheeks further apart she met his enthusiastic thrusting with her tongue against his sphincter. Probing with her tongue against his rim as he fucked Jane was actually more than Peter could stand. He felt the cum start to boil out of his nuts as he grunted loudly, feeling like every single muscle pulled up into his cock and just erupted his sperm into Janes tight hole. He collapsed against her and shoved in once or twice more as his cum shot out of his balls and into her hot pussy.

Assuming that he would be very sensitive now, Sue released his butt cheeks and abandoned her rim job and instead just stared at the beautiful cock and pussy presented before her. Gently she rubbed their thighs, not touching any of their erogenous zones, giving them a small massage as they came down from their respective orgasms.

Unbeknownst to Peter, Jane had been about to orgasm again but she also knew that when he was done, he was done, well, for the next few minutes anyway. Feeling Sue massaging her between her legs was very nice though. Peter was worried about crushing Jane and rolled off her to lie where Sue had been alongside Jane. Panting through his orgasm his mind was reeling, that had been amazing.

Suddenly he heard Jane gasp and arch her back, quickly he sat up to see what was happening and before him he saw Sues head engaging with Janes beautiful pussy, sucking his cum out of her slit. Jane started to thrash around, Peter didnt realise she had been so close to another orgasm, it was great to have a multi-orgasmic girlfriend but it was very hard to tell when she was about to cum. Leaving Sue to his girlfriends pussy, which she obviously knew exactly what to do with, he leaned down and started kissing Jane.

Jane was in heaven, she wrapped her legs around Sues head, her arms around Peters neck and felt his long and very knowledgeable fingers manipulate her nipples as she roared to another orgasm. Sue could feel Janes orgasm rip through her body, not only because this strong woman had her trapped between her thighs but her pussy was actually rippling around Sues tongue, pushing more of Peters sperm out of hot pussy and into Sues willing mouth. He had great tasting sperm, apparently being a cum slut was something she had in common with Jane.

Peter could feel Jane go wild beneath him, he also knew not to push it too far, she could get very sensitive very quickly, he gave her nipple one last tug as they continued kissing, then she just melted out of his arms. Her legs sagged down flat on the bed as did everything else, her arms, her back and her head. She was sated. Every pore of her body oozed happiness.

Jane looked up at Peter with all the love and adoration she felt for her sexy boyfriend and grinned a ridiculously sexy grin up at him. Peter moved back a bit and they both grinned down at Sue who was still lightly rubbing her g-spot with the enormous rubber phallus stuck in her pussy.

Sue looked back at them and then they all started laughing, Thank you baby Jane oozed into Peters ear while she was still staring at Sue. Jane shifted sideways on the bed and pulled Peter with her so that Sue could lie next to them as well. The joys of a king sized bed was never lost on her. Peter lay back and wrapped his arms around both of the lovely ladies. None of them had anything else to say in their post coital bliss...